Pranava Joy

Diana Spiess

Diana Spiess has been working and training in the health and wellness industry with numerous modalities for 30 years. Her vast array of education, certifications, experience with 1000's of clients, and her experience training yoga teachers and others in many modalities brings so much together to share with anyone in search of improving their life and health.

Her clients have been waiting years for her to offer a podcast series to help with motivation, education, inspiration, and so much more. Creating space in our lives to live more joyously encompasses all that is needed to care for our health and wellbeing on all levels.

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In this episode, Diana Spiess explores the affirmation, "I AM Ready!" and what this all entails. She covers some great analogies to help clear-up confusions on affirmations and what all is entailed when sending out this affirmation for our heartfelt desire.  What is a heartfelt desire? We all have them....but how do we know what that is?  What is our role in our affirmations?  How can we know that we are on the course for our heartfelt desire? What are the signs and how do stay aware to witness them?  Diana covers all of this and much more in this episode and, as always, she welcomes her listeners to reach out to her with feedback and questions.  She is available to work with clients from all over the world and enjoys helping her clients live their best, healthiest, most powerful journeys. Her podcasts are all about helping anyone make space (pranava) for more joy on their amazing, miraculous journey.  You can see all she does on her web site and reach out to her through here. http://www.dianaspiess.comSupport the show (

Nov 2020

33 min 52 sec

In this episode of Pranava Joy, Diana explores the ultimate question of our use of the amazing gift of free will and all the choices we make on our journey.  Staying aware is the first step in the 3 A's of change and it is imperative that we are consistently checking in with ourselves and answering, "What matters most?"  Diana covers a few examples and ties in how answering this question leads to not only making changes and guides us to stay our course, but how this also brings more joy into our lives and is also driven by the frequency of joy within us already.  Support the show (

Aug 2020

28 min 47 sec

In this episode, Diana Spiess explores the process of staying the course and continuing to do the things necessary to care for ourselves...our essence being...through times of transitions and changes.  She has coached many through major times of transition and helped so many to keep their wellbeing a primary focus.  This episode elaborates on topics she coaches her clients and students on to help them not only figure out what their callings are but to also stay the course through all the possible things that can through us off.  She reminds the difference between things breaking down and things breaking through.  This episode carries a unique tone and approach, unlike her other podcasts that help anyone see clearly and understand why so many times people stop right before the actual breakthrough.  She also reminds us that everything we have experienced and were born with are all ready lined up for us to answer our answer and follow through with our heart's desires.  http://www.dianaspiess.comSupport the show (

Jun 2020

31 min 56 sec

In this episode, Diana covers a concept that would seem so simple and has been used by our ancestors in all the ancient disciplines, but yet is difficult for many to practice and implement most especially during times that she calls "game time".  "Calm discipline" is something that she teaches her clients to help them build the foundation to anything that is calling to them in their lives and here she explains it using some great analogies that everyone can connect to.  You can begin practicing this today and build a foundation, steady and persistent, that not only leads you down the path to whatever your callings are but in a way that sustains and amplifies your lifeforce energy versus breaking it down.  Join her on the path to continuing to open up more space for joy in your life.  Support the show (

Apr 2020

20 min 18 sec

Continue the journey of creating space in your life for more joy with this 4th episode as Diana Spiess talks about the process of restoration and how important it is.  Without this process, our bodies and our being can not work as they are innately designed.  Diana gives examples of how this can be achieved and notes how important it is for each one of us to find his/her own balance in such a process.  She encourages her listeners to reach out to her to gather assistance if needed and truly helps the listener start or continue to find moments to allow for the innate process of restoration.  http://www.dianaspiess.comSupport the show (

Mar 2020

25 min 19 sec