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The Daily Show with Andrew Pierce

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  1. 1.
    Daily Show best of the week: Andrew Pierce's best bits, from Toby Young’s latest free speech to Jeffrey Archer on the Lords expenses scandal02/28/2020
  2. 2.
    Coronavirus: top British expert on why it's a 'pandemic in all but name'. Plus, Sarah Vine on wine02/28/2020
  3. 3.
    Heathrow's third runway stalls before take-off. Plus, are teens rotting their brains with Wimpy Kid?02/27/2020
  4. 4.
    How to avoid coronavirus even if it does sweep UK schools. Plus, does your dog really need a Fitbit?02/26/2020
  5. 5.
    The fall of Harvey Weinstein (and what will happen next), and Toby Young on his latest free speech battle02/25/2020
  6. 6.
    Lord Archer on the soaring expenses claims in the House of Lords. Plus, can coronavirus be stopped?02/24/2020
  7. 7.
    Daily Show best of the week: Andrew Pierce's best bits, from Jenni Murray's 50 things to do by 50, to a woman who insists on sex every single day02/21/2020
  8. 8.
    Andrew Adonis on the gender row engulfing Labour. Plus, is the National Trust right to ban chocolate Easter egg hunts?02/21/2020
  1. 9.
    Was Caroline Flack's court case a 'show trial'? Plus, Jenni Murray on the 50 things you need to do by 5002/20/2020
  2. 10.
    Why the Queen put paid to Meghan and Harry's 'Sussex Royal' dream. Plus, is Britain about to go cashless?02/19/2020
  3. 11.
    Has Dominic Cummings gone too far? Plus the REAL reason Britain is underwater02/18/2020
  4. 12.
    Sarah Vine on Caroline Flack's relationship with the media, and the 'super-recogniser' cop that never forgets a face02/17/2020
  5. 13.
    Daily Show best of the week: Andrew Pierce's best bits, from tips on how to avoid coronavirus to the washing-up liquid that costs £2202/14/2020
  6. 14.
    'It's Meghan taking control': What Meghan and Harry's staff bloodbath means for the Royal family02/14/2020
  7. 15.
    As 'the Saj' quits in Boris bloodbath, has Dominic Cummings won the battle for No. 10?02/13/2020
  8. 16.
    Should you leave babies to cry themselves to sleep? And could YOUR child be a vape addict?02/12/2020
  9. 17.
    More heartache for the Queen - and the one thing NOT to do if you think you have coronavirus02/11/2020
  10. 18.
    Coronavirus: why it's so difficult to stop the spread of the infection, by British expert02/10/2020
  11. 19.
    Former currency dealer who fought Islamic State explains why jihadi bride Shamima Begum must never come back02/07/2020
  12. 20.
    Daily Show best of the week: Andrew Pierce's best interviews, from ex-UKIP leader Richard Braine to 'Mr Pothole'02/07/2020
  13. 21.
    Why Britain is heading for another Cod War, by ex-UKIP leader Richard Braine02/06/2020
  14. 22.
    The biggest losers: How ruthless gambling companies prey on the most addicted players02/05/2020
  15. 23.
    Why do so many women feel they're not good enough? Author Jane Green on beating her insecurity02/04/2020
  16. 24.
    Untangling the BAFTA race row... and the latest food fad: eating hay02/03/2020
  17. 25.
    Daily Show best of the week: Andrew Pierce's best interviews, from Jennifer Arcuri to a moving tribute to Nicholas Parsons01/31/2020
  18. 26.
    Brexiteer Lord Lawson and Remain activist Femi Oluwole duel over what Brexit means for Britain01/31/2020
  19. 27.
    Bard from his job: The ITN newsreader fired after 40 years for 'racist' Shakespeare quote01/30/2020
  20. 28.
    Brexit defeated me: Sarah Vine on the abuse and vitriol her family faced for being Brexiteers01/29/2020
  21. 29.
    Boris Johnson's friend Jennifer Arcuri on what the Prime Minister should do about 5G01/28/2020
  22. 30.
    We hate change! The Remainers refusing to use the new Brexit 50p01/27/2020
  23. 31.
    Daily Show best of the week: Andrew Pierce's best interviews, from Ed Balls to a woman who chose her cat over her lover01/24/2020
  24. 32.
    Trouble brewing: The pub which imposed a two-drink limit on parents with kids01/24/2020
  25. 33.
    Ed Balls on his 'campest' dance move ... and Labour's massive election misstep01/23/2020
  26. 34.
    Robert Hardman on how the Queen is already moving on from the Meghan Markle affair01/22/2020
  27. 35.
    Is Peter Philips's milk advert a sour taste of the future for Harry and Meghan?01/21/2020
  28. 36.
    Could Meghan Markle really run for President? PR guru explains why he's betting on it01/20/2020
  29. 37.
    Daily Show best of the week: Andrew Pierce's best interviews, from Sarah Vine to an angry pasty-shop owner01/17/2020
  30. 38.
    Rebecca English on the Harry she knew, and how he wanted to 'walk away from it all'01/17/2020
  31. 39.
    Sir David Attenborough says 'the moment of crisis has come' in climate battle... but what can we do?01/16/2020
  32. 40.
    Sarah Vine on why we shouldn’t blame Meghan for what happens to Harry01/15/2020
  33. 41.
    Have racists really hounded Harry and Meghan from the country? Andrew Pierce meets an author who thinks so01/14/2020
  34. 42.
    Royal biographer Tom Bower on today's Sandringham showdown, and why John Lewis now sells make-up for men01/13/2020
  35. 43.
    Diana's bodyguard on who will pay Harry and Meghan's £3m-a-year protection bill01/10/2020
  36. 44.
    The fallout from Harry and Meghan's shock announcement, by Royal experts including the Mail's Sarah Vine01/09/2020
  37. 45.
    Uri Geller on why he's applying for a job with Boris Johnson... and why pea milk is this year's top food trend01/08/2020
  38. 46.
    How Donald Trump can triumph in the Middle East by ex-advisor Dr Sebastian Gorka... and what's new on Love Island?01/07/2020
  39. 47.
    What Boris should do about Iran, by Britain's former ambassador... and can housework really get you fit?01/06/2020
  40. 48.
    The very best mince pies and mulled wine with Andrew Pierce and the podcast team12/20/2019
  41. 49.
    Why the Brexit department will soon be no more... and JK Rowling sets off a web hate mob12/20/2019
  42. 50.
    Could America soon have its own Jeremy Corbyn... and is new musical Cats really the worst film of the year?12/19/2019
  43. 51.
    The Daily Show's Best Political Interviews: Michael Gove and Richard Tice12/19/2019
  44. 52.
    Best Health Hacks: How to stop a cold, losing weight without exercise and the ultimate hangover cure12/19/2019
  45. 53.
    Heartwarming Stories from 2019: The widower cycling in memory of his wife, a mother helping organ donors' families and when a husband became a wife12/19/2019
  46. 54.
    Tony Blair's shocking verdict on Jeremy Corbyn, plus should you be afraid of your washing machine?12/18/2019
  47. 55.
    The Daily Show's Best Political Interviews: Nigel Farage on supporting the Conservatives in the election12/17/2019
  48. 56.
    Caroline Flack leaves Love Island... plus are we really heading for a white Christmas?12/17/2019
  49. 57.
    The Best Christmas Stories of 2019: Enormous Christmas trees, grinch-like teachers and the pop mega-star who's released a secret Christmas album12/17/2019
  50. 58.
    Andrew Adonis on the death of the Corbyn cult, and the big question... tea or milk first?12/16/2019
  51. 59.
    Steve Barclay on what the Tory landslide means for Brexit, plus why red squirrels are making a comeback12/13/2019
  52. 60.
    David Davis on why Boris should have done a deal with Farage, plus interviews with Vince Cable and politicians from every party12/12/2019
  53. 61.
    Former No. 10 strategist on Boris hiding in a fridge... and HOW much money does Mariah Carey make at Christmas?12/11/2019
  54. 62.
    Labour's Ivor Caplin on John Ashworth's anti-Corbyn outburst... and a man who buried his wife in her wedding dress weeks after they wed12/10/2019
  55. 63.
    Conservative Daniel Kawczynski on why we need points-based immigration... and the rise of alcoholic 'hard sparkling water'12/09/2019
  56. 64.
    The unlikely alliance between Tony Blair and John Major... and the man defending Melton Mowbray's pork pies from vegans12/06/2019
  57. 65.
    Brexit party defector reveals why he's backing Boris... and is Greta Thunberg really 'mad' and 'dangerous'?12/05/2019
  58. 66.
    The man who discovered the NHS may be for sale, and are Christmas cards bad for the environment?12/04/2019
  59. 67.
    Sir John Curtice on why Labour isn't matching its 2017 figures, plus Donald Trump makes an impact as he arrives in Britain12/03/2019
  60. 68.
    Rail union boss on why he backs 27-day walkout... and Prince Andrew's continuing woes12/02/2019
  61. 69.
    Stanley Johnson on how many children the Prime Minister has... and are young people addicted to smartphones?11/29/2019
  62. 70.
    The poll that gives Boris a massive bounce... and the rise of 'fake' sourdough bread11/28/2019
  63. 71.
    Corbyn's car-crash TV interview... and has someone finally found a cure for hangovers?11/27/2019
  64. 72.
    Michael Heseltine on why he's supporting the Lib Dems and cancelling Brexit... and a Christmas ketchup made from Brussels sprouts11/26/2019
  65. 73.
    The Tories' promises over nurses... and an interview with a Satanic priestess!11/25/2019
  66. 74.
    Labour's ludicrous sums ... and should we remove paintings offensive to vegans?11/22/2019
  67. 75.
    The Labour manifesto unpicked, Jo Swinson's plan to legalise cannabis... and mince pies!11/21/2019
  68. 76.
    Who REALLY won the election TV debate... and the Caitlyn controversy on I'm a Celeb11/20/2019
  69. 77.
    Seconds out for the TV election debate... plus should we really teach emojis?11/19/2019
  70. 78.
    The Daily Show with Andrew Pierce, November 18: Prince Andrew, designer babies and a cookbook for cats11/18/2019
  71. 79.
    The Daily Show with Andrew Pierce, November 15: Free broadband, Prince Andrew and shopping addictions11/15/2019
  72. 80.
    The Daily Show with Andrew Pierce, November 14: Corbyn, gin and the husband who is now a wife11/14/2019
  73. 81.
    The Daily Show with Andrew Pierce, November 13: Floods, overweight pets and should Rule Britannia be banned?11/13/2019
  74. 82.
    Daily Show with Andrew Pierce, November 12: Nigel Farage interview, Labour cyber attacks and hot chocolate for your hair11/12/2019
  75. 83.
    The Daily Show with Andrew Pierce, November 11: Michael Gove interview, Brexit Party and Christmas songs11/11/2019
  76. 84.
    Daily Show with Andrew Pierce, November 8: Labour anti-Semitism, Britain's booze problem and the Northern floods11/08/2019
  77. 85.
    The Daily Show with Andrew Pierce, November 7: Labour setbacks, the Remain Alliance and meditating policemen11/07/2019
  78. 86.
    Daily Show with Andrew Pierce, November 6: Tory disasters, Extinction Rebellion in court and the Queen ditches fur11/06/2019
  79. 87.
    Daily Show with Andrew Pierce, November 5: Labour anti-Semitism, vegan milk and Emma Watson11/05/2019
  80. 88.
    Daily Show with Andrew Pierce, November 4: Remain alliance, theatre announcements and diabetes crisis11/04/2019
  81. 89.
    Daily Show with Andrew Pierce, November 1: Brexit party, vaping and Britain's most bizarre AirBnB11/01/2019
  82. 90.
    Daily Show with Andrew Pierce, 28th October: flextension, homeopathy and wine10/28/2019

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