Diamond Effect

Maggie Perotin

This podcast helps service-based women entrepreneurs attract paying clients consistently and without overwhelm.

Here you turn your business into a client-attracting diamond and become a confident and courageous leader in the process. To learn more, head over to www.stairwaytoleadership.com

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Leaving a "safe" and predictable income of a 9-5 to "less predictable" income generation in your own business can feel scary. If you're still running your business as a side hustle and thinking when would be the "right time" to make it your main money-making source, this interview can help you.Madison Lee, the owner of Lovelee Creative Media, shares her entrepreneurial journey and what it took for her to make the leap of faith.Follow Madi on IG - @loveleecreativemedia

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25min 19s

You can spend a lot of time and energy each week thinking about what to do next in your business even if you have a to-do list. That's A LOT of wasted resources. Just imagine if you spent them on income-generating activities instead, what results could you create?This is why I recorded this episode. To help you optimize your weeks so you're very effective with the time you have for your business.And if you're joining us for the Design Your Success 2022 free challenge, this episode is here to help you implement the action plan you create to blow your 2022 gaols out of the park :). We're starting on December 6th, claim your spot here. 

27 de nov.

40min 57s

Alonna Heller, the CEO of The Heller Creative CO, is a young leader who has started her business straight after college. On her journey to growing her business and making money, we have coached on a few challenges that most of us experience on the entrepreneurship journey. Listen's to Alonna's learnings and breakthroughs to see what's possible. Check her business @ https://www.thehellercreativeco.com/You can also follow Alonna on IG @hellercreativeco

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So you dreamt big. You created a Vision and Big Hairy Audacious Goals that go with it. You even have a plan of action. Now it's time to implement and execute. And that's when many entrepreneurs fail. They start big with lots of enthusiasm and as the excitement wears off, the plan goes into the drawer collecting dust. Consistency and following through are real challenges.What can make action simpler, easier, and more consistent? Good habits. This episode teaches you how to create and stick with them long-term.And if you're not yet on the list of participants in my free challenge to Design Your Sucess 2022, claim your spot here. https://bit.ly/DesignYourSuccess2022

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33min 1s

Professionals CEO's plan. That's how they guarantee the results they create in their business. Winging it doesn't cut it for them.Why?Would you trust a surgeon to do any procedure on you without a plan? Or would you get on a plane where the pilot would just want to "wing it" to the destination rather than follow a meticulous flight plan? I wouldn't. The same goes with your clients. They want to trust their money with a professional who takes helping them seriously enough to have a plan about it. What kind of plan? Find out in this episode :).To register for Design Your Success 2022 challenge, go here. https://bit.ly/DesignYourSuccess2022

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27min 37s

The third episode in the client journey trilogy (listen to episodes 15 and 16 for the first two).Today I'm sharing practical strategies on how to deal with difficult clients when you end up signing them but also how to avoid creating them in the first place.  And here is the link to receive the recording of the 6 Steps to Consistently Signing High-Quality Clients workshop. 

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27min 21s

Sometimes when you sign a client it might feel like it was a fluke, a one-off, luck? And then you think this will never happen again, which directs your brain to the feeling of hustling or overwhelm. But is that the truth? Listen in to 3 fascinating stories of client attraction and how even seemingly "random events" can truly be a result of your work.And if you want to learn a 6-Step Process of Consistently Attracting High-Quality Clients, learn the recording of this free workshop here. 

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24min 58s

Every client of yours goes through a journey with you. From the moment they meet you, through deciding to buy from you to resigning and/or no longer being your client.Have you ever spent time thinking or mapping out how that journey looks like for them?In this episode, I take you on a 6-stage journey that your client experiences. We walk through each stage, pause and I share some diamond nuggets of how you could make it even more magical for them. And if you're not signing clients consistently yet, this free workshop recording (I mention it inside the episode) will help you with that. Click here to access. 

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We're in the magical time of giving thanks and appreciation. And we have a bit over 30 days between the Canadian and American Thanksgiving holidays. So in this Motivational Monday episode, I have a fun challenge for you.Listen, and let me know if you're in.

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7min 4s

Our culture rewards "busyness". Being busy, always on the run, stressed is associated with being "important". I call BS on that. Being busy doesn't mean being effective. And it's stressful!Now, can you imagine how it would feel if you never had to say "I'm soooo busy" again and be 10X more productive than you are now?How would it feel, never having to be feel stressed by “all the things”?Feeling like you are in control of your days and weeks. Having 100% confidence that you can create time on demand for whatever you chose to do.What would that mean to you in your business and personal life?In this episode, I'm sharing lessons I learned in my journey & 3 Golden Rules of High-Performance. And if you want to talk more about what creating time on demand would look like for you, schedule a free consult with me here. 

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36min 50s

Most entrepreneurs know that hiring a business coach can be beneficial to their business. Many though are not sure how that is true.  Some may also refrain from asking from the fear of being sold to on the spot when they're just curious and want only information  :). So today I am sharing with you mostly the reasons why I hire a business coach to help me grow my business. And if you are interested in chatting further about how my coaching can help you grow your business go to https://stairwaytoleadership.com/get-coaching/

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32min 32s

Most of us have a fear of failing. Our brains were conditioned to think there is one "right" way to achieve a goal and if we don't get it "right" the first time we failed. It's high time to start changing that belief in yourself. Failure is learning. Failure is just one step closer to success. In this episode, I'm sharing my latest "epic business fail" and the lessons I have learned for myself thanks to it. 

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32min 25s

For many people, it's easier to keep a word they gave to another person than the promises they make to themselves. Procrastination is a real challenge for entrepreneurs.  As Marie Forleo says “To be responsible, keep your promises to others. To be successful, keep your promises to yourself.”This episode is a podcast version of a workshop I run for one of the networking groups I am a member of. You'll learn how to always follow through without getting overhwlemed. 

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41min 50s

Our brain likes shortcuts. It doesn't like to spend unnecessary energy and shortcuts allow our minds to save it. But this leads many entrepreneurs to believe in one magic marketing strategy that they need to uncover. One magic way that works for all. The one magic way does not exist.The truth is, there are a million ways to million dollars.  One of them is yours. And this episode talks about how to discover it.

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37min 44s

The way you think about selling reflects in your results. You want to sign more clients but at the same time, you tell yourself you hate selling. You don't want to be pushy or "salesy" or a pest. There are much better thoughts you could be having about selling instead.With them, you could have much better results and help much more people. 6 Steps to Consistently Signing High-Quality Clients workshop is this Thursday, register here and join me live or watch the recording at the time convenient for you. 

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Who would not want to have clients they are just a pure pleasure to work with.Not only clients that pay but the ones that keep their commitments, take responsibility for their part of the relationship and happily refer you to others.Is it even possible to have control over attracting them? Yes, it is!Check out this episode and to learn even more on how to do that, join my free FB Community Women Entrepreneurs with Passion 4 LifeSeptember 9th is the day of the free workshop - 6 Steps to Signing High-Quality Clients and you can register here!

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We all love a good story. Books, movies, the best brand talk to us through stories. Stories speak to our emotions. You have a story to tell and it can help you shine like a diamond out there. Get inspired by one of my client's stories and learn how to showcase yours.For more details on the upcoming free webinar 6 Steps to Signing High-Quality Clients, join my free Facebook Community Women Entrepreneurs with Passion 4 Life. By now I also have a registration link for the webinar, here it is. 

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28min 16s

What is networking? Is it useful at all when you have billions of people on social media?People like to buy but they don't like to be sold to. Every thriving business is built on great relationships. And networking might just be what you're missing in yours ...If you're ready to expand your network and build some great connections, head over to my free Facebook Community - Women Entrepreneurs with Passion 4 Life

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Did you know we are 20X more capable than we think. It's scientifically proven :)!

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5min 57s

Are you scared of setting a money goal in your business?Are you using the "I'm not motivated by money" excuse?If you answered yes to one of these questions, then you must listen to this episode.And even if you are setting money goals already, you might find this perspective valuable anyway. 

7 de ago.

26min 39s

In this episode, you'll learn about my simple coaching model that keeps creating amazing results for me and my clients.I'm sharing with you how to make powerful decisions in your business, how NOT TO skip planning and WHY it is important ... and how high-performance habits can help you take massive action and keep balance (based on true story :))

31 de jul.

29min 17s

Growing a successful business and fun do not go in one sentence for many entreprenurs.And yet I think they should. It does not mean you need to be faking positivity all the time. But life is too short NOT TO have FUN.Fun ignites creativity. Creativity ignites solutions. And helping your clients is all about solutions. 

24 de jul.

22min 17s

"Everything is figuraoutable" as Marie Forleo says. Being resourceful, creative, and resilient are some of the skills that every entrepreneur needs.  In this episode, I share with you a 5-step framework on how to help yourself figure out any challenge in your business. And I have some funny childhood stories that go along with it as well :). 

17 de jul.

28min 59s

Motivational Monday series - 1Let yourself be inspired and motivated in your business this week by starting with self-love

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5min 55s

In this episode, you'll learn all about the Diamond Effect concept, who can benefit from the podcast, and a bit about me, the author :).Enjoy!

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23min 15s