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On Tabletop Life, we discuss popular tabletop (board & card) games from the dual perspectives of a seasoned gamer and a relative newcomer. We compare and contrast where games succeed, fail and frustrate to help give you a better idea of what games will work well for your group.

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We turn evil this month as we review Disney Villainous by Ravensberger Games. Take on Disney heroes as your favorite villain and try to rewrite history. However, other evil-doers will be trying to foil you and change their own outcomes, so be ware! Is this game worth your time or just "bad"? Listen to find out! Don't forget to visit our YouTube channel to enter our Coolstuff Inc Giveaway. Winner will be announced on the next episode! Next Month - Respawn by Soulgate Studios

Jan 20

33 min

In our last episode of 2019, we take to the vineyards of Italy and explore Viticulture. In this game you attempt to run the most successful winery and be the first to score 25 victory points. Is this game a sweet red or just some sour grapes? Listen to find out. Thanks for listening to us this year - hope you have a Merry Christmas/Kwanza/Hannukah and we'll talk to you all next month/year/decade! Be sure and visit our Youtube Channel to enter our Holiday Giveaway. Subscribe, like and leave a comment on one of our videos to be entered to win a Cool Stuff Inc Gift Certificate. We'll give one away at the end of January. Next Month - Villainous Twitter / Instagram - @tabletoplife Youtube -

Dec 2019

36 min

We have a jam packed episode this month - Michael is back and we are talking all about the new Marvel Champions LCG by Fantasy Flight Games. Is it a hero or a zero? We go through everything! And Matt says "into the weeds" a bunch. Also our new after show "Off The Table" makes it's debut where we talk about "The Forest" and Disney+. Next Month - Viticulture LINKS Marvel Champions Unboxing Video - Marvel Codenames Unboxing Video - Twitter & Insta @tabletoplife Youtube - Table Top Life Everything -

Nov 2019

55 min

This month we come back from Gencon with a new game - and a special guest. Friend of the show Ty fills in for Michael while we play and discuss God of War : The Card Game by CMON Games. Does it live up to the legacy of the Playstation game? Links : One Stop Co-Op Shop / Setup Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Next Month : Marvel Contest of Champions

Sep 2019

32 min

On this show we're talking all about the games and sights of GenCon 2019. Plus we painted minis. This one runs a little longer than usual. On The Next Episode - God of War Find Us On Twitter and Instagram @tabletoplife Website:

Aug 2019

44 min

Are you coming to GenCon for the first time and want some tips? Well do we have a show for you! This episode is a GenCon guide, where we offer some tips and tricks gleaned from our few years of attending and knowledge of Indy. Plus lots of humor and lunch tips!   LINKS Indy Go - GenCon Paint and Take -   NEXT MONTH GenCon Wrap Up

Jul 2019

39 min

In the epic conclusion to season 3 of the Tabletop Life Podcast, our heroes play Kingdomino by Blue Orange Games. Can they win? Will they want to? Is Kingdomino a worthy addition to your game night? We're in the endgame now.

Apr 2019

21 min

In the penultimate episode for season 3, we explore the creepy town of Raccoon City (well, the tabletop version at least). Does this adaption live up to the storied histroy of the popular video game franchise? Grab your trusty survival knife and listen to find out!

Mar 2019

30 min

In this episode, we explore Forbidden Island by Gamewright. At an affordable price of $15, we'll let you know whether this should have a place in your collection or if you should steer clear of this island.

Feb 2019

30 min

In this episode we travel to Fireball Island for a discussion about the Kickstarter remake of this 1986 Restoration Games classic. Is this updated version a faithful update, or should you steer clear of this island? Find out all about Fireball Island : The Curse of Val Kar in this episode.

Jan 2019

31 min

Ho Ho Ho! It's the third annual Table Top Life Christmas / Hannukah / Kwanza Holiday Spectacular! On this show we played Scarabya by Blue Orange Games. With a little help from Michael's 3-year old son, we put Scarabya through it's paces to determine if it should be under your tree this year.

Dec 2018

23 min

In this episode we play and discuss Fallout : New California - the new expansion for Fallout The Board Game. With new characters, campaigns and miniatures, is New California worth your money? How does the all new co-op mode play? We'll answer these questions and more in under 30 mintutes!

Nov 2018

26 min

No tricks, only treats! For our Halloween Spooky Spectacular we are finally playing Betrayal at House on the Hill. Does this game provide a thrill or are we going to ghost it? Listen and find out!

Oct 2018

27 min

This month we dive in to the mouth watering New York Slice from Bezier Games. We'll break down the good, the bad and let you know if this game is stale or supreme.

Sep 2018

23 min

This episode is all about the sights, sounds and games of GenCon 2018. We'll talk about the games we played, the food and beer we drank and everything we experienced.

Aug 2018

51 min

In this show we finally play Photosynthesis by BlueOrange Games, one of our most anticipated games from last year's Gencon. A simple game with some surprising depth, we'll let you know if it lives up to the hype.

Jul 2018

39 min

In this episode we play two popular card games - The Struggle for Catan and Fluxx. Can these card games be integrated into a regular game night and how do they compare to the traditional table top games we play?

Jun 2018

27 min

We begin season 3 of the Tabletop Life Podcast with a party game special - we got a group together and played two popular party games - Codenames and Obama Llama.

May 2018

30 min

After a few false starts, we finally play and discuss Imhotep by Kosmos Games. After / during that discussion, we spiral out of control talking about gateway games and the perfect length of a tabletop game.

May 2018

45 min

In this episode, we explore the wasteland of Fallout : The Board Game. It's another expansive Fantasy Flight Game, so we'll discuss it's depth, how it plays and makes lots of comparisons to the video game series and DOOM from Fantasy Flight.

Mar 2018

36 min

This month we talk about the latest expansion for Star Wars : Destiny - Legacies. There are several new game features to discuss and compare to previous editions. We also look at Destiny Rivals, which is a draft deck starter. We also ask the question - how do you store all these cards and dice?

Feb 2018

28 min

In this special episode (Part 2 of 2) we follow up last month's discussion about the classic co-op game Pandemic. This month's game is Pandemic Legacy, the psuedo sequel that trades in replayability for story and surprise. We find out how they compare.

Jan 2018

31 min

(Part 1 of 2) In this episode, we play the classic co-op survival game "Pandemic" by Z-Man games. Experience the crushing difficulty of this team based race to cure 4 diseases. Next month, in part 2 we will discuss Pandemic Legacy Season 1, a pseudo sequel to Pandemic with a major twist.

Jan 2018

34 min

This episode is all about the classic tile placement game Carcassonne. Published by Z-Man games, this staple of the tabletop genre has spawned countless expansions and can also be purchased in a Big Box Edition that includes lot of extra content.

Nov 2017

27 min

Let's talk about the show's format... Now with shorter episodes No more YouTube episodes New original YouTube content Game of the Episode : DOOM The Tabletop Game by Fantasy Flight Games   Next Episode : Carcassonne

Oct 2017

32 min

INTRO Nintendo Switch Mario Run update coming next week Blade Runner 2049 Thor : Ragnarock   NEWS This War of Mine : The Board Game release Sept 27 - Next week   Resident Evil 2 Board Game   How a copyright mistake created the modern zombie   SNEAK PEEK Matt - The 7th Continent   Michael - Downforce   FEATURE - Star Wars It can definitely be an investment (both in time and money) but the game is really fun and pretty easy to learn.   UP NEXT DOOM  

Sep 2017

67 min

INTRO Sorry, Matt picked the wrong game :( Gencon is almost here! San Diego Comic-Con What does a Tesla REALLY cost?   NEWS Where Do Games Come From? Studios vs Kickstarter   GAMES OF INTEREST Matt - RAXXON   Michael - Truck Off (The Food Truck Frenzy)   GAME OF THE MONTH 7 Wonders   NEXT MONTH Gencon Recap

Jul 2017

57 min

INTRO We have no follow up! NBA Playoffs Craft Beer TV Shows Gencon   NEWS Dead of Winter - Warring Colonies: Leaders and Loot   Ares Games and Galakta announce new distribution partnership   GAMES OF INTEREST Matt - Halloween / Kickstarter Link Michael - Escape from 100 Million BC   GAME OF THE MONTH Star Wars : X-Wing Miniatures   NEXT MONTH Kingdom Builder

May 2017

58 min

PRESHOW Our First Year March Madness  Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2   NEWS Ticket To Ride : Germany Announced Star Wars : Destiny Expansion Preview Bonus - Nintendo Discontinues NES Classic   GAMES OF INTEREST Michael - This War of Mine Matt - Pandemic Legacy : Season 1   GAME OF THE MONTH Agricola - Family Edition   NEXT MONTH Star Wars : X-Wing   SOCIAL Instagram Twitter

Apr 2017

42 min

INTRO March Madness Tom Crean Fired :( VR Games GAMES OF INTEREST Michael - Dinosaur Island Matt - Captain Sonar GAME OF THE MONTH Dream Home NEXT MONTH Agricola : Family Edition LINKS  Dream Home - Amazon  

Mar 2017

34 min

Intro Grand Theft Auto Online? Star Wars Destiny is Sold Out Dream Home Coming Soon   News Unboxing Videos - DOOM and Obama Llama   The Expanse Board Game Announced   X-Wing Wave X Now Available   Games Of Interest Matt - Doctor Who / Time of The Daleks   Michael - Tiny Epic Western   Game of The Month Oregon Trail   Outro Next Month - Dream Home

Feb 2017

44 min

PRESHOW  The New Year Solar Power The Nintendo Switch Debate Resident Evil 7 Talk Brief AirPods Review Michael Explains The NFL    GAMES OF INTEREST Michael - Harry Potter Miniatures Game (2017) Matt - Star Wars Destiny (2016)   REVIEW Colt Express   NEXT EPISODE The Oregon Trail   LINKS Nintendo Switch - Amazon Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - PlayStation 4 - Amazon Resident Evil 7 Biohazard - Xbox One - Amazon Destiny Kylo Ren Starter Set - Amazon Destiny Rey Starter Set Card Game - Amazon Colt Express Board Game - Amazon Colt Express Horses & Stagecoach Board Game - Amazon

Jan 2017

65 min

Our first ever Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza Spectacular :   FOLLOW UP Merry Christmas/Kwanza/Hannukah! We’re sick :( Doom The Board game now available! Super Mario Run Spiderman Star Wars : Rogue One NEWS New X-Wing Ships Released Battlestar Galactica - Kotaku GAMES OF INTEREST Matt - Terraforming Mars Michael -  AgriCola Family Edition GAME OF THE MONTH Dead of Winter   Next Month's Game - Colt Express  

Dec 2016

51 min

FOLLOW UP Live Plans Booted to 2017 Cubs Win! Skyrim on PS4 / Video Games Fantastic Beasts Movie NEWS DOOM Board Game Preview - Asmodee Sale - Sorry :( GAMES OF INTEREST Dream Home - Asmodee Star Trek Ascendancy - Gale Force Nine  GAME OF THE MONTH New York, 1901 Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @tabletoplife or visit our website at Next episode, we'll be playing and discussing Dead of Winter!  

Nov 2016

40 min

In this episode, we discuss the MLB World Series, our live steaming woes, our thoughts on the new Nintendo Switch, and Skyrim for PS4. Then we finally get around to our game of the month, Sushi Go Party! Game Description Sushi Go Party!, an expanded version of the best-selling card game Sushi Go!, is a party platter of mega maki, super sashimi, and endless edamame. You still earn points by picking winning sushi combos, but now you can customize each game by choosing à la carte from a menu of more than twenty delectable dishes. What's more, up to eight players can join in on the sushi-feast. Let the good times roll! Published By : Gamewright Designed for : 2-8 Players   Show Links Sushi Go Party! - BoardGameGeek Sushi Go Party! Card Game - Amazon New York 1901 Board Game - Amazon  

Oct 2016

30 min

PRESHOW - No Man's Sky, iPhone 7, Exploding Samsungs SHOW - We discuss Stone Age by Z-Man Games.  POSTSHOW - Going Live?   LINKS  Stone Age Board Game - Amazon My First Stone Age Board Game - Amazon

Sep 2016

39 min

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