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Join Cole Weintraub and Zach Van Arsdale as they discuss news, breakdown games, and much more across the NFL, MLB, and NBA.

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After a long break, DFTP is back!  Cole and special guest Luke Profaci give their own pick predictions, analysis, and other thoughts heading into the 2021 NFL Draft.

Apr 29

1 hr 27 min

In an action-packed episode, Cole and ZVA analyze the recent Carson Wentz trade, Sam Darnold's future with the New York Jets, Fernando Tatis Jr's massive extension, the Brooklyn Nets' recent success without one of their star players, and lots more! Here are the timestamps for each topic:  The Brooklyn Nets' Success (01:10-09:24) The Surprising New York Knicks (09:25-12:49) Syracuse's Tournament Chances (12:50-18:59) Carson Wentz Trade (19:00-31:39) Deshaun Watson Situation (31:40-35:24) Sam Darnold's Future in NY (35:25-42:44) Spring Training is HERE (42:45-45:44) Fernando Tatis Jr. Extension (45:45-51:15) Thanks for listening!

Mar 4

51 min 50 sec

The MLB is FINALLY in the mix! ZVA and Cole speak on the Trevor Bauer signing and the Andrew Benintendi trade. We also covered the Super Bowl, the Bucs and Chiefs’ offseason outlook, JJ Watt, and much more. 

Feb 19

57 min 37 sec

Nine friends on one podcast? From The Weeknd outfit changes to how many players will attempt a pass, Cole and Zach give their predictions for this Sunday's big game. Our special guests used in-depth analysis to make their picks as well! Something you definitely do not want to miss! We hope everyone enjoys their Super Bowl Sunday!

Feb 7

51 min 20 sec

In the fifth episode of the Dive for the Pylon podcast, Zach and Cole give their input on the championship round, the recent Lions/Rams trade, and potential trade destinations for Deshaun Watson.

Feb 2

38 min 38 sec

In the fourth episode, Zach and Cole speak about last weekend's divisional round games and breakdown/predict the upcoming NFC and AFC Championship games! The viewers are in for a treat!

Jan 24

41 min 40 sec

Two podcasts in two days? Zach and Cole are back at it with another! In today's episode, the two breakdown last weekend's Wildcard games and preview this weekend's Divisional Round games.    Here are the timestamps of each game we broke down:   (WC) IND @ BUF - 01:25 (WC) LAR @ SEA - 04:50 (WC) CHI @ NO - 08:25 (WC) TEN @ BAL - 10:10 (WC) TB @ WAS - 14:40 (WC) CLE @ PIT - 18:40 (DIV) LAR @ GB - 23:35 (DIV) BAL @ BUF - 30:55 (DIV) CLE @ KC - 38:00 (DIV) TB @ NO - 42:30

Jan 16

47 min 40 sec

In a week full of breaking news throughout the sports world, ZVA and Cole go over the James Harden trade, Alabama's huge CFP championship win over Ohio State, the Eagles coaching/QB situation, and much more.

Jan 14

41 min 28 sec

Hosts Cole Weintraub and Zach Van Arsdale breakdown the NFL's Wildcard weekend game by game and preview this year's College Football Playoff National Championship game between Alabama and Ohio State!

Jan 8

39 min 25 sec