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At Unlimited we give voice to inspiring women & mothers that go beyond the boundaries of everyday life, to Empower, Engage & Drive growth. In Groundbreaking we offer insights on the life of prominent women from the Arab World; in Perspectives you will listen to the unique point of view of professional women that embrace life with innovative perspectives and make a difference to many people’s lives; Footpaths is a collection of podcasts created directly by experts that aim to offer precise and effective information to help addressing daily problems and act successfully towards your goals.

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For this new episode of Unlimited Women’s Brands, we’re excited to welcome the “Highly commended PR Leader” Natasha Hatherall Shawe. Tash, is the founder of Tish Tash, a multi award winning Dubai based marketing and communication agency, regarded as one of the most sought after and respected independent agencies in the Middle East. Born and educated in the UK, Tash holds a PhD in psychology and marketing  and has a genuine passion for people which translates into her managerial style and in everything she does in life and at work for her team and for her clients, as we’re just about to find out.

Nov 27

31 min 25 sec

For this new episode of Unlimited Women’s Brands, we’re excited to welcome Nadine Halabi, Business Development Manager of the Dubai Business Women Council. A role that Nadine has covered for over a decade, but more than a role it’s a job with a mission! A Mission to ensure business women and female entrepreneurs feel motivated to innovate, create and thrive. A Mission accomplished on an ongoing basis as proven at the beginning of this year by CEO Middle East who nominated Nadine as one of the 50 Most Influential Women in the Region under the list of ‘Women of Influence in the Arab World 2021’ Nadine and her team have been our trusted “companions and advisors” during the months of the pandemic throughout a rich series of webinars and workshops and we finally had the pleasure to meet her in person at Dubai Chamber for the launch of DWBC 4th mentorship cycle, a topic and an opportunity that is very dear to us and so much in line with Unlimited vision that we couldn’t refrain from asking Nadine to join us on Unlimited podcast to tell us more…About her journey, about the Council and about all the initiatives that are out there for us all to grab and maximize. For some sneak peak and behind the scenes follow us on Instagram at Un.limited.me and let us know your comments!

Nov 6

48 min 53 sec

For this new episode of Unlimited Women’s Brands, we’re excited to welcome Jelizaveta Kozlova. Founder and Communications Director of EK Laboratory (eklaboratory.com), Jelizaveta is an emerging competitive figure in the luxury, fashion and lifestyle scene in Dubai. She joins us today to share her story: the story of a young female entrepreneur coming from a mid-class family in Latvia with a higher education value, which gave her a solid vision to pursue her studies in Cambridge and after completing Master's degree at Instituto Marangoni in Milano - to launch her own entrepreneurial journey in Brand and Marketing communications. Her fresh eye and her ability to blend the luxury brand knowledge of the Russian consumer perspective with the Italian know-how, allowed her to lead special campaigns for global luxury brands like Bulgari, Kiton and to execute brand image advisory, social media and events for privately-held companies. Now Jelizaveta aims to empower both high-end SMEs and established companies in the Middle East, offering a digital-forward brand strategy and content production. So let’s explore what is the new direction of Marketing and Communications from the perspective of a young and independent businesswoman and let’s see what are the tactical points to help to build high-conversion brand awareness, even on a small budget.

Jun 15

19 min 53 sec

In this new episode of Unlimited Footpath series, we’ll discuss about parenting and how to raise healthy, happy and resilient children! NO, it won’t a typical talk about motherhood, in fact we’ll start from the figure and the role of the father, as this episode is dedicated to Professor Kamel Abu Jaber, father of Dr Linda Abu Jaber, who’s joining us today from Jordan. We reached out to her to answer all the questions that we received from you though our Social media channels asking us to talk about how to deal with children anxiety, mental health, bullying, cyber security and much more. Why Dr Linda? Well, she has been practicing medicine for over 30 years and is American Board Certified in General Pediatrics, in Pediatric Infectious Diseases and in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. She’s also the author of 2 books dedicated to parenting and allergies with a 3rd one on anxiety just about to be published. The 360’ approach in her profession is the reflection of her personal journey as caring daughter, loving wife, and working mother of 2 very active children which has led her to embrace a mission : to empower moms and dads with evidence-based, easy to use, practical information, tips and skills to be the best version of themselves, to enjoy strong marriages and to confidently and happily raise healthy, happy, resilient children. Grab your pen and paper and be ready to take note and then put her tips right into practice

May 28

53 min 36 sec

With this new episode of Unlimited Features we’ll enter into a male dominated world - the construction sector - to uncover the journey of Chandni Vasan, General Manager of Oxford Aluminum Passionate about design & academically ambitious, Chandni started off as a designer in the construction Industry. After her marriage she moved to UAE where she was offered to join her partner's family business, but to develop expertise and earn trust and authority she opted to work first for an external company. 200kms of commuting by car every day and a toddler waiting for her at home didn’t stop Chandni who instead truly felt that the efforts were worth it. As if her gained experience in business operations, marketing, technical specification & market insights weren’t enough, it was only after enrolling for an Executive MBA that she felt ready to re-join her family business, so she could bring a valuable new point of view. Let’s welcome Chandni to understand together how a woman’s perspective can impact such a male dominated industry, or vice versa.

May 17

33 min 20 sec

For this new episode of our Unlimited perspective series we’re pleased to introduce you to Emma E Burdett, Diversity Champion and Founder of WILD – an empowering and networking platform for women in design. With a solid background in construction and interiors sector, after encountering significant challenges in the workplace while in UK,  Emma moved to Dubai where a large corporate firm asked her to set up a Women’s Empowerment platform. This quickly became a staple, vibrant and integral network within the UAE; but a sudden and further triggering situation at work brought Emma to a breaking point. Broke and broken, she ventured on a journey of self-discovery which led her to the striking realization that inspiring Women was indeed a passion, and that bringing Women together, creating a community and making a difference was something she felt compelled to do. This was the beginning of WILD, a platform for ALL women to come together, feel a sense of belongingness, hold events where Women can network with purpose. Most recently it developed into WILD Woman Transformational coaching to help Women overcome fears, build confidence, find and use their voice, stand and speak in public with impact and to become POWERFUL. As we get to know that WILD stands for Women In Leadership Deliver…it’s time to unleash the WILD Woman trapped inside us and welcome Emma on our platform!

May 3

28 min 45 sec

With this new episode of Unlimited Women’s Brands, we continue to explore the world of Female Entrepreneurship and today we enter into a world of luxury, high end fashion and beauty , Roseminsworld! Rosemin has long become synonymous with luxury. ENTREPRENEUR, CELEBRITY INFLUENCER, PRESENTER & MEDIA PERSONALITY, Rosemin’s journey in the world of fashion started after graduating from London College of Fashion, when she had the good fortune to join maestro Tom Ford as his assistant. This gave her the opportunity to  learn from the best before making her way steadily up the corporate ladder working with brands like Gucci, Burberry, Sotheby’s to then become European PR Director of Juicy Couture, working closely with department stores like Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nichols and dressing in Juicy Couture’s iconic loungewear famous faces such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Queen Rania, Kate Moss, Kate Winslet, Jemima Khan, Sienna Miller, Jude Law, Thandie Newton, Charlotte Casiraghi and Princess Beatrice just to name a few. After moving to Dubai in 2007, Rosemin founded RR & CO Bespoke Luxury Management which was the first PR showroom in the region with an exclusive focus on the luxury sector for fashion, beauty, skincare and jewellery. Her knowledge of the industry from both an International and Regional point of view, blended with her natural affinity to luxury brought her to become an authority in all things fashion and beauty, an award winning media personality and a sought after host, speaker and TV presenter, starting from her fashion segment “Fashion Thursdays”on Dubai One TV, to the hugely popular weekly beauty series #BazaarBeauty in collaboration with Harpers Bazaar Arabia, and her most recent weekly show, “Style Council” for GQ Middle East, where Rosemin continues to lead the way in beauty and skincare. From the world of luxury to Unlimited, it’s a real honor to welcome Rosemin!

Apr 26

33 min 45 sec

With today’s interview we’re thrilled to launch the brand new season: Unlimited Women’s Brands, to share the professional and personal journey behind Brands conceived by Female Entrepreneurs, discussing their vision, ethos and point of view. To lead the series, we’re excited to introduce you to Regional Serial Entrepreneur Donna Benton! Donna is internationally recognized for the creation of The ENTERTAINER, a product and service that would make the unaffordable affordable to the people of Dubai and which grew, under Donna’s leadership, into a data-driven technology firm with more than 300 people in 15 countries, contributing USD1.3 billion to the economy annually. Now founder and CEO of The Benton Group, Donna continues to strive for new business concepts, venturing into various industry segments through startups of her own, acquisitions and investments without ever compromising her signature positive attitude and contagious energy

Apr 17

25 min 57 sec

For this new episode of Unlimited perspective series we’re glad to introduce you to Mimi Nicklin, International Best Selling Author of “Softening the Edge”, host of the ‘Empathy for Breakfast’ show as well as the ‘Secrets of The Gap’ which was recently nominated among the top 5 best Podcasts in UAE by Khaleej Times. Creative Officer and Regional Managing Director for a global advertising agency, Mimi has lived in London, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Singapore, Cape Town and now Dubai, and worked for over 15 years in 25 markets across the globe with the mission to change organisations from the inside out, focusing on cultural, behavioural and mindset change. She’s an Empathy Ambassador who believes that `Empathetic influence can make a significant difference to our society and world of work, and her HER GOAL is TO inspire change, FILL THE EMPATHY GAP AND REBUILD OUR SOCIETIES AND BUSINESSES WORLDWIDE, ONE ORGANISATION, AT A TIME!  So today we’re here to contribute to MiMi’s mission and spread her message about Empathy.

Mar 20

28 min 59 sec

This is the first episode of our brand-new series: “Features by Unlimited” where we present young and emerging talents, giving them a voice and sharing awareness around their stories and enterprises. Today we are pleased to welcome Myrna Trad Haddad, the author of the new book, After Midnight. Born and raised in Lebanon, Myrna fought socio-cultural pressures to marry young and strived instead to build an independent life for herself. Myrna has been working1 since she was a teenager in order to pay for her studies. Her perseverance and strength led her to a promising career notwithstanding harassment from bosses, loneliness and addiction. Silent for many years but fascinated by our mission and empowered by the interviews in our first season of Unlimited, Myrna reached out to us to share her story. Myrna is an example of the resilience and courage that characterize the many silenced women around us, whose story we never get the chance to hear… We met with her in Dubai where she travelled to apply for the Sheikh Zayed Young Author Award. So, please join us in this premiere interview and let’s wish her all the best for her new book.

Mar 3

23 min 43 sec

With this new episode we’re proud to launch our Brand new podcast series titled “Unlimited Talks”. This podcast is a result of an incredibly successful Talk Series that we kick started at the beginning of the year under the title “Unlimited Beyond Inspirational”. The first of these events “From A Job To A Mission”, broadcasted Live via Zoom,  took place on January 12th at Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery in Bluewater Island – Dubai. It focused on the journeys of successful and inspiring women who drastically shifted their corporate career paths to embrace their real missions. Among the panelists were Federica Mele, who we are pleased to welcome back to Unlimited today to walk us through her personal and professional journey and to help us answer some key and recurring  questions: what is our Mission? what is our Purpose? How can we identify these things and pursue them beyond predefined paths and goals? Ultimately, Why do we do what we do? Federica is a Former Marketing manager in a leading corporate reality, with extensive experience in Retail in emerging markets, Customer Experience, Customer and Employees Satisfaction, Education/ training programs and multichannel communication. After nearly 20 years of managing global projects and after a relocation from Milan to Dubai she decided to embrace her passion and pursue her purpose by starting her own Consulting Firm. That’s how throughout the last 6 years Federica has been leading empowerment coaching programs for corporate companies, executives and employees with the specific mission of empowering people to discover and maximize their potential. Now, let’s welcome Federica and learn from her own journey and her coaching experience.

Feb 1

38 min 56 sec

For this new episode of our Unlimited Groundbreaking series, we’re thrilled to welcome award-winning celebrity stylist, business mentor, author and TEDx speaker, Kelly Lundberg! Upon arriving in Dubai as an Emirates Crew member in 2003, Kelly quickly decided to hang up her wings and swap Emirates pillar red box heels for stylish stilettos, taking a car loan and investing every dirham to launch the first ever styling service in the Middle East: StyleMeDivine. Fast forward 15 years and Kelly is one of the most diverse business entrepreneurs to have emerged from the styling world to date. Under her belt (branded of course!) she has a styling workshop series for Harvey Nichols as well as collaborations with Luis Vuitton and Gucci, not to mention 1.5 million views on her YouTube channel and over 50k followers on Instagram. From styling a Saudi Royal to walking the red carpet at the BAFTA’s, Kelly was poised to sell her agency and to launch The S.Academy, a program that mentors aspiring stylists and lifestyle business owners  on how to launch and grow independent businesses and personal brands. We couldn’t be more excited to have Kelly as our special guest today to wrap up our podcast series for 2020. Stay tuned to discover how she was able to maintain and grow her business’ success through every recession whilst also overcoming a divorce and even testing positive for Covid!

Dec 2020

40 min 13 sec

For this new episode of our Unlimited Perspective Series, we’re entering into a sanctuary of tranquility and wellness with special guest Salina Handa! Salina is the founder of SENSASIA Urban Spa, the award-winning, home-grown spa brand that has developed to become Dubai's largest spa chain. Salina blended her experience in Corporate Marketing & Branding, with her legacy to Thailand, and in 2004 opened her flagship spa at the Village, in Jumeirah, pioneering the boutique spa trend not only in Dubai but in the whole Region. Awarded Best Spa in 2011 by What’s On, Salina has been a participating judge for the World Spa Awards since 2014 as well as speaking at Professional Beauty London and GCC conferences. Throughout the expansion of SENSASIA Urban Spa following its extraordinary success among Dubai residents and local community, Salina and her team have become advocates on the benefits of massage and body treatments for the overall health and wellbeing.. If wellbeing is a reflection of a good life-work balance, Salina takes us through her years as new mum of twin daughters, school runs till the recent home-learning, while managing to expand SENSASIA Urban Spa to consultancy, with SPA People, and launching a new concept that we could only dream of: Spa Stories.

Dec 2020

29 min 5 sec

We are thrilled to welcome Briar Prestidge. Originally from New Zealand, Briar has had an international career that saw her thrive in New York, London and Australia. However, it was in Dubai where she truly flourished, making headlines in the field of Digital Communication, PR Strategy and Branding. Within 5 years of entering the entrepreneurial world in Dubai, Briar was named Top 100 Most Influential in the UAE, and she has been featured in numerous renowned publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, The National and Grazia Magazine. She was also chosen amongst thousands of business owners to compete in an Amazon Prime reality TV series about entrepreneurs. Briar is now the Founder and CEO of Prestidge Group, a PR, branding and production agency managing high profile personal brands for HNWI, C-level executives, technology experts, celebrities and investors in UAE, Saudi Arabia, US and UK. In her talk show, “Deals in High Heels” she surrounds herself with prominent and inspiring female entrepreneurs from the Region and it is for these ladies and in collaboration with them that Briar has created a new fashion brand offering unique and authentic high-quality suits and corporate fashion. Against all odds, Briar was able to successfully launch her brand in the midst of the pandemic. So, let’s welcome Briar to find out how she did it!

Nov 2020

35 min 20 sec

We’re pleased to welcome Meher Mirchandani, “the Queen in control” as the press described her. Meher was born into a privileged home and grew up to become a successful entrepreneur, business leader, philanthropist and devoted mother of twin daughters. But what seemed to be the perfect life, to Meher felt instead like an imprisonment and at the age of 35 she reached a breaking point. She had co-founded and brought to international success throughout 15 years, one the very first fashion label originated in Dubai in the early years 2000s “Meher & Riddhima” , she then went on to join her family business as Managing Director of Palmon Group, leading over 1,000 employees across 12 companies between facilities management, retail, real estate, logistics and F&B industry. Awards and recognitions were validating Meher’s success: she was recognized as Forbes Top Indian leaders, awarded Fashion Designer of the year by Alhan Masala Magazine and won the Entrepreneur Innovator award by Entrepreneur magazine, but her success wasn’t unconditional. Meher is joining Unlimited today for her very 1st interview as an author to share with us her personal journey. And she gives us an exclusive preview, reading us few passages from her book about Why we can’t just Exist because we all need to Come Alive!

Nov 2020

30 min 29 sec

We can’t discuss breast cancer in the UAE without reaching out to the FIRST FEMALE SURGEON in the country. So, for this new episode of our Unlimited Groundbreaking series, we’re honored to welcome Dr Houriya Kazim. Born in the Emirates to a family of doctors and daughter of the first surgeon in the UAE, becoming a doctor was probably expected of the young Houriya. She stood out in the male dominated sector and would go on to become the first female surgeon in the UAE. She was also the first to openly and publicly address what had been considered a taboo subject for decades: Breast cancer. She founded the Well Woman Clinic, an institution which offers women a safe and welcoming environment where they can receive professional advice regarding health concerns. She also launched Dubai’s first breast cancer support group and charity, Brest Friends, now supported by the Al Jalila Foundation to promote the early detection of breast cancer, facilitate medical treatment and, most importantly, establish and fund local research into the epidemiology of breast cancer in the UAE. With a double Fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and England, as well as a Master’s of Public Health (MPH) in Epidemiology from the University of Texas School of Public Health, Dr Houriya is recognized as the UAE’s most prominent breast surgeon. And she’s also a proud mother of two! How did she do it? Let’s hear from Dr Houriya herself and her Unlimited mission to fight Breast Cancer.

Oct 2020

31 min 34 sec

We’re pleased to welcome Dr Mena Shaher, who will guide us through October Breast cancer awareness month and explain us the fundamental role of prevention in saving lives. Highly experienced radiologist with a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery, a Master’s degree in Radiodiagnosis and Intervention from Ain Shams, the most prestigious University in Cairo, and an Advanced Hospital Management Diploma from the Canadian International Academy for advanced studies, Dr Mena Shaher has dedicated the last 11 years of her practice to Breast Imaging and Breast Intervention radiology. In 2018, she arrived in the UAE with the mandate to build from scratch the Breast Unit of Al Zahra Hospital in Sharjah. It is here that she now assists and supports up to 10.000 patients per year, with highs of 50 patients a day during crucial months like October! Dr Shaher is a member of the European Society of Breast Imaging and the American College of Radiology and is highly involved in running campaigns and initiatives to build awareness. As a doctor, a woman, and the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, Dr Mena has experienced first-hand how prevention has helped to increase survival rate and life expectancy in Breast Cancer patients thanks to early detection. So, let’s join Dr. Mena and discover what all of this means and what all of us should do, starting with booking our next screening!

Oct 2020

35 min 16 sec

We’re proud to welcome …Hebah Fisher, the absolute pioneer in podcast across Mena Region! Half American and half Egyptian, brought up between Bahrain, Saudi, Egypt, UAE and the States, Hebah felt that there was no media that was speaking to her generation. Not the radio, nor the TV. So she ventured into podcasting and she built the very first Middle East podcast network: with 7 shows, in Arabic and English, and a team spread across 7 times zones. Thanks to her background as serial entrepreneur building microfinance and business education programs in the Gulf and the States, Hebah had the business acumen, the knowhow and the determination to reach out for investors at a time and in a sector that was still widely unexplored. This brought her to become the founder and CEO of the first venture backed podcast network in MENA, Kerning Cultures. What we’re doing at Unlimited wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for someone like Hebah Fisher who literally paved our path. She’s the one that started to tell the stories of this Region and we couldn’t be happier to having her as our guest on Unlimited to tell her story.

Oct 2020

35 min 47 sec

We’re pleased to welcome today Dr. Dana Al Hamwi, award winning medical doctor and certified clinical dietician, founder of Dr. Dana Diet Center (DDDC) in Dubai and a regular expert commentator with a weekly segment on MBC and Dubai TV With a Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Damascus and a Master degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sheffield in the UK, Dr Dana is a sought-after Dietitian specialized in “real life nutrition”. For Dr Dana, spreading awareness about healthy eating habits and the importance of a balanced nutrition is an integral part of the medical profession and has led her to be highly involved in volunteering projects since her young years in Syria, and to be extremely active in running awareness campaigns across all Media platforms and through private organizations and governmental institutions. Nowadays she is the Clinical Dietician of Emirates Diabetes Society and has been awarded as Distinguished health professional from Dubai Healthcare City in 2019. So, let’s welcome Dr Dana for some advises on healthy eating but also for some sneak peeks on the latest treatments…

Sep 2020

21 min 14 sec

We are excited to host Samar Alshorafa: an entrepreneur and mother of 3 with a passion for social impact, diversity & inclusion, gender equality, policy reform, education and knowledge development Samar is the Co-founder and CEO of She is Arab, the first dedicated online platform for Arab women with the aim to address their underrepresentation in business leadership and public speaking roles Prior to starting her business, Samar spent over 15 years working in the field of international development and management consulting with organizations such as IFC -World Bank Group, the European Commission’s Industrial Modernization Program for Egypt, the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation and EFE - Education for Employment. Her work entailed a lot of travel across the Mena Region and exposed her to topics from policy reform, to education, youth employment and gender issues.  The learnings and challenges experienced through this diverse spectrum of projects helped paving the way to Samar’s social entrepreneurship journey So, let’s join Samar and let’s find out more about the powerful network she’s building with She is Arab to help reversing stereotypes about Arab women and advancing gender equality using the power of digital communication.

Sep 2020

29 min 49 sec

For this new episode of Unlimited perspective series we’re pleased to introduce you Latifa Al Gurg, Founder and Creative Director of Twisted Roots. Born to an Emirati father and Danish mother, Latifa’s career started as an Electrical Engineer following her father’s steps. But through her frequent travels and 3 pregnancies she identified a gap in the market for contemporary yet comfortable clothing which motivated her to study Fashion first in London then Paris to ultimately launch her own fashion Brand in Dubai in 2015 Latifa’s fascination about how different cultures and people are brought together and intertwined, starting from her own heritage, is deeply rooted in her Brand ethos, name and logo: Twisted Roots. Her Emirati side allowed her to bring a more conservative aspect to the Brand, her Scandinavian side conveyed her to a skillful use of layering, while her expertise in construction and architecture reflected in clean lines, top quality sustainable materials and greatest attention to details.   These same key elements were the inspiration of her creations for Dubai Expo 2020 where Twisted Roots won the competition to design the uniforms for the 30.000 staff and volunteers at the event. Her motto is “In a global society everyone’s roots are twisted as we belong to a global culture and grow together”

Sep 2020

27 min 12 sec

For this new episode of Unlimited perspective series we’re pleased to introduce you to Hafsa Lodi, an American journalist who has been covering fashion in the Middle East for the past decade while expressing a deep fascination on the relationship between culture, modernity and religion. Born and raised in New York City and relocated to the United Arab Emirates with her family at the age of 14, Hafsa combined her studies in journalism with a passion, and master degree, in Islamic law. She has covered topics like honour killings in Canada’s South Asian communities and the use of DNA evidence in rape cases in Pakistan before turning to the fashion journalism beat writing for The National newspaper, Luxury magazine, Mojeh magazine, Velvet magazine and Savoir Flair just to name a few, in addition to working as an online fashion editor for one of the Middle East’s largest luxury retailers, Boutique 1. To address her combined interest in fashion, culture, modernity and religion, Hafsa has recently published her debut non-fiction book titled “Modesty: a Fashion Paradox". So let’s explore with Hafsa the causes, controversies and key players of the global modest fashion movement: a trend to conceal rather than reveal.

Aug 2020

28 min 45 sec

For this new episode of Unlimited GroundBreaking series we’re thrilled to introduce you to Aiisha Ramadan. Aiisha is one of the region’s most prominent names in fashion: from being awarded Young Designer of the Year by Swarovski while she was still in College, to be named one of 30 Most Awesome Women in the Arab World in 2009 by Arabian Woman Magazine and receiving The Gr8! Women Achiever Awards in 2011. Fast forward few years Aiisha won the 2018 Buyer’s Choice Award, presented at the Arab Fashion Week, while her creations were chosen by International celebrities of the caliber of Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Kareena Kapoor, Christina Aguilera and Ariana Grande. A household name also thanks to her TV shows on MBC and Al Arabiya, Aiisha managed to always remain true to herself. Behind each AIISHA collection and rooted within Aiisha approach to life are the fruits of self-reflection which has brought her to expand this search beyond fashion and embrace a whole new path. Stay with us to unveil how Aiisha has evolved from being one of the most successful Fashion designers in the Region to becoming, in her own words, a Designer of Minds!

Aug 2020

28 min 53 sec

Joining us today in Dubai for this new episode of Unlimited Perspective Series is Dr. Vandana Gandhi, the innovation-driven founder and CEO of British Orchard Nursery, with 20 locations in the UAE and UK. Dr. Gandhi and British Orchard Nursery’s accomplishments have been recognised with over 25 international and national quality awards including Emirates Women Award, the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award, the Dubai Human Development Appreciation Award, among others. Dr. Gandhi’s values, passion and vision have a great impact on the development of hundreds of children that every year attend with success her schools. We invite you to listen to our interview with Dr. Ghandi and the contagious energy and passion that characterized each of her words.

Jul 2020

17 min 41 sec

We’re proud to welcome to Unlimited Sara Mohamed, Founder of Nisa Soul. Sara is a corporate veteran, a seasoned entrepreneur, a start-up mentor and investment advisor. 10 years ago she embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Yoga and meditation practice helped her to experience first-hand the impact of balance and well-being on the work environment. This led her to create NISA SOUL, on a mission to help corporates and entrepreneurs to focus on wellbeing and bring balance into the boardroom by cultivating a healthy lifestyle focused on inner work. So let’s welcome Sara and learn how to find the real recipe for balance and wellbeing in life and in the workplace.

Jul 2020

44 min 50 sec

Joining us today from Beirut for this new episode of Unlimited Perspective Series is Nada Ghazal, the award winning jewellery designer that translates her emotions into a world of beauty and timeless pieces loved and cherished all around the world, from London to Paris, from New York to Beirut. Featured on the most important international magazines such as Forbes, Times Luxx, Vogue, Elle, L’Officiel and Marie Claire to name a few, her creations tell infinite stories and are meant to become an everlasting part of the lives of people that choose them. In only 15 years Nada Ghazal made a mark in the jewellery world and in her country: Named Rising Star by savvy jewellery industry leaders in Las Vegas in 2012, recognized in Bahrain as Best Innovative Designer,  Nada was awarded Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in Lebanon  in 2017. We invite you with great pleasure to discover more of her truly unlimited journey.

Jul 2020

22 min 56 sec

For this new episode of our Unlimited Groundbreaking series we are thrilled to host a guest speaker who embodies the true essence of our platform … Nima Abu Wardeh Nima is a mother, an expert and one of the most inspiring and energetic people we ever met. She is an award-winning broadcast journalist, she’s regarded as an opinion leader, she is approached by think-tanks, by the corporate world and by government entities for her insight. Nima regularly chairs and is a speaker at regional and global gatherings and has worked alongside the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. Throughout her career Ms Abu Wardeh dedicated herself to enable people to empower themselves. This is why she recently created the S.H.E.Strategy – a practical program keeping women Seen.Heard.Empowered So here S.H.E. comes

Jul 2020

48 min 57 sec

Joining us today for this new episode of Unlimited Perspective Series is Dounia Fadi, COO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Gulf Properties There’s so much talk about the real estate market in such critical timings. Is it appropriate to run comparison between 2020 and 2008 crisis? Well Dounia Fadi has seen the good and the bad times and is bringing to us her 15 years experience in the Dubai real estate marketplace, where she has differentiated herself from the competitors by thinking outside the box, by building a dedicated and loyal team of hand-picked real estate professionals and most of all, by putting the clients’ needs first. Featured by Forbes as a Business Leader and recently Awarded Property Finder Woman of the Year (2020), Dounia is known for her ability to empower people and to promote Women not just within her Organization but throughout the RE community and beyond. Stay tuned till the end for Dounia’s precious tips for Buyers, Sellers and even Agents!

Jun 2020

37 min 5 sec

In this Groundbreaking episode, we interview in remote from Cairo Susan Sabet, Founder and  Editor in Chief of Pashion, the most prominent fashion magazine in Egypt. Recognised among the 500 most influential people in the Fashion industry worldwide, Susan has been engaged with fashion since she was very young when she worked with her mother at her garments factory. After a successful experience in the advertising and publishing industry, in 2003 she decided to create her own magazine, a pan-Arab, fashion and beauty glossy now distributed across nine Arab countries. The magazine was the first to stand out in the region targeting Arab women and showcasing side by side international and local designers. In fact, Susan constantly strives to support local and upcoming designers, launching a string of promotional events, like Luxury For A Cause, and organizing overseas exhibitions of Egyptian designers. In this interview with Unlimited Susan talks about fashion, life and motherhood.

Jun 2020

27 min 14 sec

Managing Director of Women@Work, Louise Karim, is an experienced Marketing and Communication Specialist with more than 17 years’ experience in both the international and regional markets. In Dubai since 2009, Louise is a dedicated mother to two young boys and brings her own personal and professional experience to Women@Work Her passion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace led Louise to join the Mackenzie Jones group right after her maternity break to lead Mums@Work business and progressively develop it into Women@Work. She champions supporting women back to the workplace, whatever stage they are in their career, or whatever challenge they face in their work environment. In this podcast interview, conducted in remote during Covid-19 outbreak, Louise provides a precious insight on the job market and on how to maximise this @home time

Jun 2020

22 min 33 sec

Alamira Reem Al Hashimi is not only an urbanist, architect and historian; she is the first Emirati woman to be awarded a PhD in urban planning and she’s the author of Planning Abu Dhabi - the first urban history book of Abu Dhabi. Dr. Alamira Reem is actively engaged on a strategic level with government initiatives as Cultural Advisor at the UAE Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development where she manages the UAE Architecture project. In this interview Alamira Reem explains to us how she became the successful urbanist that she is today and opens up about the challenges that she faced along the way and the invaluable support that she found in her family circle and through meditation.   Interviewing Alamira Reem  for Unlimited is Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju, an Executive Coach, Life Coach and Health Coach who graduated from the most prestigious Institutes across the world and is a precious host and contributor for Unlimited.

Jun 2020

51 min 54 sec

In this new episode of Unlimited Perspectives Series we’re honored to welcome Maha al Mezaina, Head of Area 2071 at Dubai Future Foundation After an initial career in finance, Maha Al Mezaina proudly joined a UAE Government Leaders Programme which, along with a Master in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership from Cass Business School in City University London, allowed her to step into Dubai Future Foundation where she currently helds the role of Head of Area 2071. Launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Area2071 is an initiative of the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), an ecosystem that aims to create a fostering environment for the creatives and entrepreneurs. So let's hear from Ms. Maha al Mezaina how Dubai Future Foundation is bringing together government partners, private sector organizations and private startups, while empowering women throughout all their initiatives.

Jun 2020

23 min 21 sec

In this new episode of Unlimited Perspectives series Dr Sana Farid introduces us to emerging technologies such as VR, AR and helps us to understand how , from her perspective, the use of futuristic technologies can make the world a better place. Dr. Sana Farid is a Pioneer in X-Reality and an Ai Strategist. She is a General Surgeon , an avid researcher, and a powerful educational reformer. She’s been featured by Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and Entrepreneur ME in 2018 and listed among the top 100 women transforming the future of Bahrain, She’s co-founder and CEO of Munfarid, the fastest growing tech innovation firm in the region and is extensively supporting both Government and Non-Government initiatives related to strategizing and streamlining Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technologies across various sectors, including Healthcare, Aviation, Education, and Public Services.

Jun 2020

30 min 8 sec

Part of our Footpath series, our guest in  this interview is Evelyn Heffermehl, a Marriage and Family Therapist who has been living in the UAE for the past 13 years. She holds a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and she completed her training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy with Dr. Susan Johnson, one of the world’s leading expert in the treatment of relationship distress. Evelyn's main field of expertise -and passion- lies in helping couples build lasting intimate connection. We trust everybody will find interesting insights and inspiration listening to her point of view and advices. 

May 2020

14 min 24 sec

Iraqi born, raised in England, American educated, Asil Attar is the most dynamic, hands on, transformational leader. With over 25 years’ experience in the fashion, luxury, brand and retail industry, Asil has led International companies in senior executive positions and became first female CEO of three of the Middle Easts leading groups. With a reputation for shaping the retail landscape in the Middle East Attar has won a number of awards and recognitions for her outstanding achievements among which: Top 50 International CEO’s heading local companies in the GCC by Forbes MR 2019; 30 Most Influential Women in the Arab World and one of the 100 Influential People Help Shape the Emirates by Arabian Business. Attar is an ambassador for women empowerment inspiring women of all ages to reach their potential and achieve their goals, so who better than Asil to kick start Unlimited Groundbreaking podcast series!?! Stay tuned till the end as Asil will unveil her exclusive Masterclass : ShopFloor to Ceo!

May 2020

31 min 40 sec

Today we interview Liane Mathes Rabbath, an artist that has been living in Lebanon for over 30 years. The interview was recorded remotely during the Covid-19 Pandemic as she answered our questions from Beirut. Liane is very dear to us because she is the creator of the art piece we chose to visually represent our Unlimited vision on our website homepage and other social media platforms. We were looking for a piece full of warm colors, sophisticated, meaningful and somehow linked to our Brand name and concept, Unlimited. We found her piece ArtyBubble Circle online and we fell in love with Liane's artwork even before knowing who she was and where she came from. Liane Mathes Rabbath became well known in the Lebanese and European art scene for the use of local designed wrapping paper as a medium to create collages. She has been exhibiting in Lebanon, France, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg and Monaco and her Circle pieces have even reached the Saatchi Art Gallery. We are very happy to introduce you to her colorful, joyful and meaningful world.

May 2020

15 min 56 sec

At Unlimited we give voice to mothers that go beyond the boundaries of everyday life. In Groundbreaking we offer insights on the life of some of the most prestigious and inspiring women and mothers from the Arab; in Perspectives you will listen to the unique point of view of prominent women that embrace life with innovative perspectives and make a difference to many people’s lives; Footpaths is a collection of podcasts created directly by experts and contributors that aim to offer precise and effective information to help to solve daily problems and act successfully towards your goals.

May 2020

1 min 16 sec