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It's not everyday Brits and Americans, somedays perspectives from down under. Join African Aussie girls Gillean, Mary, Rebka and Vanessa every second Tuesday as they dish out relatable content, with a side of bants. We know it’s the content you’ve been waiting for.

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On this weeks juicy episode the girls talk all things sex and intimacy! With the aid of the "On Top" card deck for intimacy, the girls discuss what intimacy means to them, sex before marriage, purity culture, what makes them nervous about sex, the parts of their body they find most attractive and much much more! To purchase the card deck visit: http://cherylfagan.org/closeness-card-deck

Dec 2

58 min 16 sec

Welcome back beloved! This week the girls have a deep dive into all things self-image. They discuss the body struggles and insecurities they had while growing up, the body positivity movement, BBL culture and more!

Nov 16

56 min 47 sec

On this weeks episode the girls host a very special guest Aula - a Women's and Pelvic Physiotherapist and the founder of Yoni Wellbeing. Aula shares how she came to specialise in Pelvic Physiotherapy, how pelvic health can improve your overall wellbeing, when and why someone would consult a Pelvic Physiotherapist including (but not limited to) pregnancy, diastasis recti, prolapse, PCOS, Endometriosis and much, much more!  To find out more or to book Aula head to her Instagram - Yoni Wellbeing or Facebook - Yoni Wellbeing 

Oct 5

46 min 40 sec

Is the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine part of the new world order? Does Ivermectin cure Covid? In this weeks episode the girls sit down with fan favourite Dr Helen Keteku- Adu to talk through one of the most polarising topics in recent times, Corona Virus. Dr Helen debunks myths and misconceptions around Corona virus itself and the vaccine, gives us a run down on how the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines work, their short and long term affects and much more!  We hope this episode serves as a way to help you make the best decision for you, which is an informed decision.  

Sep 14

59 min 32 sec

Welcome back beloved! Welcome to season 3! Its been a while, so this episode the girls catch up on what they've been up to during the Sydney lockdown. They review and reminisce over the success of their Nike x JD shock drop event and just have a have a good old chinwag about all things Corona including vaccinations & conspiracy theories, the Olympics, Love Island UK and much more! New intro music by Kase Avila - to hear more check him out on Spotify and Instagram


Aug 31

1 hr 4 min

For the full list of vendors and schedule for the day head to https://www.jd-sports.com.au/page/nike-dunk/ and register your attendance.

Jun 12

3 min 34 sec

On this weeks episode, a recent chain of losses in Rebka's community spark a reflection of the African customs and cultures around death. They talk burial, professional wailers, coffin dancers, whether certain traditional practices are sustainable outside of the continent and more! 

May 25

1 hr 3 min

Welcome back beloved! In this weeks episode the girls invite some male energy to the pod and host a special guest Opanyin! Loyal listener and new dad, Opanyin shares his experience of Fatherhood so far, his baby's birth story, what shocked him about fatherhood, the affects of a baby on his relationship and much more!

May 12

59 min 54 sec

In this weeks episode, the girls are joined by a very special guest, Chrissy Zemura of @zemurasalon to discuss her experience migrating from the UK to Aus, the fearless pursuit of her craft, being a mum, black hair culture down under, and why she started the petition to include Afro & Textured Hair Education in Australia's TAFE hairdressing curriculum. To sign the petition - shorturl.at/devU2

Apr 27

1 hr 5 min

In this weeks episode, the girls answer a few questions from listeners about starting podcasts, being single, their holy grail beauty products and more. The girls also give us a little glimpse into their most wild/drunken nights out. Enjoy!

Apr 13

48 min 30 sec

Welcome back beloved! In this weeks episode the girls catch up on what they've been up to during their hiatus. They talk all things pop culture from Meg and Harry's Oprah interview, to Kim and Kanye's break up, and the Grammys. They also reminisce on one year of the Fufu and Tibs podcast.

Mar 31

55 min 3 sec

In this weeks episode, the girls host special guest Dr Helen (a brilliant GP) where they discuss her experiences as a black doctor in country NSW v Sydney, working during the COVID pandemic, life as a Doctor and Mum, common health misconceptions within the African community, Mental Health, womens health issues and much much more!

Feb 18

54 min 53 sec

Welcome back beloved! In this weeks episode the girls discuss culture, particularly being of the diaspora - how in touch they are with their own culture and how they see it evolving in the years to come, they also talk the good and bad of their respective African cultures. Enjoy!

Feb 2

1 hr 6 min

In this weeks episode the girls have a chinwag about birthday milestones as the two Capricorns of the group turned 25 and 30. They also discuss all things pop culture from the wild antics going down on Clubhouse to Hollywoods latest match of perfection Lori Harvey and Michael B Jordan, baby mama culture and much much more!

Jan 19

1 hr 10 min

Sayonara 2020! Hello 2021! Globally, 2020 was a trash ass year, this episode the girls reflect on the year that was for them individually, the Wins and the L's. They also give a run down of the years biggest world events COVID-19 and #BLM protests (obvi) as well as the Australian bushfires, celebrity deaths and much more!

Jan 6

47 min 46 sec

In this weeks episode the girls talk about all the things they wish their mother told them growing up. They reflect on their mothers influence, good and bad, and what they wish their Mother's had told them about self love, marriage, sex and much more!

Dec 2020

59 min 1 sec

In this weeks episode the girls share how imposter syndrome has reared its ugly head in their career, and how they have been able to overcome it. They also talk about the pursuit of higher education, failing semesters, applying for internships, asking for raises and more!

Nov 2020

1 hr 7 min

Welcome back beloved! After all the discussion surrounding the documentary-drama 'The Social Dilemma' the girls discuss how much social media is a part of their daily lives. They talk social media etiquette, sliding into the DMs, the abundance of misinformation on the 'innanets' and much more!

Oct 2020

1 hr 14 min

Emphasis on the rusty! Apologies for the subpar recording quality at the beginning (skip to 14:25 if the sound is vexing you). The girls are back from their hiatus! In this weeks episode the girls catch up on each others antics over the break, then play a couple rounds of the card game "We're Not Really Strangers". Enjoy!

Oct 2020

55 min

Welcome back beloved! This week the girls host their very first male guest - Tino from the "Den of Truth" to discuss being African in Australia, the 'culture' that is growing here, dating, finance and even schooled us in the many tenets of being Zimbabwean.

Jul 2020

1 hr 1 min

In this weeks episode the girls talk about making money moves as Africans in Australia, why parents stay yelling "save save save!" but lack the financial literacy to really educate us on the best way to invest our coins. They also discuss their views on how Africans approach everything from side hustles and investing to practicing group economics and building generational wealth.

Jul 2020

52 min 34 sec

In this weeks episode the girls host their first guest ever, the brilliant Sasha Sarago (founder of Ascension, Australia's First Indigenous & Ethnic Women's Lifestyle Magazine), to discuss the relationship between the First Nations People and African Australians in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, allyship and the future of Black Australian culture.

Jun 2020

58 min 43 sec

This week the girls dig into the Curious Cat inbox to provide relationship advice to questions submitted by listeners and have a whinge about the dating scene in Australia. The girls also get a little introspective (apart from Mary) and discuss areas they could work on to become a better partner.

Jun 2020

1 hr 2 min

In this weeks episode the girls pick a side - Team Issa v Team Molly. They explore the friendship dynamic between the two and draw parallels between the Insecure duo and their own black female friendships. Enjoy!

Jun 2020

59 min 56 sec

Welcome back beloved! We hope your ears enjoy this crisp new episode, as the girls are recording together again. This week the girls divulge and dissect some of the struggles they face being African millennials in Australia, including hair anxiety, traditional gender roles and much more!

May 2020

1 hr 10 min

This week the girls continue to record while practicing self isolation. Producer V exposes the girls competitive side with a "How Aussie are you?" quiz. A question from the podcast's Curious Cat inbox initiates an intriguing conversation on whether African-Australian culture actually exists. You can read Rebka's article in the Guardian here: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/mar/08/stereotyping-of-africans-is-everywhere-but-australians-are-particularly-clueless

Apr 2020

58 min 4 sec

Has your boyfriend of one year ghosted you? Should you buy a vibrator shaped like a nutribullet? This week, the ladies switch it up and answer your burning questions about sex, relationships and dating. Thanks to all of you who submitted your questions!

Apr 2020

59 min 56 sec

This week on the quarantined edition of Fufu and Tibs, the girls discuss how they've all been dealing with the effects of the 'rona and quasi lockdown. Dr Mary steps in and gives a subpar synopsis on how the virus is spread. To donate please go to shorturl.at/twDO5

Mar 2020

52 min 52 sec

This week the girls dish on a few of their escapades oversees and give some tips on travelling while black.

Mar 2020

52 min 58 sec

Welcome back beloved! This week the girls are back with some more outrageous stories about growing up as children of African immigrants. Enjoy!

Mar 2020

37 min 16 sec

Welcome to the first episode of Fufu and Tibs! Enjoy this introductory episode as the hosts give you some insight into their backgrounds, and reflect on the pros and cons of being an African born and raised in Australia.

Feb 2020

45 min 59 sec