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The Role Forward is a podcast for the next wave of finance leaders. The ones looking to transform their roles by making smarter, faster, and more profitable business decisions using the power of technology and a forward-looking approach to finance. In each episode, Joe Garafalo interviews industry leaders responsible for shaping the future of SaaS finance. Ultimately, The Role Forward arms finance professionals with strategies to help them get out of the back office trenches and become more strategic partners to the rest of their organizations.

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In the cloud data space, people almost exclusively charge on the basis of data volume. Many companies switch to a consumption-based model to align their pricing with the value their customers are getting. But moving from a subscription-based to a consumption-based pricing model comes with many challenges.Despite the industry they are operating in, when it comes to pricing, a responsible business  must ensure a seamless customer experience, a certain level of predictability, and transparency.In this episode of The Role Forward, we get to hear from Kalor Lewis, Vice President of Finance at Fivetran. Kalor and our host, Joe Garafalo, discuss why Fivetran moved to a consumption-based pricing model, the challenges and disadvantages of such a model, and the tools and processes they used to implement it.Guest-at-a-Glance💡 Name: Kalor Lewis💡 What he does: Kalor is Vice President of Finance at Fivetran.💡 Company: Fivetran💡 Noteworthy: Before joining Fivetran, Kalor was part of Palantir Technologies, where he worked with our host and some other Mosaic team members on building out their strategic finance function. 💡 Where to find Kalor: LinkedIn

Nov 10

21 min 19 sec

The most successful companies disrupt their sector by innovating and changing the way business occurs. They make it streamlined, they forge new relationships, they collaborate.Unfortunately, lack of technological investment has trapped the financial side of companies in a pattern of looking backward. Finance groups spend too much time finding data siloed in the tech stack, integrating data, interpreting data, and then finding and rectifying man-made errors in the data, leaving no time for proactive solutions. Moreover, the FinTech they use is primarily meant only for them, so even when they find solutions, it can be challenging for others to understand them, further complicating the push to improve and strategically disrupt continuously.Ajay Vashee, a general partner at IVP and the former CFO at Dropbox, joins host Joe Garafalo on this episode of The Role Forward to discuss how FinTech can help businesses look forward and focus on what really matters to the bottom line: Business partnerships, continuous improvement, and strategic disruption.

Oct 13

32 min 59 sec