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Kelly J. Waffle

As you build visibility around your subject matter expertise, you can run into a lot of detours & challenges. On this podcast, Kelly J. Waffle of the Hinge Research Institute interviews CEOs, best-selling authors, & subject matter experts in the B2B industry who share stories & actionable insights/tips. If you're looking to build your personal brand, this podcast is for you.

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In this episode, Enoch Sears, AIA, shares his thoughts on becoming a Visible Expert℠ (a recognized and followed industry or  topic subject matter expert). Enoch shares how he became a Visible Expert and how architects can use their visible expertise to get exceptional fulfillment, freedom, and finances.

Oct 5

43 min 8 sec

Barbara Mitchell is an author, speaker, career coach, and consultant to small- and mid-sized organizations. She has authored or co-authored many books on HR, management, and conflict resolution. Barbara is a nationally known speaker on HR and organizational development issues. In this podcast episode, Barbara discusses her book, "They Did What?," as well as pitfalls and tips to talent acquisition, talent retention, and talent development. Her insights are very helpful especially in these times of "The Great Resignation."

Sep 24

50 min 45 sec

 Erik is currently the Founder and CEO of Postal.IO. He has built and scaled revenue models for companies that were eventually acquired by Twitter, Vista Equity Partners, and Workday. As a serial entrepreneur, Erik has hired more than 200 sales reps in three countries and has generated more than $300 million in new revenue with these start-ups. On this episode, Erik shares his insights for B2B and professional services organizations around: His daily goal for himself and the company What entrepreneurs should do in unpredictable times What trends he sees in business and consumer technology How to make sure your technology/service does not fall out of favor How culture is created in times such as a pandemic The best time to start a business How VCs are changing To learn more about Erik or Postal.IO: www.Postal.IO   Connect with Erik:

Sep 2020

38 min 35 sec

Cornelia is also Founder and President of the GEMS Group Ltd., a management consulting practice that helps a wide range of clients with issues related to employee relations, management, and compliance.  In this episode, we cover: --Some of Cornelia's challenges and successes when she was building up her "visible expertise" --How a brand can help or hinder the acquisition and retention of talent --Common myths & misconceptions about employee relations --The future of work

Jul 2020

38 min 4 sec

Rhondalynn is a an expert on cash flow, pricing value and advisory practices. She is the managing director of businest® and a best-selling author of "Financial Foreplay®" and "On The Shoulder of Giants." Her latest book is entitled, "Pricing Value: The Art of Pricing What Your Accounting Clients Value Most." On this episode, we cover: - Rhondalynn's journey around the world to becoming an expert - Why cash flow is so critical for SMBs - How time and time sheets are irrelevant to value - How to uncover client pain points and identify value - Why it's OK to do things differently - and much more Purchase "Pricing Value": Connect with Rhondalynn:

Jun 2020

38 min 36 sec

Prior to Sage, Rachel was the National Bookkeeping Lead at Deloitte Canada. Rachel also ran her own practice for many years where she showed her clients how the technology of bookkeeping is changing the landscape of the industry. She is also recognized as a practitioner, an event speaker, a community builder, and a people connector. Along the way, Rachel was also named to PracticeIgnition’s annual list of “Top 50 Women in Accounting.” In this episode, we talk about: Rachel's experience in companies of all sizes Why more accountants are not adopting technology Community building Personality traits of accounting professionals Challenging the status quo And much more... Connect with Rachel: @FischBooks

Jun 2020

40 min 28 sec

Daniel helps leaders in finance, government and global industries cut through the artificial intelligence hype, leverage proven best-practices, and make data-backed decisions about mission-critical priorities. In this episode, we cover: Strategies for using AI in business Practical examples of AI put to use in professional services How interviewing other experts helped grow his business And much more… @danfaggella  

May 2020

30 min 51 sec

“I couldn’t give two sh*ts about experience, I want expertise” To kick off Season 2, John and Kelly interview Keenan, CEO of A Sales Guy; Keynote Speaker, Forbes Contributor, and Award-Winning Blogger. He is also author of the Best-Selling Sales Book, “Gap Selling." In this episode, we cover Why most salespeople suck What is GAP selling? The CRM challenge Keenan’s 4 favorite words And much more… Twitter: @Keenan LinkedIn:


May 2020

29 min 3 sec

Daniel Burrus shares his journey to becoming a Visible Expert, and offers insight on using analytics to anticipate growth and business challenges before they happen. He outlined four major implications that adopting an anticipatory model has on a business: 1. Defining & separating trends 2. Innovating with low risk 3. Cultural evolution 4. Avoiding future problems Get a free hard copy of his book: @DanielBurrus

Dec 2019

45 min 40 sec

Andrew created the software category of collaborative work management after founding Wrike in 2006. The company has over 20,000 customers and more than 2 million users in over 100 countries.   On the show, Andrew talks about how he became a productivity freak, bootstrapping his own company, what it takes to build a motivated team, and much more.   Learn more about Wrike: @wrike @andrewsthoughts

Nov 2019

31 min 57 sec

John Englander believes humanity is faced with three distinct challenges when it comes to climate change:   1. Slow warming by reducing greenhouse gasses 2. Be more resilient to extreme weather 3. Adapt to a new baseline of climate reality   Conservative estimates indicate global sea level will rise 5-10 feet in the next 100 years. Soon we will have to look at coastal real estate as a depreciating asset. Connect with John Englander: @johnenglander

Oct 2019

39 min 42 sec

When it comes to digital transformation, there's fear of the unknown and comfort in the status quo.  Leaders should go within in the organization and start experimenting. Try to seed transformation opportunities from within without the big bang approach that often lead to failures. Leverage "change-makers" within the company. Hear Evan's thoughts on digital transformation, Facebook's portal, bitcoin, social selling and much more. @evankirstel    

Sep 2019

30 min 45 sec

With a Ph.D. in Behavioral Psychology, Lee left a tenured professorship to lead the Organizational Consulting Practice at one of the ‘Big 8’ accounting and consulting firms. Then he became an entrepreneur and never looked back. Lee shares his journey, insights and advice on growth, leadership, and the power of original research.  Connect with Lee: @LeeFrederiksen

Sep 2019

40 min 10 sec

Chris is an expert on valuation-related topics, author eight books and frequently speaks on business valuation issues. In the interview, Chris speaks about the characteristics that impact firm value (both positively and negatively), the relationship between EBITDA and EBIT, his "3-contacts-a-day" rule, and much more. Learn more and connect with Chris:

Sep 2019

40 min 25 sec

Henry shares his story of being broke in college, working in sales intelligence to becoming the founder of a data-centric tech startup success. Henry shares his experience going through multiple mergers & acquisitions, each with their own flavor. Henry contends that there are two things important to a successful startup — 1) constantly be learning and listening to the business, and 2) search for and hire the best talent. Learn more and connect with Henry:

Sep 2019

43 min 44 sec

To become iconic, you have to establish a reservoir of goodwill in the marketplace. There are 5 factors of iconic performance: 1) Play offense 2) Deliver on brand promise 3) Stop selling 4) Go negative 5) Culture of reciprocate respect Connect with Scott: @scottmckain

Aug 2019

43 min 48 sec

The expert on being an expert, David C. Baker speaks about what it takes to establish and maintain expertise in the professional services marketplace, how he was inspired by the film, "A Beautiful Mind," what it takes to scale an expertise-based business, and why he chooses to focus on podcasting as a channel to demonstrate his own expertise. Learn more and connect with David: Twitter: @davidcbaker Take the Hinge Research Institute Value Pricing Survey:  

Aug 2019

37 min 7 sec

With a gap in regular interview schedule, Austin McNair joins John Tyreman to discuss various ways subject-matter experts and marketers can engage their digital audience, like: account-based marketing (ABM) creating a unique 'expertise index' leveraging AI for dynamic website content being human and helpful on social media doing regular webinars Links and references:

Aug 2019

48 min 35 sec

Vinay Bhagat is a successful founder & CEO with experience growing a business to $100 million and 450 employees from the ground up. Key notes from the interview: 55% of B2B buyers rely on reviews Research shows a year-over-year decline in trust of marketing-produced content There are three responsibilities of leaders: 1) build a solid first team, 2) chart the course and resources, and 3) build the right culture Vinay established a cultural framework around TRUTH (Trasparent, respectful, unstoppable, team player, human) Learn more and connect with Vinay:

Aug 2019

40 min

Anthony offers actionable advice on how engineers and other professionals can build the skills they need to advance their careers and become leaders within their organization. Consistency is key to building the skills necessary to become a leader and Visible Expert Engineers have an opportunity to shape how our future is built in a proactive way "The currency of future is focus" 20% of the actions you take drive 80% of the impact. To champion technology, do your qualitative research and be 100% comfortable when you bring it up to leadership Learn more and connect with Anthony: @AnthonyJFasano

Jul 2019

41 min 20 sec

Mike's in-depth research into B2B and professional services sales is unparalleled in today's marketplace. On this episode he shares insights into what it takes to develop a culture of sales success, what top sales performers do differently, and what you should do before you dig deep into your sales analytics.   Learn more and connect with Mike:

Jul 2019

45 min 59 sec

Dr. Tracy Fanara, aka Inspector Planet, is a passionate environmental engineer fighting to extend humanity's time on earth. With appearances on TV shows such as Mythbusters, Animal Outtakes, and The Weather Channel, she is using her platform to educate people on the inter-connectedness of our environment. Learn more about Tracy aka Inspector Planet: @inspectorplanet  

Jul 2019

48 min 1 sec

Marketing is changing and marketers need to wake up. Two-thirds of your marketing happens without you. The buyers are in control, and they demand respect. Only the most human company will win. Mark's provocative take on the industry will energize you and challenge your own marketing philosophy.  Learn more about Mark & follow him on Twitter: @markwschaefer

Jul 2019

50 min 7 sec

Michael Brenner knows digital marketing. He provides interesting thoughts on artificial intelligence (AI), employee activation, and why he wants to kill marketing campaigns. He also provides a framework for measuring content marketing ROI with specific metrics at each marketing stage: Reach, Engage, Convert, Retain. To learn more about Michael, visit his website: Follow him on Twitter: @BrennerMichael   ------------------   If you have any questions you want John and Kelly to answer on the podcast, send them to  

Jun 2019

33 min 23 sec

In our chat with Joe, we talked about the Cleveland Browns, content marketing, Star Wars, his Orange Effect Foundation and much much more.   Sign up for Joe's random newsletter and follow him on Twitter: @joepulizzi   Learn about how the Orange Effect Foundation is making sure children with speech disorders receive the speech therapy and technology they need: @orangeeffect

Jun 2019

1 hr 1 min

On this episode, Scott Brinker joins the show to talk about his journey to becoming a Visible Expert in the marketing technology (MarTech) space.  Our chat is filled with lessons learned, actionable tips, and visions of where the martech landscape is headed.   To learn more about Scott, check out his website:

Jun 2019

37 min 21 sec

On this episode, Rand shares the ups and downs of his journey to becoming a Visible Expert. He also gives some advice on how marketers can tell better stories, his thoughts on Google's latest move on mobile, and more. Check out Rand's new company, SparkToro here:

Jun 2019

51 min 16 sec

On this episode we sat down with Ahmad Munawar, creator of the 90 Day Pipeline, fellow podcaster, and friend of Hinge. We asked what advice he would give a professional looking to build their personal brand, and he gave three very actionable pieces of advice: 1. Know your audience and what they care about 2. Develop a consumption routine 3. Actively publish, or at the very least practice "free writing" every day Connect with him on LinkedIn: Learn more about his business:   Learn more about Hinge at  

May 2019

38 min 53 sec

In this episode, Lee Frederiksen sits down with Mark Amtower of Federal News Radio to discuss his journey to becoming a preeminent marketing and LinkedIn adviser to the most successful government contractors. Connect with Mark:   Learn more at  

May 2019

48 min

In this episode, Lee Frederiksen and John Tyreman review the 2019 High Growth Study and the 5 hallmarks of high-growth firms.   Differentiation of the #1 priority of high-growth firms High-growth firms invest more in marketing High-growth firms enjoy a skills advantage with their subject matter experts High-growth firms were more likely to leverage M&A High-growth firms target clients on digital and traditional channels   Learn more at 

May 2019

21 min 19 sec

In this episode, John and Kelly sit down with Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media Studios to talk about his Visible Expert journey. We spoke about his annual content marketing conference, Content Jam, as well as his new book Content Chemistry and monthly Wine and Web event he hosts at his office. Learn how to stand out and make solid social media videos with these 9 steps: Learn more at  

May 2019

34 min 21 sec

In this episode, John and Kelly introduce themselves and talk about each of their backgrounds, what to expect in future episodes, and some of their inspirations. Connect with John Connect with Kelly

May 2019

32 min 19 sec