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Dr. Allison Davis

What kind of mother do you want to become? How does that differ from mainstream motherhood norms? How can we challenge the norms that contribute to mothers feeling lost, isolated, and alone? How can we reenvision mothering to help mothers feel rooted, connected, and revitalized? How can we extend mother work to include ourselves, our communities, and even our planet!?

Welcome to Mother Praxis, a podcast for mothers challenging norms and reenvisioning motherhood for themselves, their families, and our planet.

Season 2: Personal and Planetary Wellness
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Viola Hug, channel and psychic expansion coach, talks about how the transition into motherhood (matrescence) helped her reclaim her sexuality as a source of her creative expression. We talk about pleasure, authenticity, and belonging and how the good mother mythology holds us back from all of these important aspects of creative connection to self and others. Viola Hug is a channel and psychic expansion coach, bestselling author, and host of the global charted SPIRIT SEX MONEY podcast. She works with high level spiritual leaders activating expansion of their soul, wealth, and impact through spirituality, sensuality, and strategy. Follow her on IG @violahug and visit her at 

Aug 13

26 min 45 sec

Tiffany Paul shares how creativity was the thread that connected her mothering experiences from a teenage mother to a mother of three, exploring how the interconnections of mothering, creating art, and connecting with nature define her mothering practice. We'll be talking about aspects of Tiffany's mothering practice on Instagram @motherpraxis and I hope you'll join us!Tiffany Paul is a homeschooling mother of three living close to the Earth in Central Texas. In her efforts to understand her own mothering role and support other women in theirs, she has worked as a birth doula and parenting coach. Currently she is exploring her relationship with nature and her ancestors through her work with The Folk Folk, a small creative studio focused on telling the story of nature and creating botanical magic. She is a life-long student and aims to include infusions of poetry, blessings, gratitude, and hope in all that she does.Connect with Tiffany at

Jul 30

30 min

Chanda Branch, a mommy-caster at Modern Black Mommy, shares her journey into motherhood and how she forged creative community and supported her whole artistic self through the process. We're discussing aspects of this episode on Instagram @motherpraxis and I hope you'll join!Chanda Branch is a fierce, fly and fantastic woman who lives by the motto, “Just watch me.”  Leadership and civic engagement were instilled in her as core values at a young age in her hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida and she remains committed to those concepts as she helps to build the community in Raleigh, North Carolina and bless those in communities throughout the nation.Chanda is a wife, mommy, educator, arts advocate, and Pageant Queen whose passion and talents are aligned as a "Mommy-caster", founder, and cultural creator of Modern Black Mommy.Connect with Chanda: Visit to sign up for the monthly newsletterFollow Chanda on Instagram at

Jul 16

29 min 59 sec

Lara Veleda Vesta shares her mothering journey and how it led her to take her place as ancestor,  mending and tending her motherline. Detailing ancestral connection and tending practices, Lara shares how her motherline has been a daily and embodied source of support and wisdom throughout her decades of the challenging and rewarding maternal practice. We also discuss how mothering rooted in ancestral connection can be a revolutionary act by helping you authorize your own empowering style of mothering through dialogue with your inner guidance. I hope you'll join our conversation and share your reflections with others on IG @motherpraxis. Lara Veleda Vesta, MFA, is an artist, author, storyteller and educator transforming chronic illness into a path of healing and reclaiming.   She is the author of The Moon Divas Guidebook, and The Moon Divas Oracle, illustrator of The Moon Divas Oracle Cards and the forthcoming Wild Soul Runes: Reawakening the Ancestral Feminine. Her research interests currently include ancestral connection, mythtelling and disability as initiation, and she is currently working on an illustrated guide to death transitions. She shares her path of myth, folk magic, ancestor lore and ritual practice with her Patreon community and through by donation classes at the Wild Soul School.Connect with Lara:Instagram:   Wild Soul School:

Jul 2

32 min 1 sec

Why is it important for white settlers to heal ancestral lineages? What special considerations and sensitivity do white bodied people need to bring to this work in order to avoid replication of colonialist patterns of erasure and appropriation? These questions are central to Erin Caitlin Sweeney's (she/they) work and what this week's episode focuses on! I hope you'll join our conversation and share your reflections with others on IG @motherpraxis. Erin Caitlin Sweeney (she/they) is a politicized healer, educator & group facilitator living in Huichin, the unceded Ohlone territory now known as Oakland, CA. Her people come from what’s now called Scotland, Ireland, France and Germany. Erin offers 1:1 ancestral healing & remembrance work for folks of European descent aka white folks with an antiracist and decolonial lens as well as workshops and classes. She’s passionate about the intersection of healing and social justice and believes that when we look inward with accountability, honesty, and compassion we can bring healing to ourselves, our ancestors, and show up rooted for collective liberation.Connect with Erin: Website: www.erincaitlinsweeney.comInstagram: @erincaitlinsweeneyApela Colorado's recent book sharing her theory "recovery of the indigenous mind":

Jun 18

26 min 11 sec

Hannah Naylor, an intuitive practicing the teaching/learning experience, shares her journey of healing "daughter spirituality" (Murdock) by leaving her evangelical Christian tradition and forging a new path free from cultural and familial conditioning. In our conversation Hannah shares how she learned power and authority were to be held outside of her through her religious upbringing, how this spiritual trauma rippled throughout her adolescence, and eventually how becoming a mother helped her leave this belief behind and authorize her own life going forward. A powerful discussion given so many of us were raised in belief systems that don't serve us well as we grow and change, so we must seek new frameworks for ourselves through the dynamic spiritual education that is motherhood. Hannah Naylor is a single mother of two, ex evangelical, and intuitive practicing the teaching/learning experience in Wimberley, TX. Raised in a fundamental Christian home in the "Bible Belt" and marrying at a young age, Hannah has used her transformative experience of breaking free from cultural and familial conditioning as a catalyst to shed a skin that was not fit for her and embrace a wild and free sense of self and true connection to Soul. She spends her time consulting with other mothers and womxn struggling with their own self identity process and sharing her experience on Instagram: 

Jun 4

29 min 29 sec

Frances Walker, a mindset coach, shares her approach to working with mothers to connect with the wisdom of the body's natural guidance. We talk about her work where psychology meets Scripture and explore how she believes these two different approaches can peacefully co-exist and even support one another as we work towards life goals and personal development. Listen to our conversation where we discuss: her initiation into motherhoodher shift into mindset work for herself and her familyhow the wisdom of our embodied emotions are natural guidancehow beliefs can drive change more than behaviorsreinterpreting the Proverbs 31 her clock metaphor for creating internal and external change, anda reframing of the Christian creation story.As a faith-based mindset coach, Frances Walker's mission is to help busy moms increase peace and productivity in their homes, businesses, and communities. Unlike most mindset coaches, her practical, step-by-step, nature-based approach is easy to replicate on one's own, even in the midst of chaos and challenges. She utilizes elements of neuroscience, metaphysics, and scripture to help clients break the bonds of procrastination, overwhelm, fear, and stress that hold them back in life, business, and motherhood.As the founder of Women of Valor Community and lead mindset coach for The RecruiterU, Frances' clients consistently reduce distressing emotions by 80% while increasing work productivity and efficiency without falling into the trap of toxic perfectionism. In addition to earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The University of Alabama – Huntsville, Frances has received multiple certifications and has been recognized as an expert on mindset and business as the lead coach for The Powerful Living Experience, which Inc. Magazine named as "a top 3 must attend personal development event for entrepreneurs."  Through her methodology, clients can create surprisingly quick mindset shifts with long-lasting results in a heart-centered way.Connect with Frances at her website. Follow Frances on InstagramJoin the WOV community on Facebook

May 21

33 min 52 sec

Annie Broadbent, a holistic psychosynthesis counselor, shares how the medicalized approach to maternal mental health and wellness may not serve mothers as well as one might think. We explore what shifts / changes/ transforms when a psychospiritual lens is applied to a mother's birth in matrescence.Our conversation covers:Her understanding of the sacred and several archetypes of human interaction with the sacredThe importance of bringing opposites and the resulting tension as opportunity for growthWhy pathologizing mother's struggles does more harm than good for maternal healthDiscussion of the labels we put on mothers' experiences of the shadow of motheringWays forward, both micro and macro, to shift the status quo approach to supporting mothers We're continuing the conversation on mothering as a revolutionary act on Instagram @motherpraxis and I hope you'll join us!Annie is a psychosynthesis counsellor specialising in grief and bereavement and perinatal issues and on the training team at Psychosynthesis Trust in London. She is also author of Speaking of Death: What the Bereaved Really Need and writes for a range of outlets, exploring life’s major experiences, from motherhood, to death and grief and spirituality. Annie is particularly passionate about challenging the medicalised approach to health and wellness, advocating instead a holistic and psychospiritual lens on the individual and humanity. Previous to training she worked in corporate wellbeing and she was also a singer in a band and toured Europe. She still loves to sing. Visit Annie's websiteFollow Annie on Instagram

Apr 23

27 min 3 sec

Soul coach Terri Kozlowski shares how to transcend fear, move beyond the egoic mind, and heal our motherlines.⁠⁠I want to give a thorough trigger warning for this episode. Terri shares from her personal experience of sexual abuse and maternal abandonment as part of her story. She also shares of significant birth trauma that influenced her mothering and how she overcame the fear she carried from those experiences to heal her motherline. Media is an input I certainly try to be intentional about, so please skip this episode if your gut or anything else tells you this episode may not serve you at this time. Our conversation covers: Her mothering journey through grandmotheringHow her mothering experiences started in childhoodHer experiences of sexual abuse as a child and how that affected her motheringBirth trauma, and how expert advice served as a secondary adversity for her birthing experienceHow she approached healing her maternal line with nature and ancestral connectionTips for developing an eco-consciousness rather than an ego-consciousness Terri Kozlowski is a proud Native American warrior: Athabascan; Tlinglet Tribe - Raven Clan.   Rediscovering her true path in life, one of joy and love, she learned to transcend the fear that the egoic mind keeps bringing to the forefront of our lives. Terri is now a successful soul and life coach whose mission is to inspire others to master their fear.  She is the author of Raven Transcending Fear: a memoir about overcoming sexual abuse, abandonment, and discover your authentic self. And she’s offering a free downloadable excerpt from this book for listeners at the link in the show notes. ⁠More information:Visit Terri's websiteWebsite for Terri's book Raven Transcending FearCheck out Terri's podcast: Soul Solutions Find her on social media: FacebookInstagramLinkedInYouTubeTwitterFREE DOWNLOAD - Blueprint to Overcoming Fears: You weren't born fearful. Learn how you can overcome your fears. 

Apr 9

28 min 6 sec

Dr. Sophie Brock, Motherhood Studies Sociologist, explains how motherhood (institution) is different than mothering (experience). Starting from a place of WHY things are like they are for mothers, our discussion moves to HOW to advocate for a more liberatory experience of being a mother. ⁠Our conversations covers:Sophie's mothering and academic intersectionsHer theory of "hegemonic maternality"What the "good mother myth" is and how it is what we're all swimming withinHow motherhood is different than motheringHow social constructions of motherhood negatively affect mothers What is meant by the "good enough mother" and why she named her podcast this phraseHow cultivating our power as mothers can help us shift the social constructionHow to approach supporting ourselves in this shiftDr. Sophie Brock is a Motherhood Studies Sociologist and single mother to her 3 year old daughter, living in Sydney, Australia. She supports both mothers and professionals who work with mothers to understand the sociological construction of Motherhood and how this shapes individual mothers’ lives. Sophie advocates for a reimagined version of Motherhood that sees mothers supported, valued, and empowered. She offers online courses, mentoring packages, and her Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification program. She hosts The Good Enough Mother podcast and is President of the non-profit association, Maternal Scholars Australia. More information:Visit Sophie's website her @drsophiebrock on Instagram and FacebookListen in to her podcast The Good Enough Mother Podcast Email her at

Mar 26

26 min 9 sec

After taking a DNA test last year, Lindsay Blount found out she had a father and twenty+ siblings she had never met. As a result, she finds herself becoming more fully herself by living in the liminal space of identity. Our conversation covers:Her mothering journey so farThe surprising discovery that shifted her understanding of herself and her familyThe effects on this knowledge on herself, her family, and her worldviewHow she coped through the disorientation of such a large shift in her identityHow the shift changed how she mothersHer greatest takeaways about identity itself and how we can work with the possibility of the liminal spaceLindsay Blount has a lot of labels: she’s a wife, a mom, a doctoral student, an assistant to a Dean, a writer, and a photographer. Recently, she had her identity completely uprooted when she took a 23andMe DNA test during the pandemic and found out some shocking news. In the last year, Lindsay has taken a deep dive into identity and it’s meaning down to the root. She challenges everyone to consider identity has something that is not a fixed part of your being, rather it is something you can learn and relearn.Lindsay is currently writing her first book on identity shake ups and she hopes her story will inspire everyone to rip out the roots of their own identity and start creating a more true and authentic one.More information:Connect with Lindsay on Instagram

Mar 12

29 min 26 sec

Jessie Harrold, doula and a coach for new mothers, discusses how matrescence, or the developmental period of motherhood, initiates a profound shift in a mother's identity. Although there are many challenges associated with this period of rapid change, it can also be approaches as a time ripe with the potential of profound and positive self transformation.Our conversation covers: Jessie's background as a couch and doulaHer early matrescence journey and who she's becoming as a mother nowMatresence as an identity shift Why time is important in the transition into a new mothering identityHer passion to explore "how" this shift happensThe role of unbecoming in any transition and the normal grief, sadness, and anger common in this shiftThe power of the liminal, or in-between space, and why the discomfort doesn't need to be pathologizedThe fruitfulness of the in-between space and why time is essential Patterns of challenges and competencies in this mothering life transition7 skills of competencies Jessie calls "mother powers"Why mothering against motherhood through the mother powers is possibleJessie is a coach, women's mentor, and doula who has been supporting women through radical life transformations and other rites of passage for over a decade. She works one-on-one with women and mothers, facilitates mentorship programs, women’s circles and rituals, and hosts retreats and wilderness quests.  She is the author of the book Project Body Love:  my quest to love my body and the surprising truth I found instead, and the upcoming title Mothershift:  Reclaiming Motherhood as a Rite of Passage.  Jessie lives on the East Coast of Canada where she homeschools her two kids and tends to her land.More information: You can find out more about Jessie's coaching services at Follow Jessie on instagram at Get her free  Momifesto Workbook

Feb 26

29 min 6 sec

Dr. Richelle Whittaker shares from both her professional knowledge and personal experience about the natural developmental challenges of motherhood and how these are too often pathologized or made into disorders. She shares how viewing matrescence, or the transition into motherhood, within a wellness perspective can help us support ourselves and others throughout the many liminal spaces on our mothering journeys.Our conversation covers: Dr. Whittaker's own challenging transition into motherhoodHer goals for who she is becoming as a mother nowWhy she started Mahogony Moms podcastWhy we need to normalize the challenges of motherhoodInstitutional racism in maternal mental health Barriers to postpartum mental health supportWhy we need to depathologize mothering transitions How to support mothers through natural progressions versus saying something is “wrong with you”How journaling can support your mental healthHow faith supported her through her mothering transitionsWhy spirituality is good for your mental healthWhy she chooses to work within a coaching model versus a medical model to support mothersWhy it’s important to ask for helpDr. Richelle Whittaker is an educational psychologist board certified in perinatal mental health, a parenting coach, trainer, and author.  She is devoted to educating, equipping, and empowering women struggling with emotional challenges through pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood.  Her primary goal is to help moms become strong advocates for themselves and their children when it comes to making decisions about their mental health & education. Dr. Whittaker has more than 17 years of experience in the education and mental health field.  She is the author of Burps, Bibs, and Breakdowns: A 90 Day Journal for Moms and Embracing What’s Next: A 30 Day Journal for Parents.  She is also the host of the Mahogany Moms podcast.  More information: You can find out more about Dr. Whittaker's parent coaching services www.nextstepseducation.comListen to Mahogony Moms podcast on Apple or wherever you listenFollow her on InstagramBuy her journal for mothers Bibs, Burps, and Breakdowns

Feb 12

22 min 35 sec

Danielle Smith, owner of Garden Like a Mother and a professional gardening mentor, shares the health benefits of gardening and advice on how to get outside, get in the dirt, and grow your own food starting today.  Our conversation covers:  Public health models of health that emphasizes interconnection What a professional garden mentor does How Danielle's gardening and mothering philosophy intersect  Social and emotional gardening benefits How gardening helped Danielle with a challenging postpartum experience Gardening as self care The progression of shoots, roots, and fruits How and why to get started gardening now Danielle Smith is a professional garden mentor and founder of Garden Like a Mother. She helps moms grow fresh food at home with ease and confidence so they can lead their families in living healthier, happier, and more intentional lives. She believes that gardening is much more than a hobby-- it's holistic lifestyle that creates better lives for gardeners and sends out positive ripple effects across communities and our planet. She is a self-taught gardener and holds a master's degree in Public Health, with an emphasis on food systems and chronic disease prevention.More information: Connect with Danielle in her Facebook group, where she shares a lot of gardening resources  and offers a live weekly show with tips and trainings on how to garden successfully as a mom! Follow Danielle on Instagram and Clubhouse @daniellesmith

Jan 29

25 min 37 sec

Learn about nature therapy and how it can help support your mental health and wellness as a mother. I share about my orientation as an nature therapist and a bit about how it transforms the conventional psychological approach to maternal mental wellness. In this episode, I share:The main mental health assumptions of ecopsychology and nature therapy (applied ecopsychology)How a human-centered "anthropocentric"mindset is rooted in values of control and dominationHow nature therapy transforms our approach to mental health and wellnessWhat it means to approach developmental challenges of mothering from a wellness and strength-based model rather than a medical modelWhy we have to consider personal, social, cultural, and enviornmental dimensions of mental wellness in our healing journeysWhat I mean when I say mental health is both personal and planetary (Roszak)How I see my mothering clients resonate with this approach: including ecogrief, alienation from modern mothering consumption, and the importance of spirituality The first stage of nature therapy, or "upwork" (Clineball)Why your therapist's theoretical orientation is important Dr. Allison Davis is a researcher, writer, counselor, and educator of maternal mental health. With an ecofeminist-informed, strength-based developmental framework she helps mothers challenge and reenvision motherhood norms and practices. Her upcoming book "The 6 Initiations of Earth-Honoring Motherhood: A Nature-Guided Rite-of-Passage for New Mothers" weaves together modern research and ancient wisdom to help new mothers root into who they are and who they are becoming.More information: Connect with me and podcast listeners on Instagram @motherpraxis

Jan 15

16 min 47 sec

Micah Mortali, author of Rewilding: Meditations, Practices, and Skills for Awakening in Nature, gives background on the rewilding movement, the effects of nature divorcement, and one accessible way you can start healing nature deficit disorder through mindfulness in the great outdoors. We also discuss how to "rewild" through the practice of ancestral skills, especially those within our lineages who lived in close relationship with the land, and the benefits to humans to rewild in this way. Our conversation covers: An introduction to the two forms of rewilding The benefits of human rewilding personally and for our planetRewilding as a movement to bond with Nature through connection and loveResearch on the detrimental effects of nature divorcement, including concepts like "nature deficit disorder", "place-blindness", "species loneliness", and the "green wall"Research on forest bathing and its effects on human immune functionHow to reverse the detrimental effects of disconnection from nature and/or to start the rewilding process Micah's go-to practice for accessible rewilding An introduction to the concept of ancestral skills The importance of embodiment to accessing Nature-centered inner wisdomHow disconnection from Nature has dulled our sensesAncestral skills as a form of meditationWhy this form of meditation is perfect for mothers and others with no time to sit quietlyWhy connecting with your own ancestral lineage is important when honoring the land you are rewilding withThe human benefits of rewilding through the practice of ancestral skills  Micah Mortali is the author of “Rewilding: Meditations, Practices and Skills for Awakening in Nature”, published by Sounds True. His life’s work is reconnecting modern people with the restorative powers of nature through mindfulness in the great outdoors. Micah is the founder of the groundbreaking Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership at the renowned Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. Micah is also a 500-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher, a Level 2 Mindful Outdoor Guide and is wilderness first aid certified. He has studied with Tom Brown Jr. at the legendary Tracker School in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, and holds a Master’s Degree in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College. Micah leads trainings, corporate events, wilderness retreats and seminars on rewilding and mindful outdoor leadership at Kripalu and across New England. He lives in the Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts with his family.More information:Visit Micah's personal website to learn about his work and upcoming retreats and trainingsLearn more about Kripalu's school of mindful outdoor leadershipConnect with Micah on InstagramResearch article on forest bathing's effects on the human immune system

Jan 1

20 min 44 sec

Rachael Hägglund, a medicine woman who specializes in supporting pregnant and new parents through healing ceremony, shares the transformative power of her personal motherhood rite-of-passage and how she became a protector of lineage. She shares the importance of discerning cultural theft in the wellness industry, and through doing so, reclaiming our birthright of belonging in the natural world. Our conversation explores: how matrescence, the transition into mothering, transformed her life and workwhy her children are her greatest healers and teachers, and why she doesn't identify as a motherhow each of her births and perinatal periods opened her to greater consciousness and healing capacitieswhy she became such a fierce defender of lineage after losing her own, andthe necessity of reckoning with your ancestors to establish relationship with ancestors of landresponsible ways to seek wisdom from outside lineages with discernmentwhat happens to medicine when it's whitewashed through cultural appropriationour responsibility as practitioners and as seekers (and both) to challenge the status quo of commodification of the sacredhow to be in discernment by looking at a practitioners relationship with the medicinehealing intergenerational trauma by challenging entitlement to what we "want" in healingunlearning we can own teachings, lineage, the world and moving towards a grounded relationship with lineagehow Rachael works with clients to come into communication with their ancestors and the spirits of  Natureleaving a family legacy of rich connection with ourselves as Nature, reclaiming our birthright of belonging in the natural world Rachael is a medicine woman upholding and protecting sacred lineages and healing traditions. She is a Mesa Carrier and has been initiated into the lineage of the Q'ero Paqo and shaman Don Alejandro Apaza. Her introduction to the healing arts began as a child when her family lived at the Satchidananda Ashram where she was given the name Rashmi, which means Divine Light, by Swami Satchidananda. As a teenager, she trained as a yoga instructor with Vimala Fields and later in her twenties, she served as a birth doula. She claims her place as a birth keeper in the community, protecting the sacred rite for families through supporting pregnant and new parents in her healing practice. Her work weaves her own intuitive wisdom and the earth-based teachings of the Q’ero to create offerings that are rich in womb healing, ancestral mending and healing through reconnecting to the rhythms of nature. She also loves self-studying herbalism and wild crafting plant remedies. Rachael is the mother of two children and along with her husband, Mattias, loves parenting from the heart and supporting their children's rich connection with Mother Nature. Her own births were wild initiations and she views her children as her greatest healers and teachers. She holds an MFA in Poetry from Virginia Commonwealth University.More information: Visit Rachael's website to learn more about her and explore her offeringsConnect with Rachael on Instagram and follow The Medicine Path on InstagramRachael is offering 15% off a 60 or 90 minute Healing Ceremony for listeners with code MOTHERING15  valid through Dec 31 2021Connect with Allison on InstagramVisit Allison's website

Dec 2020

29 min 51 sec

Chelsie Washington of Weird Mom Podcast, shares how she embraces her quirks, her idiosyncrasies, and her "weird" as guidance for creating a philosophy and practice of mother work that feels empowering. Our conversation covers: Chelsie's mothering philosophyHow her community supported her matrescence, or transition into motherhoodThe grief she worked with as a new mother and wrote about in MotherlyHow she encourages critical thinking with her son through her mothering styleHow she centers herself in her life separate from her roles to othersWhy she started Weird Mom podcast and how she sees it serving the mothering communityAfter a couple of years of admiring other podcasts, Chelsie Washington finally decided to take a chance and make her own. In the middle of the night one day at the beginning of the pandemic, Weird Mom Podcast was born out of the desire to shed light on the little known things people just don't normally talk about when it comes to parenting. Outside of hosting and producing her own podcast, Chelsie is a wife to her high school sweetheart and mother to one fun, four-year-old boy. Even though she holds those roles while also working a full-time job, Chelsie still manages to find time during the week to enjoy her rekindled love of rollerskating.More information:Visit Chelsie's website to learn more about Weird Mom PodcastConnect with Chelsie on Instagram

Dec 2020

18 min 12 sec

Liz Hummer, holistic psychotherapist and intuitive guide, shares her personal exploration of her motherline after the birth of her son. Our conversation covers:an introduction to her understanding of the motherlinehow the motherline helped her reframe the initial burden of motherhood and shift her personal struggle with anxietythe tools she used to explore her motherlinethe familial lore and wisdom she uncovered through her explorationhow connecting with her pre-Christian roots helped her find a greater sense of belonginghow her indigenous roots helped connect her with ancestors of the land in a new wayand how the motherline can help us understand and address personal and collective intergenerational traumahow the motherline concept helped her in her mothering of herself and otherswhy the motherline is relevant to all people (hint: we're all born of mothers)how the motherline can be a portal for spiritual awakening and growthhow she works with the motherline concept in her private practicethe free e-book she developed for you to explore your motherground, or map the landscape of your motherline through journalingLiz Hummer is a holistic therapist and intuitive guide for the parenthood journey who weaves the mystical back into mental health. With her therapy practice, Wild Awaken, she grounds inclusive spiritual practices and ancient wisdom in the latest science of neurobiology, epigenetics and inherited trauma to help parents heal generational wounds and claim their unique soul-aligned lives for themselves, their families and our world. As a mama herself to a 3-year-old spirited old soul, Liz believes awakening to what we carry, what we can let go, what we can reclaim, and what we want to pass down can free us to live with intention, expand our souls, and nurture a healthier reality for our next generation. She lives in a small mountain town in the Pacific Northwest, ancestral lands of the Klickitat people, with her partner, son, wise old dog and three wacky alpacas.More information:Connect with Liz through her intuitive guidance practice Wild AwakenFollow Liz on Instagram and FacebookResmaa Menakem's book My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and BodiesTami Lynn Kent's book Mothering From Your Center: Tapping Your Body's Natural Energy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting

Nov 2020

27 min 34 sec

Johanna Lynn draws on epigenetics to explain how your family stories are your stories – in every way our ancestors live on within you. The challenges you face and the gifts you have in life are not yours alone, they are shared across multiple generations.We discuss what she calls emotional inheritance and how we can shift how we hold that past within us. Epigenetics shows us that our ancestors are a part of our wilderness that we can remember and explore as a path towards greater wellness, shifting from one of separation to one of wholeness.Our conversation covers:an introduction to epigeneticshow our ancestor's life experience affects our own through our DNAhow we can shift painful patterns explore mysterious and stubborn symptomsthe ways we are resourced by our families historieshow our children can guide us towards what is unresolved in our family lineageshow ancestors of place, or our mother lands, are a part of our family systems too and how we can forge a creative belonging by taking into account our whole selves Joanna Lynn is a clinical therapist focusing on epigenetics or how our family story is our personal story and the way that it lives on within us. As she says, science tells us that our biography becomes our biology. She works with clinicians and coaches to integrate the wisdom of epigenetics and sees clients in her international practice so you can work with her individually or as a family to shift painful patterns, or to explore mysterious and stubborn symptoms. More information: Book a session with JohannaConnect with Johanna through her websiteHear more from Johanna on other podcasts episodesPaper on the role of epigenetics in mental health

Nov 2020

26 min 44 sec

Rachel Roberts helps us reclaim the mother-centered wisdom of "matrescence" (Dr. Aurelie Athan), a word that represents a mother's developmental rite-of-passage into mothering. We discuss how a concept like matrescence, the developmental transition of motherhood, can help mothers shift through this rite-of-passage with greater grace, humor, and even ease... because knowing the process of becoming a mother can illuminate a path towards the creation and integration of oneself as Mother. Our conversation covers: the term's history and progression in motherhood studies led by Dr. Aurelie Athan of Columbia Teacher's Collegea definition of the term from a mother and professional standpointwhat the process looks like for many motherspatterns and themes in the process for mothersopportunities within this period of changeRachel Roberts is a Family and Relationship Mentor, a certified Soul Modes Mentor, and accredited Mama Rising Facilitator. She works directly with individuals, couples, and families, with a focus on self-discovery, relational patterns, anger management, and translating the masculine and feminine for more loving, meaningful connections. She's also well versed in typing frameworks (including the Enneagram) and archetypal exploration and will meet you exactly where you are in your journey to discover What Your Soul Holds (WYSH).More information: Get in touch with Rachel Roberts of What Your Soul HoldsConnect with Rachel on Facebook and InstagramDr. Aurelie Athan's website, expert on matrescence as a developmental period

Oct 2020

16 min 47 sec

What kind of mother do you want to become? How does that differ from mainstream motherhood norms? How can we challenge the norms that contribute to mothers feeling lost, isolated, and alone? How can we reenvision mothering to help mothers feel rooted, connected, and revitalized? How can we extend mother work to include ourselves, our communities, and even our planet!?   Welcome to Mother Praxis, a podcast for mothers challenging norms and reenvisioning motherhood for themselves, their families, and our planet.    I’m Dr. Allison Davis, a counselor, educator, and researcher of perinatal and maternal mental health and a mother walking this path with you. Join me in this second season to explore mothering theory/practice that includes mother work that nurtures personal and planetary wellness by protecting the knowledge and resources that sustain all life on our planet.

Sep 2020

1 min 39 sec