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As Chief Marketing Officer for Tourism Tasmania, Emma Terry is responsible for the delivery of Tourism Tasmania’s marketing program to increase demand and grow visitor numbers to Tasmania.In today's episode of Talking Tourism, Emma sits down with West by North West's Tom Wootton to talk all things brand Tasmania, and how it competes with other tourism destinations around the country and the globe. There's no doubt that Tassie is a challenger state, and there's plenty that our industry can be doing to make the very most of that. Emma chats Tasmania's many unique selling points: from our extraordinary natural environments to our boundary-pushing when it comes to art, food and wine. Travellers are chasing meaning, purpose and relief from the straitjacket of everyday life, and the great news is that Tasmania has got all of that in spades. Listen on for Emma's thoughts on how you can make sure your products or experiences uniquely meet these needs, going beyond the everyday functional logistics to creating emotional hooks with impact. While this episode was recorded in August, the insights Emma shares continue to be relevant to tourism operators across the state. 

Nov 21

23 min 26 sec

In the stuff of Tasmanian tourism legend, Greg Price famously chucked in a very promising and lucrative career in merchant banking in Sydney to return to Tasmania and establish a tourism business with one van and a vision of creating an affordable way for backpackers and budget travelers to see his home state. As Jump Tours Managing Director, Greg has since been awarded the Tasmanian Tourism Minister’s Young Achiever of the Year and Tasmanian Entrepreneur of the Year, and Jump Tours was named Tasmanian Micro Business of the Year at the Telstra Small Business Awards.By March 2020, Jump Tours' 95% international market had disappeared, and Greg was faced with a "what now" dilemma. In this episode of Talking Tourism, Sam Denmead asks Greg about the lessons he's learned along the way, the innovations the business has implemented to stay afloat, and his advice for a post-pandemic future. With his special brand of humour and a realistic outlook, Greg shares what he's done to stay match-fit ahead of the return of international travel to the state, and why it's so important that we attract and retain great talent to the industry. 

Nov 14

28 min 28 sec

Melinda Anderson has spent more than two decades working in the sales and marketing world, and is currently the Marketing Manager at Pennicott Wilderness Journeys. At this year's Tasmanian Tourism Conference, she brought a strong voice to a panel discussion asking, "Is Traditional Tourism Marketing & Sales Dead?" Her answer: emphatically no.There's no doubt that sales and marketing of tourism and travel experiences has changed dramatically over the past few years, with the digital realm changing consumer preferences and behaviours. But, as Melinda argues, there's still a place for traditional S&M, as long as it aligns with your goals and delivers return on investment. In this episode of Talking Tourism, TICT's Emma Azon-Jacometti picks Melinda's brain for her advice on how to spend those often scarce marketing budgets, to get the most bang for your buck. Whether you're a multi-product business with a captive social media audience, or a small operator relying on word-of-mouth, you'll be sure to glean some pearls of wisdom from this chat.  

Nov 7

24 min 8 sec

As founder and director of Kiikstart, Ali Uren specialises in business planning and learning, and has a passion for helping Tassie's visitor economy creatively design and redesign itself in response to challenges, gaps and threats. There's no better time than now to be talking about just that! In today's episode of Talking Tourism, Rachel Williams chats with Ali about how businesses can attract the best talent by thinking about the end-to-end staff experience. External skill development will continue to be important but, increasingly, businesses need to build brands that people actually want to work with. Ali unlocks the gaps, threats and risks that all operators should be identifying and addressing to attract and retain the best staff for their business - from  recruitment processes that don't reflect the business values, to lacking a clear plan for ongoing learning and development, to "wishy-washy" cultures. There might be something in here you hadn't seen in your own business, and Ali has plenty of tips to help you become an employer of choice.

Oct 31

31 min 13 sec

Michele Levine knows a thing or two about human behaviour and consumer trends. As CEO of Roy Morgan Research, Michele's bread and butter is asking questions of Australians to understand their values, what drives them, and what they want in life. In this episode of Talking Tourism, TICT's Emma Azon-Jacometti asks Michele what Roy Morgan's research is saying about peoples' intention to engage with the tourism industry. We're encouraged to hear that, as borders reopen, an appetite for travel - and travel to Tassie, in particular - is alive and well! Michele provides her hot tips on how to attract the lion's share of pent-up demand, including creating exceptional experiences that aren't afraid to price up. In Michele's words, visitors should leave Tasmania "full of experiences and memories, but with an empty wallet and a maxed-out credit card"! Listen in for this and other valuable insights from an expert who knows better than most what will drive tourists to our great state. 

Oct 24

24 min 44 sec

Federal Group and the University of Tasmania have embarked on a groundbreaking research project that looks set to make precedent for further cooperative partnerships between the university and the Tasmanian tourism industry at large. In this episode, Tom Wootton lines up Dr Daniel Hanna (Executive GM Corporate Affairs, Federal Group), Dr Kim Lehman (Adjunct Senior Researcher, UTAS) and Monika Belhaj (PhD candidate, UTAS) to discuss Monika's years-long study into the unique offerings of storytelling hotel, MACq 01 . A long-term research project like this one isn't necessarily for every tourism operator, but its findings will be relevant to most. Unlike many PhDs, Monika's research has focused on an industry-defined question: How does experiential marketing influence customer perceptions of a hospitality-based product? Using MACq 01 as her guinea pig, Monika has discovered an approach that all tourism operators can use to tell their story and connect customers to place. They're tools that are arguably distinctive to Tassie, so listen in to understand how you can apply them to your product or experience. 

Oct 17

26 min 28 sec

Amanda Vallis is founder and director of Vallis & Co., a Tasmanian-based communications agency specialising in public relations. So, what IS PR, and how can Tassie tourism operators use it to their best advantage?In this episode of Talking Tourism, Tom Wootton gets the low-down from Amanda on how some savvy public relations moves can get your tourism product or experience in the hands, ears and eyes of your target audience in compelling, efficient and often low-cost ways. Amanda discusses how to write and execute a PR strategy - nail who you are, identify the most effective communication channels for your market, and deliver an elevator pitch that's honest and stands out from the crowd. Tom and Amanda also chat traditional vs. digital media, and touch on the power of influencers, and how they might just be the key to real return on investment. Listen in!

Oct 10

28 min 2 sec

As Managing Director of Intrepid Group APAC, Sarah Clark knows all too well the impacts of a pandemic on the national and global tourism industry. Intrepid is the world's largest adventure travel company operating in 130 countries but, in March 2020, it went into crisis mode to get about 4,000 of its customers home from around the globe. The good news? Sarah's outlook on a return to domestic and international travel says that Tassie is in good stead to make the most of a post-COVID recovery. In this episode of Talking Tourism, Sam Denmead asks Sarah what Tasmanian tourism operators can do to leverage their place on the international travel stage. Intrepid's unique relationships with travelling customers shows that people are looking to get out into nature, to get active, and to enjoy great food , beverage and cultural experiences. They're also more interested than ever in engaging with sustainable brands that are eco-conscious and even off-the-grid. Listen in for how you can make the most of these insights for your tourism business.Access Intrepid Travel's 10-Step Guide To Decarbonise Your Travel Business here: chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/viewer.html?

Oct 3

19 min 6 sec

Chris Davis is the General Manager and co-founder of The Van Diemen Project, who provide small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs with advice, mentoring and support to help them build and develop sustainable businesses. Jessi Mostogl is the Director of Schools & Curriculum at Illuminate Education Australia, a sister company to the Van Diemen Project. She is passionate about empowering people for the next generation, so that they can "believe in tomorrow, today".Following their workshops at the 2021 Tasmanian Tourism Conference, Chris and Jessi sat down with Rachel Williams to discuss all things innovation processes and design thinking, and how they apply to the tourism industry. In this episode of Talking Tourism, you'll hear insights into how we can - and should - shift perceptions around employment within the visitor economy. Mark and Jessi believe we need to share stories about the industry with young people so that it's seen as more than just a "for now" prospect and, instead, an exciting and viable long-term career path. You'll also hear about how important it is to take a customer-centric approach to solving problems, with a looped process that ensures continuous improvement that has real impact where it matters. 

Sep 26

32 min 9 sec

Katy Cooper has over 20 years' experience in a broad range of industries, including Tasmanian tourism and hospitality. As Head of Product at Neu21, she delivers leadership and futures thinking programs, focusing on finding new opportunities for innovation and growth. In this episode, Katy chats to Rachel Williams about whole systems innovation, and how it applies to the Tasmanian tourism industry right now. She explains how to define your business' inputs, elements, feedback loops and outputs, and why the relationships that sit around and within the whole system are critical to business success. Katy is a firm believer that Tasmania's unique competitive advantage of strong relationships and connection to place sets tourism operators in good stead to experiment with and influence outcomes for business and customer alike. As one of the keynote speakers at this year's Tasmanian Tourism Conference, Katy also brings her "futures thinking" to the discussion, exploring alternative futures through stories. With consideration to changing visitors, marketplaces, technologies and alternative realities, she encourages listeners to map their preferred future, even if it seems ridiculous now! This episode of Talking Tourism is sure to engage your imagination and tickle your curiosity, no matter what part of our great industry you're engaged in.

Sep 19

28 min 24 sec

"If I had known what it was going to be like before I started, I never would have done it." It's a sentiment that a lot of us probably feel keenly right now (perhaps always!) and, for Joseph Burton, it sums up both his foray into owning his own business and the many twists and turns of a COVID-19 world over the past 18 months. As the first certified Sommelier in Tasmania and with 20 years of experience selling and serving wine under his belt, Joseph started his own wine wholesale, retail and events business in 2014. It was a tough slog to begin with, but his continued focus on customer service has seen the business grow over the past seven years, and is undeniably the reason Joseph Burton Wines remained afloat when 95% of its usual clients closed their doors during Tasmania's 2020 lockdown. Joseph pivoted quickly and effectively to selling wine direct-to-consumer, and launched "The House Wine", a weekly online wine tasting event, complete with wine delivered to your door. While this new model and market have created great ongoing opportunities for his business, Joseph believes that a flourishing tourism industry is still critical to its future viability. In this episode, TICT's Emma Azon-Jacometti chats to JB about his business' response to a new environment as a critical part of the tourism industry's supply chain, and the importance of storytelling when it comes to all things brand Tasmania.  

Sep 12

23 min 59 sec

Madi Seeber-Peattie had been working in the events industry for more than 15 years when COVID-19 restrictions hit the industry hard. As owner/manager of Hobart's Farm Gate Market, Street Eats @ Franko and the Food and Beverage Collective, Madi lives and breathes mass gatherings. Her various ventures typically saw up to 10,000 people through the gates every week, and one of them depended entirely on interstate visitors. So what do social distancing and density restrictions mean for the mass gatherings world?For Madi, it meant losing 85% of a market's revenue overnight, farewelling half of her core team, and cancelling a number of business events.  But it also meant finding innovative ways to offer essential services like a drive-through farm gate market service, strengthening relationships with suppliers, and tapping in to a Tasmanian market that was serious about supporting local. In this episode, TICT's Emma Azon-Jacometti chats with Madi about what COVID-19 has meant for large-scale events in Tassie, and discovers that there just might be more positive take-homes than you'd expect. 

Sep 5

26 min 15 sec

Robbie and Emma Gilligan were all set to launch their new whisky brand, Derwent Distillery, right around the time COVID-19 shut down all notions of mass gatherings and traditionalcellar door promotions. So they got creative. Rather than launching face-to-face, they sent tasting packs around the world, and launched the brand to 1500 new digital friends, thus becoming the first distillery in the world to launch online. In this episode of Talking Tourism, Robbie shares the ups and downs of the past 18 months  with TICT's Emma Azon-Jacometti. It's both a realistic look at how critical a thriving tourism industry is to our grassroots operators, as well as a celebration of our great Tassie spirit. 

Aug 29

20 min 17 sec

Straight out of the 2021 Tasmanian Tourism Conference held this week in Launceston, two of Tasmanian tourism's sharpest marketing minds, Tom Wootton and David Inches, talk through what tourism businesses should be doing right now to take-stock of their marketing plan and investments.  Evolve Tourism's David Inches has over 20 years experience working with tourism businesses of all types and sizes in Tasmania and across the country, building and reviewing their marketing plans and on product development. David was supposed to be delivering a workshop at this years conference on marketing planning - but he's in Cairns, which has been in lockdown. So we got him on the phone instead to share his insights to all our Talking Tourism listeners. David steps through practically and simply  some of the questions every tourism operator should be considering in assessing and planning their marketing strategy and investments over the uncertain 12-18 months ahead. This episode of Talking Tourism is hosted by Tom Wootton. Tom is CEO of West by North-West Tourism - the Regional Tourism Organisation of North-West and Western Tasmania. Episode Note: To take advantage of David's generous offer to access his online marketing program:  Visit Pricing and select Monthly Membership.Enter discount code ROI and click apply.This will provide full access to the online marketing planning course, tourism marketing articles in the learning library and free monthly webinars.Make sure you complete the reasons and belief worksheets that will be coming through via email on your 14 day induction.

Aug 20

30 min 12 sec

You've been appointed to your first GM role of a brand new hotel being developed by a local investment group in a regional City. You're recruiting and appointing staff, and putting the finishing touches  on the property getting ready to welcome your first guests..... .when a global pandemic hits, closing borders and bringing your entire customer market to a sudden halt.  This is Kate Bucknell's experience when she was appointed inaugural General Manager of the new Hotel Verge in central Launceston. Armed with years of experience in hotel sales and management, Kate has had to navigate the completely unchartered waters of opening a brand new 86 room hotel in the middle of the most uncertain circumstances ever experienced by the accommodation sector. In this episode of Talking Tourism Kate shares her experiences with TICTs Luke Martin - how she appointed and then stood down her staff, delayed opening, and then gradually opened rooms as markets resumed. This is great listening for anyone in the Tasmanian tourism industry,  or in the accommodation sector anywhere.   

Aug 10

25 min 10 sec

The Tasmanian Government has announced $7.5 million for a further round of 'Make Yourself at Home' Travel  Vouchers to encourage Tasmanians to travel the State and support tourism businesses and visitor destinations through the latest COVID border disruptions. TICT CEO Luke Martin sat down with Green Hat Tourism's Sam Denmead to workshop practical strategies small tourism businesses could consider to give them the best chance of getting a share of the Travel Voucher market. Luke and Sam talk through some ideas for packaging product and experience offers that could stand out in the crowded market. They look at three specific types of businesses - a small accommodation product, a tour operator, and a food or drink based experience. Sam also outlines the essential things all businesses should consider in marketing their voucher experience to the locals. Sam Denmead is principal of Green Hat Tourism - a marketing consultancy that works with TICT and many tourism businesses across Tasmania. Sam is a former tour operator, and has worked in Tasmanian tourism in a variety of roles for over two decades.

Jul 28

24 min 52 sec

It's been another disruptive week for everyone in tourism, with the borders shutting to Victoria and New South Wales, and our hopes again turning to the Tasmanian community to get around the State and support our operators and destinations through the latest challenges.In this context, TICT CEO Luke Martin sat down with Tourism Tasmania's CEO, John Fitzgerald to unpack the roller coaster ride that is tourism in Tasmania in 2021. John  shares his insights on the national outlook. Tourism Tasmania's strategic approach right  through COVID. The NZ strategy, and why we should be feeling optimistic about Tasmania's tourism outlook in a new COVID normal. This is some insightful, important and current listening for anyone involved in Tasmanian tourism.   

Jul 28

29 min 18 sec

Winter and the quieter months are the perfect time for all tourism operators to spend some time reviewing and updating their digital assets.What are your customers saying about your product? How's  your online reputation? Are you using Google Adwords effectively, is it time to refresh your website?  Taihlaura Denman-Francis, from award winning Tasmanian marketing consultancy, Kingthing Marketing, is a digital media guru, who luvvvvs this online stuff. Taihlaura steps you through in simple practical language some of the effective and affordable things you can do over winter to polish-up and refresh your digital marketing. This episode is pitched to owner-operator SME tourism businesses wanting a quick and simple run through of the basics you can do from your own computer and at minimal cost. 

May 20

19 min 23 sec

The Tasmanian Government's Director of Visitor Economy Strategy Anne Greentree sat down with TICT CEO Luke Martin, to talk through how the industry against our T21 Visitor Economy Action Plan to rebuild the value of our tourism industry through COVID. Anne and Luke talk through airline recovery, the different hot spots of industry performance, how we're planning for the year ahead, and the different industry support programs being rolled out by State and Federal Governments. 

May 10

31 min 35 sec

Fresh off the launch of Hobart's first international commercial flight in two-decades, Hobart Airport's new CEO, Norris Carter, sat down with Rachel Williams to talk things aviation. Norris outlines Tasmania's aviation out of COVID, the works at Hobart Airport to welcome back international flights, and his expectations for the ongoing recovery of air travel across Australia.  Tourism Industry Council Tasmania TICT is the peak industry body for the Tasmanian tourism industry.

Apr 29

23 min 46 sec

With one week remaining until Tasmanians go to the polls, Tourism Industry Council Tasmania CEO, Luke Martin, sits down with Rachel Williams to talk all things tourism in the election. Luke outlines TICTs priorities in the election, and the major tourism policies announced so far by both major parties. How are we tracking? What are the industry's priorities, and how have our political parties responded so far? Tourism Industry Council Tasmania TICT is the peak industry body for the Tasmanian tourism industry. Tourism Industry Council Tasmania TICT is the peak industry body for the Tasmanian tourism industry.

Apr 25

27 min 51 sec

How will Tasmania be perceived in post-COVID world? Tasmania's resident Brand-guru, Brand Tasmania Guru, Todd Babiak, sits down with Rachel Williams to share his thoughts on Tasmania's brand attributes that will position the State well in the new reality of COVID. 

Mar 18

26 min 43 sec

Throughout COVID the concept of Regenerative Tourism has gained strength as a guiding principle for the future of tourism in destinations like Tasmania. Regenerative tourism takes the concept of sustainability in tourism to another level; the idea that visiting a destination should always make a positive contribution to the economic, social and ecological wellbeing of that destination. Tasmanian Tourism Champion Sarah Lebski sits down with Rachel Williams to explain the concept of Regenerative Tourism and why she believes its central to Tasmania's tourism future. Sarah is one of Tasmania's leading tourism consultants and thought-leaders, with over three decades experience working with destinations and operators across the State. Sarah is Deputy Chair of Visit Northern Tasmania. 

Mar 4

26 min 44 sec

Two of Tasmania's leading tourism gurus, Jake Smith and Sam Denmead share their presentation to the 2020 Tasmanian tourism conference ; 10 Things every Tourism Operator Should Be Doing Right Now as we work our way through COVID. Sam and Jake's rapid fire 10 key practical tips and insights were down very well at the tourism conference, and really is essential listening for every SME tourism operator. Get a pencil paper to take notes, and strap yourself in, as Sam and Jake drop some pearlers of wisdom that you immediately start implementing in your business. About Sam: Green Hat Tourism's Sam Denmead is one of Tasmania's leading tourism specialists, with experience as an operator, business consultant, marketer and tourism advocate. Sam works with tourism operators across the State on their produce development and market positioning. She has also served as the Tasmanian Tourism Awards coordinator over the past few years working with some of the industry's leading operators. About Jake: Jake Smith recently stepped down as General Manager of the Australian tourism award-winning MACq01 Hotel. Jake has been with the Federal Group for over 15 years working his way up at Saffire Freycinet and the Henry Jones Art Hotel, before being entrusted as the inaugural General Manager for the opening of MACq01 Hotel.

Feb 18

26 min 3 sec

2020 Tasmanian Australian of the Year, Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas delivered the keynote address at the Hobart-leg of the 2020 Tasmanian tourism conference in November. One of Australia's leading marine scientists, Jess is a leading researcher shaping Australia's response to climate change and emission reduction. Jess speaks about Tasmania's climate future; the risks, realities and opportunities. This includes her views on the opportunity for Tasmania to emerge as one of the world's first carbon positive visitor destinations. Jess talks about the touch points for operators to contribute to carbon reduction and positioning their business and Tasmania as a destination as a global leader in responsible carbon tourism. About Jess: International research scientist, mother, and former Rhodes scholar, Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas grew up exploring Tasmania’s spectacular coastline and wilderness and has gone on to work in the marine environment from the tropics to the poles. With a background in mathematical modelling and Antarctic climate change science, Jess is now a Knowledge Broker for CSIRO, helping to bridge the gap between complex scientific research and decision-making for sustainability. A passionate advocate for diversity and gender equality in science, Jess co-founded the Homeward Bound project, which took the largest ever all female expedition on a leadership journey to Antarctica in 2016. Jess was one of Australia’s first 30 Superstars of STEM and was named Tasmania's Young Tall Poppy of the Year in 2015 for her excellence in research, science communication and policy engagement. She was also one of 12 female scientists globally to have her portrait featured as a constellation on the ceiling of New York’s Grand Central Station as part of GE’s Balance the Equation campaign.

Feb 4

22 min 53 sec

Tassie's own Truffle Superstars! - The Terry Family have helped pioneer the truffle industry in Tasmania Anna and Henry share their family's story in cultivating a niche industry in Tasmania. Their views on how tourism and agriculture can work better together in Tasmania, and their aspirations for Tasmania's emergence as a culinary destination. 

Jan 18

29 min 28 sec

Tasmania is renowned for its clean, green image.  But the image needs to be matched with the reality of the ground. Cutting our waste, cleaning up the State and reducing rubbish is about protecting Tasmania's brand and delivering on our promise to visitors of a pristine, clean environment. Robert Kelman is one of Tasmania's leading authorities on waste management and container recycling. He explains to us why a Container Deposit Scheme for Tasmania is so important to reduce waste discarded along our roads and in the environment. Robert Kelman has been involved in waste management and recycling advocacy for the past 15+years. This includes current roles as Executive Officer of the Australian Tyre Recyclers Association. The association represents the interests of the legitimate used tyre recycling industry and member companies process around 23Million used tyres per annum. This work has included Robert overseeing the developments of regulations in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and more recently QLD.Robert is also contracted by an EU organisation The Reloop Platform for work in the Pacific region advocating for the expansion of bottle deposit schemes, single use plastic phase outs, recycled content mandates and refillable packaging. In this role Robert also represents the Australian Council of Recycling on state advisory groups including in Tasmania for a new bottle deposit scheme.

Jan 4

26 min 36 sec

The founder of Bruny Island Cheese and Beer, Nick Haddow, is one of the pioneers of Tasmania's burgeoning reputation as a foodie destination. After working throughout Australia and the world and studying artisan cheese making, Nick settled on Bruny Island to bring some of the purest dairy produce anywhere in the world into outstanding and unique cheese. He is also Chair of Brand Tasmania, responsible for Tasmania's brand development. Nick shares his story, and what he believes Tasmania must do to elevate our reputation as a foodie destination, and reduce some of the barriers for niche producers to develop their products and markets. 


Dec 2020

24 min 13 sec

Wine Tasmania's Sharelee Davies' shares her insights into the growth of Tasmania's outstanding wine sector, and its own recovery from COVID. Sheralee also offer her insights into the future for Wine tourism in Tasmania and the opportunity for the State to be elevated as a wine destination. Wine Tasmania is the peak industry body for Tasmania's wine industry. 

Nov 2020

26 min 40 sec

In our first episode of Talking Tourism after Tasmania's borders have re-opened to COVID-Safe States, Rachel Williams sits down with Tom Wootton & Chris Griffin, the Chief Executive's of Tasmania's Northern and North-West Regional Tourism Organisations. Tom and Chris share their thoughts on Tasmania's tourism recovery out of COVID, their priorities for Tasmania’s new iconic drive journeys and growing Tasmania's agritourism potential.  

Nov 2020

27 min 22 sec

Sara  and James Barnes are building a business based on the principle of experiential travel - personalised, intimate experiences where visitors feel genuinely connected with places, products and people. Their tour business, Experiential Tasmania, takes visitors behind the scenes with some of the our leading producers - meeting the makers, sampling the producer and visiting sites not usually available to the general visitor. Sara's vision is shaped by her background working as a high end tour guide in Tasmania, and interstate, and with uber-premium lifestyle brand, Abercrombie & Fitch. Sara outlines her aspirations for Tasmania as an experiential tourism, and the opportunities for start-up businesses in a post-COVID visitor market. 

Nov 2020

19 min 41 sec

With the final touches being put now on the T30 Recovery Plan to rebuild Tasmania's Visitor Economy, the Tasmanian Government's Director of Visitor Economy Strategy, Anne Greentree, sits down with Amy Hills to talk through how the plan is shaping, some of the major  recovery initiatives and priorities. Anne also talks through the results of the recent industry survey on industry needs and priorities, and the Tasmanian Government and industry's response. 

Jul 2020

25 min 4 sec

Sam Denmead is one of Tasmania's best known and experienced tourism marketing and business advisers, with twenty years of experience as an operator, tourism marketer, industry leader, and consultant. Sam is working with a number of operators right now in adjusting her business to COVID. Sam has worked with TICT over the past few years as Coordinator of the Tasmanian Tourism Awards, and our go-to tourism marketing consultant for SME operators. We've asked Sam to sit down with Amy Hills to talk through her Top 10 (well, 11!) essential tips for all tourism operators to undertake in resetting and marketing your business - importantly, all of them should be free for you to implement.

Jul 2020

25 min 54 sec

Rob Cameron from TICTs Business and Financial Advisers, Collins SBA sits down with Tourism Tasmania's Amy Hills to talk through the Australian Government's extension and changes to Job Keeper scheme. Rob outlines what the changes mean for employers and employees, and considers some of the steps all tourism and hospitality operators needs to be considering now in resetting the business for the ongoing COVID uncertainty. Collins SBA is a Tasmanian consultancy firm specialising in business and financial advice. Rob and his colleagues have been working with Tasmanian tourism and hospitality operators since the start of COVID, around business continuity measures for the immediate shut-down and recovery. 

Jul 2020

26 min 37 sec

The Australian Tourism Industry Council is the national federation of Australia's Eight State and Territory Tourism Industry Councils across the country, including TICT. ATIC owns and oversees the national Quality Tourism Framework, including the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program, Star Ratings and the Australian Tourism Awards. Simon Westaway is Executive Director of ATIC, and responsible for advocating the collective national agenda of the State and Territory Tourism Industry Councils and their members to the Australian Government and national tourism bodies. Simon sits down with TICTs Luke Martin to talk through the Australian tourism industry's national agenda around border restrictions, the industry's recovery, and the future of Job Keeper.  

Jun 2020

28 min 42 sec

Tasmania's lucrative Business Events Sector has been hit hard by COVID with nearly all conferences and business events scheduled for 2020 cancelled or rescheduled to 2021. TICTs Luke Martin sits down with the Chief Executive of Business Events Tasmania, Marnie Craig, who explains that not all is as bleak as it seems for the Business Events market, and how 2021 is shaping as a strong recovery for the sector. Marnie also outlines some of the ways different tourism operators can share in the business events market to Tasmania, and how its not just about conference delegates. Click here for further information on Business Events Tasmania Or call 03 6231 1366

Jun 2020

15 min 19 sec

Recorded-pre COVID, TICTs Sam Denmead sat down with the founder and Creative Director of Queenstown's wonderful biannual art and cultural festival, The Unconformity, Travis Tiddy.Travis talks through the creative challenges, opportunities and innovations needed to create quality arts and cultural events in regional areas. The Unconformity won the 2019 Tasmanian Tourism Award for Festivals and Events. The biannual  three day event celebrates the rich heritage and creative energy of Tasmania's amazing West Coast, centred around Queenstown. 

Jun 2020

40 min 58 sec

With Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein indicating Tasmania's border restrictions are expected to be lifted from July 24, TICT CEO Luke Martin sat down with Hobart Airport's Acting CEO, Matt Cocker, to learn more about planning underway to restore Tasmania's aviation access to Pre-COVID levels. How many flights can we expect from late July? Who will be flying and where to? Where are things at with planning for a direct Trans-Tasman service to New Zealand? Matt talks through the challenges for his Airport, and Tasmania generally, in restoring our aviation capacity. 

Jun 2020

22 min 16 sec

With tourism businesses across the State gearing up for re-opening, initially for Tasmanian's, and soon for interstate visitors, we thought it would be insightful to hear the lived experience of re-opening for a couple of prominent tourism operators with very different types of businesses. Chief Operating Officer of RACT Destinations, Andrew Paynter, speaks on the first day of his businesses’ reopening about his team’s journey, why he believes his team is coming out of COVID-19 stronger and more connected and how the business is planning for a busy weekend ahead. RACT Destinations operate some of Tasmania's most iconic visitor experiences, including Freycinet Lodge, Strahan Village, Gordon River Cruises and the Cradle Mountain Hotel. Tara Howell is Director of Blue Derby Pods Ride, a premium mountain biking experience in Derby. Tara is the Convener of the new Tasmanian Mountain Biking Network, and was recently elected to the TICT Board. Tara talks through how she has expertly managed her marketing and social media during lock-down and is now welcoming Tasmanian's to her business over the next six weeks.

Jun 2020

35 min 43 sec

Tourism Tasmania’s research and insights guru, Dr Allison Anderson, takes us through what she has been learning about customer behavior, wants and needs coming out of COVID-19 and how operators might be able to respond in their own business.Dr Anderson also shares the key insights on recent on the Tasmanian intrastate visitor market, based on research influencing Tourism Tasmania's new Intrastate Marketing Activities. To access Tourism Tasmania's market research insights visit 

Jun 2020

31 min 7 sec

Tourism Tasmania's Director of Marketing, Emma Terry, sits down with Amy Hills to explain the forthcoming intrastate marketing strategy Tourism Tasmania will be rolling out over coming weeks as local restrictions ease, and locals are invited to 'Make themselves at Home'. For further details visit 

Jun 2020

24 min 48 sec

Federal Group is Tasmania's largest tourism and hospitality operator, as operators of Tasmania's two Casino resorts, Hobart's award-winning MACq01 and Henry Jones Hotels, the luxury Safire Freycinet Resort, and several hotels in key tourism nodes across Tasmania. Dr Daniel Hanna is Director of Corporate Affairs and Regulations for Federal Group. Daniel is a well-known figure within the Tasmanian tourism and hospitality sectors, as a former CEO of Tourism Industry Council Tasmania, and the Tasmanian Hospitality Association. Daniel shares Federals plans for re-opening its tourism assets across the State and some of the challenges they've been working through as employer of 2,000 Tasmanians across our sectors. Daniel also shares the results of exclusive polling Federal Group has commissioned from leading Tasmanian market research company, EMRS, on their attitudes towards COVID, and predisposition to get out and about Tasmania over coming weeks and months.  

Jun 2020

34 min 9 sec

For many years, David Reed has been TICTs go-to industry guru on tourism yield management - knowing the true of cost of selling your product and pricing your service accordingly to make money. David has presented to operators across the State for years about the principles of yield management in tourism. With many accommodation operators gearing up for the lifting of restrictions and wanting to get a piece of the local intrastate market, David takes us through some of the considerations every operator needs to be weighing up before pricing their visitor experience over the coming weeks and months. David also offers some of his suggestions for what all accommodation businesses can do to maximise their yield and share of the local intrastate visitor pie. David Reed is one of Tasmania's best known and experienced tourism identities, as a  manager, senior executive, industry representative and consultant across a broad range of operators. David currently operates his own accommodation property, Cod Rock Point, on the beach at Bicheno.  

Jun 2020

31 min 29 sec

Amy Hills sits down for a chat with the Chairs of two of Tasmania's four Regional Tourism Organisations; the East Coast RTO Chair, Kym Goodes; and Tourism Northern Tasmania's Chair, Paul Seaman. Kym and Paul have been at the coalface over the past few weeks in their regions, engaging with local operators about the priorities for industry through the COVID shutdown, and voicing those priorities to Tourism Tasmania, TICT and other State bodies. They also consider the ongoing role of Regional Tourism Bodies through the COVID recovery, and the outlook for their parts of the State. Kym was appointed Chair of the East Coast Regional Tourism Organisation earlier this year. Kym is a well-known Tasmanian business and community leaders, as the former CEO of TasCOSS, the peak sector body for the Tasmanian community services industry. Kym has also been appointed to the Premier's COVID Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Committee. Paul was appointed Chair of Tourism Northern Tasmania in late 2019. His day job is as General Manager of Launceston's award-winning Peppers Silo Hotel, and Regional Manager of Mantra Accommodation Group in Tasmania. He has had an extensive career in accommodation management roles across Australia. 

Jun 2020

31 min 11 sec

TICT CEO Luke Martin take listeners through the business development and training opportunities being made available to tourism and hospitality operators over the winter months and the CVOVID recovery. TICT is launching some exciting programs pitched to operators wanting to spend the time developing their tourism and business skills, and re-set their business. Luke also talks through TICTs changings mindset around crisis to recovery, and the policy development and planning underway across the industry. For more information on some of the programs Luke mentions, visit:  - who are bringing together a summary of all initiatives and\ programs being offered to industry.  

May 2020

21 min 48 sec

The Acting CEO of WorkSafe Tasmania, Robyn Pearce, sits down with TICT CEO Luke Martin to explain the new regulations and responsibilities for all businesses as they resume operating. WorkSafe Tasmania is responsible for workplace standards in Tasmania. Robyn explains what a Covid Safe Plan is, where to find advice and help, and what must every business operator do to keep themselves safe, their employees and customers. For more information on Tasmania's COVID Safe arrangements visit:

May 2020

21 min 4 sec

Some of our most downloaded COVID podcasts are those featuring the insights and lived experiences of tourism operators and stakeholders working through the different stages of the crisis. In this episode, TICT CEO Luke Martin, sits down with his two Deputy Chairs, Clint Walker, and Kathryn McCann, who share their insights on the COVID crisis from two very different perspectives. Clint Walker is the CO-Proprietor of Stanley Seaview Inn, Horizon Deluxe Apartments and Burnie CBD Apartments. He is a long-time industry leader in the north-west, at the local, regional and State level. Clint has served on the TICT board for the 10 years, including the last three-years. He is also Deputy Chair of West by North-West Regional Tourism, and President of the Circular Head Tourism Association. Kathryn McCann has held a series of senior executive roles across the Tasmanian tourism industry, including a period as Director of Marketing for Tourism Tasmania, with Business Development for Hobart Airport, and as Marketing Manager for Wrest Point and Country Club. Kath now works for Beacon Foundation, empowering young people to seek career opportunities in growth sectors, including tourism and hospitality. A long-time director of TICT across her various hats, Kath now serves on the board as the Nominee of Women in Tourism & Hospitality Tasmania. She is also Deputy Chair, the first woman to serve in a leadership role with the State's peak tourism industry body.  

May 2020

42 min 11 sec

Tourism Tasmania CEO John Fitzgerald takes listeners through the Tasmanian Government's Road Map to Recovery from COVID 19, as it relates to the Tasmanian visitor economy. John also shares insights into Tourism Tasmania's planning ahead around activating the Tasmanian intrastate market, and what operators can do to now in planning for the recovery ahead. For more information visit: 

May 2020

30 min 16 sec