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We talk about Forcefest fan conference, Mando at the endo of month, Neuralink with Elon Musk, and a few other things.

Sep 17

61 min

We discuss major conventions in the world of COVID. We also dive into movies we are excited about seeing and how are professional sports dealing with COVID.

Aug 10

76 min

The guys discuss working from home, the benefits and pitfalls. The ShookKnight gives us some medical pointers on how to stay safe. We talk about the Tiger King show on Netflix.

Mar 27

71 min

We just go off the rails and talk about random stuff....

Jan 22

73 min

We talk about some of our favorite movies and TV shows. We also discuss what services we are currently subscribed to. We also have a special Guest on the show jasonyerface.

Oct 2019

86 min

We talk about a lot this episode.....

Aug 2019

118 min

This episode we welcome two guests, T-Smooth and Kadafi. We discuss our Cisco Live trip as well as planning for our upcoming Defcon/Queercon trip plans. ShookKnight talks about his rattlesnake roundup, and Behr talks about his fool proof tuk tuk spotting skills.

Jul 2019

118 min

We discuss the Google outage, apples new announcements, and Behr discusses his AC plan for summer. Also be the first listener to email us a topic and win an NBD prize pack. Go to the contact page on our website to email us.

Jun 2019

97 min

We interview Deputy Gaylord from GTA and talk about Star Wars Land. We also try to talk Shook Knight in to going to Defcon.

May 2019

101 min

We discuss Disneyland changes, and club 33. We also talk about the new Apple announcements.

Mar 2019

90 min

We discuss DNA testing and the ShookKnights future illness, taste test Dominoes Pizza, and if a guys can say another guys Hot.

Jan 2019

108 min

We discover some NBD pretenders and call them out. We talk about waxing B-Holes, and how we would want to Die among other things.

Nov 2018

85 min

Guys talk about the proposition to get rid of Daylight Savings Time. Shook goes strait country talking about new California gun laws. Finally we have a pumpkin spice tasting.

Oct 2018

80 min

This is an edited version of the original episode 92 podcast, since the original was taken offline.

Oct 2018

94 min

We discuss the movie Solo, and the messy timeline. Then we talk about random topics including RedRock and Austin music festivals.

Jun 2018

75 min

A podcast by the NBD guys reviewing and talking about the music they like.

Apr 2018

94 min

The guys discuss Vestigial Tails pros and cons, Ready Player Run, and Joey Exotics run for the White House.

Apr 2018

73 min

This podcast goes off the rails a little bit. We solve the mystery of Bigfoot, Nuclear War, and Wold Hunger. No Big Deal!!!

Mar 2018

79 min

We get real about gun control, then screw off the rest of the podcast. Shout out to our number one fans @Paradiseneverlo on twitter and Medicine Man.

Mar 2018

98 min

We discuss the winter Olympics, WirelessPhreaks new whip, Behrs lucid dreams, and The GOMS life changing experience with the Oculis rift, and porn.

Feb 2018

72 min

We discuss the iPhone X first impressions and quick discusion. We also talk about phone cases. Behr re enacts the entire movie Pearl Harbor, and we highlight the best Bruce Willis movies.

Nov 2017

63 min

This podcast starts out serious, but quickly descends into an Oreo powered spectacle. We discuss Trump and the NFL/North Korea madness. We taste test unique flavored Oreos so you don't have to, and discuss who is getting the iPhone 10.

Sep 2017

85 min

Shout out to our newest super fan. The shook gives us a medical update, and the usual discussion topics.

Aug 2017

52 min

The Single Barrel Podcast starts off as sophisticated Whiskey tasting and goes down hill from there.

Jun 2017

62 min

Shook takes it to the next level with some sweet drone footage. We talk about Social Media downers, and the amazing world of Disk Golfing.

May 2017

61 min

We talk about ISP's spying on your traffic. The Shook Knight provides some prudent and not crazy medical advice, and we dip our toes in helping out beggars.

Apr 2017

63 min

The NBD guys go off the rails. In this episode we talk about, survival enemas. We offer bad financial advice courtesy of the NBD investors. Learn about Guy Fieri's recollection of Flavor Town, and discuss Constitutional Law around travel and electronic devices. Oh ya and Shook woos the women folks with some hot processor talk.

Mar 2017

77 min

On this episode we discuss weird jobs we have had in the past, zombie mice and our theories on surviving a zombie attack.We also experience Rich Chigga and much much more. Episode 79 was our first remote podcast and our first podcast streamed on Periscope. You can check out the video on our youtube channel.

Jan 2017

71 min

We discuss the tragic losses of 2016, Rouge One, mall riots, and our Christmas gifts.

Dec 2016

92 min

We talk about Black Fridays deals, thanks giving, and the guys try Eggnog bread pudding or the first time.

Nov 2016

73 min

This week we explore the world of Eggnog cocktails, and Prank/Crank calls.

Nov 2016

110 min

The Oktoberfest Edition We discuss Netflix, selfdriving cars, periscope and Shooknights insatiable love making.

Sep 2016

61 min

We discuss the iPhone 7 launch, Berenstain/Berenstein Bears Conspiracy Theory, and Nukes in North Korea (Pro or Con).

Sep 2016

86 min

The guy's talk about the Olympics, Defcon and the GOM experiences VR Porn for the first time.

Aug 2016

79 min

We talk about Pokemon Go and it's impact on dating. Shook gives us a Relationship Mad Lib update, and we dive into some deep subjects.

Jul 2016

79 min

The guys talk about the Brexit, Elon Musk, Star Wars vs Star Trek, and of course The Shook Knight's Relationship Mad Lib... #AtheletsPenis #FindaCure

Jun 2016

70 min

The NBD crew discusses their top three movies in a variety of genres. Also @thereal_GOM lives up to the title of the podcast.

Jun 2016

75 min

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