Dominate Premed with Dr. Andre Pinesett

By Dr. Andre Pinesett

No more listening to forum trolls and wannabes, the truth is here! I’m Dr. Andre Pinesett and I’d like to welcome you to the Dominate Pre-med Podcast, where I bring you powerfully unconventional and straight-forward strategies that you can trust. Getting into medical school doesn't have to be hard and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Let me simplify it for you and teach you how to turn your passions into impact, efficiently build a stellar premed resume and ultimately craft a standout application.I was told I wasn’t good enough to get into medical school, but I adopted the “No Excuses, Just Dominate” mindset, learned the secrets of successful students and got into Stanford Medical School. Now, I’m bringing my 15+ years of experience as an award-winning mentor to you, taking the stress out of getting into medical school by getting you fired up, teaching you how to manage your time, study effectively and build the ultimate medical school application.I'm on a mission to empower 1 million students by 2025 by making sure that every passionate student has the information, inspiration and support they need to make their doctor dreams a reality. This podcast is all about you, the premed. I will be answering real student questions, coaching premeds and breaking down every aspect of premed and getting into med school. Enjoy!

  1. 1.
    E41: Can I Take Premed Classes Pass/Fail (P/F) & Still Get into Medical School?
  2. 2.
    E40: How I went from struggling student to graduating Stanford Med School
  3. 3.
    E39: Low PREMED GPA: Will grad school help you get into med school?
  4. 4.
    E38: Should I reschedule my MCAT Test Date?
  5. 5.
    E37: Accepted to top medical school without taking the MCAT?!?
  6. 6.
    E36: Black Doctor: What My Dad Told Me That Made Me Succeed!
  7. 7.
    E35: Guaranteed Medical School Admission?!
  8. 8.
    E34: The Truth About Doctor Diversity
  1. 9.
    E33: The Truth About Medical School Admissions: Racism and Discrimination
  2. 10.
    E32: Premed Advisor Racism: You're too black to become a doctor!
  3. 11.
    E31: High School Systemic Racism: You're Not A Real Black Person
  4. 12.
    E30: Junior High School Racism: Your Blackness Intimidated Me!
  5. 13.
    E29: Med School Racism is Real, Sorry if it hurts to hear it!
  6. 14.
    E28: Reapplying to Medical School: Should You Mention it in Your Personal Statement?
  7. 15.
    E27: When Should you Submit 2020 Medical School Application to AMCAS?
  8. 16.
    E25: Premeds: Will med schools accept your pass/fail (p/f) grades?
  9. 17.
    E26: MCAT Registration Crashed for New 2020 MCAT Test Dates. Here's What You Need to Do!
  10. 18.
    E24: 2020 MCAT Practice Test Strategy for Shorter MCAT Exam Length
  11. 19.
    E23: New 2020 MCAT Test Dates: Maximize Your Score & Med School Application!
  12. 20.
    E22: 2020 MCAT Length Shortened: How will this effect MCAT scores?
  13. 21.
    E21: Med schools allowing students to apply without MCAT, what you need to know!
  14. 22.
    E20: Everything you need to know about the MCAT during the Covid-19 Crisis
  15. 23.
    E19: PA School Requirements with Omar Abdul-Malik Pt. 3
  16. 24.
    E18: PA vs. MD with Omar Abdul-Malik Physician Assistant Pt. 2
  17. 25.
    E17: Black Physician Assistant Omar Abdul-Malik PA Pt. 1
  18. 26.
    E16: USMLE STEP 1 Pass-Fail Pt. 5: The New Keys to Residency Match Success
  19. 27.
    E15: USMLE STEP 1 Pass-Fail Pt. 4: STEP 2 CK Preparation
  20. 28.
    E14: USMLE Step 1 Pass/Fail Pt. 3: The Key to Overcoming Obstacles to Live Your Doctor Dreams
  21. 29.
    E11:Criminal Record or Academic Misconduct: How to Overcome and Get Into Med School
  22. 30.
    E13: USMLE STEP 1 Pass-Fail: Complete Breakdown Pt. 2
  23. 31.
    E12: USMLE STEP 1 Pass-Fail: Complete Breakdown Pt. 1
  24. 32.
    E10: Premed Majors: 3-step process for choosing the right premed major so you can get into med school!
  25. 33.
    E09: The Biggest Reason Premeds Bomb the MCAT... It's Totally Avoidable!
  26. 34.
    E08: Best Book to Read Before Med School!
  27. 35.
    E07: What I Learned When I Met Kobe Bryant #MambaMentality
  28. 36.
    E03: The Truth about HBCUs and Historically Black Med Schools
  29. 37.
    E06: Retaking the MCAT? Here's what you need to know to get a top MCAT score!
  30. 38.
    E04: Changing to Premed Late, What You Need to Know!
  31. 39.
    E05: Don't Quit on Your Med School Dream!
  32. 40.
    E02: What You Need to Do to Get Into Med School!
  33. 41.
    E01: The Origin of No Excuses, Just Dominate!

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