Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison

By Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CEDRD

Helping people make peace with food since 2013. Registered dietitian nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, and journalist Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CEDRD talks with guests about their relationships with food, body image, eating disorders, weight and size acceptance, non-diet nutrition, exercise, self-compassion and self-care--all from a body-positive, Health at Every Size perspective. Along the way, Christy shares her own journey from disordered eater and dieter to food writer and anti-diet dietitian, and offers tips to help you accept your body and let go of guilt about food. This podcast challenges diet culture in all its forms--including the restrictive behaviors that often masquerade as wellness and fitness. Food Psych® is designed to offer safe and non-triggering support for listeners in recovery from eating disorders, weight stigma, and body shame. Subscribe for new anti-diet inspiration every week! Learn more and get full show notes and transcripts at (Disclaimer: All content in this podcast, including medical opinion and any other health-related information, is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Use of the information contained in this podcast does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.)

  1. 1.
    #273: Diet Culture in the Church, and Challenging Body Ideals in Gay and Queer Communities with Kent Thomas, Body-Liberation Coach and Social Worker
  2. 2.
    #272: Rebuilding Body Trust, the Importance of Unlearning, and Why Body Liberation Is for Everyone with Hilary Kinavey and Dana Sturtevant of Be Nourished
  3. 3.
    #271: From Weight-Loss "Success Story" to Eating-Disorder Recovery Mentor and Fat Activist with Daph Levy (Dishin' with Daph)
  4. 4.
    #270: Big News About the Pod, Plus Weight Stigma, Money in Diet Culture, and the Evolution of Health At Every Size with Nancy Ellis-Ordway, HAES Therapist
  5. 5.
    #269: Gender Dynamics in Food Media and Marketing with Emily Contois, and the Links Between White Supremacy, Diet Culture, and Nutrition with Joy Cox
  6. 6.
    #268: Navigating Boundaries, Diet Talk, and Beauty Standards in Latinx Communities and Western Culture with Dalina Soto of Your Latina Nutritionist
  7. 7.
    #267: The Nuances of Hunger and Fullness, the Importance of Satisfaction, and Intuitive Eating in Eating-Disorder Recovery with Elyse Resch, INTUITIVE EATING Co-Author
  8. 8.
    [Repost] #225: Intuitive Eating & Health At Every Size FAQs, Part 2 with HAES Social Worker Ashley Seruya & Anti-Diet Dietitian Christy Harrison
  1. 9.
    #266: Steering Clear of Diet Culture's New Year's Traps, and Managing Chronic Illness Without Disordered Eating with Aleta Storch, Anti-Diet Dietitian
  2. 10.
    #265: How to Avoid the Wellness Diet in the New Year with Harri Rose of Anti-Diet Riot Club, and Thinking Critically About Elimination Diets with Guest Co-Host Ayana Habtemariam
  3. 11.
    #264: How to Handle Holiday Diet Talk and Body Comments, and Healing from Weight Stigma with Meg Boggs, Author of FITNESS FOR EVERY BODY
  4. 12.
    #263: Update on COVID-19 and Weight, and (Re)claiming Queer, Trans, and Autistic Identities in Eating-Disorder Recovery with Haley Jones, Certified Body Trust Provider
  5. 13.
    [Repost] #194: The Truth About Weight-Loss "Success Stories" with Carrie Dennett, Anti-Diet Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and Journalist
  6. 14.
    #262: Responding to Diet Talk, Navigating the Stages of Change, and HAES in Spanish-Speaking Communities with Therapist Haica Rosenfeld
  7. 15.
    #261: The Evolution of Intuitive Eating Over Time and the Impact of Diet Culture with Evelyn Tribole, Anti-Diet Dietitian and INTUITIVE EATING Co-Author
  8. 16.
    #260: Redefining Health and Wellness, Hearing Your Own Voice, and Why Fear Isn't a Good Motivator with Melissa Toler, Anti-Diet Writer and Speaker
  9. 17.
    #259: From Disordered Eating to Radical Belonging with Author Lindo Bacon, Plus How to Share the Anti-Diet Message with HAES Coach Shelby Gordon
  10. 18.
    #258: Healing From Scarcity and Deprivation and Finding Fat Freedom with Tiana Dodson, Body Liberation Coach
  11. 19.
    #257: Body Image Beyond Weight, How to Push Back Against Body Ideals, and Unintentional Restriction with Nadia Craddock, Body-Image Researcher
  12. 20.
    #256: How Trauma and Shame Affect Our Relationships with Food and the Body with Judith Matz & Amy Pershing, Anti-Diet Therapists
  13. 21.
    #255: Diet Culture, Dysfunctional Relationships, and Decolonizing the Body with Health At Every Size Social Worker Noel Ramirez
  14. 22.
    #254: Diet Culture in Yoga Culture with Anti-Diet Yoga Teacher Fiona Flynn, and How to Navigate Orthorexic Thoughts Around Vegetarianism and Veganism with Co-Host Christyna Johnson
  15. 23.
    #253: Diet Culture in Black Communities and in the Church with Joy Cox, Author of FAT GIRLS IN BLACK BODIES
  16. 24.
    #252: Why Diet Culture Starts in Infancy, How to Raise an Intuitive Eater, and the "Big Fat Lies" About Body Size with Leslie Moniot
  17. 25.
    #251: Anti-Diet Pregnancy and Body-Image Resources with Summer Innanen, Plus the State of the Science on COVID-19 and Weight
  18. 26.
    #250: Body-Image Healing and Body Grief with Brianna Campos, Plus How to Handle Scarcity Mentality Around Special Foods with Savala Trepczynski
  19. 27.
    [Repost] #175: The Truth About Digestion and Gut Health with Marci Evans, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Eating-Disorder Dietitian
  20. 28.
    [Repost] #148: Disability and Diet Culture with Rebekah Taussig, Disability-Rights Advocate and Writer
  21. 29.
    [Repost] #169: The Truth About Fitness Culture and "Clean Eating" with Christine Yoshida, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
  22. 30.
    [Repost] #141: Pleasure, Sex, and Body Acceptance with Dawn Serra of Sex Gets Real
  23. 31.
    [Repost] #163: How to Unlearn Diet Culture's Rules with April Quioh of She's All Fat
  24. 32.
    #249: Healthism, Fatphobia, and Redefining Well-Being with Confidence Coach Victoria Welsby, and How the Anti-Diet and Intuitive Eating Frameworks Address Health with Fat-Positive Dietitian Vincci Tsui
  25. 33.
    #248: COVID-19 Weight Stigma, Navigating the Medical System, and Finding Fat Liberation with Angelina Moles, Fat-Liberation Activist
  26. 34.
    #247: Navigating Pregnancy and Postpartum in a Larger Body with Kelsey Miller, Anti-Diet Writer and Author of BIG GIRL, Plus: Living with a Dieting Parent During COVID-19
  27. 35.
    #246: Chronic Illness, Body Acceptance, and Breaking Free from the Wellness Diet with Asher Pandjiris, Eating-Disorders Therapist and Host of Living in This Queer Body
  28. 36.
    #245: Recovering from COVID-19 While Fat with Plus-Size Yoga Teacher Rachel Estapa, and Parenting Without Diet Culture with Anti-Diet Dietitian Anna Lutz
  29. 37.
    #244: Fighting Racism, Misogyny, and Transphobia in Fitness Culture and the World at Large with Ilya Parker of Decolonizing Fitness
  30. 38.
    #243: The Link Between Anti-Racism Work and Ending Diet Culture with Monique Melton, Anti-Racism Educator and Author
  31. 39.
    #242: Anti-Racism Resources, and Repost of #113: How to Cultivate Radical Body Love with Sonya Renee Taylor
  32. 40.
    [REPOST] #196: Diet Culture's Racist Roots with Sabrina Strings, Sociologist and Author of FEARING THE BLACK BODY
  33. 41.
    #241: COVID-19, Disordered Eating, and the Social Determinants of Health with Patrilie Hernandez, Body-Liberation and Health At Every Size Activist
  34. 42.
    #240: Aging, Diet Culture, and Body Changes Around Menopause with Erica Leon, Health At Every Size Dietitian and Intuitive Eating Counselor
  35. 43.
    #239: Pandemic Stress and Your Relationship with Food, Plus Desirability Politics and Diet Culture with Dawn Serra, Sex and Relationship Coach
  36. 44.
    #238: Appetite and COVID-19, Plus How Diet Culture Influences the Nutrition and Dietetics Field with Taylor Chan, Anti-Diet Dietitian and Illustrator
  37. 45.
    #237: COVID-19 and Food Shopping/Prep, Plus Fat-Positive Fertility with Nicola Salmon, Anti-Diet Feminist Fertility Coach
  38. 46.
    #236: BMI & COVID-19, and Why You Can't Fight Weight Stigma While Promoting Weight Management with Abigail Saguy, Sociologist and Author
  39. 47.
    #235: COVID-19 and Scarcity Mentality, and the Truth About Weight-Loss Surgery with Juliet James, Writer and Fat-Liberation Activist
  40. 48.
    #234: Reasons Not to Panic, Plus Weight Stigma in the Workplace and the Emotional Effects of Restriction with Veronica Garnett, Health At Every Size Dietitian
  41. 49.
    #233: COVID-19 and Eating-Disorder Recovery, Plus How to Handle Weight Gain and Body Changes with Rachel Millner, Fat-Positive Psychologist
  42. 50.
    #232: COVID-19 and Diet Culture, Plus How to Help Kids Hold Onto Intuitive Eating and Resist Diet Culture with Leslie Schilling, Anti-Diet Dietitian and Author

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