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Welcome to the HotSchedules OpX Podcast where we dive into the factors that matter most when achieving operational excellence in your restaurants. With our rotating cast of industry experts we’ll cover everything from the latest trends impacting your business to technology innovations and best practices.

Webinar Sneak Peak: Managing Labor Compliance at the End of the Summer Season
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The pandemic has put a great emphasis on the essential workforce. A question everyone is asking: are we doing enough to support them? Tom Frank, Founder and CEO of Round World Management, discusses his latest project aimed to bring essential workers the recognition they deserve, with host Mary Kay Hyde, Head of Global Marketing at HotSchedules.  To find Tom Frank: To learn more about the 'I'm Essential' Project:

May 2020

25 min 26 sec

4 weeks ago when restaurants and bars were told to shutter their doors, it forced team members to look for other opportunities. Killian Ivy, creator of "Happy Hour with your Favorite Bartender", launched this grassroots initiative in Austin as a way to keep the shift alive. The virtual happy hour concept grew overnight, and has now expanded to other cities. Listen to hear how she did it and how you can get involved.  Find Killian: FB: IG: hh_withyourfavoritebartender Email:

Apr 2020

37 min 29 sec

At our 2019 Spark Conference we hosted a leaders in learning panel with Richard Fletcher, Talent Development Executive at Krystal, Kathy Watkins, SVP of Operations at Johnny Rockets, and Megan Daniele, Director of Learning and Development at Logan's Roadhouse. Topics include: finding the ROI in learning development and how training has evolved through the years.

Jan 2020

41 min 21 sec

Our Content Specialist Guv Callahan sits down with Bryan Williams, Senior Director of Operations for Logan’s Roadhouse, to explore what makes a great company culture and specific ways to connect with today’s employees. Bryan also shares his insights following CraftWorks’ successful acquisition of Logan’s earlier this year. Be the first to hear when new content gets released by subscribing to our podcast! 

Dec 2019

18 min 9 sec

LIVE from our annual Spark User Conference: Alex Johnson and Kevin Hopper from Dutch Bros Coffee share what it's like to be a “Broista,” their innovative perspective on retention, and why company culture should be the core of everything you do. To learn more about Dutch Bro’s visit

Nov 2019

19 min 46 sec

Don Yaeger is an 11-time NY Times Best-Selling author, long time editor for Sports Illustrated, Forbes contributor, and our Spark keynote speaker. Our talent development evangelist Angie Hubert sits down with Don to ask the age old question “What makes great teams great?” Whether it’s the New England Patriots or your restaurant operation, Don shares his insight on how you can build a community that thrives off an outstanding culture. With that, Don’s team is graciously offering our listeners 75% off their “Journey to Greatness” 30-day Master course. The course includes:  16 on-demand video lessons taught by Don Yaeger  Fill-in-the-blank outlines to follow along as you learn Downloadable workbook with questions and exercises so you can the apply habits of Michael Jordan, John Wooden, Serena Williams, Shaquille O’Neal, Drew Brees (and more) to your life and business. Head over to now to access this limited time offer!

Sep 2019

46 min 23 sec

Jim Knight, the founder and owner of Knight Speaker and best selling author of Culture that Rocks joins our Senior VP of Sales Solutions Mary Hamill. Jim shares his insight on company culture, career growth, and finally, his thought that rocks.

Aug 2019

36 min 44 sec

Get a sneak peek of our upcoming labor compliance webinar featuring our Solutions Engineer Steve Williams and Product Manager Chris Sundgren. The webinar is on 7/25/19 @2PM EST register here -->

Jul 2019

3 min 14 sec

We interviewed industry leaders from brands like Chipotle and TooJay's at this year's National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. They shared best practices when it comes to attending large scale trade shows and how to get the most out of the event experience.

Jun 2019

15 min 24 sec

HotSchedules Learning and Technology Evangelist Angie Hubert hosts two talent development experts. Lael Garner-Weadock and Jen Gorman of Marcus Corporation share their insight, advice, and learnings from their LMS journey.

Mar 2019

29 min 5 sec

Learning and Development Manager at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill Kevin Rufty and HotSchedules Learning and Technology Evangelist Angie Hubert sat down to discuss the importance of investing in your people, implementing a strong culture, and combating turnover.

Jan 2019

35 min 24 sec

Forecasting is often considered a cost savings exercise. The name of the game is reducing labor right? Not always. Restaurants who want to win in today's competitive environment should focus on providing an optimal guest experience that drives repeat traffic, higher check averages, and positive social media sentiment. We sat down with Dean Haskell of National Retail Concept Partners and Dylan Wattecamps of HotSchedules to discuss the benefits of Activity-Based Forecasting - a form of forecasting that takes your company's business rules and marries it with sales forecasting to generate a blueprint schedule for your stores. We talk about their roles in helping corporate teams drive business results through today's proven solutions. Dylan also explains where forecasting is headed and how next-generation technology can make your managers better at forecasting.

Oct 2018

25 min 52 sec

What's the difference between a "Growth Company" and a "Company that Grows?" A focus on the employee experience. That's exactly what we dug into when we sat down with Lean Hanson of Punch Bowl Social to discuss how her organization views growth and development - of footprint and people. Leah's operational background in restaurants and experience opening those first Punch Bowl Social locations was a perfect stepping stone into her role as Director of Training & Implementation. During the episode, you'll hear how she is building brand ambassadors through thoughtful and effective training and development programs that give their teams career growth paths as well as the autonomy to craft a unique experience for every Punch Bowl Social guest. 

Oct 2018

18 min 44 sec

Our 2018 HotSchedules' Spark Conference came to a close in late September. It was three days of learning and sharing between some of the restaurant industry's biggest brands. In this episode, we sat down with Anthony Mejia, VP of Technology for Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar. Don't be fooled by the 18-minute mark - Anthony and host Laura Price, cover off on quite a few topics including Anthony's expert view on how brands like Lazy Dog are taking advantage of cloud technology, back office platforms, as well as integration partners to design a successful technology ecosystem. They also touch on the employee technology experience and how that attracts and retains talent while keeping the business buzzing efficiently and effectively. To learn more about Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, visit And stay tuned for more episodes recorded during our 2018 HotSchedules Spark Conference. 

Oct 2018

18 min 22 sec

An interview with Michele Lange, Director of Training and Development at Habit Burger and CHART President and Hotschedules' Learning and Development Product Consultant, Angie Hubert.

Jul 2018

32 min 36 sec