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Listen to our new series which explores some of the issues and ideas important to our community. In it, we look at broad societal issues, zoom in on what specific industries are doing and look at where businesses are driving societal change.

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How can we tell whether a company is genuine about sustainability - or whether it’s just greenwashing? This episode features MinterEllison partner, Sarah Barker in conversation with Philippe Joubert, CEO of Earth on Board, Trustee of ClientEarth, a Fellow and Member of the Advisory Board of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability and a Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur – a Knight of the French Legion.  They discuss directors’ duty of carein relation to sustainability and climate change. See for privacy information.

May 31

1 hr 1 min

The business case for diversity and inclusion at the top of our corporations has been soundly made, and many leaders have issued rallying cries to do better. The voices of investors have joined the chorus for change – including our industry superannuation funds. They have sent a clear message to corporate Australia that investment decisions will be influenced by performance on diversity, inclusion and broader environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues. MinterEllison’s Amanda Watt, Partner and Board Director, discusses the risks inherent in a lack of diversity and inclusion in our workplaces with CEO of the HESTA superannuation fund, Debby Blakey. See for privacy information.

Feb 17

28 min 51 sec

In the midst of COVID-19, state and federal governments are seeking to fast-track and fund infrastructure projects to help steer the nation towards economic recovery. What role will private investment play in fast-tracking projects? This episode features MinterEllison partner, Nicole Green in conversation with David Neal, CEO of global institutional investment manager, IFM Investors (IFM).  They discuss the opportunities for private investment in infrastructure and how the sector will play a role in the nation’s economic recovery from Covid-19. See for privacy information.

Nov 2020

41 min 55 sec

The global pandemic has tested the resilience of organisations in every corner of the Australian economy. So, what have we learned? And are we ready for whatever comes next? This episode features MinterEllison partner, Michael Hughes in conversation with Anne Ward, who chairs Colonial First State Investments and Red Bubble and is member of RMIT Council.  Anne shares her views on corporate resilience and the steps companies may take to build their resilience to enable growth beyond the road to recovery.  See for privacy information.

Sep 2020

32 min 17 sec

ANZ Bank CEO, Shayne Elliott’s priority when COVID-19 first threatened Australia was to protect its people, customers and banking services, while adapting its workforce and engaging with customers within the restrictions imposed by the lockdown. As economies adjust to the coronavirus and business considers what ‘normal’ might look like in the future, MinterEllison’s CEO and Managing Partner, Annette Kimmitt, talks to Shayne Elliott on the role purpose can play in a post-COVID time. Does our pathway to the ‘new normal’ offer business an opportunity to reshape the future through a purpose-led lens? See for privacy information.

Aug 2020

42 min 31 sec

In our podcast, we discuss artificial intelligence technology, what that looks like today and how it can be used ethically and responsibly. While living, breathing, feeling AI-powered robots aren't a reality yet, more specific versions of artificial intelligence are already part of our daily lives – and sometimes, we don't even notice. Every day, we interact with AI through games, chatbots, mobile devices and other tools. The use of this technology raises some important questions about ethics. For example, how can businesses, government and individuals ensure that this technology is being used to make a positive impact on society? How do you regulate artificial intelligence? And who is accountable if something goes wrong? To explore these issues, we spoke with technology partner Paul Kallenbach and Chief Digital Officer Gary Adler. See for privacy information.

Feb 2020

42 min 17 sec

In our podcast, we discuss the introduction of driverless vehicles into society, and how their introduction will impact on cities of the future. Driverless vehicles are fast becoming a reality in countries around the world, including in Australia. While the timeframe for mainstream deployment is still uncertain, this technology is set to transform our cities, communities and way of life – and it's already influencing government decisions about infrastructure investments and urban planning.  See for privacy information.

Feb 2020

38 min 47 sec

We discuss what leaders can do to impact organisational culture, who is responsible for delivering that cultural change and how culture can be measured. We spoke with cultural risk expert Elizabeth Arzadon, who was recently appointed by ASIC to their governance taskforce. Her mission was to examine and review the impact of board culture on effective oversight of non-financial risk in a range of ASX100 companies. We also spoke with partner Rahoul Chowdry, who leads MinterEllison's risk, regulatory & governance consulting services. See for privacy information.

Dec 2019

37 min 6 sec

As technology unravels the mysteries of the human mind, deeper, more intimate knowledge is now in the hands of health providers and businesses. Emerging technologies are changing the way that health providers treat patients, and the way businesses interact with customers, employees and other stakeholders. In theory, this should change society for the better – but will it? In this episode, we spoke with Professor Nita Farahany, a leading American scholar, on the ethical, legal, and social implications of emerging technologies and MinterEllison partner Jonathan Kelp to investigate the extraordinary leaps being made in medical technology – and the monumental impact these will have on the future of business and the health sector. See for privacy information.

Aug 2019

33 min 4 sec

Societies and economies are built on ethics and trust. But what happens if the public stops believing what they're told by businesses and other institutions? In the wake of multiple Royal Commissions, scrutiny of entire industries has never been greater. In this episode, we spoke with Rupert Younger, Founder and Director of the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation, and MinterEllison partner Geraldine Johns-Putra to explore how leaders can restore trust in their organisations, how they can rewrite the rules to regain trust and who should be responsible for doing that. See for privacy information.

Aug 2019

41 min 16 sec

What does the future of business look like, and how should business leaders prepare? To find out, tune in to our new podcast series. Here, we’ll be joining up with experts and leaders from Australia and around the globe to explore the ideas, discoveries, trends and policies that are shaping the future of business. Industries, business and all of society are facing powerful forces of change right now, driven by a world that is evolving and moving faster than ever before. In this series, we’ll explore some of the trends that are already emerging – and some that are on the horizon. We'll… Look at broad societal issues Zoom in on what specific industries are doing and look at where businesses are leading societal change.  Join us on this exciting journey as we unpack what these changes might mean for you.  See for privacy information.

Jul 2019

1 min 22 sec