The Wild Temple

brooke shannon sullivan

Envisioning a new world drawn from ancient inspiration, Season 1: Mythic Apotheca explores the stories and myths that have shaped our reality and how we can use them for personal + collective transformation.

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Brooke introduces the Wild Temple's new program The Yogi’s Apothecary within the broader paradigm of Tantric Herbalism. Listen Now!

Dec 3

11 min 7 sec

In this episode, archeologist, storyteller, and Ban Draoi (Priestess of the sacred land + witch) Treassa Kerrigan shares the myths, the Deities, the sacred sites, and the importance of Samhain, one of the 4 fire festivals of ancient Ireland. The myths include tales of the Morrigan, the Cailleach, and Tlachtga (tclak ta). This podcast explores how the ancient stories have shaped our current views of reality, and how we can understand their power for personal + collective healing.

Nov 4

1 hr