Jeneric Conversations

By Jen Amos

Candid conversations that happen to be recorded. RETURNING SUMMER 2021 In the meantime, check out other podcast shows hosted by Jen:

  1. 1.
    000: Conversations that have you say, "I needed this." Jeneric Conversations Trailer
  2. 2.
    001: "We feel loved by giving it." Insanely actionable strategies for happier relationships with Roman Mironov
  3. 3.
    002: "I attempted and I survived." Mental health and well-being with Helen Ginman
  4. 4.
    003: "It's your responsibility to the client to help them buy." Sales, authentic persuasion, and choosing joy with Jason Cutter
  5. 5.
    004: "The in-between is our access to going from powerless to powerful." Relationships, settling in, and what your impulses may actually mean with Michelle Baxo
  6. 6.
    005: “Dare more, and have fun.” Activation mode, newcomer curiosity, and 100 new things to try with Dominika Hanc
  7. 7.
    006: Networking in "this time of weirdness" with Lori Saitz
  8. 8.
    007: “You always have to keep working on your health.” Fibromyalgia and holistic nutrition with Amanda Elise Love

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