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A podcast designed to build breakthrough mindsets that have you Becoming More, Doing More and Ultimately Giving More……inspiring stories of adversity that have led to success along with leadership and mentorship from real people, relating to ways you can begin Rizing Up against obstacles in your business and personal life.

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We all face rejection, it's how we react to that rejection that determines ho we evolve and ultimately who we impact. Do you self sabotage after rejection?  Learn how becoming the HERO of your own movie can help you handle rejection and eliminate self sabotaging. 

Feb 26

29 min 58 sec

Where are you on the scale of living out your dream? Are you watching time go by? Have you made your move? Have you started to take steps towards doing what you want? Or are you still just “wasting time” …. are you still just “hoping” it happens for you, hoping somehow you’ll be able to have more freedom, for yourself and your family? Here on Episode 18 all about living a life of fulfillment

Dec 2020

25 min 9 sec

The hidden impact of Covid-19 in our children is creating irreparable consequences that are being ignored. What are those  hidden consequences that are slowly taking over, who is at fault and how do we fix it? Hear it all in Episode #17

Dec 2020

32 min 41 sec

"The moment you accept total responsibility for everything in your life is the moment where you claim the power to change anything in your life.”FEAR has been lying to you and FEAR is controlling you.Hear the 5 things FEAR and EVIL are doing to you to defeat you and how you can win the battle against FEAR and EVIL to be happy again.Are you watching time go by? Have you made your move? Have you STARTED to take steps towards doing what you want? Or are you still just “wasting time” …. Are you still just “hoping” it happens for you, HOPING somehow you’ll be able to have more freedom, for yourself and your family? HOPING you are not in this same position this time next year?There is one thing preventing that.  FEAR! 


Oct 2020

30 min 7 sec

Jill Stanford-Caw is an Elite Champion Female Boxer, competed at the Olympic Trials and is now starting her Pro Boxing Career. Jill shares what it takes to be a Champion Boxer, how she took advantage of an opportunity and became friends with Cris Cyborg (World Champion in UFC and Belator) and how are past should never define us.Before becoming that elite athlete, Jill experienced a childhood no child should ever experience. She shares for the first time publicly, what that childhood was like, how she was under the impression that what she dealt with was "NORMAL" and how she has overcome it today to be an incredibly powerful woman who leads with her heart and lifts others to believe in themselves......Follow Jill on Instagram @JillyBeanFit

Sep 2020

51 min 29 sec

Brandon Oshodin is a certified holistic nutrition coach, has trained numerous celebrities and professional athletes to BECOME MORE and DO MORE and now leads a mission to save and transform lives through organic nutrition and connecting with our Mind, Body and Spirit.Do you believe your past defines you? Do you believe the environment in which you are brought up in is the only determining factor in how successful you become?For Brandon Oshodin, he was led to believe the only way to become a man was to go to prison first.  Brandon was led to believe he had to remain in his environment of low income and never leave.Fortunately neither of those two things happened.  Hear how developing a positive MINDFLOW is far different than a positive MINDSET and how the food we are eating daily, is slowly killing us.

Aug 2020

1 hr 7 min

Self Discipline is one of the most important requirements for success and breakthrough in every area of life."A disciplined mind leads to happiness, an undisciplined mind leads to suffering." - Dalai LlamaKimberly Olson is a best selling author, million dollar earner and developer of the well known Goal Digger Girl coaching programs where she teaches marketing and sales strategies to entrepreneurs wanting more out of life.Today we discuss her latest best selling book, The Art Of Self Discipline and her ability to overcome her own self limiting beliefs, being bullied in the corporate world, to taking that leap of faith to build her own multi-million dollar empire.

Aug 2020

1 hr 1 min

Special Friday BONUS EPISODEInstead of rushing through the rest of 2020, there are things you can do NOW so that when January 1st 2021 arrives, you already have massive momentum heading into the New Year.The only way that will happen, is a SHIFT IN GEARS TODAY. 

Aug 2020

22 min 56 sec

Every Second Matters, Every Minute Matters, Every Decision we make matters and ultimatley compounds into something positive or negative.The lies we tell, the lies we believe, the lies we spread have led to decisions that have compounded into where we are in life right now. Why do we make these choices?Hear how Navy Seal, Mike Day finds the ability to still make choices today that compound to leading his family and community, after miraculously surviving 27 Gun Shots to his body.

Aug 2020

35 min 13 sec

Mondays....a day we get to see the Karen's at work, a day we get to be frustrated, a day we HAVE to do certain things we don't want to do.......BUT.....does it really have to be that way.Is it your fault that you lack inspiration and fulfillment? In this episode I discuss how to step up and lead in environments even when we feel our opinions do not matter. How to make a difference in our workplace, friendships and relationships even when no one else seems to care.If you're sick of feeling unappreciated, sick of your opinion not mattering.....listen in this episode for the three questions you need to ask yourself before you can lead a mission of change. 

Aug 2020

25 min 6 sec

If you  are leading a business, family or relationship, How safe do the people involved feel in your environment? How confident are they in their future?Teams and Relationships that have individual players focused on individual gain, are the reason most remain stuck. In this weeks episode, I share a very bold statement as to what is the number one problem in America, Our Relationships and our Businesses. It all comes down to ONE WORD......Listen this week to hear more.

Aug 2020

29 min 3 sec

Amy Bernhard....Speaker, Author, Social Media Guru and advocate for all things good in the world, shares this week how there is opportunity in everything we go through.Hear how the multiple Six-Figure Business she built over a Six year period, was completely taken from her, only to was the best thing that happened to her.She has that Rizing Up Moment to go on to build more successful businesses, author her first book and lead others to building more self confidence so they can do the same. We discuss the mindset and belief system she lives by along with her emotional moment of finding a way to fight Human Trafficking.Listen this week on The Rizing Up Mentality.

Jul 2020

55 min 5 sec

If this year has you wondering why things are not coming together for you....this is your episode.You can find a way to have 2020 mean something rather than let it control you.  Learn how letting go, can lead you to no longer being trapped, even if you feel like you are doing everything right.....and still getting your ass kicked.If you're embarrassed where you are in life or embarrassed that you're not as far along as you'd need to learn to BURN THE SHIPS and Let Go Of The Coconut.....Learn how in this weeks episode.

Jul 2020

26 min 49 sec

Today I have that guest for you that is the defintion of exactly what Rizing Up is......Clayton Percy is one of those guys that you look at and you feel like this guy just screams success, everything must come easy for him and has it all together.I can tell you this much, after you get to know him today, after you get to know his story of where he was, at one point lying in a bathtub almost dead, with addiction and incarceration, you'll quickly realize that everything he went through was by his own choices and by the self limiting beliefs he had hanging over him.Today, he is the the national franchise director for Your CBD Store, one of the fastest growing companies in the US, with one of the greatest breakthrough products in medical  history. He is responsible for overseeing the growth of over 700 stores nationwide. He's a Dad, Husband, Entrepreneur, Power Owner, and above all else a Servant Leader.Everything he has accomplished, you’ll realize only happened because he decided to take some OWNERSHIP of his decisions and started surrounding himself by the right people to begin RIZING UP and creating a new path to creating a new legacy that served the people important to him and served the world.Stick around for the entire story as Clayton not only has an inspiring story, but also has some cool giveaways for ALL listeners at the end.

Jul 2020

1 hr 17 min

Are YOU the problem? DO YOU BELIEVE EVERY DECISION or ACTION TAKEN….FROM THE PEOPLE that WE LEAD….is a LEARNED BEHAVIOR?  The way we speak, the way we act, the way we react, the way we treat others… absolutely a learned behavior.Our actions teach the people we lead, whether the world is a loving place or a fearful place. Our actions towards others, teaches the people we lead, whether or not to trust those people and by the way we REACT, ultimately influences the child's outlook on life.THE REACTIONS YOU ARE SEEING IN THIS WORLD TODAY ARE LEARNED BEHAVIORS….and those learned behaviors can only be changed one way…….BY YOU!The separation in our society….points back to one reason! There is a difference between LEAVING A LEGACY, versus LEAVING an INHERITENCE. What you do today has a direct effect on the LEGACY or INHERITENCE you leave behind tomorrow. One of those two things is FAR more important than the other. Listen to Episode # 5 to learn more.

Jul 2020

35 min 23 sec

Ever have an idea, or a new found passion or want to start a new business…only to NOT receive the support from the people closest to you?For Kelly Ruth of Forty Young, ……….she has that incredible story of how she started her family at a young age, has been that stay at home mom for the last 17 years while helping build a successful 108 Employee Car Dealership with her Husband Rob,  but suddenly found herself needing more for herself….which led to her passions being turned into a new venture …..but ultimately didn’t have the support she had hoped for. So, she turned that resentment from the people closest to her… making those relationships today stronger than ever.….and she did that while following a passion to building a new business and an audience that is ENGAGED with her content, while also leaving an impact for others to start believing in themselves again.

Jun 2020

50 min 37 sec

Noted Author and Noted Leadership Speaker and Mentor, at age 83 and a stroke that has left him without the use of his left arm, Ron Reynolds shares lifelong leadership and mentorship on how to REBUILD YOUR LIFE. Divorce, a suicide letter, major debt, passing of loved ones and a stroke that had him lying on his back thinking "this is the end" only to overcome more adversity to still lead with an Infinite Mindset of where he wants to go and who he wants to impact. 

Jun 2020

45 min 13 sec

There is the Need, and there is the Reward or Payoff.  In between that is THE PROCESS. It's the journey and the things that we go through to get what we want, known as THE PROCESS that is the true gift.  The process is where we discover true breakthrough.  But why is that so many people want to rush through it? Listen to Episode #2 to learn how EMBRACING THE PROCESS is the only way to find growth.

Jun 2020

27 min 16 sec

The history and transformation of The Rizing Up Mentality and why you'll want to embrace these concepts and stories to create breakthrough mindsets to help you begin Rizing Up in everything you face.

Jun 2020

27 min 22 sec