Going Negative - Solving Climate Change Through Carbon Dioxide Removal

Tom Green

Going Negative explores all aspects of Carbon Dioxide Removal, in the context of Climate Change.

This includes information and news about climate change, and the latest in Carbon Dioxide Removal technologies.

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Join host Tom Green for a wide-ranging interview with the incredible Amanda Ravenhill. Amanda discusses numerous aspects of climate change including her remarkable career, exciting projects in climate change, why we shouldn't be referring to Carbon Dioxide Removal. Learn about the potential of Blue Carbon, how humans made the Amazon rainforest (and how we can save it too), and the important work being done by the Buckminster Fuller Institute. www.bfi.org https://spaceshipearth.live/blue-carbon-home

Mar 2

47 min 49 sec

Daniel Egger from Switzerland joins host Tom Green to discuss Climeworks, which is a Direct Air Capture technology. Climeworks builds machines which capture carbon dioxide directly from the air. Learn more at https://www.climeworks.com/

Feb 23

27 min 58 sec

In this episode, host Tom Green was joined by Shaun Meehan from Charm Industrial. Charm is working on a process to turn agricultural waste into bio-oil, which can be injected deep into the Earth's crust. In addition, they have a process for making carbon negative hydrogen from the same farm waste. Shaun discusses Charm's approach, as well as his background spending winters in Antarctica. Learn more at www.charmindustrial.com

Feb 16

32 min 57 sec

On this episode, host Tom Green is joined by Ross Kenyon of Nori to discuss the intersection between political philosophy and climate change. How do conservatives think about climate change in this age? What are the roots of that thinking? What does this have to do with Nori, a marketplace for carbon removal? Listen in and experience a conversation ranging from the esoteric to the in depth. Learn more about Nori at www.nori.com

Feb 9

31 min 31 sec

Interview with Brad Ack of Ocean Climate Trust, talking about: - What are the right objectives for the climate? - What's the current state of play? - What is the role of the oceans in solving this problem? - Ocean Climate Trust www.oceanclimatetrust.org

Jan 27

36 min 2 sec

This episode, with host Tom Green and guest Eric Matzner, co-founder of Project Vesta, explores the science of climate change, the impacts on carbon emissions of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need for Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) as part of the solution to the problems of climate change. https://pubs.geoscienceworld.org/gsa/geology/article/doi/10.1130/G47681.1/586769/A-23-m-y-record-of-low-atmospheric-CO2 https://www.ecowatch.com/atmospheric-carbon-dioxide-levels-historic-2646152010.html https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/global-co2-emissions-saw-record-drop-during-pandemic-lockdown/ https://www.nature.com/articles/s41558-020-0797-x  https://ourworldindata.org/contributed-most-global-co2

Jul 2020

32 min 46 sec