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Deadly Departed - Jock Brocas

Jock Brocas is the author of "Deadly Departed - The Do's Don'ts and Dangers Of Afterlife Communication" A best selling spiritual classic regarding the afterlife and afterlife dangers.

He is also a renowned evidential medium and president of the ASSMPI. This podcast will deal with everything from the afterlife, the paranormal to grief and beyond. Contact

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Nick Pope is perhaps one of the foremost authorities on UFO phenomena worldwide. In this episode Jock and Nick get to chat about the serious implications of the military, our world and our government attitudes on UFO's. It is clear to Nick that the United Kingdom lags far behind when it comes to UFO investigations and the USA is the leading intelligence in the field of study. What dangers are there, if any, when it comes to Ariel sightings of UFOs. A fascinating episode.

Nov 3

55 min 38 sec

Loyd Auerbach is known as 'Professor paranormal' and listening to this episode, you can hear why. Loyd does not suffer fools and is an absolute consummate professional. We talk about skeptics, investigations and what is real and what is not. Ad Break at 54.30

Oct 8

1 hr 36 min

Dr. Eliot Van Dusen is a parapsychologist and ex - law enforcement officer. He is also the founder of PPRI in Canada. In this episode we talk about his paranormal experiences within law enforcement and his work in the Paranormal field. This episode is sure to keep you enthralled and engaged. Here is a little more about Eliot. Elliott Van Dusen has been fascinated with both the supernatural and law enforcement since childhood. Elliott graduated from Saint Mary’s University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminology. He completed 15 years of service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police before retiring at the rank of Corporal. He spent his policing career specializing in major crimes; homicide, sex crimes, and drug enforcement. He currently serves as the Director of Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation. He has earned a diploma in parapsychology from the Stratford Career Institute, a doctorate degree in parapsychology from the American International University, and has taken additional parapsychological training from the Nova Scotia Community College, University of Edinburgh’s Koestler Parapsychology Unit, Rhine Education Center, and the University of Ottawa. He is currently completing his Master of Arts in counselling psychology degree from Yorkville University. Elliott’s parapsychological work has also been featured on the Discovery Channel, The Globe and Mail, The Daily News, The Chronicle Herald, and several podcasts and radio stations. He wrote and published his first professional book in May 2018 entitled “Evil in Exeter”, based on a true story and investigation he conducted into one Rhode Island family’s terrifying haunting. On September 1, 2020 his second book, Supernatural Encounters: True Paranormal Accounts from Law Enforcement was released. 

Sep 28

1 hr 23 min

Psi Wars is a book that needs to be read! Listen to Jock and Craig as they discuss the role and issues between Skeptics and Psi Researchers. This is a not to be missed episode if you are interested in Psychic Abilities, the afterlife or other paranormal phenomena. Was the Ganzfield experiment a success?

Sep 10

55 min 59 sec

Jock Interviews Dr. Richard Gallagher about his work within the realms of Demonic possession. Dr Gallagher is the author of Demonic Foes that chronicles his work over the years as a psychiatrist who has assisted in countless numbers of alleged demon possession cases.

Sep 1

1 hr 23 min

In this episode, Jock answers a reader question on how spirits can attach to you. This is an overview of how easy spirit attachment can happen..

Aug 22

16 min 51 sec

Why do you need to protect yourself when you are developing spiritually. In this episode Jock talks about the need for psychic protection. If you are interested in applying for the 6 month in depth spiritual protection program. Fill in the form here;

Jul 16

21 min 51 sec

Everyone who is on a path to psychic development and spiritual growth has a desire to learn who their spirit guides are. In this episode Evidential Medium Jock Brocas discusses how you should approach this matter.

Jun 28

11 min 57 sec

Deanna and Tom Simpson did not know what they were in for when they purchased the cute house in Hanover. Dee had to have it and Tom, well, he was not inspired at all. Dee was warned, but she ignored those warnings as if a dark sinister force was calling to her. Jock Brocas, Evidential Medium, Author and Researcher Interviews the Owners of Maple Avenue who talk candidly about their Haunting experiences. Buy The Book

Apr 28

53 min 4 sec

Time and Time again we see many paranormal teams and investigators as well as psychics and mediums claim to remove spirits and to watch the ritual is like a Hollywood movie. However, here's the low down on what it really takes. Paranormal Daily News

Apr 21

14 min 21 sec

Does Hell exist and what about when someone commits suicide - do they go to that dark place. So many suffer through ignirance but this episode is sure to comfort you.

Apr 16

18 min 40 sec

Can Spirit Animals be your spirit guides. In this episode Jock discusses that often misunderstood belief on the phenomena of spirit animals.

Apr 9

12 min 57 sec

Jock Brocas - Evidential Spirit Medium answers a readers question about the potentials for possession when visiting mediums or psychics. This is part 1 in a 3 part series.

Nov 2020

20 min 3 sec

This is the first part of a funny story about how I met my spirit guide.

Jul 2020

10 min 15 sec

How do you know you're clairaudient? In this episode Jock tells you what to look for, and what supposed signs have no real connection to clairaudience. Ask Jock

Jul 2020

21 min 1 sec

Its not often the right way to meet your spirit guide with just a guided meditation. Often your desire to meet your guide will cloud your judgment. In this video we talk about how to meet your spirit guides the right way and how the difference in the meditation technique can affect the spirit guide connection. Join The Afterlife Group https://afterlife-education.paperform... Engage With Me On Instagram @spiritualmedium Fake Spirit Guides: Buy Deadly Departed - The Do's Don't s and Dangers Of Afterlife Communication Don't forget to subscribe to my channel Follow Me On Facebook Follow Me On Twitter Website

Jul 2020

12 min 14 sec

Dealing with loss of a parent, sibling or even a friend can be life changing, but trying to understand the grieving process and the realities of the afterlife will help you to deal with your grief in an easier way. There's no easy way in how to deal with loss of a loved one. It is very much a personal process and no one is ever the same as another.

Jun 2020

16 min 53 sec

How do you develop your spiritual power and what is your spiritual power? In this episode we talk about spiritual power and its role within your life - helping you to spiritually grow and to develop your powers of discernment. By developing the spiritual power that is within you, discernment is a by product of the development if you do it right.

May 2020

14 min 25 sec

This episode covers the importance of evidential mediumship and how online training can leave mediums unprepared to engage with the bereaved in a responsible and compassionate way.

May 2020

21 min 12 sec

Being Thankful Through Awareness and Gratitude: We often take for granted the small things and so we are changing things up and starting to look at our awareness and how we become more mindful of the moments and in particular your present moment. Becoming aware of you and your environment and your life is one step closer in mindful awareness at a deeper level.

May 2020

13 min 37 sec

Online Mediumship Training: This is my own personal opinion and was brought about when I was asked the question if I thought online mediumship training was valid or if I supported it. The discussion around this is quite a heavy subject matter when it comes to mediumship development. Mediumship teachers need to be in the immediate vicinity of their students and to be able to feel the subtle changes in energy. There are other reasons for not supporting online mediumship development and I cover that in this video from my own standpoint.

Apr 2020

10 min

It's important to investigate any claim of demonic possession. This episode discusses the need for psychological evaluation in these cases.

Apr 2020

13 min 10 sec

This episode is a guided meditation and visualization. We hope these techniques can bring you some relief during this time of anxiety and self-isolation.

Apr 2020

17 min 23 sec

A prayer asking for protection which I hope may be helpful for some of you.

Apr 2020

1 min 32 sec

These are unprecedented times that we are experiencing, but the problem is that we are giving our power away. It is time to awaken and take back the power by recognizing who you are. You are a spiritual being in a physical body.You have the divine spark within you and you have the power to elevate yourself above the negativity of the world.

Apr 2020

7 min 46 sec

How To Calm The Monkey Mind In Times Of Crisis: Here is my little secret for how to calm your monkey mind in times of crisis. Times of crisis make us anxious and fill our minds with negative thoughts. In this episode I teach a simple technique which can help mitigating these problems.

Apr 2020

11 min 1 sec

Is The Corona Virus The End Of The World? Thoughts from a medium, these are my notes from communication that i received from the other side regarding the Corona Virus within our world at this time. I put to rest the misguided information on spiritual cleansing and god like judgement. This is the coronavirus explained spiritually from spirit. Lets set aside our fears and bring some light into the world with a reality check.

Apr 2020

14 min 2 sec

Demons and The Corona Virus: Is The Corona Virus Demonic? I have been amazed at the amount of questions i have received about the coronavirus pandemic and if this is a demon related issue. How is the coronavirus spread and is it influenced by demonic beings.

Mar 2020

8 min 6 sec

The truth is that in your desperation to connect with spirits, you could be conjuring demons without knowing. In this podcast, I discuss dangerous paranormal games that you should not play, including Bloody Mary, mirror gazing and more.

Mar 2020

14 min 47 sec

Bonus Episode - The Tree Of Your Life, Remember where you came from.

Feb 2020

11 min 50 sec

The Ouija Board, is it a toy or a contract with the Demonic?

Nov 2019

14 min 46 sec

When you lose a loved one, it's often the first thing that you want to know. How long will it be before I hear from them and will i know how to recognize them?

Oct 2019

11 min 11 sec

In this episode, we discuss the types of medium possession and how it can be thought of in two distinct applications.

Oct 2019

16 min 40 sec

How To Raise Your Vibration In 3 Easy Steps

Aug 2019

18 min 42 sec

Helen Duncan is an Icon when it comes to the Rich History of Spiritualism. Dubbed the last witch to be trialed is so wrong, she gave her life for a cause and her country mistreated her through ignorance.

Jul 2019

24 min 25 sec

A real serious discussion on a real Demonic Case In Pittsburg USA. Bob Cranmer and Jock Brocas talk candidly on Demonic Infestation, Oppression and the real suffering caused.

Jun 2019

58 min 20 sec

Join Jock, Kev and Jen as they talk about Demons, Demonology, UFOs and the paranormal.

Jun 2019

1 hr 20 min

So you have been told you had a past life, but how do you know it's true?

Jun 2019

9 min 39 sec

Many dying individuals often see spirit right before they pass, but why and how, Listen and find out.

Jun 2019

12 min 14 sec

Too many people who develop as mediums or in any spiritual modality are all too ready to accept anything and anyone as a spirit guide. Bad Move!

Jun 2019

31 min 55 sec

This episode discusses the signs that our loved ones on the other side of life send us.

Jun 2019

25 min 13 sec

Spirit Guides, everyone wants to know them, but are they who they say they are?

Apr 2019

17 min 54 sec

Spiritual Discernment is one of the most important spiritual gifts that are given and can be developed. It is therefore important that one understands the reality of spirit discernment - especially when embarking on developing mediumship skills.

Dec 2018

20 min 43 sec

Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan claims that reiki and other healing modalities are the cause of Demonic Posession. We have another side of the coin to look at and consider, which is more balanced than the Catholic Church, yet could actually benefit all working together.

Oct 2018

26 min 28 sec

Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan claims that reiki and other healing modalities are the cause of Demonic Posession. We have another side of the coin to look at and consider, which is more balanced than the Catholic Church, yet could actually benefit all working together.

Oct 2018

26 min 28 sec

Why write a book like Deadly Departed, to what benefit can you gain from the book. Listen to this brief episode about the basis for the book, what the hoped achivements will be and how you can be involved too.

Sep 2018

10 min 11 sec

This podcast is from a video lesson that was turned into a podcast to give to our readers and students. This is about the reality of channeling and deep trance and whether channeling can be considered real.

Sep 2018

15 min 32 sec

This podcast is from a video lesson that was turned into a podcast to give to our readers and students. This is about the reality of demons and demon possession as well as obsession. This is an interesting subject, but if it scares you in any way, then do not listen to this subject matter. Part 2 Comming Soon.

Sep 2018

26 min 22 sec

Your loved ones visit you when you sleep, but why and why do some people remember and some do not remember these encounters. Learn now from the signs of spirit podcast. Be sure to subscribe and share.

Feb 2018

41 min 35 sec

This is a meditation to meet your loved ones on the other side. It is one of the many that I teach to clients and students. Follow the meditation regularly and learn to make contact with your loved ones.

Sep 2017

24 min 56 sec