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NYC's iconic gourmet eat in/take out/catering/events co. since 1981. Mangia is the original Italian farm-to-table eatery in the heart of Manhattan. We are here to share news about our community, recipes, cooking tips and much more.

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You may have seen today’s guest’s art being featured in publications like The New Yorker, The New York Times, Apple, or have seen some of his beautiful murals painted in the streets of NYC and in all of our 3 Mangia stores! Today we are joined by fellow New Yorker, fine artist, illustrator and DJ, John P. Dessereau!

Mar 9

20 min 55 sec

Looking for the best restaurants and overall places to eat in NYC or L.A? Look no further than “OMG IT”S BOMB”! Sharing all the best eats, Ron talks to us all about all things food in the city, food photography and what its like to be a food blogger! 

Mar 4

9 min 51 sec

Today we are joined by professional Breathwork Coach, Jacob  Sokol. Talking all things breathwork, his company Sensophy and his work with helping people unload their stress and charge their energy with meditation.

Feb 26

21 min 54 sec

Shelly and Enny talk to us about ARTiClass, a series of workshops provided by Agora Gallery in Chelsea, New York. A collaborative and interactive group-based art workshop with engaging art instructors, Inspiring creativity with art!

Feb 19

9 min 52 sec

On today’s episode, we are joined by the Managing Director at the Marketing Department of NYC&Co, Janette Roush. Discussing all things about the official destination marketing organization for the five boroughs of New York City, NYC & Co. 

Feb 16

17 min 48 sec

All the way from Sweden, international model, entrepreneur, fitness trainer, and most recently, podcast host, Ebony Anderberg talks to us all about the modeling industry, creating her own fitness Boot Camp, and more.  

Feb 5

19 min 44 sec

From wedding to aerial photography, today we are joined by New York based photographer, Paul Seibert (@thebeholdingeye on Instagram). Sharing his story on how he entered the world of photography and some advice to those who would like to start out as well.  

Jan 22

29 min 29 sec

Today we talked to one of our own Mangia family members and Pastry Chef at our 57th street location, Nikola Pociask. From how she became a professional Pastry Chef, to how is it like working in the food industry in the middle of a global pandemic.Our socials:Instagram - @Mangia_nyc_officialTwitter - @Mangia_NYCFacebook - Mangia NYCGuests:Instagram - @Nikola_Pociask

Jan 4

10 min 14 sec

On our first Mangia The Podcast episode we are joined by the founder of the art and flower studio, Floratorium, Carlos Franqui. Talking about their amazing flower installations and what goes in to it, to how it is working during a global pandemic in New York City!Our socials:Instagram - @Mangia_nyc_officialTwitter - @Mangia_NYCFacebook - Mangia NYCGuests:Instagram - @Carlosfranqui Instagram - @Floratorium

Dec 2020

15 min 31 sec

The iconic gourmet eat in/take out/catering/events co. since 1981, Mangia brings to you Mangia The Podcast. Sharing news about our amazing community, recipes, cooking tips, and much more.

Dec 2020

1 min