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Welcome on board the Ghost Train, the Podcast that dives right into the creepy and freaky world of the paranormal! Join Drew Broda weekly as he takes you on a spooky and fun ride full of scary ghost stories! Drew uses his unique sense of humour and ability to laugh in terrifying situations to mask his fear of the stories being told. He’s always asking questions and trying to find answers to the unexplainable. Listen if you dare. Once you do… Good luck sleeping tonight.

  1. 1.
    Paranormal and Water
  2. 2.
    Help My House is Haunted
  3. 3.
    Holiday Horror Stories Part 2
  4. 4.
    Holiday Horror Stories Part 1
  5. 5.
    Local Legends
  6. 6.
    Is Poltergeist Cursed?
  7. 7.
    My Guardian Angel
  8. 8.
    My House Is Definitely Haunted

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