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Ciao! I’m Johnny La Pasta and welcome to my new podcast “What’s The Pasta?”. The podcast where the pasta of the day could be anything and everything from thoughtful discussions of wellness and spirit to candid conversations about culture and life, all served with a cup of mindfulness and a side of sass.

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In this episode, Johnny is joined by renowned astrologer and Amazon Best Selling author Colin Bedell of Queer Cosmos to discuss demystifying astrology, relating astrology to other modalities and practices, the Age of Aquarius, and queering the Cosmos!  Together Johnny and Colin blast off into the stars and dive deep into the seat of the soul in this insightful, inspiring, and sometimes hysterical conversation.Colin Bedell is a world-class astrologer who runs Queer Cosmos, regularly contributes to Cosmopolitan and other publications,  is an Amazon Best Selling Author, and is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer.  To learn more about and connect with Colin, see below!Instagram: @queercosmos - https://www.instagram.com/queercosmos/Website: https://www.queercosmos.com/Book "A Little Bit of Astrology: An Introduction to the Zodiac": https://www.amazon.com/Little-Bit-Astrology-Introduction-Zodiac/dp/1454932236/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=colin+bedell&qid=1637092648&sr=8-2Book "Queer Cosmos: The Astrology of Queer Identities and Relationships": https://www.amazon.com/Queer-Cosmos-Astrology-Identities-Relationships/dp/1627782931/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=colin+bedell&qid=1637092690&sr=8-1Book "Zodiac Signs: Gemini": https://www.amazon.com/Zodiac-Signs-Gemini-Colin-Bedell/dp/1454938935/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=colin+bedell&qid=1637092690&sr=8-3Cosmopolitan: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/author/208687/colin-bedell/Email: colin@queercosmos.com


Nov 16

54 min 14 sec

Johnny discusses using Scorpio Season (October 23-November 21) as an opportunity to do Shadow Work - deep, inner work with the shadow self that often leads to transformation and rebirth.   Johnny provides you with an overview of the sign of Scorpio and the subject of Shadow Work, highlighting where the 2 intersect.  From there he cautiously invites you to mindfully explore Shadow Work of your own during this season (only if you are in a space to do so).  With that, he provides you with some prompts and practices to consider.  Johnny concludes this episode with a brief Shadow Work Meditation for you to practice.  The meditation begins at the 35:25 minute mark.Disclaimer: Some of the contents of this episode may potentially spark reflection that could result in various triggers. 


Oct 27

42 min 55 sec

In this episode, Johnny takes you on a mini vacation and  guides you through a visualization meditation in which to release and receive all at once.  Enjoy 10 minutes of bliss with the ocean waves and your breath!After a brief introduction, the meditation begins at the 3:00 minute mark.

Oct 13

16 min 34 sec

In this episode, Johnny is joined by civic journalist Jessica Reed Kraus of @houseinhabit who has been at the heart of unearthing damning evidence in Britney Spears' ongoing Conservatorship battle.   Together in this discussion, they shine a light on the dark and intricately twisted web of characters and lies that have kept the Conservatorship in place for 13+ years and converse on all things #FreeBritney.  Additionally, they discuss the power of and need for more civic journalism.  


Sep 21

1 hr

In this premiere episode of Season 2, Johnny La Pasta interprets 3 meaningful quotes and guides you an exploration of the greater lessons and meanings behind the quotes with the intention of providing insight and inspiration.  Additionally, Johnny provides a preview of what to expect from the podcast's sophmore season! 


Sep 15

34 min 19 sec

Johnny chats with teacher, writer, actor, and long-time friend Raji Ahsan about moving through fear, grounding through breath, speaking our truths with kindness, owning our worth,  and learning to connect to self and others.  Of course, Johnny and Raji also take a stroll down memory lane! Enjoy this episode filled with bits of wisdom and hysterical comedy. Raji Ahsan info:@rajiahsanhttps://www.rajiahsan.com/raji@rajiahsan.comhttps://www.youtube.com/c/THERAJIAHSANSHOW/videos


Jul 20

1 hr 21 min

Johnny, a long time Britney fan, weighs in on #FREEBRITNEY with several thoughts, lots of opinions, and an abundance of profanity! Join him for a review of Britney's 13 years long conservatorship, an analysis of Britney's June 23rd court testimony, and hopes for Britney to be freed all with a large amount of vigor and sass! 


Jul 7

43 min 7 sec

Enjoy as Johnny guides you through a visualization  meditation in which we travel to a beautiful space in nature and recite positive affirmations to help us feel relaxed, empowered, and inspired. The meditation begins at minute mark 4:12. 

Jun 22

26 min 9 sec

In this episode, Johnny provides an overview of what exactly Mercury in Retrograde is to help gain a basic understanding of the astrological phenomenon, provides examples of how Mercury Retrograde manifests, offers preventative measures you can take to navigate Mercury Retrograde cycles, and of course, bitches heavily about Mercury's BS!


Jun 9

38 min 14 sec

Johnny sits down with fellow teacher and friend, Karen Shideler to discuss the power of language, moving away from binary thought and speech, finding your voice as a leader, and a shared love for Alina Baraz. Karen Schideler is a yoga/movement teacher and advocate based in Seal Beach/Long Beach, CA. Connect with Karen -Instagram: @sodiumsoulWebsite: https://www.karenshideler.com/


May 26

53 min 54 sec

Join Johnny in a Full Body Relaxation designed to quiet brain chatter, bring awareness into the present moment through the access point of the physical body, and guide the body into a greater state of relaxation. Meditation begins at minute mark 4:25.

May 5

14 min 43 sec

As we transition back to "normal life", Johnny reflects on the lessons that 2020 taught us individually and collectively with the the COVID-19 Pandemic and other events and urges us to remember those lessons and continue the changes that started in 2020 as we move forward. 


Apr 21

30 min 20 sec

Johnny chats with fellow teacher and wellness programs designer Robert Eyler about revolutionizing corporate America and inspiring companies to prioritize employee wellness and work-life integration. Robert Eyler contact info:www.getfit42.comrobert.eyler@getfit42.comIG: aguydoingahandstandLinkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-eyler-cpa-cpt-fns-ces-bcs-ryt-08b88743/


Apr 6

1 hr 7 min

Johnny provides an overview of the breathwork technique, Rest Breath (also known as Night Breath or 4-6 Breath)  which activates the parasympathetic nervous system to relieve stress and cultivate a sense of calm.  In the latter half of the episode, Johnny guides a short meditation focused on Rest Breath. 

Mar 24

14 min 32 sec

Johnny chats with friend and colleague Sam Parks - lead singer of Wargirl, dancer, and sensual movement teacher.  The Pisces Prince and Scorpio Queen dive deep in a conversation about sensual movement, self & sexual liberation, freedom of expression, and water sign power! Learn about Sam's music and sensual movement teaching! Connect with Sam:Instagram - @bullsdaughterWebsite: www.bullsdaughter.com


Mar 11

53 min 45 sec

As Johnny turns Dirty 30 he reflects on 30 lessons he has learned in 3 decades of life.  Some lessons are funny, some lessons are deep, and all of them are real!  Enjoy this episode of learning, wisdom, and giggles!


Feb 23

58 min 9 sec

Johnny offers a short guided meditation aimed at giving and receiving health, warmth, kindness, and love. Meditation starts at - 3:20

Feb 9

19 min 48 sec

Johnny chats with Alexis and Erika Holden of the Aligned Sisters.  Alexis (yoga instructor, Functional Range Conditioning specialist, holistic nutrition) and Erika (yoga instructor, meditation teacher, Reiki healer, intuitive) get mindful, spiritual, and goofy with Johnny La Pasta.  Topics discussed include redefining success in the Age of Aquarius, humans containing multitudes, and living your life in alignment with heart and soul!Alexis Holden - @alexisholdenErika Holden - @keepitrealwellnessAligned Sisters - @alignedsistersAligned Sisters Podcast Spotify- https://open.spotify.com/show/2yKGlKpo8hCo4c56Z2Xvdx?si=YKHEjarMQvSRXkV11ioYIA Aligned Sisters Apple Podcasts - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/aligned-sisters/id1545425763


Jan 26

54 min 8 sec

In this episode, Johnny is joined by teacher and activist Madeline Griffith to discuss racial inequalities in healthcare and fitness.  Madeline teaches us about some of the barriers BIPOC face when it comes to receiving healthcare and participating in fitness, identifies solutions for making both industries more accessible for BIPOC, and discusses her personal goals of bringing quality yoga, fitness, and healthcare  to black communities and other underserved communities. Madeline Griffith Instagram: @madelinejoliesse


Jan 20

57 min 58 sec

Johnny La Pasta talks about practicing mindfulness in the kitchen and cooking consciously with intention and heart.  Enjoy tips and tricks for making your food more magical and let's have some laughs along the way too!


Dec 2020

21 min 55 sec

Explore the concept of "Activation Astrology" and learn how to activate certain parts of your astrological natal chart depending on the situation before.  A lot of laughs to be had along the way!


Dec 2020

21 min 2 sec

Join Johnny La Pasta as he guides you through a Walking Color Meditation.  A meditation journey through which you enjoy a leisurely walk and bring mindful attention to colors you see in your environment. A great meditation for those new to mindfulness!The meditation section of the episode begins at 8:20.

Dec 2020

26 min 48 sec

Johnny La Pasta speaks about the year of bad news that has been 2020, the impacts it has had on mental health, and discusses best practices for adopting a more healthy relationship with news consumption as we move forward. Sources: https://www.verywellmind.com/is-watching-the-news-bad-for-mental-health-4802320https://time.com/5125894/is-reading-news-bad-for-you/https://www.headspace.com/blog/2017/08/15/shallow-breathing-whole-body/https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3712497/#:~:text=Intolerance%20of%20uncertainty%20(IU)%20has,Buhr%20%26%20Dugas%2C%202009%2C%20p


Dec 2020

35 min 40 sec

In this introductory episode of 'the What's The Pasta!?', meet your host Johnny La Pasta and enjoy a brief preview of what to expect from this series.  

Dec 2020

7 min 4 sec