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A social taboo that is very common, so common that you may not even know that you might be suffering from it. Practicing safe intercourse is crucial and so is getting the right vaccine at the right time to prevent some STDs in the first place. Get tested if you're an active social butterfly, be proactive and most of all, be responsible.

Sep 18

8 min 53 sec

A feeling of fear, dread, and uneasiness is very common to experience on a daily basis for some individuals. But for those who have it occasionally may not even know they're experiencing anxiety. Listen to Dr. Donna talk give an overview of what is anxiety so you can help people or yourself when experiencing it. PS. It's completely normal and should not be frowned upon!

Aug 19

6 min 30 sec

Dr. Donna at Med Consult Clinic shares her insight on depression, how to indentify it and cure it. Mental health has been a topic of awareness specially amidst the pandemic, when we are depressed we not only affect our life but the life of people around us too. Listen to the podcast to learn more :)

Aug 3

5 min 3 sec

Doctor and founder of MedConsult, Dr Donna Robinson is a UK-trained and qualified doctor – practicing in Thailand with a Thai Medical License. She is one of a very small number of doctors in Thailand who have achieved this status and as a consequence is able to offer our clients premier medical care. This Podcast will give you a brief history of Dr. Donna's career path as she shares her experience in the field.

Aug 1

4 min 43 sec