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According to Gary Thomas, we all have toxic people in our lives. Maybe we don’t know it. Maybe we don’t want to acknowledge it.  As Christians, we often feel the guilt and responsibility of meeting the needs of unhealthy people in our lives. Whether a sibling, parent, spouse, coworker, or friend, toxic people frequently seek to frustrate our life's calling. While you're seeking first God's kingdom, they're seeking first to distract your focus and delay your work.  Drawing from years serving as a pastor, Gary Thomas looks at biblical examples from the lives of Jesus, Paul, and Nehemiah to give you insightful, biblical takeaways that you can apply right away.  Today on Connections he teaches us why we need to sidestep toxic assaults and maintain our strategic focus on healthy relationships. See for privacy information.

Nov 26

16 min 17 sec

After serving in ministry and life together with his wife and partner Karen for over 50 years, Ron Hutchcraft was devastated in 2016 when she died of a sudden heart attack. Reeling from the loss, he turned to God for strength and comfort but found the hope to move forward despite the circumstances. Today on Connections, Ron Hutchcraft shares his story of hope and how you can find that hope as well. See for privacy information.

Nov 25

21 min 47 sec

Bubbling, what is it? How is it connected to God?  Lynn Hancock is also known as the bubble lady. She spends the warmer months going from park to park in Guelph, Ontario, creating bubbles. Today on Connections, Lynn shares how she first got involved with bubbling and how she's using this as a way to spread joy. See for privacy information.

Nov 24

21 min 59 sec

Christine Naman watched her perfectly healthy daughter thrive and then succumb to the pull of substances. She suffered the feelings of isolation, pain and humiliation that being the parent of an addict often brings. She says her faith and strength in God is what helped both herself and her daughter, Natalie get to where they are today. Christine now hopes that by sharing her family’s difficult story she can bring understanding and knowledge to those who do not know the problem firsthand as well as provide comfort to those who know the nightmare of addiction all too well. See for privacy information.

Nov 23

18 min 31 sec

A little girl dreams of her wedding day, not her marriage. She probably doesn’t even know what the word marriage means—just how much crinoline she wants under her dress. At least this is what Christie was thinking about, not the marriage relationship, money matters, or faith decisions. Today on Connections, Christie Amoyo shares the real-life decisions and dramas that occurred before—and after—she and her husband said “I do, and she breaks down the pre-marriage and marriage classes her ministry shares with other couples. See for privacy information.

Nov 22

26 min 45 sec

On February 19, 2007, SSG Shilo Harris was patrolling an infamous southern Iraqi roadway when his Humvee was struck by an IED. Moments later, three members of his crew were dead and Shilo had sustained severe injuries that would alter the course of his life. For forty-eight days,Shilo lay trapped in a medically induced coma, after which he had to come to grips with the new life that was ahead of him. Today on Connections, Shilo shares his powerful story and how his faith helped guide him through the darkest time of his life.  See for privacy information.

Nov 19

22 min 58 sec

Sylvia Anthony endured a difficult childhood that included an abusive father and a disinterested mother. Sylvia married young and remained in an abusive marriage until a divorce that left her alone to support her three children. Through her ambition and strength of character, Sylvia persevered, building a life for herself and her kids. After raising her children, Sylvia remarried — still, there was a void. She felt a calling to help young women, and her husband, Rick, encouraged her to follow her heart. Initially designed for homeless pregnant women, her shelter, Sylvia's Haven, opened on January 25, 1987. Since then she has helped over 1000 women and children find refuge and support. Today on Connections, Sylvia shares her story and why she has no plans to stop doing what she's doing. See for privacy information.

Nov 18

25 min 11 sec

Life is unpredictable. The plans we dream about and make don’t always become our realities. Today on Connections, Bethany Beal, co-founder of Girl Defined Ministries, reminds us that true hope doesn't come from getting the life we've always dreamed of but from trusting God with the life he has for us. See for privacy information.

Nov 17

22 min 59 sec

Winnipeg-born author and speaker Amy Hayward has released her first book, Victory Over Rejection. “Each of us has a unique story, and for too many of us, that story includes rejection, " says Hayward. She is now sharing her story of victory in hopes of helping others to find freedom and break out of that cycle of rejection, fear and pain.  Amy shares her testimony with us today on Connections.  See for privacy information.

Nov 16

18 min 58 sec

From LA’s famed The Magic Castle, to a national reality show, to venues around the globe, Illusionist Danny Ray has mystified and entertained audiences with his unique blend of magic, humour, and inspiration.  Now, with his debut book, “No, I Can’t Make Your Wife Disappear: A Magician’s Guide for a Magical Marriage”, Ray uncovers the secrets to a happy, enduring marriage by sharing biblical principles and lessons he has learned in his decades-long entertainment career.  Today on Connections, Danny Ray shares how he went from being a magician to a pastor and how he has managed to combine those two. He also chats about the lessons he's learned over the years through his career that have helped his marriage grow. See for privacy information.

Nov 15

25 min 22 sec

Bob and Karen Krech’s baby girl was born at 23 weeks, weighing just 450 grams, four grams less than a pound. She was not much bigger than her dad’s hand. The doctor at the birth advised Karen to just hold the baby and keep her warm until she passed on. Instead, the Krech’s put their trust in God and their faith to the test.  Today on Connections, Bob shares their family's journey and how their faith kept them strong through it all. See for privacy information.

Nov 12

20 min 3 sec

Marriage on its own is challenging. Throw some kids into the mix and things can get very complicated.  Can those two things be combined? If not, which one should we be focusing on first? Our marriage or our children?   Lucille Williams joins us today. She is the author of the book, The Impossible Kid: Parenting a Strong-Willed Child with Love and Grace.  She's also a national speaker and has ministered to families and couples for more than 25 years.  Today on Connections, Lucille shares how we can keep our marriage strong while raising children. See for privacy information.

Nov 10

20 min 25 sec

When Hayden Moffit was born, he was diagnosed with a severe case of cerebral palsy. His parents were told that the future was grim and that he would never leave the hospital. But in fact, Hayden did leave the hospital and went on to live for over two years. His mother Rochelle says, God showed his grace and mercy all through Hayden's life and did many miracles that kept them going.  Today on Connections, Rochelle shares Hayden's story and the huge impact that his short life had.  See for privacy information.

Nov 9

23 min 10 sec

The return to Standard Time started Sunday, November 7 – a routine that results in adjustment not only to our watches but also to our internal clocks. While we gain an extra hour of sleep on Sunday, the change to our sleep schedules can disrupt our well-being. How can we benefit from this extra hour of sleep? What are the effects of having more daylight in the morning and less in the afternoon? Today on Connections, Dr. Jospeh De Koninck helps us to better understand the health impacts of time change.  See for privacy information.

Nov 8

22 min 42 sec

This November 7th, hundreds of thousands of believers from around the world will join together in prayer for Christians who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ. International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) is an annual movement that brings Christians and churches together in prayer for their brothers and sisters living where faith costs the most. Today on Connections, Gary Stagg, executive director of Open Doors Canada shares how we can pray for the persecuted church.  See for privacy information.

Nov 5

20 min 37 sec

Brad Klassen and his wife Jen began their adventure by volunteering in the children's ministry at their church. Little did they know where saying yes to that would take them.  As their hearts grew for the children they served, they also grew for the families.  Brad and Jen have created a new book series called The Unforgettable Adventures of Junior Bear.  These books equip parents with the confidence to teach difficult bible stories to their children through simple and beautiful stories.  They were recently awarded the Children's Book Award from The Word Guild Awards for their book series. Today on Connections, Brad will share how they got into ministry and where the inspiration for their book series came from  See for privacy information.

Nov 4

20 min 50 sec

There was an uproar on social media a few weeks ago when Tomlin UNITED Tour (Chris Tomlin & Hillsong UNITED) revealed they would be selling VIP passes to their upcoming worship tour. Many people argued it was a sign that Christian music has lost its way, while others defended the choice saying such measures are necessary to help artists make money. Today we talk with Dr. Nicholas Greco and get his thoughts on the topic. Also, for the first time we feature some of YOU! We'd love to have more of our listeners joining in the conversation so keep watching for ways to do so. Dr. Nicholas Greco is the provost at Providence University College and Theological Seminary in Otterburne, Manitoba. Dr. Greco’s research interests revolve around popular music, popular culture and the nature of celebrity. He has written extensively on the enigmatic star image of the British singer Morrissey, on Joss Whedon’s televisual texts and on David Bowie’s later career. His book, The Rosary and the Microphone: Religious Impulse in U2’s Mediated Brand, is his most recent release. Today on Connections Dr. Greco gives us some insight on Christian music and whether or not Christian bands should be offering VIP tickets or special experiences.   See for privacy information.

Nov 3

25 min 20 sec

T.C. Stallings, professional football athlete turned actor, is best known for his award-winning role in the #1 box-office film War Room. But throughout his life, he sensed a spiritual battle from a young age enduring challenging, life-altering circumstances. T.C. was desperate to escape the housing projects of Cleveland, where he grew up surrounded by gangs, crime, violence, and drugs. Raised by a single mom, T.C. was one of six children from a different father, who T.C. did not meet until he was 18 years old. It was an encounter with the law and witnessing the mistake of others that motived T.C. to focus on football and become the first in his family to earn a college diploma. In his memoir, Eyes Fixed: My True Life Story, T.C. recounts poignant moments from his life, including professional failures, unfulfilled football dreams, personal insecurities, starting a family, and becoming a successful actor.  He shares his amazing testimony with us today on Connections. See for privacy information.

Nov 2

26 min 52 sec

Being a good mom isn't about doing everything right--though every mom has felt the pressure to do just that and to do it all on her own. To ask for help along the way feels like defeat. Yet when we try to do it all by our own strength, we end up depleted, lonely, and ineffective. Heather MacFadyen wants you to know that you are not meant to go it alone. Sharing her hardest, most vulnerable mom moments, she shows how you can be empowered by God, supported by others, and connected with your children. With encouragement and insight, she helps you foster the key relationships you need to be the mom you want to be. See for privacy information.

Nov 1

22 min 24 sec

Anyone who spends a few moments speaking with Patrick and Anna Anderson will realize a few things that they're really good at. Anderson is a wheelchair basketball player and half of the band The Layawakes. His wife, Paddock, comprises the other half of the husband/wife duo. It's putting faith and family first, however, that ties it all together for the couple. Something that has been put to the test for both Anderson and Paddock throughout their lives. Today on Connections, Patrick and Anna Anderson share their story with us and what they're up to nowadays. See for privacy information.

Oct 29

20 min 34 sec

After living in Manitoba for most of their lives alongside raising their three children, Gary and Mavis Unger decided to uproot and move to Haiti in 2015  In 2017 they started up their ministry, Beauty Out of Ashes, and have been helping restaveks (domestic slave children) and street kids ever since.  Today on Connections, Gary shares the inspiration behind Beauty Out of Ashes and why they continue to do what they do even amid danger.  See for privacy information.

Oct 28

27 min 44 sec

“Many of us go through life wondering what our true purpose is, feeling lost and believing everything will fall into place when we finally receive our calling from God,” said Geoff Peters. “The truth is, the call has already been made, the offer is on the table. Being a part of God’s family means we’ve received the invitation to be an active part of His work of love and compassion. He’s waiting for us to respond.”  Geoff Peters is the author of, The Family Business: A Parable about Stepping Into the Life You Were Made For. Today on Connections he helps us to overcome the obstacles that we as Christians face when committing to live as a disciple for Christ each and every day. See for privacy information.

Oct 27

20 min 40 sec

Many women struggle with the voice in their head that tells them they are not enough…not smart enough, not pretty enough, not capable enough, not present enough. In her book, Set Apart: How to Stop Comparing, Own Your Giftedness, and Rest in Jesus, Denisse Copeland uses the biblical story of Mary and Martha to share her own story of recognizing her unique giftedness and unpacks how women can embrace their identity in Christ. Today on Connections, Denisse shares her story and how she managed to stop comparing, own her giftedness and rest in Jesus.   See for privacy information.

Oct 26

19 min 43 sec

When you experience pregnancy or infant loss, you find yourself in a life you never expected. And even though pregnancy and infant loss are common, they're not common to you. Instead, you feel like a stranger in your own body, surrounded by well-meaning people who often don't know how to support you. That's according to today's guest, Rachel Lewis. She is the founder of Brave Mamas, an online community offering support to the pregnancy and infant loss community. She is also a speaker and the author of a new book, Unexpecting: Real talk on pregnancy loss. Today on Connections Rachel shares her story in hopes of helping others who may be going through the same difficult journey. See for privacy information.

Oct 25

29 min 39 sec

"I'm a broken dude who has been saved, is being saved, and will be saved by Jesus. I'm trying hard to figure out how to follow His ways." Jerrad Lopes is a Christian author, speaker, and the founder of Dad Tired, a non-profit ministry focused on equipping men to lead their families well.   Jerrad served as a pastor in the church world for 11 years.  Several years ago, Jerrad and his wife, Leila, went through a really terrible time in their marriage. During this time he says he was a terrible husband and father. He says he was disengaged, selfish, and on his own path. But he says God rescued him and today he is using that experience to help other fathers and husbands to take their family, faith and marriage more seriously Today on Connections, Jerrad shares his journey and how he became the man he is today. See for privacy information.

Oct 22

20 min 16 sec

Uncertain. Overwhelmed. Trying their best. This is how father’s today are feeling about raising their sons, according to research by the Barna Group. In his book, The Intentional Father: A Practical Guide to Raise Sons of Courage and Character, author and pastor of Church of the City in New York City, Jon Tyson, has the antidote to that. He walks dads through practical steps to mentor young men who know what they believe, know who they are, and will stand up against the negative cultural trends of our day. Today on Connections, Jon shares the inspiration behind this book and how it has helped him in his journey to becoming a more intentional father.  See for privacy information.

Oct 21

23 min 35 sec

Paul Kelly had a passion to bring Christian music to cities and churches across Canada, and that has been the driving force behind Unite Productions touring bands coast to coast every year since 2002. Over the years, Unite has seen thousands gather in Jesus’ name to worship and experience God’s love, but in 2020 everything was turned upside down when the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to everything. Today on Connections, Paul shares why he started Unite Productions and how the pandemic has impacted Christian music tours in Canada. See for privacy information.

Oct 20

29 min 43 sec

Arden Bevere is the youngest son of John and Lisa Bevere and the cofounder of Sons & Daughters, a movement committed to raise up a generation of uncompromising followers of Christ who will transform our world. He has a passion to see his generation go further than any that came before it, fully alive in this God-adventure. Today on Connections, Arden shares the inspiration behind the Sons & Daughters movement. He also talks about his new book, I Am: Find Your Identity. Claim Your Freedom. Embrace the Adventure. See for privacy information.

Oct 19

20 min 47 sec

Shoaib Ebadi was born in Afghanistan and raised Muslim, but fled the country’s violence as a young man. Living as a refugee in Pakistan but hoping to immigrate to North America, he joined an English Bible study as a way to learn the language. He did learn English but – more significantly – he learned that the Bible is the true Word of God. Shoaib immigrated to Canada in 2000 and began sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ at every opportunity. Today on Connections, Shoaib shares his unbelievable testimony. See for privacy information.

Oct 18

23 min 15 sec

Singer-Songwriter and author, Ellie Holcomb has penned a journaling devotional book filled with encouraging, honest reflections and questions to help you process scripture. Fighting Words - 100 Days of Speaking Truth into the Darkness is a place where you can wrestle, respond to, and take hold of precious truths in God's Word to help you push back the lies that so often consume, distract, and destroy us. Today on Connections, Ellie shares the inspiration behind the devotional and what she hopes the reader will take away from it. See for privacy information.

Oct 15

21 min 13 sec

Deidre Haight is the daughter of Katarina MacLeod. As a child, Deidre both watched the abuse her mother suffered and suffered abuse herself. Deidre was witness to her mother's addictions and has fought very hard to build a healthy life for herself. Deidre found music and singing to be restorative throughout her life. She teaches private music lessons in voice through her business Courageously Creative. Today on Connections, Deidre shares the impact her mother's choices had on her life and how she was able to use God to help her mom get out of commercial sexual exploitation. See for privacy information.

Oct 14

21 min 15 sec

Katarina MacLeod is the founder & Executive Director of Rising Angels Awareness & Restorative Care; she is also a survivor of 15 years of commercial sexual exploitation.   Today on Connections, Katarina will share her story of survival, how God and her daughter helped her escape and how she is using her experience to help other women going through a similar situation. See for privacy information.

Oct 13

26 min 12 sec

Judy Richichi grew up in a family with eight children and an abusive father. Eventually, constant marital fights and the father’s aggressiveness led to divorce, leaving the children to figure out how to survive on their own, with only a mother suffering from mental health issues left to look out for them.  By the grace of God, and through the help of ordinary people along the way, they not only survived but developed a relationship with Christ.  Today on Connections, Judy shares her family's unbelievable journey out of poverty. See for privacy information.

Oct 12

19 min 43 sec

Lucille Williams says allowing children to see parental weakness is difficult for any parent but sometimes it is necessary to reveal to their kids that they are human and approachable, not coming off as perfect while hiding who they really are. She says God takes the messes, weaknesses, and difficult times, and not only gives them second chances to walk through trials with more faith and trust, but turns them into wonderful, beautiful, expressions of His love for us.   Today on Connections Lucille shares how we can become the real super woman and begin sharing our emotions with our children. See for privacy information.

Oct 8

20 min 41 sec

Former professional ballerina Valorie Kondos Field has never tumbled, flipped, or even played any type of organized sports, and yet she has been able to craft a legendary coaching career through curiosity, creativity, attention to detail, and unwavering care for the overall well-being of her athletes. For Valorie, it's not about winning and losing, it's about choreographing your life and owning the choices you make. Today on Connections, Valorie reveals how her coaching journey had a rocky start before she found her own best approach. She'll also share what role faith played in all of this. See for privacy information.

Oct 7

22 min 25 sec

What does it really mean to love your neighbour? This is a question that Marcel LeBrun asked and it sent him on a great journey that has resulted in not only a documentary but an organization that is now helping those who are marginalized and in need around the world. LeBrun is the founder of the 12 Neighbours Community, a dignified micro-home community where housing is just the beginning. The community also has a social enterprise centre with a cafe and retail, as well as a tiny home manufacturing facility with hopes of helping people overcome employment barriers.  Today on Connections, LeBrun shares why he started up this initiative and what he hopes will come out of it.  See for privacy information.

Oct 6

18 min 42 sec

Lucas Kitchen was determined to find the answer to the question, “What do I have to do to be saved?” The result is Naked Grace: A Quest For Clarity In A World Of Confusion, in which he chronicles with refreshing honesty and humour his life-long journey for answers. Today on Connections, Lucas will share his personal journey to find answers and why he decided to share that journey in his new book, Naked Grace: A Quest For Clarity In A World Of Confusion. See for privacy information.

Oct 5

15 min 27 sec

October is autism awareness month in Canada. It is estimated that 1 in 66 children and youth has been diagnosed with autism in Canada, yet Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a condition that remains misunderstood by many people. Teresa Hedley wants to change that. Hedley is an author, advocate, educator, curriculum designer and mother of a son with autism. Today on Connections, Teresa shares her family's journey with autism in hopes of educating others.  See for privacy information.

Oct 4

20 min 59 sec

Sheila Walsh is sharing candidly about her mental health struggles in hopes of  encouraging the millions struggling to hold on to and live in the love of God In her new book, Holding On When You Want to Let Go: Clinging to Hope When Life Is Falling Apart, Sheila Walsh vulnerably shares the traumatic events of her childhood, the loneliness, anxiety, and depression that still creep into her life, how the pandemic magnified and exacerbated her struggles, and the source of the hope that keeps her holding on each and every day. Today on Connections, Sheila shares her personal struggles with mental health and how we as a church can do a better job of supporting those dealing with mental health issues. See for privacy information.

Oct 1

18 min

Today marks the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The day honours the lost children and Survivors of residential schools, their families and communities. Patricia Myran of Long Plain First Nation is a second-generation residential school survivor. Her parents both attended residential school and Patricia spent 12 years in residential school. She has also been a historical researcher for the past 20 years and is on the board of directors for the National Indigenous Residential School Museum. Today on Connections she shares her story, how residential schools could have been avoided and how people can educate themselves starting today. See for privacy information.

Sep 30

28 min 49 sec

On July 31, 1999, life as she knew it stopped for Hedy Wiebe. While she and a friend were driving on a Manitoba highway, a van ran a stop sign, and they hit the passenger side of the van head-on with enough force to send them rolling. Sitting in the passenger seat, Hedy suffered extreme trauma to both her body and her mind. Her injuries included broken ribs and ankles, abdominal trauma, tendon and muscle injuries. Add a closed head injury and it would take years of rehabilitation before she could truly begin to heal. Throughout the trauma, God's presence and the blessing of ministering angels kept Hedy's spirit alert and vibrant. Dealing with the pain, the frustration, and the discouragement gave her a new understanding of Christ being courage deep in our hearts. Today on Connections Hedy shares her amazing story and how she managed to trust God in the midst of tragedy.   See for privacy information.

Sep 29

26 min 8 sec

Bella Thomson is a 7-year-old Swift Current girl who has gone viral on TikTok after a video of hers racked up 12 million views.   Bella suffers from Hirschsprung disease; a bowel disorder that has necessitated several surgeries. As well, combined immunodeficiency and cartilage-hair hypoplasia has meant that Bella has spent the better part of her young life in and out of hospitals. Today on Connections, her mother, Kyla, shares her daughter's amazing story and the role that faith has played throughout their journey. See for privacy information.

Sep 28

24 min 1 sec

Do you have deep questions about miracles? Do you ever wonder how you tell a miracle from a natural phenomenon? Do you think about the relationship between science and faith? These are questions that Elijah Stephens asks in his new documentary, Send Proof. Send Proof is the first documentary of its kind that shows miracle claims that have been researched and published in peer-reviewed journals. Today on Connections, Elijah talks about his documentary, the inspiration behind it and what he learned along the way. See for privacy information.

Sep 27

17 min 59 sec

Square One World Media has been producing Christ-centred programming since 1947. Beginning with a simple radio program, their work has expanded to include television and online media. Yet even as their format changes, their commitment to delivering the Good News of Jesus Christ in a language people understand has not changed. Shoaib Ebadi has been the president and executive director of Square One World Media since 2016. Today on Connections, he shares how and why he got involved with Square One World Media. He also chats about some of the programming that the ministry is currently working on. See for privacy information.

Sep 24

21 min 6 sec

Love Your Story is a must-read for anyone who wants to truly understand what it means to be a champion in God’s eyes and how true champions are created.  Linda Olson is the go-to story expert who helps authors, speakers and entrepreneurs impact millions with their stories. She is a TEDx speaker, multiple bestselling author and founder of Wealth Through Stories. Her mission is “To Impact a Million People a Year Through Story.”  Linda and her husband, Rick, reside in sunny California. They enjoy their two married daughters and their spouses and five adorable grandchildren, who are the best part of their story. See for privacy information.

Sep 23

14 min 44 sec

There may be no more powerful desire in the human heart than to be loved. And not just loved, but loved anyway. In spite of what we’ve done or left undone, we long for an unconditional love that we know deep down we don’t deserve. Bestselling author Jared C. Wilson says that kind of love actually exists, and it is an experience that is ours for the having. He shares this in his new book, Love Me Anyway: How God's Perfect Love Fills Our Deepest Longing. Today on Connections, Jared shares how we can find this love and actually start accepting it. He also talks about his book and the inspiration behind it. See for privacy information.

Sep 22

21 min 33 sec

Reading is a common habit shared by many successful people throughout history. It is responsible for unlocking limitless creativity and influence. It is known to reduce stress, improve decision-making skills, and make better leaders. It is the single best thing a person can do to improve themselves professionally. Reading more and better books creates opportunities to learn new skills, rise above the competition, and build a successful career. Jeff Brown, the host of the 4-time best business podcast nominee Read to Lead Podcast, has joined efforts with marketing expert Jesse Wisnewski to bring the business audience a simple habit to boost any career with his new book, Read to Lead: The Simple Habit That Expands Your Influence and Boosts Your Career. Today on Connections, Jeff talks about the book and the inspiration behind it. He also shares how you can incorporate your faith into all of it. See for privacy information.

Sep 21

18 min 31 sec

Do our darkest secrets have a purpose? Can our weaknesses give us strength? Is there a plan for our pain? Yes, says Christine Soule, if we embrace God’s love and ask for His help.  Today on Connections, Christine Soule shares her remarkable journey from unspeakable dysfunction to a life abundant with blessings. She'll also talk about her new book, Broken and Beautiful.   See for privacy information.

Sep 20

23 min 2 sec

Leilanie and Michael met when they were just 15 years old. Twelve years later they got engaged, but as they were preparing for their wedding something seemed off with Michael. Today on Connections, Leilanie shares her family's journey as they battle a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. She also talks about how faith and love have helped her family through the ups and downs of caregiving. See for privacy information.

Sep 17

17 min 14 sec

Adoptive parents often discover that opening their hearts to adoption was the easy part. It’s the emotional journey after the surrender to the idea of adoption that leads to the hard seasons of testing. In Hope When It’s Hard, author Jennifer Phillips beautifully weaves together elements of her personal adoption journey with Scripture and encouraging words that will feed the soul of an adoptive parent. Jennifer’s authenticity will lead parents to finally feel understood, with the ability to finally see the beauty of God’s adoptive heart. See for privacy information.

Sep 16

19 min 26 sec