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TechTrends is a podcast featuring the latest trends in tech, fintech and digital. We discuss cutting-edge technology topics that are impacting every industry, and how to apply emerging technology to drive business innovation.

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Using the power of superposition, Quantum Computing is quickly redefining the computational landscape. In this episode, Anish Bhimani sits down with Marco Pistoia, Director of the Future Lab for Applied Research and Engineering (FLARE) and J.P. Morgan Chase, to discuss how Quantum Computing is changing the way we think about computing power and altering the way we conduct business every day.

Nov 18

29 min 47 sec

While the COVID-19 pandemic created new vulnerabilities for cybercriminals to exploit, how have those attacks evolved nearly two years later? In this episode, Anish Bhimani sits down with Anne Davis, Head of Cybersecurity and Technology Controls for Commercial Banking, to discuss the most common threats we’re seeing today, key learnings from the last year and how companies can best defend themselves in our modern cyber landscape.  

Oct 14

21 min 44 sec

With a global technology landscape that’s constantly developing, how do we inspire today’s youth to become tomorrow’s technology leaders? In this episode, Anish Bhimani speaks to J.P. Morgan Chase’s Head of Youth Programs for Tech for Social Good and Emerging Talent, Julia Backon, about the firm’s youth-directed programs, and how they’re helping to grow and develop our next generation’s interest in technology-driven careers.

Sep 23

18 min 53 sec

How can businesses integrate the role of design to achieve accessibility? In this episode, Anish Bhimani speaks to JPMorgan Chase’s Director of Digital Technology, Francine Jackson, about the evolution of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and how technology can empower businesses to be accessible to all.

Jul 22

29 min 22 sec

Artificial Intelligence continues to change the way businesses operate across all industries, but how does it impact financial services? In this episode, Anish Bhimani speaks to J.P. Morgan’s Director of AI Research, Tucker Balch, about how the firm utilizes AI research to enhance its business processes and how our external partnerships have helped advance the field of study.

Jun 24

32 min 17 sec

Intelligent Automation can be a powerful tool when applied appropriately, but how can its benefits be unlocked to produce results? In this episode Anish Bhimani is joined by J.P. Morgan’s Shefali Shah for a conversation on how Intelligent Automation—along with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning—can increase organizational efficiency, free up human intellect and enhance customer service.

May 20

24 min 32 sec

The Online Platform Economy has shifted the way that workers, consumers and entrepreneurs interact on a global scale—but at what cost? In this episode Anish Bhimani speaks with Fiona Greig, Co-President of the JPMorgan Chase Institute, about how the gig economy has helped shape today’s market for goods and services, and what impacts this may have on the world of tomorrow.

Apr 29

32 min 29 sec

When a well-laid plan is challenged by market environments or competing organizational priorities, will your team be prepared to adjust and respond? In this episode Anish Bhimani speaks to Chase’s Chief Information Officer, Rohan Amin, about how agile processes can empower teams to pivot quicker, build faster and deliver better results.

Mar 25

29 min 24 sec

The fifth generation of our global wireless network will transform the speed, consistency and availability of data and communication. Information will move faster and with more accuracy than ever before, but will you and your business be ready to capitalize on the change? In this episode Anish Bhimani is joined by JPMorgan Chase’s Marco Pistoia for a conversation on the emergence of 5G and the impacts it’ll have on our global landscape.

Feb 25

35 min 30 sec

The most successful companies provide solutions to their clients before being presented with a problem. How can your business get to that state? Anish Bhimani sits down with JPMorgan Chase’s Sam Yen to discuss the principles of Design Thinking, and how truly understanding your client’s needs can make all the difference.

Dec 2020

25 min 58 sec

With over two million mobile apps available for download, how do you know if your idea is worth building? Anish Bhimani sits down with JPMorgan Chase’s Rob Wyant to learn more about what makes for a great mobile app, the right ways to build for your customers and how to successfully launch a product in today’s environment.  

Nov 2020

29 min 12 sec

Today’s cloud technology has the power to transform the way your company does business. But with all the options available, how do you know which is right for you? Anish Bhimani sits down with JPMorgan Chase’s Stephen Flaherty to learn more about the cloud’s offerings, and how to best leverage its capabilities to drive your business forward.

Oct 2020

27 min 36 sec

Bad actors use times of uncertainty to strike at their victims. Anish Bhimani speaks to Global Head of Cybersecurity Operations, JF Legault, about how companies can protect their business and prepare for what lies ahead.

Sep 2020

27 min 21 sec

Preparing for a crisis and reacting quickly to market events are critical to staying ahead. Anish Bhimani speaks to CIO of Global Technology Infrastructure, George Sherman, about how companies can maintain a resilient business.

Sep 2020

21 min 22 sec

As J.P. Morgan’s Tech for Social Good program celebrates its 10-year anniversary, Anish Bhimani speaks to Head of Tech for Social Good, Ali Marano, about building something greater than volunteerism, and how giving back can truly enhance your business.

Aug 2020

31 min 23 sec

In this episode, we discuss how our Tech for Social Good program created a fully functioning educational resource page for the firm’s employees in just one week—and how you can too.

May 2020

4 min 39 sec

As COVID-19 continues to alter the way we work and do business, it’s important to stay on top of trends that can help you and your business adapt and stay safe during this uncertain time.

May 2020

1 min 39 sec

Consumers expect a fast, seamless experience when paying for goods and services online. Here are six ways to help bring that same efficiency to business transactions.

Mar 2020

28 min 51 sec

Companies that successfully attract and retain top talent recognize that employees today are looking for more than just competitive pay and benefits.

Feb 2020

30 min 21 sec

Eric Ries, co-founder of the Lean Startup Co., shares his perspective on trends among innovative businesses and some best practices for being a responsible entrepreneur.

Dec 2019

34 min 27 sec

As the pace of artificial intelligence (AI) adoption accelerates, it’s important to prepare your company for the future. Learn how AI and machine learning are defined and how to responsibly integrate these technologies into your business strategy

Oct 2019

23 min 13 sec

Hardly a week goes by without news of another sophisticated cyberattack affecting businesses and individuals worldwide. Learn about current threats, how to avoid potential losses from an attack, and how organizations are working with law enforcement to combat this growing menace.  

Sep 2019

23 min 55 sec

Learn how blockchain’s next generation use cases may have the potential to change everything from air and automotive travel to foreign currency exchange and green energy investment.

Aug 2019

20 min 33 sec

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are helping businesses open new pathways for innovation and growth. Learn how you can harness their capability to integrate with third-party services and deliver products to market faster while improving the customer journey.

Jul 2019

16 min 59 sec

The pace of change in technology is accelerating, with systems, models and processes evolving almost overnight. For businesses leaders, this makes greater innovation possible, but it also presents real challenges. Learn how you can use technology to stay relevant, disrupt and streamline your own business and potentially avoid being disrupted yourself.

Jun 2019

21 min 16 sec

Whether you’re sending an email, listening to music or hailing a ride through an app, you’re most likely in the cloud. Learn why cloud-based technology has evolved from a luxury to the central foundation for most modern enterprises.

May 2019

25 min 14 sec

Although still in the early stages of development, quantum computers have the potential to solve highly complex problems more quickly and cost-effectively than a classical computer—with real-world business applications expected to take shape within the next decade.

Apr 2019

14 min 50 sec

Businesses today have no shortage of data at their disposal, so the challenge has now become how to manage and safeguard information effectively. Learn how creating a data-driven culture can help businesses unlock the value of data.

Mar 2019

17 min 2 sec

Faced with the choice of transformation or disruption, many market-leading companies are adapting a creative approach long practiced by designers. Design thinking is a work methodology that can transform businesses into customer-obsessed innovators. But there are more and less successful ways of doing it.

Feb 2019

25 min 24 sec

The world of payments is evolving faster than ever before. Learn about the latest payments trends and emerging technologies that are driving faster payment systems for businesses.

Sep 2018

16 min 47 sec

Agile has long been the standard development process for software developers and IT teams. But today—when business moves at an extreme pace, and speed to market can be the difference between dominating a market or becoming irrelevant—organizational agility is more important than ever.

Jul 2018

24 min 27 sec

Some experts say blockchain will be as revolutionary as the Internet. Learn how this technology is helping drive transparency, efficiency and cost savings for businesses.

Jun 2018

25 min 29 sec

Machine learning is transforming business from every angle. Learn how machine learning is driving operational efficiency, improving customer experience and helping to solve business problems.

May 2018

22 min 38 sec