The Fighting Entrepreneur

Anik Singal

In this podcast you will learn all about the challenges that you will face as an entrepreneur.

All Episodes   Join Anik Singal this week as he talks cryptos and “trading bots” with Dan Hollings.   Here’s the thing about cryptos - 95% of people who invest in them lose money. That’s why Dan set out several years ago to use artificial intelligence to find a better way to trade cryptos.   The result is a system now used by over 10,000 people from 104 countries! And Anik is averaging $866 PER DAY in profit!   Here’s what you’ll discover:   Why everyone should have some money in cryptos… How HODL’ers can make extra income even if they buy and hold their cryptos... Why NOT trying to predict the future moves in cryptos is critical to success with these bots... are already using this amazing system.    You’re also going to hear from several members of Lurn Nation who jumped into these bots back in August.    Their results are going to shock you!   To learn more about this amazing opportunity - and to see if you qualify to use these “trading bots” - register for Anik’s upcoming webinar with Dan at  

Nov 29

1 hr 1 min

Join Anik Singal on this week’s episode and watch his interview from the Copy & Funnels Summit with keynote speaker Brooke Castillo.   Brooke is the founder of The Life Coach School and has grown her business to $50M per year with only two products, allowing her to work only 3 days a week!   Brooke’s business model is incredibly simple - she has a membership program where she actively coaches clients for a monthly recurring membership fee…   And she has a super ticket program where she teaches and certifies others to be life coaches.    Join Anik and Brooke on this interview to discover…   The funny reason she decided to start her membership - a program that now generates HALF her revenue… Her approach to front-end marketing and how long she’s willing to take to break even… How she’s been able to grow her business to $50M without a sales team!   This is an amazing interview with one of the top coaches in the world.   You can learn more about Brooke and her products at

Nov 22

40 min 49 sec Join Anik Singal on this week’s episode and discover a little-known Facebook traffic loophole any business can use to drive more sales. Blake Nubar joins Anik to reveal how he discovered this loophole and how how his students are quickly generating hundreds and even thousands of dollars in their first week. Watch this episode to discover: How an experiment Blake ran generated over $25,000 in sales in just 9 days... Why it’s possible for anyone to use this traffic source, even if you don’t have your own products to sell… How you can clone Blake’s entire funnel in 3 simple steps - a great way for complete beginners to get started. This is a proven approach that works across thousands of different niches. Watch Anik and Blake in this week’s episode… Then register for a new workshop with Blake where he’ll reveal this loophole and present a unique partnership opportunity to work with him. Go to for more information.

Nov 15

25 min 26 sec   Join Anik Singal on this week’s episode and discover how he got more than 10,000 registrants for a virtual summit.   Listen to today’s episode to discover…   How he got over 10,000 eager registrants even with a very niche topic… Where to find the important “3 buckets” of prospective attendees he targeted… How he expects this single summit will generate revenue for months - if not years - to come... What exciting event qualified attendees will get an invitation to next... One major tactic he used that all internet marketers should try in 2022...   Every business owner and marketer can use these expert-level tactics to grow and profit in 2022.    Join marketing masters on evergreen webinar funnels, virtual summit funnels, and more at the first annual 2-day Copy & Funnels Summit.   This FREE summit is entirely virtual so you can watch over 14 hours of killer content on copy & funnels from anywhere.   Go to to register for the 2-Day Copy & Funnels Summit.

Nov 8

12 min 56 sec   Join Anik Singal on this week’s episode and discover the top 3 funnels responsible for over $30 million in sales in 2021.   While all three funnels were profitable for Lurn this year, only 2 are making the cut to 2022.   Listen to today’s episode to discover…   Why webinar funnels are getting tougher by the day… 2 big changes you need to make to your webinar funnels right now… The #1 key to making virtual summits successful - do more of this and your audience will throw money at you… Why challenge funnels won’t be making the cut for Lurn in 2022...   Webinar funnels have been responsible for the bulk of Lurn’s revenue this year.    Join industry experts on evergreen webinar funnels, virtual summit funnels, and more at the 1st annual, 2-day Copy & Funnels Summit.   The summit is entirely virtual so you can watch from where you are. It’s also FREE to attend, with over 14 hours of killer content on copy & funnels.   Go to to register for the 2-Day Copy & Funnels Summit.

Nov 1

19 min 37 sec   Join Anik on this week’s episode and discover the #1 secret to creating a million dollar offer.   If you own or run a business, your superpower to make sure you never go broke is understanding copy & funnels. A key part of that is knowing how to create a killer offer.    You can be the greatest copywriter in the world and you still won’t be able to sell something nobody wants.   Listen to today’s episode to discover…   The simple secret inspired by Mr. Rogers to help you create a killer offer… The 3 lists you must create to understand what your prospect needs… An example to see how to transfer your 3 lists into your copy...   Copywriters who understand how to create million-dollar offers are in high demand. And if you’re ready to figure out how to jump create a $100 MILLION dollar offer…   Join Anik and his keynote speaker, Alex Hormozi, at Lurn’s 1st annual 2-day Copy & Funnels Summit on November 8th and 9th.   Registration is completely FREE at

Oct 25

12 min 20 sec Join Anik Singal on this week’s episode and discover the 2 most important skills you need to start, grow & scale an online business. Early in his career, Anik used the first skill to earn as much as $15,000 an hour! And then, he started REFUSING new gigs. That’s right, he started turning down offers to earn $15k per hour. Nuts, right? Not quite. Listen to today’s episode to discover… The 2 most important skills needed to build an online business and turn it into a digital empire… How Anik went from making $500 per hour in college to over $15,000 an hour… Why Anik QUIT writing copy for other people after making $300,000 on one 20 hour project... Anik will also share how to learn from him and 17 other top online marketers for two full days - FREE! No matter what kind of business you run today or are looking to start, this FREE 2-day summit will be transformative. Go to to learn more about the first ever 2-Day Copy & Funnels Summit.

Oct 18

26 min 28 sec

Yhennifer Mendes is the go-to expert for how to build brand loyalty and community with Groups. As one of the world’s top Group managers, she’s worked directly with Facebook to build their Community Management Certification. In this episode, she joins Anik to talk about best practices for building a group and what he should do with his Inside My Head group. Listen now to discover: Why it’s important to have a strategy and know your mission before you start your group... The core issue with Facebook or any other social media platform and the single move Anik made to address it... The most important things to do to build your group Yhennifer’s #1 recommendation for Anik… Check out this episode and discover the secrets to building brand loyalty & community with Facebook Groups. You can connect with Yhennifer on Facebook by searching her name and check out her services at To follow along with a huge change coming for Lurn, join Anik’s private newsletter at

Oct 11

38 min 28 sec

Join Anik Singal on this week’s SOLO episode and discover what triggered his decision to delete his Facebook account - for now. Anik recently experienced a “perfect storm”, and it led to a life-altering decision...  In today’s episode, you’ll discover… The two crazy things that led to the “perfect storm” (The one involved shaking, the other laughing)...   Why Anik decided to delete his Facebook account (for now)...   Before you get upset, the ONE question you can ask yourself (95% of the time, the answer will be the same)...   Why Anik prefers Tik Tok over FB...   Life after Facebook... Today’s episode is all about Anik sharing a very personal experience... Join him and find out what happened in his life for him to step away from Facebook... And why he thinks sharing this story could help you make better decisions with your time and life. Click subscribe below and leave me a comment. I want to hear what you think about today’s episode?

Oct 4

16 min 46 sec

Wilco de Kriej is a full-time, online marketing “whiz kid” who started his first online business selling sunglasses at the age of 16. His viral marketing software has helped his customers attract over 40,157,000 leads and counting. On this episode, Anik wants Wilco’s help to get his InsideMyHead group to over 10,000 people with viral marketing.  By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know…   A simple 2-page process for collecting leads with viral marketing... How to pick the right incentive to get higher-quality leads... The trick to combining affiliates with viral marketing to exponentially grow your list... Wilco walks Anik through what he should and shouldn’t do when launching this campaign to his list… Check it out and follow along with Anik in the coming weeks to discover how to add 10,000 free leads to your list with viral marketing!   You can connect with Wilco on YouTube or Facebook by searching his name and check out his company at

Sep 27

38 min 43 sec

Sean Agnew is a self-proclaimed data geek who likes to call himself the least creative person in the world. And when it comes to running a profitable CPA business - cost per acquisition - the profit is in the data. For the past several years, Sean has been getting paid to generate leads for various niches. Have you ever clicked on an ad for auto insurance or life insurance?  That may have been Sean.   By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know…   The simple funnel you can sketch out on a napkin... The 2 types of leads and how you can get paid as much as $50 per lead... Why you should look to master one niche first and Sean’s 90-day plan to see if it’s a good one… Why email marketing is critical to the success of your CPA business… Sean’s #1 source for CPA traffic (it’s NOT Facebook!)...   Sean also shares the data he’s seeing right now in his live funnels so you can clearly see the potential of this model.   You can connect with Sean on Facebook & Instagram under his handle, seancagnew.

Sep 20

44 min 28 sec

Go to to join our 5-Day Digital Empire Challenge, September 13-17th. Do you want to know how to make your first $50,000 online quickly? Simple - solve a problem that’s so big, someone will happily pay you $5,000 to solve it for them. It’s called information marketing, and it’s now a $400 BILLION per year market. On this episode, you’ll discover: 3 niches that are the EASIEST to get into and sell high-ticket and super-ticket products… The myth about the “value ladder” - follow Anik’s one piece of advice here for a faster path to your income goals… A simple 2-page funnel you can use to get started… The most important criteria to obey when choosing a mentor… Whether you’re looking to just make a little side money or want to build a digital empire, information publishing is the way to go. It’s the fastest way we know to go from idea to execution to profit. To register for our 5-day Digital Empire Challenge and $50,000 giveaway, go to

Sep 13

17 min 4 sec  Join Anik Singal on this week’s episode and discover the 5 things you need to start building a digital empire online… The right business model The right funnel A killer offer Traffic (and we’ll show you how to start with FREE traffic) A step-by-step blueprint to making your first $5,000 online Whether you’re looking to just make a little side money or want to build a digital empire, information publishing is the way to go. Things have completely transformed online over the past 2 years… And information publishing and online education are now a $400 billion dollar per year industry - and growing quickly! And whether you believe it or not, YOU have something to offer. Join Anik and find out how to build out your entire information publishing plan in just 5 days.  To register for our upcoming 5-day Digital Empire Challenge and enter our massive $50,000 giveaway, go to

Sep 6

22 min 19 sec

Rich Schefren is one of the heavyweight champions of the internet marketing world. He’s coached some of the biggest names & businesses in the industry, including multiple divisions at marketing powerhouse Agora.  Now, he’s sharing how to use adware to “spy” on your competitors and build a targeted list for pennies. By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know…   The three networks that have an inventory of pages you can track with adware...   How to add people to your highly targeted list for about 3 cents each...   The key Rich has discovered to building superior look-alike audiences on Google and Facebook...   Tune it now & discover Rich’s bonus tip on how to take advantage of YouTube’s latest algorithm changes to identify your best prospects. Rich scored a rare TKO on this episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur… Watch now to put into action his brilliant tips for building your list.  You can follow Rich on Facebook & YouTube by searching for Strategic Profits or go to

Aug 30

29 min 4 sec

eff J. Hunter is a former Project Manager for a Fortune 500 company and the founder of VA Staffer, a 150 person virtual assistant staffing agency.   Jeff joined Anik this week to help him walk through what types of tasks are right for outsourcing, where to find them, and what to expect to pay. By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know…   The top 4 types of tasks you should consider giving to a virtual assistant… Jeff’s #1 country for virtual assistants and why 90% of his staff is from there… Why going to sites like Fiverr and Upwork is NOT the right approach when looking to outsource...   Tune it now to discover how Jeff finds full-time virtual assistants for as little as $500 per month and the tasks he personally has them do. And if you’re ready to work with Jeff to fill your own virtual assistant needs, visit his company at You can also connect with him online here: LinkedIn: YouTube:

Aug 23

45 min 14 sec

Over 1.1 million. That’s how many people have gotten an inside look into the system Anik Singal has used to collect over 13 million email addresses and generate over $300M in sales.   He’s been quietly working on updates to his bestselling book, Circle of Profit. Now, it’s here. Join Anik as he walks you through exactly how this powerful system works. On this episode he’ll reveal what makes this system so powerful, including: The two phases you need to build and scale your business... The #1 thing you MUST do to build long term success… How you can get early access to this book as a member of Lurn Nation... You can also grab leaked chapters from the book and start reading right now, before it’s released to the public. Watch now to discover how you can use the Circle of Profit, no matter what type of online business you have or want to start.  Go to to discover how to download the leaked chapters and be one of the first to get access to the 3rd edition.

Aug 16

25 min 48 sec

Jesse Eker was literally born into the internet marketing space as the son of legendary business coach T. Harv Eker. Since helping grow his dad’s brand, he’s now showing others how to build a brand online using virtual events.   Jesse’s created a super simple 4-step system for virtual events anyone can use.   By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know…   His 4 steps for creating the perfect virtual event and the right way to monetize it... The 3 types of traffic you can use to fill your event and how to know which one is right for you... The ideal price point for the offer you present during your event...   Tune it now to discover the tips Jesse shared with Anik to get a killer attendance rate and have people begging for the offer.   Jesse’s also going to go into this topic even deeper on his own upcoming event.    Just go to to register today.

Aug 9

45 min 16 sec Dan Hollings has been in the internet marketing space for a long time, including as the internet strategist for The Secret. But recently, he left the IM space behind for a new adventure… Cryptocurrencies. Like a lot of people, Dan jumped into crypto a few years ago and lost money trying to chase moonshots. Then, he figured out a better way. He developed a way to use crypto “trading bots” to make micro profits off the volatility of both up and down moves in the cryptos. By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know…   How Anik’s been doing in his first month using these trading bots in his personal account...   The one piece of advice Dan gave Anik to make more money with this strategy...   Why it’s possible to make money even when cryptocurrencies are crashing...   This is going to be a mind-blowing episode and a great preview to an upcoming workshop with Dan where he’ll reveal the system.   To register for the workshop, go to

Aug 2

25 min

Tucian Cardos struggled for 6 years to make money online without success.   After discovering Lurn and completing only ONE course, he went from ZERO to earning $11,000 per month in 6 months!   It was all achieved with free traffic and in a tiny unknown market not used to buying stuff online.   By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know…   How to monetize an email list of 1400 and a Facebook group of 80 to earn $11,000 per month.   How to get the market to demand that you create something they can buy from you.   How to create your digital products yourself with almost no budget.   Tucian also shares the #1 thing you must do before even thinking about selling your first product online. This is the secret to his success.   Towards the end, Anik throws a challenge at Tucian that’ll blow your mind. Find out what it is and how you can experience it first-hand.   Connect with Tucian on his Facebook group here:

Jul 26

36 min 3 sec

What would you pay to take a peek inside the head of an entrepreneur who has generated more than $300 million in sales?   How about NOTHING! Join the fighting entrepreneur himself, Anik Singal, as he reveals how he’s building a brand new community with 100% FREE traffic. Anik recently created a personal newsletter, appropriately called Inside My Head. It’s pure, unfiltered Anik Singal speaking about anything that comes to mind. On this episode he’ll reveal the secrets he’s discovering actively building a new list from organic traffic, including: The two sources you need to attract the perfect audience... Why you should NOT create a Facebook business page out of the gate… The surprising rule Anik put in place that’s led to a shocking 100% engagement rate with his audience! Want to finally take a peek inside the head of a multiple 9-figure entrepreneur? Watch now to discover how to build a new list with 100% free traffic. Then,  register for Anik’s personal newsletter at

Jul 19

16 min 4 sec   Dave Kettner is former school teacher turned 7-figure Amazon seller who has shown thousands of students how to sell physical products online.   Join Anik and Dave as they reveal how to generate $10,5000 per month partnering with the world’s #1 marketplace, Amazon.    Dave reviews how to create a private label brand on Amazon, including the #1 reason most people fail when trying to do this business model.   He also reveals the keys to creating an Amazon business the right way, including:   The Amazon “sweet spot” you need to focus on to properly scale your business… Two characteristics Dave looks for when picking the ideal product to sell… How to achieve the “holy grail” on Amazon - this is the key to taking advantage of free traffic from Amazon buyers   Want to see how to build income for life by partnering with Amazon?   Watch now to discover the path to building a 7-figure Amazon business and then register for Dave’s upcoming workshop at

Jul 12

43 min 4 sec   As a successful copywriter and copy coach, Sean Vosler understands the nuances of writing copy and writing for different voices. That’s why, when he stumbled on the latest copywriting software, he was skeptical if it would be even remotely useful. Turns out, Anik Singal was too. And he was completely ignoring this new copywriting “robot” until he noticed Sean chatting about it online. Join Anik and Sean as they discuss one of the most recent advancements in artificial intelligence for copywriting. Are the copywriting robots coming to take our jobs? Maybe for some inexperienced copywriters. But for most, it could be a useful tool to help write faster and generate unique insights. Want to see how it does writing an actual live campaign? Visit to watch Anik build a campaign from scratch, including some of it written by the copy robot. Then, visit to register for a workshop to watch as Anik and Sean put this robot through the paces.

Jul 5

26 min 21 sec   Anthony started his first business at 21 and became incredibly successful by age 34.   Recently he started focusing on YouTube by uploading free videos and earns $6,500 from each video!   By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know…   Why YouTube and NOT any other platform like Google, Facebook, or Instagram is the #1 place to build free traffic.   The niche that caught fire for Anthony with unlimited potential that you can easily tap into.   Picking killer video titles to explode your views without keyword stuffing.   Anthony also shares how he earns $2,000 per month from one video promoting a product he doesn't even own.   You can register for Anthony’s upcoming workshop here:   Connect with Anthony on his YouTube channel here

Jun 28

39 min 23 sec

Jonathan Montoya is a former electrical engineer who left his career to make money from his YouTube channel.   Jonathan has built a 4-step framework for how to quickly grow to $10,000 per month on YouTube, even if you have nothing to sell. By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know…   The first thing you need to build your YouTube brand around...   Jonathan’s full 4-step framework for how to grow to $10,000 per month with your channel, with no ad spend...   The crazy-simply way to combine TikTok and YouTube to grow your channel super fast...   Jonathan also shares his #1 secret for helping your channel soar to the top of the search results when you’re starting out with no authority!   You definitely don’t want to miss this episode!    You can follow Jonathan on YouTube, TikTok & Facebook at Passive Income Lifestyles. You can also visit for Jonathan’s YouTube channel.

Jun 21

40 min 22 sec

Steve Olsher is a 30+ year entrepreneur and creator of FOUR multimillion-dollar businesses.   He’s the Founder & Editor-In-Chief at Podcast Magazine and the creator of the largest podcast-specific “Club” on Clubhouse - ClubPodTM   Steve has cracked the code on how to monetize Clubhouse, building a massive community of 60,000+ followers in just 5 months!   By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know…   The origin story of Clubhouse and what caused it to spread like wildfire in late 2020   Why Steve is bullish on the future of Clubhouse   3 steps you must take to be successful on Clubhouse. Do NOT ignore #2!   Two unique ways to make money from Clubhouse.   Steve also shares the secret tool he uses to stay in contact with his Clubhouse followers…   You definitely don’t want to miss this episode!    Get a FREE copy of Steve’s newly released eBook - Crushing It With Clubhouse here:   Get a FREE lifetime subscription to Podcast Magazine here:

Jun 14

56 min 44 sec

To register for Alicia’s workshop on how to finally make your first $1,000 online using skills you learned in elementary school, go to   Alicia is a world-renowned and highly sought-after speaker and coach, most known for helping people to dominate their niche and build a 7-figure online empire!   Her success didn't come without some significant setbacks in 2010. From battling cancer and walking away from a marriage that took her from being a multi-millionaire to being flat broke, she bounced back!    And with hard work and dedication, today she is a self-made millionaire through her online ventures.    She has trained thousands of people across the globe and has a 20-year track record of experience as an online entrepreneur.   Alicia truly believes that the internet is the great equalizer allowing people from all backgrounds to build wealth regardless of their past. Her track record is a testament to this.   By the end of today’s episode, you’ll walk away with…   How to quickly tap into the micro-gig economy with skills you learned in elementary school…   Five ways you can earn at least $1,000 doing micro-gigs that take 5-30 minutes each…   Free sites you can use to have clients knocking at your door…   How to use “freelance flipping” to grow your income fast…   And so much more…   This episode is a perfect introduction to Alicia's upcoming workshop. And a must-watch if you're trying to figure out how you can make your first $1,000 online using skills you learned in elementary school.   With Alicia's radiant energy, you quickly realize that you have the skills or the ability to learn the skills you can use to make money online.   You definitely don’t want to miss her upcoming workshop, so if you haven’t registered yet, you can do it right now at

Jun 7

39 min 9 sec

To register for Jeremy’s 5-Day Premium Profits Challenge, head to Jeremy Bellotti is the secret go-to expert on mindset & business growth for online entrepreneurs, and one of the most well-respected experts & highest paid coaches in personal mastery.  He helps mission-driven entrepreneurs master the mindset, legacy habits, & high-earning skills required to build a sustainable business. Far from an overnight success, his journey demanded resourceful resilience & decisive action to break through hopeless circumstances of living in his car & drowning in massive debt. He’s since gone on to dining with royalty, delivering a TED Talk, generating tens of millions of dollars online, and impacting hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.  As a world-class trainer & Lead Transformation Coach for Lurn, Jeremy has unprecedented access to some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet and the millionaire rituals that make them rich & success unavoidable. By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know... The two big mistakes most people make when trying to create a high-ticket offer… The most important first step you must take if you want to build a premium solution offer… The process Jeremy goes through with his students and clients to identify their highest leverage value and how to get people to pay for it… How to “take inventory” of yourself to figure out what you have to offer others… And so much more. This episode is the perfect introduction to Jeremy’s 5-Day Premium Profit Challenge and a must-watch if you’re trying to figure out how to sell $5,000 offers online. If you’re not yet registered for the event, you can do that right now at

May 31

50 min 1 sec

Marley Jaxx is a highly acclaimed business acceleration coach, the CEO of Jaxx Productions and the Queen of Content. Marley works with her clients to create content and build an evergreen video content strategy that generates leads for life. After leaving her job as a dental hygienist, she became a social media specialist. That’s when she started building her strategy on YouTube to attract leads - a strategy that’s now helped her and her clients build a high-ticket customer ascension model to both generate and monetize leads. By the end of today’s episode, you’ll understand exactly why I called Marley the Queen of Content.  But more importantly, you’ll know... The exact steps to build an organic traffic machine in just 1 day a month…   How to “hack” YouTube and figure out exactly what content will grow your business the fastest…   Why Marley ignores vanity metrics like video views to generate MORE revenue…   How her system helped a church marketing agency with a small list of 250 people quickly generate $11,000…   Her #1 tool for deciding what content to post next - and how it ties directly into what you’re selling. This is going to be an amazing video you won’t want to miss. Especially if you’re one of the 96% of YouTubers who still haven’t figured out how to really monetize your content. To learn more about how Marley can help you go from hello to high-ticket, head over to

May 24

51 min 1 sec

Join us for the free Copy Masters Challenge at And for a VIP Backstage Pass, go to Make sure you mark your calendar for Monday, May 17th at 12pm EDT. I’m doing a jam-packed exclusive 5-day copywriting challenge where I promise that I can turn you into a better copywriter than 80% of the copywriters in the world. This challenge is going to be one you don’t want to miss.  I’m having seven and eight-figure marketers show up to this event to give you million-dollar copywriting secrets.  Plus, if you sign up for our exclusive VIP Backstage Pass, you get to access to exclusive interviews, LIVE Q&A sessions, copy critiques, and lifetime access to all recordings of the event. Go to to join.  In this episode, I’m going to reveal something that could change your life! I’ll reveal The #1 Copywriting Secret That Made Me My First $1 Million. I went from a broke college student, to earning my first million dollars in less than 18 months because of this secret, and I’m going to show you exactly how I did it… And most importantly, how YOU can do it too.  This skill is an absolute must if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. So listen and take some serious notes.  You do NOT want to miss this episode! And you don’t want to miss our FREE 5-Day Copy Master Challenge. Take the first step to mastering the #1 skill every successful entrepreneur needs.  Join us for the free challenge at And to get our VIP Backstage Pass, go to

May 17

23 min 16 sec

Join us for the free challenge at To Be part of VIP, go to Mark your calendar for Monday, May 17th at 12pm EDT. I’m doing an exclusive 5-day copywriting challenge, where I promise that I can turn you into a better copywriter than 80% of the copywriters in the world. Plus, I’m giving away $25,000 in prizes to 100+ winners. Copywriting is the key to how I’ve sold more than $300 million online over the last 18 years. Many people think copywriting is about sexy power words or trigger words and they’re completely wrong... It’s all about psychology! In this episode, I’m going to reveal 7 Unspoken Copywriting Tricks That Have Helped Me Generate Over $300 Million In Sales, including… The 5-Step Formula To 3x Your ROI In Your Copy The Foundation Of Interactive Marketing The Power of Psychology NOT Words And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! I still have 4 more unspoken tricks that I’ll reveal in this episode.  This is the #1 skill that every entrepreneur needs in order to become successful. You do NOT want to miss this! Join the FREE 5-Day Copy Master Challenge and take the first step to mastering this skill and being better than 80% of the copywriters in the world.

May 10

43 min 4 sec

Jeff Lerner is an 8-figure entrepreneur, speaker, influencer and the co-founder and chief vision officer of ENTRE Institute – an online community helping entrepreneurs worldwide. With a small budget of $20,000, Jeff was able to create a $100 million company in less than 3 years. We’re going to dive deep into the tactics of how he was able to do it. By the end of today’s episode, you’ll have a roadmap for creating a successful business - even if you have a small budget and are brand new to entrepreneurship.  If you’d like to learn more about Jeff, head to

May 3

50 min 51 sec

Zach Babcock is a husband, father of two, a 6-figure entrepreneur and....  A former convict. After 5 years in prison, Zach came out to a world with little employment options - but that wasn’t enough to slow him down.  Zach took the lessons he learned in prison about branding and entrepreneurship and created a 6-figure business.   And now he wants to show everyone how it’s possible to build their own business. In this episode, you’ll discover the 3 marketing psychology lessons learned in prison that they’ll never teach you in Harvard. If you’d like to know more about Zach go to

Apr 26

49 min 5 sec

Dominique Frasier is a mother, an entrepreneurial coach, and a seven-figure marketer.  She specializes in helping clients from all over the world with business growth and marketing strategies. With her latest strategy, Dominique was able to generate $175,000 in 14 days with one simple presentation. She believes that as long as you can “Identify your genius” then ANYONE can sell a super-ticket program charging $25,000 or more. On today’s episode, Dominique will help you find your genius so you can create your own super-ticket program. If you’d like to know more about Dominique go to

Apr 19

45 min 47 sec

Josh Snow is Founder & CEO of SNOW, a teeth whitening company which has crossed over $100 million in sales in four short years. He also has a web development company, a marketing agency, software companies, and e-commerce businesses. Josh has a unique process that he’s used to acquire this level of success, which he’s revealing in this episode.  If you’re looking to start a business, Josh will show you 7 simple steps you can implement to get your business started.

Apr 12

45 min 19 sec When people hear the word ‘entrepreneur’ many of them think, Daymond John. With only $40 in his pocket, a lot of passion and drive, Daymond was able to turn his fashion line, FUBU, into a $6 billion global brand. Known as “The People’s Shark”, he’s heard hundreds of pitches from every kind of business you can imagine.  He’s also been involved with over 100 aspiring entrepreneurs, so he knows what it takes to launch, grow and scale a successful business.  In this episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur, I’m asking Daymond a crucial question… What would he do if he had to start a business, today, from scratch? Daymond holds nothing back. You’re going to hear step-by-step actions he would take to build his business.  Actions you can take to start your own business today.  You’ll hear the simple 3 steps you can take to start, grow and scale a successful online business.   This episode is going to answer a lot of questions newbie entrepreneurs have.  But that’s not all we have in store for you… Daymond John and Lurn have partnered up to bring you something special that will help you on your entrepreneurial journey.    We have a 14-day challenge where we’ll help guide you by the hand as figure out what you want to sell, how to sell it and the steps you need to take to launch your online business. Head to to learn more about our 14-day challenge.      

Apr 5

32 min 53 sec

Alicia Lyttle is a world-renowned speaker, coach and entrepreneur. She is most notably known for training thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world how to build their 7-figure empires. Through her methods, many of Alicia’s students are now living the lifestyle that so many entrepreneurs dream about.  I brought Alicia on to solve one of the biggest challenges that many entrepreneurs face...  How to raise capital for your business.  Alicia reveals the exact steps you need to go out and raise $5,000 or more that you can use towards your business. You’ll hear the TOP 3 services you can offer today, so you can gain a client in the next   48 - 72 hours. This episode is the answer to your money problems.  You do NOT want to sit this episode out! If you’d like to connect with Alicia visit

Mar 29

39 min 2 sec

Kiana Danial is an award-winning, internationally recognized personal investing and wealth management expert. Her newest investment strategy has allowed her to generate $1.5 million for her family, while only working 1 hour per month. This is powerful stuff.  Few people ever figure out how to invest their money the right way. Many turn to financial advisors or money managers who, on average, don’t beat the market and still take a percentage of your money.   But by following Kiana’s advice, you could generate money for yourself and your family without the headache of day trading or the stress of trying to perfectly time the markets.  So whether you’ve been investing for years or you’re new to it, Kiara has the method that will have you generating passive income, while only working 1 hour per month. You do NOT want to sit this episode out! If you’d like to connect with Kiara visit

Mar 22

58 min 51 sec

Building relationships is how Jon Talarico has been able to create partnerships that yield amazing results for his clients.  Through his relationships, he’s worked with industry experts and thought leaders like Sonia Ricotti, Grant Cardone, Akon and yes, yours truly. Through Jon’s connections, I’ve hung out backstage with Akon, eaten dinner with Shahrukh Khan, and now I’m business partners with Daymond John. There’s truly an art and science to how Jon’s able to connect and build relationships with anyone. Just imagine what a difference it would make in your life & business if you could meet anyone at the top of your industry.   By the end of today’s episode, you’ll have the skills you need to build business relationships that get remarkable results.   If you’d like to connect with Jon visit

Mar 15

46 min 6 sec

For the last two years I’ve used a simple and effective method to add eight-figures to my business. Also, I’ve used this hack to build my YouTube following to over 100,000 subscribers and get over 1.5 million views and listens on my podcast. For my 200th episode, I have a challenge for you, that if you follow, you’ll be able to master any new skill that you want. Whether it’s marketing, social media, paid traffic, funnels, etc. this episode will give the ability to grow and master new skills.        

Mar 8

14 min 31 sec Jason Bell is an expert at generating leads for local businesses looking to grow and maintain customers. His newest strategy gives local businesses a revolving door of leads that become raving customers.  This is powerful stuff. For years local businesses have been dealing with the challenges of getting and keeping new customers. The results often end with the businesses wasting thousands of dollars in the process. But Jason has developed a simple formula, along with easy-to-use software, that drives dozens or even hundreds of new people to local businesses each and every month. If you have an offline business looking for more customers or you’re online and you just want to earn some additional money helping out your local mom and pop store… This business model is for you. Plus, you get to look like a hero saving local businesses and generate $500 per month for every business you help.  Jason breaks down the simple solution to the problem plaguing businesses everywhere - you do NOT want to sit this episode out!      

Mar 1

41 min 34 sec

Steve Olsher is a household name in the podcasting world. He’s the founder of Podcast Magazine – a preeminent podcast publication which has interviewed Dave Ramsey, Katie Couric, Jordan Belfort, and so many other industry experts.   And he’s the founder of New Media Summit – one of the top live events in the world of podcasting. Steve has cracked the code and created a system which will help anyone learn how to monetize a podcast. Something most people have no idea how to do.  Whether you want to make podcasts for entrepreneurs, dentists or speaker enthusiasts – Steve is going to show you how you can make a ton of money. With Steve’s advice, you can discover how to make six-figures from your podcast while only working 2 hours a week. If you want to start a podcast and generate revenue or you have a podcast and haven’t discovered how to monetize, then this episode is for you.

Feb 22

44 min 47 sec

Direct Marketing is Dead! I mean who still reads the mail when you have Chatbots and email? Well, that’s what I used to think, until my guest showed me I had it all wrong.  Direct mail is still alive, it's just evolved.  While other marketers have ignored direct mail, he’s used it for many years to generate millions of dollars.   Ryan Allaire is going to teach me How To Add An Extra $100,000 to My Business Using Direct Mail. Now Lurn has a lot of lead flow, so achieving this number won’t be a problem.  But, what about the people that are just starting out? What could they do with direct mail?   Well, Ryan’s going to teach you his 4 Keys To Profit With Direct Mail, so you can learn how to generate your first $10,000, $20,000 or $50,000. Ryan became a millionaire by using his method called L.E.S.S:   Lead source Envelope structure  Sales letter  Selling process     A time-tested formula he’s used again and again to generate millions of dollars. So what exactly is L.E.S.S?   Well, listen closely as Ryan explains how you can profit with direct mail.  

Feb 15

50 min 13 sec On this episode, you’re going to discover How To Sell $100,000 Worth of Information FAST. I’ve been in the digital marketing space for over 18 years. And in that time, I’ve been blessed with a lot of experiences. Some good, some bad, but they were ALL learning opportunities. Over the years, I’ve taken my experience and taught over 250,000 students. I’ve helped create multiple millionaires and I’m going to teach you exactly what I’ve taught them. You’re going to dive into the world of information marketing: Selling courses Coaching Consulting Masterminds Forbes estimates this industry at $1.7 trillion, and it’s only going to continue to get bigger. Information marketing is how I’ve sold over $300 million on the internet. All digital – with super high margins. No stock, no inventory, NADA! If I went broke tomorrow and all I had was my knowledge, these are the steps I’d take to build an information selling empire. To join the FREE 5 Day Challenge, go to

Feb 8

24 min 54 sec

They have a specific routine. The right actions will set you up for massive success. Learn them, and start executing today.

Feb 3

12 min 2 sec

We all have our routines and favorite tools. These are the 10 tools and apps that I use to run my business day-to-day.

Feb 3

15 min 58 sec

The way most people teach “hustle” today - it’s very easy to get burnt out. You have to learn how to hustle SMART. In today’s episode, I also talk about how being a coach is the most important thing you can be as an entrepreneur.

Feb 3

15 min 22 sec

What skill are you going to build a business around? Do you know how many people quit their jobs and literally run out the door, because they're like; "Hey, I want to be an entrepreneur! I'm going to be financially free!" & then they hit the parking lot, They're like... "What am I going to do?" & that is exactly how you find yourself in major trouble. So really the answer to that first question is, should you just quit your job?

Feb 2

10 min 1 sec

In this episode, Jeremy and I discuss: How to approach the call with the intent of enrolling instead of “selling.” How to get your prospects to let their guards down and tell you everything you need to close the deal, with just one simple question. Plust stay until the end for an opportunity to work with us hands on, to help build your own Coaching/Consulting business with you. Again, this episode is so powerful, trying to explain here won’t do it any justice. You can listen to the whole thing here now! I’m going to continue learning from the best digital marketers & coaches in the business… ...So I can share the cream of the crop information with YOU. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, be sure to subscribe to the podcast, and leave a review for me on iTunes. It would mean a lot!

Feb 2

53 min 28 sec

So in this episode of TFE, I’m going to discuss: The argument for & against it. (According to those on Capitol Hill) The impact it could have on Employers/Employees, Consumers, & the Economy. What my opinion on the matter is & why. As Entrepreneurs, we have to change the world ourselves and not wait on the government to do it. But it’s very important for us to keep up to date with the government to know what’s going on… In order for us to change it.

Feb 2

24 min 49 sec

Today I brought on my personal tax and wealth advisor, who also happens to be Rich Dad's tax advisor... Tom Wheelwright. You see, Tom’s main job is to help his clients avoid taxes or pay as little taxes as possible. Today on the podcast, Tom finally reveals the answer to one of the biggest questions the majority of tax paying citizens ask... How is it that the rich don’t pay taxes?

Feb 2

28 min 36 sec