Own The Gray

By Debra Jones RM

Our society tells us that ageing is undesirable. Why? As soon as we're born, we're ageing. At OWN THE GRAY, we believe that our age should be worn as a medal of honour. As we get older, we gain the power of perspective and wisdom; an asset gained only by age. Let's change the conversation and set new, healthy, POSITIVE attitudes, and eliminate out-dated stigmas. Listen to conversations, monologues, meditations, and tips in our weekly podcast to learn from men and women, 50, 60, 70 and 80, who have discovered ways to have a healthier life. We discuss getting older, life and death, retirement, holistic health (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical), creativity, alternative medicine, and whatever YOU want to discuss. Join us as we age with attitude and reinstate the reverence we really deserve.

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