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Jennifer SHARES her life story with us as explore what long term sobriety looks like. We explore her drinking career and pin point the time she began to drink against her will. We cover dating in AA and how that worked out for her. Jennifer talked about how she has grown closer to her God via the growth opportunities of living life on life terms. We explore the dangers of sponsoring yourself and why that’s not a good idea. God continues to meet her where she is on a daily basis and gives her the power to move forward and help others. Connection to others is a key component to her sobriety and how she stays close to her higher power. I know this is large episode, please listen to the whole thing even though it may take you several sitting to make it happen. It is packed with solid information that will enlighten you.

Nov 22

3 hr 31 min

Will SHARES his sober journey with us and how it all began while he was in treatment and he said to a counselor  "I need help, I cannot live this alcoholic life anymore". His total surrender unlocked the willingness to follow his treatment teams advice to work the 12 steps and move to a sober living house in Atlanta, Georgia. Will developed rules for himself in early sobriety like never being alone in a car at night. His biggest fear was relapse because he knew to use again was death. Will realized that he did not need to have a full working knowledge of the AA program for it to work. Will turned his will and life over to the program and his treatment team during the first year of his sobriety and the blessing from the decision are still manifesting in his life today. At one point during our talk Will remarked that our addictions steel us from ourselves and that it is sobriety and God that can restore that broken connection. If we do the work and remove the things that block us off from the sunlight of the spirit then we can return to true freedom and peace of mind.

Oct 30

1 hr 57 min

Krista SHARES her 25 years of sobriety and takes us on a journey though her life story. We learn about the early years of her drinking and how she could feel the fear leaving her body as she drank. The alcohol was a great comfort to her during the early years of her addiction. She remembers being able to breath, relax, and deal with life for the first time as she got drunk. Her drinking history was full of things that damaged her life and relationships towards the end of her active addiction. She talks about wanting to control everything and everyone. AA taught her to be sober and spiritual and Al-anon taught her how to be happy. During the early days of her recovery she asked a bunch of old-timers how she was going to stay sober for the upcoming weekend. They told her to pray. Krista said, “That will never work”. But she tried it anyway and she has been on a spiritual quest ever since. Krista placed herself in the middle of AA and has never left. Her sponsor has helped her recover in every area of her life and as Krista works with her sponsees she is able to stay focused and sharp in her program. She explains how her sponsor delivers feedback and perspective with the scalpel of truth and the antiseptic of love. She has allowed others to get to know her in the program which has helped release her shame of the things she did while drunk. When Krista is working with a new girl she allows herself to become a vessel or open channel for her Higher Powers love and forgiveness. Because when the love comes through you and flows into another person you get to experience it first, and that is the magic of AA. All you get is all you give, so give it all you got!

Oct 21

1 hr 53 min

Chico West SHARES his 32 years of sobriety and explains how he was raised in a family where alcohol was part of the fabric of his life as a young person. The death of his father and aunt in separate alcohol related automobile accidents created fear and anger in him as a young boy. Chico started to drink regularly soon after his fathers accident and it helped ease the pain and sadness. Chico began to act like a wild child when he drank during the teen years of his life. His alcoholism escalated quickly and blackouts soon became a problem. After he assaulted a peace officer in Texas he knew it was time to ask for help, he was scared. Chico ended up at a treatment center called Sierra Tucson and then was transferred to a sober living facility in Atlanta, GA. This were he was introduced to twelve step AA recovery and began his journey to long term sobriety. Chico grew up with a strong belief in God, but he did not believe that he would be forgiven for his sins. As he gained traction in recovery and learned about forgiveness via the AA program his understanding of the Bible opened up in a whole new way and his life took off in a positive direction. Mr West has owned sober living houses, Drug and Alcohol treatment centers and provided assistance to facilitate interventions on loved ones. Addiction counselor Chico and his wife Shannon host a podcast called FILTER OPTIONAL that lends their years of experience to offer a unique perspective from both the filter (Shannon) and the no filter (Chico). Mr West no longer lives on the corer of fear and insecurity, he has indeed changed locations to the corner of Hope and Serenity.

Oct 10

2 hr 6 min

Stephanie SHARES her story of being a young woman in recovery who is doing the work to stay sober and help others on a daily basis. We discuss step one and what that looks like in the real world as a young person who is out there hustling and doing whatever it takes to survive. Stephanie has always been a seeker and she explored many faiths as a child looking for something to soothe her. She was alway trying to fill a GOD shaped hole in her life and was not able to fully do so until she got sober. We talk about being a single mother in recovery and how the balance between family, work, and sobriety takes help from others to make it happen. One of the most powerful statements she made in regard to whole family recovery was "THAT IT IS AS IMPORTANT FOR ME TO BE CONSISTENTLY PRESENT AS I WAS CONSISTENTLY ABSENT". We discuss dating and sex in sobriety and how much information is in the recovery literature to teach us about this important topic. This is a long interview and it may take you a few sittings to hear it all, but please stay with it because Stephanie brings a massive amount of great information to this episode. My favorite part of the interview was when we talked about how our addictions blocked us off from the sunlight of the Spirt and how we suffered from that, and in return when we got sober the things that blocked us off from that power were removed and we began to live again. That is when she made a statement which I will always remember. She told me, "IT IS NOT LIKE I HAVE MORE GOD IN ME TODAY, IT IS JUST THAT I HAVE LESS OF ME". In other words, her higher power has ALWAYS been there for her and she just had to learn how to access it via a spiritual experience.

Oct 3

2 hr 36 min

Cary SHARES with us how a relationship with his Higher Power is the foundation of his emotional and physical sobriety. We talk about loneliness and how recovery can lead to a new life of fellowship and family. We explore the fine line between solitude and isolation in recovery and how that translates into why going to recovery meetings is important. The topic of sex, marriage and fatherhood are discussed in this episode at depth. We explore the topic of losing his brother to cancer and how that looked as Cary walked through that experience and learned many lessons while maintaining his sobriety. Finally, we learn that Cary made a decision in early soberly to not allow his past to define him and how he started doing estimable acts so he could learn how to feel better about himself and others.

Sep 11

1 hr 50 min

SOBER SHARES RECOVERY PODCAST episode #13. Gary SHARES his moment of clarity and what it looked like when he hit rock bottom with his drinking and drug use. He said to himself “I can not live like this anymore, I do not want to live like this anymore.” Gary was a young man when he got sober and he understood the causes of his woes were directly related to his alcohol addiction issues. Gary reached his breaking point and said to his Higher Power “God if you are there please help me.” Gary has been sober since that day. His long term sobriety has been his ticket to a good life that is full of great family and friends. The foundation of his faith is the love and service he provides to others to help them learn to live a better life. He is a joy to be around and I am proud to call him my friend. You can listen to this show on ALL podcast hosting platforms like Apple Podcast, Spotify, or our website

Sep 3

2 hr

Pete SHARES how his alcohol and drug addiction caused problems in his personal and work life to the point where he had to make a choice to keep using or sober up. He said the prayer that many drunks who make it out of addiction say and those three words were “God Help Me”. Soon afterwards he was intervened upon by his caring family and lead into a new life without drugs and alcohol. Petes long term sobriety has been a gift to all who know and love him. He is still working to repair the damage of the past with some of his close family members with love and patience as his guide. The 12 steps and service to others help Pete stay on track in his spiritual quest for a deeper understanding of his higher power.

Aug 31

1 hr 42 min

Andi shares her moment of clarity that sprang her into recovery while she was detained on a driving while intoxicated charge. What the female jailer said to Andi changed the direction of her life for the better. We explore "the promises" and how they have manifested in her life in relationship to her career and a recent promotion. Her love of recovery literature is explored with a few important readings from the Big Book. Andi explains how she is now filled with a unshakeable faith that her Higher Power has given her and it is more that she could have ever imagined. We close this episode with a message of hope about how recovery and freedom can happen for all of us.  

Aug 23

1 hr 47 min

Dan Shares the life lessons he has learned over the decades he has been sober in the AA program. His long term sobriety and continued involvement in the program is inspiring. He tells us how his medical diagnosis of a mental health issues in addition to his alcoholism has played out during his recovery journey. He explains how his prayers to a Higher Power have shifted from "I am sorry" to "Thank You". We explore the gift of change in prospective that come with years of attempting to let go of our old drinking life and then somehow embracing a new life with new tools that bringing us into harmony with our Higher Power. This conversation was fun to record and we laughed most of the way through. I read "How it Works" from Chapter 5 of the Big Book for the first time on the show. I also shared a story that made me get emotional (cry) for the first time on the Podcast. So please enjoy this episode of my friend Dan P who is a super kind, intelligent, and thoughtful man.

Aug 18

1 hr 37 min

Sumera shares her recovery journey with us as she explains the complexities of being raised in a western country while dealing with the daily influence and culture of being raised by a family with an Indian background. The mishmash of cultures was difficult for her to process as a child and culminated in her escaping an arranged marriage with the help of the British Consulate and a stranger she meet at a call center. Her alcohol use increased as she entered young adulthood and progressed to a cascade of negative consequences years later. She experienced blackouts and the loss of jobs and finally arrived at the general feeling that something was wrong with her, even though she had no idea what it was. Her entrance into recovery was swift and beautiful. Her love of the AA program and helping others is strong and inspiring. Her future looks bright and she has embraced 12-step sobriety for all its worth. She also tells us about her love for the arts and baking. You may see her soon on the Food Network if things go according to plan and it is meant to be. Please enjoy this super charged episode of recovery and you will hear how Sumera carries herself today as a loving, kind, compassionate, and tolerant woman.

Aug 8

1 hr 54 min

Sam Shares his Alcohol and Drug RECOVERY journey and reminds us “If you are trying to stop drinking and you find you can’t do it you are not alone”. Sam tells us how praying for others helped him feel closer to his Higher Power and those about him. Towards the end of our talk Sam reflects on his decision to go to his first AA meeting and how it was the single best move that he ever made. Although, he did not know it at the time. Please enjoy Sams journey and his message of hope and redemption.

Aug 2

1 hr 53 min

Tad shares his story of alcohol and drug addiction and how it slowly chipped away at his quality of life until he hit bottom. Tad had an amazing interfacing with law enforcement that helped him turn his life around. Tad tells us about his service work that helps make the North Texas recovery community operate smoothly. We end the podcast with Tad telling us his side of the story about picking Gabriel Pimentel, Sober Shares guest episode 6, from jail and how they took the long ride to the 24 hour club and what happened next.  

Jul 28

2 hr 10 min

Gabriels SHARES his sobriety journey with us and explains that his drinking did not start until age 18, but soon took on a very powerful roll in his life. His alcoholism grew and started to damage his life in conjunction with learning to deal with  PTSD and anger from his tank getting blown up overseas in battle while in the military. He also mentions a God Shot that happened as he was being released from a stint in jail. The work he did in jail on forgiving his mother via writing a letter is POWERFUL. He show us how life can fall apart and be put back together with faith in a higher power. Gabriel tells us how he has come to terms with his past and is building a powerful and bright future for his family.

Jul 22

1 hr 57 min

Vanessa shares her recovery story in vivid detail in this world wind episode. She explains how addiction and trauma can be converted into love and forgiveness. Vanessa works as a mindfulness instructor and life coach to help people learn how to thrive and succeed in life. Please listen to her story to find out more about her moment of clarity during a late night of drinking in New Orleans. You can find out more about our guest by visiting

Jul 21

2 hr 2 min

This power house guest is a multi-talented artist who shares her life with us as we explore her recovery story. You will love her honesty and how this singer, song writer, and musician uses her skills to deliver a message of hope with her lyrics and melodies. We talk about 12 step recovery and also explore her experience with the Al-Anon program. Rachel ends this episode by blessing us with a live performance of her recovery based song she wrote called GODSPEED.  

Jul 8

1 hr 52 min

GP takes us on a wild ride and shares his story about overcoming his alcohol addiction. There is so much recovery and truth in his words about his journey. He just celebrated 10 years sober. Please listen to this episode now to learn more about my friend GP Theriot. DO THIS!!!

Jul 7

2 hr 1 min

Nancy shares her story of recovery from Alcoholism and provides hope to our listeners in this fascinating episode. Please enjoy and remember to subscribe, share, and 5-star rate Sober Shares Podcast.  

Jul 1

1 hr 22 min

M2 the Rock delivers real talk on solutions to addiction, alcoholism, and unmanageable habits. Visit M2THEROCK.COM for information on Michael Molthan. 

Jun 22

1 hr 43 min