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Highlighting iconic personalities, attractions, and events in Osage County, Oklahoma where the smiles are always free!

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Enjoy a visit with Mark and Kelly Spencer, owners of the Wolf Creek Ranch just north of Pawhuska where you can trail ride, hike, and enjoy the western way of life!

Nov 3

29 min 44 sec

From Cowboys & Indians magazine to the back pastures of Osage County, Oklahoma - Kenyon Lomax, owner of Prairie Sky Jewelry Co. takes time to sit down with The Tourism Gal and transparently share about her journey to almost overnight success as well as the hard work and vision before it happened.

Jun 28

37 min 17 sec

Tune in as Rod and Ashlee Hartness tell the story of how Pawhuska came to be known as the Steer Roping Capital of the World, as well as visit about the upcoming Buddy Hartness Memorial Senior Steer Roping, their Bed & Bath just outside of Pawhuska, and their family. For information on the Hartness Ranch Bed & Bath:  https://visittheosage.com/places/hartness-ranch/

Jun 12

39 min

Just west of Pawhuska on Hwy 60, there's an Osage County experience you don't want to miss!  Neil and Teresa Fisher left Colorado and moved their business to Oklahoma - bringing with them a herd of bison, like no other!

Jun 2

23 min

Here's all the information you've been looking for on the upcoming Indian Relay Horse Races coming up Memorial Day weekend at Osage Downs in Pawhuska.  Join us as we sit down with Mr. Jim Stevens for a behind-the-scenes look into this original event.

May 4

18 min

Join us for a behind-the-scenes look into the life of well-known western artist, Steve Boaldin, as he took a break from filming out on The Drummond Ranch in Osage County, Oklahoma for an interview with The Tourism Gal.  To see more and take a look at the amazing work of this American icon, check out ArtOfACowboy.com #OsageCountyOklahoma #TheCowboyNeverRidesAway

Apr 25

31 min 22 sec

Meet the Legend and the Hero, the artist and the artisan - Mr. Cha' Tullis, owner of the Cha' Tullis  Gallery in Hominy, Oklahoma.  Listen in as The Tourism Gal had a little "sit down" with the man who really knows how to paint the town!

Mar 25

19 min 59 sec

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and listen in as we visit with Saddle Bronc champ, NFR qualifier, and Oklahoma's own - Hardy Braden from Welch, Oklahoma!  Make plans to attend the PRCA's Osage Bronc Days in Pawhuska on March 26 & 27th at 7:30 pm each evening for 40 of the top broncs paired with 40 of the top saddle bronc riders in the country!  All this excitement will be followed by an after-party you don't want to miss!  Tickets can be purchased at www.FlatLandTickets.com.  Find out more at VisitTheOsage.com

Mar 18

15 min

From the ranch in Oklahoma to South America to South Africa to around the globe - Will Rogers was a man who left his mark everywhere he went.  We are glad to claim him as our own up here in northeastern Oklahoma.  In this episode, we sit down with Visit Claremore's Tanya Andrews and visit about the mark Oklahoma's Native Son left on Claremore and Osage Co. It's also the year for the 75th Will Rogers Stampede in Claremore as well as the 75th Annual Cavalcade Rodeo in Pawhuska this summer!  Y'all come see us where #TheSmilesAreAlwaysFree -  or as Will might say, it's the land of Bacon, Beans, and Limousines!  ;) VisitTheOsage.com VisitClaremore.org

Mar 8

22 min 15 sec

Located on the edge of the Osage is a little piece of history paired with a big slice of personality.  On the edges of Osage County, but filmed within the Osage - is what has now become The Outsider's House Museum owned by former rapper, Danny O'Connor.  Join in on this insightful conversation about what brought a California rapper to lay down one lifestyle to invest himself into another. Note: Due to inclement weather, this podcast was recorded via Zoom.

Feb 8

54 min 35 sec

Join The Tourism Gal and Ora Brown around the hat bar in Osage Outfitters as they discuss Ora's life as a cowboy, stunt man, aspiring actor, and legend in his own time!  Pull up a chair - this is a good one!

Jan 21

28 min

Pull up a chair with The Tourism Gal and country music's Luke Christenson in Pawhuska, Oklahoma around the Hat Bar in Osage Outfitters on Kihekah Ave.  Listen in as Luke talks about putting family first and how he makes it work out on the road - as well as hear about his latest upcoming song related to the soon-coming movie, "Killers of the Flower Moon."   Plus - Luke sings us out on this one!

Dec 2020

20 min 14 sec

Pull up a chair and listen to the back story and the love story of Pawhuska's Cody & Lauren Garnett - owners of the Buckin' Flamingo, the Flamingo's Nest,  the Great Osage Auction & Trading Co., and the Ben Johnson Cowboy Museum.

Dec 2020

47 min 9 sec

Join The Tourism Gal around her dining room table with SpringStreet as they talk about the past, present, and future of the band; Bluegrass and the power of music in general, the Tallgrass Music Festival, and even a little good old fashioned patriotism!  They even perform on this episode of Osagin' It!

Oct 2020

24 min 7 sec

Pull up a chair in the office of the Hot Rod Garage in Sand Springs where old is made new and vintage takes on a style all its own!  Listen in as The Tourism Gal visits with Jason Smith and Brandon McCullough, creators of The Gathering at the Roc.  They're discussing an upcoming vintage car show that looks like none other and will be taking place at Woolaroc, oil tycoon Frank Phillip's ranch on October 31, 2020.he office of the Hot Rod Garage in Sand Springs where old is made new and vintage takes on a style all its own!  Listen in as The Tourism Gal visits with Jason Smith and Brandon McCullough, creators of The Gathering at the Roc.  They're discussing an upcoming vintage car show that looks like none other and will be taking place at Woolaroc, oil tycoon Frank Phillip's ranch on October 31, 2020.

Oct 2020

15 min 44 sec

Up and coming country music star, Gracee Shriver, took time from her busy schedule to sit down with the Tourism Gal while in the Osage and visit about The Voice, how she writes her songs, Zoom calls with Brad Paisley, and more! 

Sep 2020

12 min 5 sec

If you haven't yet read Tea With Isabel, you might want to get yourself a copy!  Set in Osage County, Oklahoma - author Julie Sneed Womack captures your attention from the beginning and never drops it all the way to the last page!  Listen in as Julie Sneed Womack tells about how the novel came to be and what is coming next!

Sep 2020

20 min 48 sec

Join us on the back porch of the farmhouse where Solid Rock Soap Co. calls home and listen in as owner, Jamie Crouch, tells of how it all began and even tells some of her secrets to successful soap making!  From goat milking to soap making - you'll enjoy this visit between the Tourism Gal and the Solid Rock Soap Gal! #OsageCountyOklahoma where #TheSmilesAreAlwaysFree :)

Aug 2020

41 min 35 sec

Join Woolaroc's CEO, Mr. Bob Fraser and the Tourism Gal up on the screened-in porch at the Lodge at Woolaroc.  Listen in as Bob tells of the timeless history and living legacy of oil tycoon Frank Phillips.  Re-live the days of outlaws, oil deals, and cattle barons as Bob lets you in on an inside look at the ranch.

Jun 2020

22 min 7 sec

From furs to fun and gloves to glamour -- you'll find it on the north end of Kihekah Ave.!! Don't stop short when you're shopping Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma - be sure to visit the Sunset Ridge Gallery, The GypsyCowgirl, and the Pawhuska Marketplace.😊 From fancy to fabulous, and casual to glamorous - from consignment to refinement - it's all there and loaded with personality! Stay tuned, the Tourism Gal will be taking you behind the scenes of these three businesses with their owners in an upcoming blog post at TheTourismGal.Blogspot.com as well as right here on this new Osagin' It podcast episode entitled "Way Up North!"

Jun 2020

24 min 27 sec

Pull up a chair around the table at Mandy's Cafe' in Shidler, Oklahoma, and join Molly Lawson of MHeart Artistry & Studio and the Tourism Gal as they discuss western photography, Molly's upcoming Cowboys of Oklahoma Art Show, and the art of being a cowboy's wife. The Cowboys of Oklahoma Art Show will take place at The Ben Johnson Cowboy Museum in Pawhuska, Oklahoma - July 13 - 31, 2020. Osage County, Oklahoma - where #TheSmilesAreAlwaysFree

Jun 2020

21 min 3 sec

Jay Adcock is a legend in the western world in the area of rawhide.  Join us around his dining room table in his cowboy kitchen way out in the pasture north of Pawhuska for this episode of Osagin' It.  Then, come see us in Osage County, Oklahoma!

Nov 2019

16 min 4 sec

He has managed and produced artists such as Hank Thompson, Roy Clark, Minnie Pearl, the Oak Ridge Boys, and the list goes on.  Listen in as Mr. Jim Halsey takes us down memory road from Hee Haw to Las Vegas with some of country music's greats - and then hear about his upcoming plans in Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma at the Constantine Theater!

Nov 2019

23 min 44 sec

When else can you sit down and listen to Jimmy Don tell of when he first met Chip and Joanna Gaines AND Ladd & Ree Drummond??  From the Fixer Upper Silos to the Pioneer Woman's kitchen -- Jimmy Don Holmes is becoming an American icon.  Take a moment and give this episode a listen as we hopped into his High Country pickup where he took a moment to visit about how it all began --- and where it all is headed -- which may include Osage County!  He makes a little announcement here and we are excited to be the ones to get to share what may be in the works.  Get ready for a little "Fixer Upper Mixer Upper" with the Osage County Tourism gal, Jimmy Don Holmes, and his good friend Frank White.  Here we go... :)

Oct 2019

22 min 10 sec

It was Saturday night at Mandy's Cafe in Shidler, Oklahoma and I walked into a loaded table -- loaded with personality, that is.  Come along for the ride and join us at the table on steak night and listen to John Payne -- famous rodeo performer -- tell a few stories and hear how he came to be called the One Arm Bandit.  Everyone in the restaurant had an ear tuned in to our table and the laughs were abundant.  But then again, we were in the Osage where the smiles are always free!

Sep 2019

27 min 15 sec