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A monthly podcast from the Al Qasimi Foundation discussing research, education, and the arts in Ras Al Khaimah and the United Arab Emirates. This podcast has both Arabic and English language episodes.

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عزة الشحي، مديرة مدرسة سعيد بن جبير الثانوية، تتحدث مع اختصاصي الابتكار صقر المالكي لمناقشة العمل مع الطلبة المعرضين لخطر التسرب وتنفيذ برنامج التدرب المهني في رأس الخيمة.Azza Alshehhi, Principal of Saeed bin Jubair Secondary School, speaks with Innovation Specialist Saqr Al Malki to discuss working with at-risk boys and the implementation of the Hands-on-Learning in a Box program in Ras Al Khaimah.

Nov 25

22 min 54 sec

Artist-in-Residence Perry Elashmawi joins Communications Specialist Ethan David Lee to share her experience as a full-time artist in Dubai, from gallery representation to pricing her work, and passion for teaching her craft to young people. 

Oct 28

39 min 34 sec

Plant Conservation and Research Specialist Marina Tsaliki joins Communications Specialist Ethan David Lee to discuss the extraordinary diversity of Ras Al Khaimah’s plant life, how these plants have been so vital to the historical communities of the region, and why we need to invest in their protection.  

Sep 23

34 min 30 sec

Geriatrician and Director of the Seniors’ Happiness Centre Dr. Salwa Abdulla Alsuwaidi joins Innovation Specialist Shahed Almarabta to discuss the future of the elderly care industry in the UAE, the stigma and struggles senior citizens face in society, and what young people can do to better care for the elderly and prepare for their own old age.

Aug 26

38 min 8 sec

NYU Abu Dhabi Research Fellow and Co-founder of Peer-Minded Hafsa Ahmed joins Communications Specialist Ethan David Lee to discuss her research on the UAE's disability landscape and discoveries on the gap between policy and lived experience.

Jul 21

49 min 23 sec

Our former Oxford Scholar Alexandra Hall-Chen joins Communications Specialist Ethan David Lee to discuss her research on the UAE's bilingual education policy and the challenges teachers and their Arabic-language students face in English Medium instruction.

Jun 24

34 min 50 sec

ينضم الأستاذ توفيق أبو حنتش إلى مساعد الإتصالات سارة الزعابي لمناقشة بحثه حول التراث الثقافي، التعّلم التجريبي، وتوثيق المعالم المعمارية الأثرية لإمارة رأس الخيمة.

May 26

36 min 33 sec

Artist-in-Residence Leonardo Montoya joins Communications Specialist Ethan David Lee to discuss his journey as an artist, his creative philosophy, and his experience as the Foundation’s inaugural Artist-in-Residence in Ras Al Khaimah over the last three months.

Apr 21

46 min 41 sec

Prof. Susan Robertson joins Communications Specialist Ethan David Lee to discuss her research on the relationship between the state and education, thoughts on the rapid development of the gulf education space, and keynote address "Learning to Live Futures through Re-Reading Pasts and Negotiating Presents" at the 9th Annual Gulf Comparative Education Society Conference.

Mar 24

40 min

Events Specialist Ji Young Kim sits down with Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival (RAKFAF) U.S. Honorary Guest Artist Robert Clark to talk about his journey into photography, artistic practice,  and exhibition showcasing the form, functionality, and beauty of birds and their feathers. Robert's participation is supported by the U.S. Consulate in Dubai.

Feb 24

40 min 6 sec

Communications Specialist Ethan David Lee sits down with the Foundation's Research Associate David Dingus to talk about the effects of parental and father involvement on student achievement and attainment in the UAE, GCC, and globally.

Dec 2020

22 min 45 sec

Our Innovation Specialist Saqr Al Malki sits down with seasoned leadership consultant Rachel Slough of Rachel Slough Consulting to discuss the importance of professional development and the benefit it can have for both employer and employee.

Nov 2020

31 min 13 sec

Holly Cook speaks with Educational Policy Studies Professor at Florida International University Emily Anderson to discuss the importance of international and intercultural exchange and collaboration for teachers, educators, and policymakers.

Oct 2020

30 min 13 sec

Who are the Baloch people? What does it mean to belong to a place? How does the idea of the nation-state affect our sense of home? Listen to Sarah Han, former intern at the Al Qasimi Foundation and current Ph.D. candidate at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, discuss her research in socio-cultural anthropology.

Sep 2020

35 min 30 sec

Learn more about the life of an inmate in the Ras Al Khaimah Correctional Facility. Explore how the prison has developed over the last 18 years and discover why the Al Qasimi Foundation has been a positive collaborative influence. Listen in Arabic.

Aug 2020

26 min 21 sec

Keeping the conversation going about education during Covid-19, our Research Assistant Max Eckert spoke with Dr. Maryam Mustafa and Dr. Diego Santori, invited speakers for the Gulf Comparative Education Society (GCES) Conference, to discuss their research, their presentation for the conference, and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on education. 

Jul 2020

43 min 6 sec

Hear Salama Al Shamsi, Director of Qasr Al Hosn, discuss art, museums, and mental health during a global pandemic. Listen in Arabic.

Jun 2020

33 min 11 sec

How is Shakespeare performed in the Arab world? What is the role of community in the theater? In what ways do different audiences experience theater on the Arabian Peninsula? Communications Specialist Ethan David Lee speaks to Katherine Hennessey, Visiting Scholar from the American University of Kuwait, about ‘Theater on the Arabian Peninsula.’

Jun 2020

39 min 21 sec

Hear from 2019 Film Grant recipient Hamad Saghran to learn more about the film industry in the UAE, the role of film festivals in the industry, and to discover the traits that make for a good filmmaker. Listen in Arabic.

May 2020

29 min 41 sec

Why are African American teachers leaving the US for the UAE? How is COVID-19 affecting teachers in the UAE? And – what actually is an ‘EdPat’? Senio Research Fellow Marvin Erfurth speaks with Resident Doctoral Scholar from the University of Minnesota Tiffany Lachelle Smith about her field research interviewing African-American EdPats in the UAE.

Apr 2020

44 min 9 sec

Communications Specialist Ethan David Lee sits down with Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Oxford Mira Mousa to learn more about her research in women’s reproductive health.

Mar 2020

28 min 36 sec

Communications Specialist Ethan David Lee speaks with the Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival U.S. Honorary Guest Artist Kiliii Yuyan to discuss his work photographing the arctic region and the communities who live there.

Feb 2020

31 min 4 sec