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Tech Deep Dive features conversations with leaders from the world’s top service providers. You will benefit from the history, and goals that influenced each company to their present state and what that means for you. We explore the nuances of technology and intersection with business and finance needs. You’ll be able to skip the time involved with discovery and solution sales and understand if the vendor is right for you. At Clarksys we believe tech should make your life better, searching Google is a waste of time, and the perfect vendor is often one you haven’t heard of before. We can help you find the right tech and the right vendor at

  1. 1.
    Anna Claiborne, SVP of Software Engineering at PacketFabric on the Exponential Evolution of Networking on a Global Scale
  2. 2.
    Eric Dynowski CTO at ServerCentral Turing Group on the global ecosystem of cloud, managed services and application development.
  3. 3.
    Steve Mills and Tyler Goodlett from Rackspace on the financial and operational benefits of managed multi-cloud and hybrid environments
  4. 4.
    Holland Berry SVP of Strategic Alliances at Cyxtera on Software Defined Networking and Hybrid Cloud Environments
  5. 5.
    Simon Margolis Director of Cloud Adoption at SADA on the Future of the Google Technology Ecosystem
  6. 6.
    Jim Haas VP of Data Services with Ntirety on Optimizing Operations Through Predictive Data and Cloud Modernization
  7. 7.
    Jeff DeVerter CTO at Rackspace on Multi-Cloud Environments
  8. 8.
    Chuck Price Chief Operating Officer at Effectual on the Future of Cloud Environments

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