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Myles Weiss explores religious, cultural, and political trends that affect us in our quest for meaning and positive personal destiny. Drawing on his 30 years as a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, you will laugh, cry and wonder about life… “is there more than this…?”

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No matter what battle you’re facing, God wants to give you His faith to walk through it with Him!Everything we have, we’ve gotten by faith,  a free and gracious gift from God!In this episode, God wants to breathe into you a new measure of faith that you haven't had before.As recorded at Beit Abba on 10/15/21. Support the show (

Nov 11

51 min 53 sec

Have you ever wanted to follow the biblical mandate to bless Israel, but haven’t been sure of where to give your money that will make the most impact in Israel? Michael Mistretta’s foundation, FIRM (Foundation of Israel Related Ministries) is solving this problem. They have brought together over 60 gospel based ministries with boots on the ground in Israel that are affecting practical and social change in the culture in the name of Yeshua.Messianic Jews in Israel are known to be the most hated group of people. FIRM is hoping to change this by showing the love of Yeshua through practical acts of service by Messianic Jewish ministries such as providing loving medical care for their “enemies” from Gaza and helping address the issues of homelessness and drug addiction all in the name of Yeshua. In this episode, hear FIRM’s surprising strategy for addressing the growing anti-semitism of the coming generation and how YOU can make a difference in Israel’s future! Support the show (

Nov 5

55 min 20 sec

Historically, the separation of a group of people like the Jews in World War II, begins with delegitimization, then marginalization, followed by the onslaught of the lies that are repeated so frequently that we begin to believe them. The idea of marginalizing people groups is not new and goes back over centuries. Now, in the USA, we are in a place of marginalizing those who do not go along with the protocols.I had begun this sermon earlier in the year and put it on the shelf to observe the course our culture would follow with vaccines and passports.  Here is my continuation of this sermon and insight into how the world events are unfolding in specific alignment with prophecies from the Bible. We are watching the unfolding of what could lead to a one-world govt and a system of political and economic tyranny that we see predicted, but we don’t think it can happen “here” and “now."Stay alert and as always, look UP for the hope behind the headlines! Support the show (

Nov 1

13 min 45 sec

The gospel is full of incredible mysteries and yet God entrusts us with some of the most amazing ones, just like the "pearl of great price". You are a part of the greatest mystery and revelation ever let down out of heaven! Your role is important!Listen as Kathi Shaw uncovers more about our precious duties and privileges as stewards of the great mysteries of God. Recorded at Beit Abba on 10/1/21. Support the show (

Oct 22

56 min 48 sec

Is Leonardo DaVinci's painting of the Last Supper what you see in your mind as fact? He couldn't have been more wrong. In this deep dive into the symbolism and significance of the Last Supper, Jay McCarl pulls out the richest meanings to share with us including: ~ How Leonardo DaVinci got it wrong & why it matters~ Who sat where and what it tells us about each disciple~ When Jesus showed us how to "agapé" love our enemies~ How Jesus showed the full extent of His love~ Why it's significant that Jesus took the lowest form of human life on the Earth as he foreshadowed the cross~ How we are reconciled to God as we share in the life of Jesus and "break bread" with Him.Recorded at Beit Abba 9/17Support the show (

Oct 15

1 hr 17 min

Sharon Hughes, conservative radio host of Changing World Views and a wealth of knowledge about current events, shares with us about a plethora of topics facing our world today -- Afghanistan, Marxism, and Critical Race Theory, oh my! This episode is PACKED with great resources to read & voices to listen to! Don’t miss it! Support the show (

Oct 8

57 min 35 sec

With a vision to win 3 billion souls in his lifetime, Bob Weiner has the gift of faith to believe for what seems impossible and in this podcast, he imparts it to you! His 37 years of worldwide ministry have been dedicated to raising up disciples grounded in faith that will share their gift with others.If you've been discouraged and need fresh encouragement for your soul & spirit, this is the episode for you. In addition to the gift of faith, we talk about: Bob's prophetic impartation that changed my lifeFaith for infertilityOur 5 enemies10 Level FaithVision for multiplication Connect with Uncle Bob at Website: Website: the show (

Oct 1

35 min 56 sec

After 35 years on the mission field in Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa, Dr. Bill Wagner knows an incredible amount about Islam and Christianity.  Reading Dr. Wagner's book, How Islam Plans to Change the World, twenty years ago changed my life & trajectory forever. What an honor to have Dr. Wagner on the podcast to enlighten and encourage us about the condition of the world today and how God is working even though we may not understand it. The richness and depth of his experience resonate loudly in his bold statements of faith in this interview.He shares some facts with us regarding Islam:~ The goal of the Muslim World League is for the entire world to become Muslim by 2085. ~ They are accomplishing that goal through 4 main strategies: dawah (changing the mindset of a culture through embracing Islam), building mosques, immigration, and jihad. ~ There are more Muslim missionaries in America trying to bring people to Islam than there are Christian missionaries in the Middle East trying to bring people to Jesus. ~ When a country reaches about 40% Muslim, jihad and strong persecution are introduced.~ When a country has 5 - 7% Muslim, dawah and immigration are the strongest tactics.~ While Christianity excels are reaching people at the micro level (person-to-person), Islam excels at reaching culture at a macro level (influence thinking of society).We also explore God's supernatural use of signs and wonders to reach the Muslims and Orthodox Jews, the real revival happening in the Middle East, why some groups and growing and others are not, how we can influence culture as Christians, and the Lord's wonderful ability to use our seeming limitations to do marvelous things. Books by Dr. Wagner:How Islam Plans to Change the WorldCan Evangelicals Truly Change the World?Halfway Up the MountainFrom Classroom Dummy to University PresidentSupport the show (

Sep 23

43 min 33 sec

"We used to always say the "end times" would be "one day." The "one day" phase is over. It is happening."Christian Arab Pastor Steven Khoury shares from the heart of Israel on the prophetic signs that have already been put into place that are ushering in the days revealed in the book of Revelations.  Things are shifting quickly and in some cases are changing overnight.  Pastor Khoury reveals the heart of love for Arabs and Jews together, why it matters that Jerusalem is the capital, the prophetic impact of the Abrahamic accords, and the "behind the scenes" things that are taking place that will soon be revealed including the "Red Heifer." Recorded at Beit Abba 8-6-21. Support the show (

Sep 16

1 hr 1 min

Not only does Troy Brewer rescue children out of sex slavery and care for them in his orphanages around the world, but he has a strong prophetic gifting to understand gematria or "God's mathematical lingo"!Find out how the Hebrew Year 5782 and 2022 are connected and hear encouragement surrounding what you can expect from the coming year.  We are entering into a season of double portion revelation and an anointing for being separated.  "Where there’s been a puppet upfront, the Wizard of Oz is going to be revealed behind it." Books by TroyNumbers that PreachRedeeming Your TimelineLooking Up: Prophetic Signs in the Constellations and How the Heavens Declare the Glory of GodSoul Invasion: Peace of Mind Knowing the Truth Will Set You FreeSoul Invasion Volume 2Living Life ForwardGood Overcomes EvilMiracles With A MessageThe Best of BrewerConnect with Troywww.troybrewer.comTroy Brewer on  YouTubeOpenDoor Church YouTubeSupport the show (

Sep 9

49 min 2 sec

In this special season of Elul, the King is in the field, nearby and available for a relationship with you, not in some distant, inaccessible palace far away. In this episode recorded on 8/20/21 at Beit Abba, we explore the coming and meaning of the Fall Feasts and why this time of year is meaningful to you and important to God. Support the show (

Sep 3

38 min 25 sec

What really happened inside the Capitol on the infamous January 6th breach? Former Rep. Michelle Bachmann reveals an eyewitness testimony of what she saw as she was inside the Capitol praying.Hear this fascinating insider account and ask yourself whether the mainstream media is telling the entire story as it unfolded.Support the show (

Aug 26

23 min 19 sec

We are privileged to have the esteemed Dr. Bach on today's show to explore the spiritual, military, and political aspects of the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan. As a former member of the military and having worked with underground churches in China and the Middle East for decades, Eugene brings a unique perspective. Today, hear about: - Military and Political points of view- The spiritual battle for Afghanistan- The missing element that spelled the recipe for disaster- China's alliance with the Taliban and what that means for the worldSupport the show (

Aug 19

55 min 34 sec

In this shared podcast recorded with Dr. Eugene Bach from Back to Jerusalem, find out how the trifecta of powerful elections (Iran, Israel, and US) are working together to change the worldscape and hear about the vast differences we observed last month between the Underground Church and the American Church and how all of it fits into the prophetic timeline leading up to Christ's return. "The 21st-century western church refuses to speak about biblical principles that are offensive to the world, but some countries see the gospel as not only not offensive, but worthy of persecution to the point of death. My goal is to follow after Christ regardless of whether it gets me rejected, regardless of whether it gets me persecuted, which Christ promised that it probably would." - Dr. Eugene BachThank you for listening! Please share with a friend, subscribe to this podcast, & visit to hear the latest from us & sign up for our newsletter.  If you are being impacted by the podcast and feel led to support us in this endeavor so we can bring you more life-changing, truth-speaking interviews like this one, please click here. Support the show (

Jul 27

49 min 25 sec

President and CEO of Evangelical Church Alliance, "Dr. Bob" was a football star in high school, became a physics and engineering specialist, and then was called to the ministry later in life.  He has an amazing story full of supernatural experiences as God called and raised him up in order to support and strengthen ministers from around the world especially chaplains who serve the military forces. Since its beginning in 1887, ECA has made a large impact on ministers of the gospel in 48 countries. It currently serves members in all 50 states and lends a great deal of support to over 250 chaplains serving in the armed forces.  They are steadfastly dedicated to honoring the Word of God as truth. Katherine and I have been blessed many times over by being a part of ECA and we are so honored to have Dr. Bob on today to share with you. Thank you for listening! Please subscribe to this podcast and visit to hear the latest from us & sign up for our newsletter.  If you are being impacted by the podcast and feel led to support us in this endeavor so we can bring you more life-changing, truth-speaking interviews like this one, please click here. Support the show (

Jun 18

53 min 38 sec

Back by popular demand, this week we revisit Myles' recent teaching on Shavout/Pentecost at Beit Abba as well as prayers for the Weiss's travel to the Middle East.  Be encouraged as Myles draws out the beautiful comparisons between God's impartation on Mt. Sinai in the older testament and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Mt. Zion in the newer testament.This season of celebration of Shavout represents: -Harvest-Gratitude-Outpouring of the Holy spirit-Purposes and plans coming to passThank you for listening! Please subscribe to this podcast and visit to hear the latest from us & sign up for our newsletter.  If you are being impacted by the podcast and feel led to support us in this endeavor so we can bring you more life-changing teaching moments like this one, please click here. Support the show (

Jun 11

1 hr 6 min

Can we ever have peace when children are being trained to become "ammunition" as martyrs whose sole purpose is to kill Jews? In 1996, Itamar Marcus founded the watchdog group, Palentinian Media Watch, whose purpose is to bring peace to the world by untangling lies told in the media.  Itamar is one of the world’s foremost experts on the Palestinian Authority (PA) and travels the world speaking to members of Congress, parliaments, and governments presenting PMW’s findings that have literally changed the way the world sees the PA.He and his brilliant group of millennials are hard at work interpreting Palestinian media for the governments of Israel and the western world. PMW's reports on the Palestinian Authority's promotion and glorification of terror -- which include paying salaries to terrorists; naming schools, sporting events, and public spaces after terrorists; promoting terror in children's TV programs and schoolbooks, and so much more -- have fundamentally changed the way the world sees the Palestinian Authority.In this episode, hear about the important work being done by PMW, the serious issue of child abuse through techniques used to indoctrinate them intro hatred of Jewish people and Israel, and the simple thing YOU can do to help bring clarity to inaccuracies reported by the media. Connect with Itamar and PMW at www.palwatch.orgThank you for listening! Please subscribe to this podcast and visit to hear the latest from us & sign up for our newsletter.  If you are being impacted by the podcast and feel led to support us in this endeavor so we can bring you more life-changing, truth-speaking interviews like this one, please click here. Support the show (

Jun 2

29 min 54 sec

We are always looking for the hope in the midst of the darkness, in the midst of situations that seem untenable in this world. We believe that God is up to amazing and wonderful things around the world. We see it every day. My guest today on this special joint effort is Dr. Eugene Bach, self-described   "Chief Trouble Maker" for the Back To Jerusalem movement. As a former US Marine sniper, he is someone who knows how to point the weapon of the gospel to the heart of darkness around the world. The BTJ movement goes into the 10/40 window and reaches Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists on the way back to where the gospel started. In this episode, we search for the truth about the situation in California, the Gaza conflict, the attack on Israel and Jews worldwide, terror funding from the US, as well as the true stories of countries taken over by totalitarian regimes such as Lebanon and Sudan. We also explore how we can best support and pray for our Arab brothers and sisters, and especially their children.Thank you for listening! Please subscribe to this podcast and visit to hear the latest from us & sign up for our newsletter.  If you are being impacted by the podcast and feel led to support us in this endeavor so we can bring you more life-changing interviews like this one, please click here. Support the show (

May 27

1 hr 8 min

With his hometown of Vallejo, CA facing a severe homeless crisis, Pastor Scott Nalley felt the Lord leading him to leave his "normal" life as a pastor to live among the homeless in "The Swamp" for 40 days.  Hear a first-hand account of his eye-opening experiences as he adjusted to living the homeless life, what he learned about those surrounding him, what his experience revealed about the church, and the only solution he believes will heal our current homeless crisis.  Lives changed. That is the hope behind the headlines for Scott Nalley. Pastor Nalley is the pastor of Bridgeway Church in Vallejo, CAThank you for listening! Please subscribe to this podcast and visit to hear the latest from us & sign up for our newsletter.  If you are being impacted by the podcast and feel led to support us in this endeavor so we can bring you more life-changing interviews like this one, please click here. Support the show (

May 21

1 hr

Not sure how to cut through the noise of the media surrounded the conflict with Israel right now?  We are in a very fascinating time that is painful and difficult for many of us, but here is a biblical view on the tensions in the Middle East right now and some important things to remember.  Please continue standing with our brothers and sisters in Israel in prayer. For more info and updates from a biblical perspective, please email us at to receive our newsletter and special bulletins. Support the show (

May 18

9 min 29 sec

The simple idea: we could not find peace with God without God making peace with us. Explore the Jewish roots of our Christian ceremonies & discover how they are prophetically trumpeted in the older testament.  Recorded on the great Good Friday 2021 at Beit Abba in Northern California.  Thank you for listening! Please subscribe to this podcast and visit to hear the latest from us & sign up for our newsletter.  If you are being impacted by the podcast and feel led to support us in this endeavor so we can bring you more life-changing teaching moments like this one, please click here. Support the show (

May 14

42 min 8 sec

"One of the great ironies of my life is that my mother escaped the holocaust of the Nazis, but my own child did not escape the holocaust of abortion." In this episode, we are blessed to have long-term friend and co-laborer in ministry, Michelle Shelfer, with us. She has written a new book called “Prepare A Room” which is the story of her own interaction with the reality of abortion, her recovery, and some philosophical and very practical ways people can deal with this very traumatic issue.  Hear more about her acceptance of Jesus through clenched teeth and his faithfulness to that as well as the supernatural moment that happened just 5 minutes after she had an abortion, showing her that God really did care for her at that darkest moment. Also learn about the Foundlings, a daily art project, as well as the Memorial Quilt Project honoring the 2.654 billion victims of abortion worldwide over the last 40 years.Thank you for listening! Please subscribe to this podcast and visit to hear the latest from us & sign up for our newsletter.  If you are being impacted by the podcast and feel led to support us in this endeavor so we can bring you more life-changing interviews  like this one with Michelle, please click here. Books by Michelle Shelfer"Prepare A Room: A Path to Peace & Healing for those Hurt by Abortion"Connect with Michelle:Website: Learn more about the Foundlings & Foundlings Memorial QuiltSupport the show (

May 6

1 hr

Called the "Billy Graham of Iran," Dr. Hormoz Shariat is an Iranian pastor, evangelist, and teacher who is preaching the gospel 24/7 straight into Tehran through his ministry and show, Iran Alive.The power of faith in Jesus/Yeshua is sweeping across the nation of Iran and the incredible growth and open heaven have made it the fastest-growing evangelical population in the world per capita, surpassing even China. In this episode, hear about Dr. Shariat's conversion from Islam to Christianity, how God supernaturally made a way for the gospel to be heard 24/7 in Iran, and how the persecution that believers are facing has made the church even stronger. Books by Dr. ShariatIran's Great Awakening: How God is Using a Muslim Convert to Spark RevivalConnect with Dr. ShariatText "Iran" to 50700 to connect to resources (books and website)Iran Alive MinistriesSupport the show (

Apr 30

55 min 47 sec

From An Eleven Year Old Suicidal Boy To Thriving– Discover The Real-Life Story That Has Inspired and Helped Regular People Overcome Anxiety and Depression.In this book and interview, Pastor Jake Taylor  masterfully weaves together the scripture and practical guidelines for understanding and thriving through depression and anxiety. In this chat, Jake reminds us of the importance of being healthy in body, soul, and mind with insights about the healing effects of professional counseling, the "Three Horsemen of Fitness", and the devastating effects of social media on today's generation. Find this and much more in Invisible Illness. Jake's book: Invisible Illness: Understanding and Thriving with Anxiety & DepressionJake's Website: Support the show (

Apr 23

50 min 40 sec

In one of our most powerful and informative episodes yet, Dumasani Washington, author of Zionism and the Black Church, stops by to share about the deep, prophetic, and supernatural ties between  African American & Jewish communities. He answers these questions: Why do the AA communities and Jewish communities have a supernatural connection? How have we fallen from the vision and place that we were in in the time of Dr. MLK Jr & the Civil Rights Movement? What was the main catalyst that disintegrated the African American family after they persevered through incredible hardships together? Why has the Middle East purposely turned African brothers and sisters against Israel? Why is it necessary for black Americans to stand with Israel? What does the bible say specifically about this special alliance?Dumisani Washington is a pastor, composer, author, and music teacher in Northern California. Dumisani’s Israel journey began in the early 1990s in a quest to better understand the roots of his Christian faith. The trek became cultural as he studied the Jewish Diaspora and became intrigued by Israel’s multi-ethnic identity; and the return of the Diaspora from Ethiopia, India/Burma, Kaifeng, and the world."Zionism and the Black Church: Why Standing with Israel Will Be a Defining Issue for Christians of Color in the 21st Century" by Dumasani Washington Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel "Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secrets for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion and Promoting Terrorism"Support the show (

Apr 15

59 min 34 sec

Myles & Katharine Weiss are in the hot seat this time as they answer questions about their own tips for marriage, heart for restoration, the One New Man, and ministry as they hold out hope for a brighter future.  Don't miss the restorative and inspiring interview with Julie Hamilton. Support the show (

Apr 1

51 min 2 sec

For 36 years, Stewart Winograd prayed for his Jewish parents to receive Yeshua. God brought about the answer in an incredible, unexpected way that linked Myles & Stewart in a supernatural way forever. Hear deeply personal stories from both Myles & Stewart about how God answered their prayers in completely unique and radical ways! Never, never, never give up. Keep praying! To invest in Stewart's work with Holocaust Survivors and bringing the gospel to Jews around the world, visit Reach Initiative International .Donate $30 to provide a special Passover celebration for a Holocaust survivor in Israel. Every donation is matched up to $15,000.  Support the show (

Mar 25

50 min 6 sec

In 1978, having no concept of or familiarity with Jesus, feeling isolated, unfulfilled, and lost, a young Jewish man was suddenly awakened from his sleep. Immediately, a vision appeared to him of Jesus on the cross. “I knew at that instant that Jesus was the answer I had been searching for,” says Messianic Rabbi Kirt Schneider, host of "Discovering the Jewish Jesus."  Rabbi Schneider traces for us his history of divine encounters and the paths that prepared & carried him to where he is now. You will be inspired to dream big for divine connections and seek more deeply to conform to the image of  Yeshua/Jesus in this episode! Discovering the Jewish JesusSupport the show (

Mar 18

1 hr 3 min

At times emotional, at times deeply prophetic, this chat with Rosemary Schindler will inspire you to look towards God's perfect timing and glorious return through a new lens as she outlines many of the prophecies in the Bible that we are coming to see pass in this "spectacular era" and she releases hope for America. Get ready! Resources: Well Versed World Website Schindler's Ark WebsiteSupport the show (

Mar 11

32 min 34 sec

In Part 1, "The Trusted Voice of Israel," David Rubin, shared his story of miraculously surviving a terrorist attack along with his 3 year old son. In Part 2, he tackles Israel's view of American politics, the return of traditional values,  why he is hopeful for the future and the incredible work that Shiloh Israel Children's Fund is doing to help child terrorist victims recover and heal. Resources from today's episode: Shiloh Israel Children's FundDavid Rubin Website "Trump & the Jews" by David Rubin"Peace for Peace" by David Rubin"The Islamic Tsunami" by David Rubin "God, Israel, & Shiloh" by David RubinSupport the show (

Mar 4

34 min 41 sec

"If everyone just discipled one or two people in their lifetime, it would be billions of people.You’ll never have a mass rally that reaches that many people. It’s statically impossible, but discipleship can do it. If that begins to happen, it’s like nuclear fusion. It can’t be stopped." In today's chat, Peter Tsukahira, Cofounding Pastor at Carmel Congregation and a deep influencer in my own life, shares about his immigration to Israel, how God used them to found powerful ministries, the importance of Israel, the inherent multiplication power of discipleship and how YOU are essential to building God's Kingdom -- not church growth or mass evangelism. Be sure to check out Peter's new book, Equip, when it launches on Amazon very shortly!Resources mentioned in this episode: God's Tsunami by Peter Tsukahira Equip by Peter Tsukahira Anointed for Business by Ed SilvosoMy Father's Business by Peter TsukahiraSupport the show (

Feb 25

41 min 42 sec

Hear David’s astounding testimony of he and his 3-year-old son’s miraculous deliverance after being shot in a terrorist attack on the roads of Israel. In honor of David’s commitment to the recovery of child victims of terror, our offering this month will go to his work restoring the lost innocence of childhood to children who are terror victims. A true Valentine gift!David Rubin is a former mayor of Shiloh, Israel.  He is founder and president of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund (SICF) – dedicated to healing the trauma of child victims of terrorism, as well as rebuilding the biblical heartland of Israel through the children. Rubin is an unofficial spokesman for Israel, with his books that speak the truth about what is really happening in Israel and the Middle East.  Rubin’s books have included, Trump and the Jews, The Islamic Tsunami, Peace for Peace, and God, Israel, & Shiloh.Rubin appears as a frequent commentator on Fox News, Newsmax TV, One America News, and many other television and radio networks, with articles appearing in Israel National News (Arutz Sheva), the Jerusalem Post, US News and World Report, and elsewhere. Support the show (

Feb 18

15 min 58 sec

Surveys show that 67% of millennial men favor socialism above capitalism. Founder and President of Changing WorldViews, Investigative Journalist and Talk Radio Host Sharon Hughes awakens us to the powerful (& dangerous) impact of cultural marxism. Changes looming on the horizon are already affecting the state of education, economy, immigration, and families in America.  She also highlights the many changes that are taking place as a result of the shifting policies of the new President while reminding us to continually put our hope in the right place. "It’s okay to be the light in the darkness. Light penetrates the darkness." "My hope behind the headlines is the promises of God."Support the show (

Feb 11

51 min 55 sec

"We can be free of fear when we’re free of the fear of loss." "Even in the loss of my husband, there’s been a gain of eternity that’s tangible."In this conversation, Karen Davis shares vulnerably about her recent experience with deep loss in the passing of her dear husband David, how God uses real suffering to prepare us and transform us,  and how to find inextinguishable joy and comfort through the crucibles of our lives.Thirty years ago, Karen Davis and her late husband David met Jesus "Yeshua" and were plucked out of the NYC Broadway scene and sent into Israel to open a drug/alcohol rehab facility that would bring Jewish and Arab people together as "one new man" as well as pastor  Carmel Congregation (“Kehilat HaCarmel”), a Messianic congregation located on the top of Mount Carmel, Israel.  Karen is also a recording artist and songwriter, well-known internationally for her Messianic praise and worship music."Thank you that you’ve allowed me to go through this suffering, this crushing, because this is how you’re preparing me.""When we embrace trials and tribulations as something the Lord has allowed, and instead of complaining and becoming bitter, you embrace it -- it is working for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all."www.karendavisworship.comSupport the show (

Feb 4

53 min 14 sec

I have a special message for you about the season we are in politically, physically, emotionally, spiritually. We are on a wild ride, so buckle up.Between the season of Hanukkah and Purim  - we are standing in the light and we are ready for deliverance!Learn about the Flushing Remonstrance, also called the New World Magna Carta -- standing up for the freedom to worship! Let's be bold! Let freedom ring! Support the show (

Jan 21

8 min 48 sec

Eugene Bach serves & advocates on behalf of persecuted Christians around the globe.  Bringing his insider knowledge of China as a resident for over 20 years,  he shares why you should be concerned about the dangerous decisions the World Economic Forum is making for you, who is influencing it, historic results of the same actions taken in the '60s, China's global vision, the battle between centralization and individualism,  the impact of this new kind of communism, and why we must overcome fear in today's world. Support the show (

Jan 7

23 min 12 sec

Raised in an orthodox tradition and then as a communist, author & prophetic voice Avner Boskey quickly realized that change can not come from outside a person, but has to be a spiritual change from within. "You cannot establish a new human being or get rid of sin by government decree. "Hear an update from Israel on the current political situation, effects of COVID,  the disturbing truth about the peace treaties & the real vitamin we need to live -- Vitamin B -- The Bible! Read more insightful truth from Avner & Final Frontier Ministries at Support the show (

Dec 2020

31 min 4 sec

You may be a  modern-day Maccabee!During this holiday season, we are wise to remind those we love, and those we are reaching for, of the vital connection between Chanukah and Christmas. For years we have been explaining, “How Chanukah Saved Christmas!” If the valiant Maccabees had not stood up to the Greco/Syrian tyrants, the nation of Israel would have been destroyed in 167 B.C. and the birth of Yeshua would have been eliminated, BUT God enabled a small band of faithful religious leaders to defeat a worldwide plot. The parallels with today’s world are inescapable. Once again, it is up to the “people of the book” to stand for freedom of speech, freedom to worship, and freedom to gather as believers in the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.  Will we be like the Maccabees?Support the show (

Dec 2020

13 min 43 sec

A "glocal" perspective -- Learn how Caleb Klinge and New Life Church maintain a global missions perspective for their local community and how brokenness is making the way for a revival unlike any we have seen before!Support the show (

Dec 2020

28 min 41 sec

Jim Garlow dives in deep to explain Israel’s complex history & brilliant contributions to society as we know it. Explore Zionism, the impact of the BDS movement & hear a personal message from Jim to the heart of every Jew who has been wronged by centuries of Christian misinterpretation  of the Bible.Support the show (

Nov 2020

26 min 3 sec

Hear from Back to Jerusalem's Eugene Bach about the parallels between the current experience in America and the communist takeover of China in the 1960's. We cover many topics including Mao Tze Tung, defunding the police, virtue signaling and the "Borrowed Boats Theory." Thank you Brother Eugene!Support the show (

Oct 2020

31 min 23 sec