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– You know the Chinese have a marvellous way of releasing tensions. Better than any tranquilliser.– Hm.– You just hold it, fondle it, stroke it. You’d be surprised how quickly the tensions drain away. This month, our Kate O’Marathon continues with an episode from the final series of The Avengers, in which Steed gets repeatedly punched in ... Read more

Sep 5

71 min

This month, our Kate O'Marathon commences with a 1968 episode of The Champions, in which Miss O'Mara does some light shoplifting in the hope of scoring some deadly crack for the weekend, and the four of us team up to use our slightly racist superpowers to stop her.

Aug 1

58 min

This month, we head back to the gritty and hardbitten 1970s to check in on one of our favourite Bond girls, Joanna Lumley (On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Bond Meets Black Emmanuelle), in the show that made her a household name, The New Avengers.

Jul 12

61 min

This month, our guard of honour continues with an episode of Danger Man from 1960, in which the glorious Honor Blackman stars as the wife of a journalist falsely accused of espionage. Will the eponymous Patrick McGoohan be able to save him from the clutches of the opportunistic Colonel Rodriguez? And, more importantly, can he do it in less than 25 minutes?

May 30

43 min

This month, our tribute to Honor Blackman continues as we revisit the earliest days of Rogertainment with the seventh episode of The Saint — The Arrow of God. A gossip columnist and blackmailer has been murdered, but who is the perpetrator? Richard, with his history of embezzlement? Peter, who can’t stop cheating at tennis? Nathan, with his dubious parentage? Or James, with his dark, bigamous past?

May 2

59 min

This month, we celebrate the life of Honor Blackman, who died this week at the age of 94, by watching one of her early episodes as Cathy Gale in The Avengers. In this episode, The Mauritius Penny, Mr Steed and Mrs Gale team up to defeat a gang of murderous dentists and stamp collectors who plan to overthrow the British government and install a fascist dictatorship decades before that sort of thing became fashionable.

Apr 11

62 min

This month, we head back to the earliest days of Rogertainment with the very first episode of The Saint (1961), in which Roger Moore teams up with a future Bond girl, the glittering Shirley Eaton, to thwart a serial wife-killer who will one day control every computer in the galaxy. Or something. It's all a bit confusing really.

Mar 21

60 min

It’s Christmas, and to celebrate we’re heading back into James Bond territory by watching a film produced by Albert Broccoli, based on a novel by Ian Fleming and a screenplay by Roald Dahl. It’s like You Only Live Twice with a much nicer car, and we love it: it’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Dec 2019

154 min

This month, we're watching The Prisoner (1967), more specifically its weird antepenultimate episode The Girl Who Was Death. So while Nathan puts the children to bed, James does some ball-tampering, Brendan drives around on the ceiling, and Richard enters a deadly alliance with the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. No, we don't know what's going on either.

Dec 2019

57 min

This month, we’re watching the camp 1966 spy-fi classic Modesty Blaise, starring a very attractive Italian lady, Dirk Bogarde and Bernice off Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. There’s diamond smuggling, spycraft and racist comedy Arabs, but it’s mostly all there to get in the way of the lovely location work in Amsterdam and Italy and the upsettingly psychedelic wallpaper.

Nov 2019

128 min

This month, we’re watching The Persuaders! Season 1 Episode 17, Five Miles to Midnight, in which TV's Roger Moore and sometime lady saxophonist Tony Curtis team up with Joan Collins to smuggle some guy out of Italy, accompanied by a series of excellent jokes written by Terry Nation.And in the process, we answer the age-old question, “What did Tony Curtis call Joan Collins during the production that got her so annoyed?” Over and over again, I'm afraid.

Sep 2019

62 min

This month, we head back in time to 1965. While James Bond is in the Bahamas enjoying some painfully slow underwater harpoon fights, Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) is having a much more prosaic time spying for the Ministry of Defence, trying to locate a kidnapped scientist. That is, until the psychedelia kicks in.

Aug 2019

116 min

This month, we go back to Richard and Brendan’s first love — 1960s spy-fi classic The Avengers. Brendan has taken up knitting, James is achieving better living through self-help books, Nathan is wondering why Graeme Garden left his computer here, and Richard is relaxing in a leotard and a giant birdcage. Watch out, everyone: it’s The Girl from Auntie.

Apr 2019

60 min

This month, Richard leads a bumbling troupe of trainee Secret Service agents on a mission to retrieve a top-secret chemical formula. But Brendan faints after his first martini, James keeps accidentally giving the formula to enemy agents, and Nathan is altogether too enthusiastic about disguising himself as a dancing girl. Which is why there’s nothing left for us to do but Carry on Spying.

Jan 2019

93 min

This is our last James Bond commentary podcast for now, as we finally catch up to the end of the series. Tell me is this where we give it all up?

Oct 2018

161 min

It's James Bond's fiftieth anniversary, and so we're celebrating by introducing him to Q and Moneypenny, casting doubt on his fitness for the job, shooting him in the chest, burning his house down, and killing his Mum. Take it away, Adele!

Aug 2018

155 min

In 1991, MGM brought to the small screen a 65-episode series called James Bond Jr, in which James Bond’s nephew James teams up with a forgettable bunch of Saturday morning cartoon sidekicks to defend democracy against a forgettable array of Saturday morning cartoon villains. Or some shit. Stop hassling me. In 2017, Brendan, Nathan and James decided that it would be a good idea to watch an episode of that series and discuss it. And that discussion has languished for months in a forgotten corner of Dropbox. Until now.

Jun 2018

32 min

After two years of doing commentaries on various versions of Casino Royale, Brendan, Nathan and James spring back into action with a totally incomprehensible but mercifully short commentary on 2008’s Quantum of Solace.

May 2018

121 min

This month, it’s Daniel Craig’s first outing as Jimmy Bond. Accompanied by sidekick Clarence Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) and love interest Eva Green (Ursula Andress), the American agent must defeat dangerous card shark Die Ziffer (Peter Lorre) in a psychedelic game of old maid that will take Jimmy to the very edges of sanity and beyond.

Apr 2018

149 min

We’re finally back, and we’re taking a break from either recording commentaries on the David Niven Casino Royale or simply not podcasting at all, in order to release a commentary on the first ever appearance of James Bond on screen: a live television adaptation of Casino Royale, first broadcast on American television in 1954.

Apr 2018

61 min

In this Very Special Holiday Episode, we right one of the greatest wrongs in the history of the Bondfinger franchise — Richard’s exclusion from our commentary on Casino Royale (1967), which is a film that Richard knows and loves and a film about which has many hilarious and insightful things to say.

Jan 2018

131 min

This month, special guest star Todd Beilby joins us as we huddle together for warmth in the melting ice hotel that is Die Another Day. Todd’s brandishing a hell of a rapier, Brendan’s fighting Richard for the microphone, Nathan is completely computer generated, and James is shaking his head in disbelief at Basil Fawlty’s invisible car. Way to kill the franchise, Brosnan!

Dec 2017

137 min

After a series of violent and expensive elocution lessons, Robert Carlyle returns to the big screen as the villainous Renard, whose terrifying plans to destroy Istanbul nearly inspire Pierce Brosnan to attempt his first facial expression in his role as Bond. Oh, and Mummy gets tied to a bomb or something.

Nov 2017

130 min

We’re straight on to Pierce's second film, in which he teams up with Nathan's cousin-in-law to defeat a villain who is in equal parts Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch and that guy who played the Master in Doctor Who that one time. It's like a bunch of previous Bond films rolled in to one violently stirred vodka martini, really.

Jul 2017

126 min

This month, the entire franchise is retooled and the lead has been recast from the menswear department from Grace Brothers, but somehow we all manage to find these facts less compelling than the recent and terribly upsetting death of Sir Roger Moore. Cheerio, darling!

Jun 2017

147 min

This week, we're still as dark and edgy as ever, but instead of commenting on a fun and witty espionage thriller, we're consumed by a thirst for revenge, like so many tiresome action heroes of the 1990s. There's also some stuff about cocaine mixed with petrol, which comes with so many warnings from the Surgeon General that you can barely fit them on the side of an oil tanker.

May 2017

141 min

We’re back after a two-year break, and somehow we’re darker, sexier, edgier, and a whole lot more Welsh. Brendan’s hot and bothered, James is seeking other podcasting opportunities, and Nathan is weirdly obsessed with the Dalton hair. He’s probably just jealous.

Apr 2017

134 min

Well, it’s our last ever Rodgecast, and we couldn’t be more upset to see him go. (Although he only appears in this film for about five minutes: in most scenes he is played by one of a team of about three dozen stuntmen.) To console ourselves, we share a few bottles of bubbles, while we discuss flirting grandparents, pranking Roger in bed, the absence of Ken Adam, the worst actors to play Bond villains, the curse of Goldfinger, and the terrible disappointment of a flaccid zeppelin.

Jan 2017

142 min

For legal reasons, this month, Brendan, Nathan, Richard and James have decided to do a remake of Bondfinger Episode 4 with much more exciting lighting and production design and a much less coherent script. But all is not lost. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Max von Sydow, Rowan Atkinson and Pamela Salem to the world of Bond, and Never Say Never Again.

Nov 2016

145 min

This month, we're throwing political correctness to the winds, and trying out every conceivable Indian stereotype. Brendan is sleeping on a bed of nails, Nathan is swallowing swords, Richard is charming snakes, and (strangely) James is dressing as Agnetha from the music video of SOS. It's the second best Bond film of 1983 (or is it?). Welcome to Octopussy.

Oct 2016

136 min

This month, Brendan, Nathan, Richard and James decide to rein it all back in — we're dumping into a chimney the whole idea of taking over the world, and instead we'll just do a whole lot of skiing, rock-climbing and wrangling over a eighties-era electronic calculators. Oh, and punching Lynn-Holly Johnson in the face. For Your Eyes Only-y-y!

Sep 2016

134 min

This month, Brendan, Nathan, Richard and James watch the widely reviled 1979 classic Moonraker, and to their absolute delight, they discover that it's actually really good. Of course, they also criticise some terrible kerning, wince at the series' most upsetting death, and wonder if Drax's guards can actually hear anything under all that.

Aug 2016

131 min

After a couple of fairly lacklustre films, the James Bond franchise roars back to life in the seminal Bond film of the 1970s: The Spy Who Loved Me. So, among the crude double entendres and Doctor Who references, there’s a lot of admiration here: the frocks, Jaws, Barbara Bach’s fabulous breasts, Bernard Lee’s fabulous nose, and the biggest set in the biggest sound stage in human history.

Jul 2016

129 min

This month, Brendan, Richard and James shred to pieces one of Nathan’s favourite Bond films, The Man with the Golden Gun. On the way, we discuss the casting couch, Roger’s reluctance to learn the choreography, the inscrutable geography of Asia and the need for every Bond stunt from here on in to be performed to the sound of a slide whistle.

Jun 2016

131 min

This month, Brendan, Nathan, Richard and James watch the first of Roger Moore’s seven Bond films: Live and Let Die. We cringe at the racism, admire Tee Hee’s positive approach to his work and enjoy Roger Moore’s best hair ever.

May 2016

128 min

Brendan, Nathan, Richard and James have each been paid £1.25 million to appear in this episode of Bondfinger, which means that we have no money left to pay Ken Adam, John Barry or any of the makeup girls. Sorry about that.

Apr 2016

126 min

Sean Connery’s gone, never to return (never!), and so we find ourselves with a long-running film franchise starring Australian heartthrob George Lazenby and his amazing seven-film contract. What could possibly go wrong?

Mar 2016

147 min

What the hell just happened? After a two-month mission infiltrating a volcano in Japan, Brendan, Nathan and James return to face their most puzzling mission yet: the inexplicable and sporadically entertaining dumpster fire that is the 1967 film Casino Royale.

Feb 2016

136 min

Brendan, Richard, Nathan and James have been surgically altered to look like Romulans and sent off to the embarrassingly exotic Orient to confront the hideous Doctor Evil. On the way, they discuss Danger 5, stirring your martini, landing helicopters in the studio, pig-faced girls, orientalism, sexism, and dozens of potential future podcast projects.

Dec 2015

131 min

In this episode, Brendan, Nathan and James head off to the irrigation therapy room to watch Thunderball. On the way, we tell you how to set off a nuclear bomb, try and pronounce the name Llewellyn, speculate about sexy grandfathers and watch carefully-trained sharks being brutally slaughtered.

Nov 2015

132 min

This month, Brendan, Nathan and James watch and comment on one of the all-time Bond classics: Goldfinger. On the way, we find ourselves discussing golfing without underwear, the joys of bourbon, exposition pool tables and, of course, Little James himself. Over and over again.

Oct 2015

112 min

In our second commentary track, Richard, Brendan, Sutekh the cat and James (oh, James!) hop on board the Orient Express (probably), where they fight over Robert Shaw, obsess inexplicably over Daniella Bianchi, and tell you everything you never wanted to know about Sean Connery’s increasingly unconvincing series of toupées.

Sep 2015

116 min

Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast, Bondfinger. In this episode, Brendan, Richard, Nathan and James watch and discuss the first proper Bond film: Dr. No (1962), starring Sean Connery, Ursula Andress and John Kitzmiller.

Aug 2015

113 min

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