Note to Self

Stefan Dorresteijn

A 25-year-old talks to himself, to you.

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A conversation with filmmaker Peter de Harder, who spent three months transforming himself into an underwear model and is now working on a documentary on mental health. We talked about drug use, working out, body image and much more.

Jan 2019

1 hr 11 min

This episode contains a conversation with producer and DJ Sacha Harland about his experience gaining popularity and traveling the world as half of The Galaxy.

Dec 2018

53 min 10 sec

Episode 5 of Note to Self is a conversation with photographer and creative entrepreneur Kyman Cheng. We discuss customer acquisition and the wonderful world of cold calling.


Nov 2018

1 hr 21 min

Every project has a beginning and every beginning has its issues. In episode 4 of Note to Self, Stefan talks to Alexander again, to discuss methods of starting projects and their history of starting businesses together.


Nov 2018

1 hr 20 min

An update on Stefan's life, new ideas for the podcast and a view on relationships that surprised even me.


Oct 2018

29 min 9 sec

A brief discussion with rapper and creative entrepreneur Alexander Spoor on the challenges of creative entrepreneurship and his journey in that industry.


Oct 2018

1 hr 46 min

Decisions need to be made and I need to be the one to make them. That's not always easy. In our first episode, I introduce the podcast and talk about stuff that's on my mind.


Sep 2018

43 min 29 sec