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High performance computing workloads using electronic design automation (EDA) tools require a high magnitude of compute resources to run jobs in a 24/7 queue for design and manufacturing processes. And semiconductor companies need to quickly provision infrastructure on demand to accelerate the chip design process and drive faster time to market. Hear from Ravi Poddar, Pure's Director of EDA Solutions, about the challenges chip companies face to remain competitive and how reliance on only on-premises infrastructure solutions hinders the ability to scale on-demand to run 100,000s of compute simulation jobs. We discuss the recent announcement of a connected cloud offering that solves this problem by extending EDA jobs into Azure Cloud backed by data hosted on FlashBlade® in an Equinix location. This new solution helps accelerate EDA workloads while addressing concerns around IP security, data governance, costs, and cloud lock-in. For more information on Pure and EDA solutions:

Nov 23

32 min 24 sec

Shift gears with another Unplugged episode featuring co-hosts Andrew Miller and JD Wallace who take you deeper into Pure technology and current events. In this one, the guys recap the Fusion and Portworx Data Services announcements with a rehash of the latest Magic Quadrant news. JD delivers his Tip of the Week - learn about SafeMode capacity planning tips before the duo takes on the concept of Simplicity from an architectural design consideration. Also Beer of the Month returns - JD hates Pumpkin beers! For more on SafeMode, go to: Send any episode feedback or topic suggestions:

Nov 5

53 min 12 sec

It's Pure's 12 birthday so let's celebrate by checking in on the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant news with Amy Fowler, VP FlashBlade Strategy and Solutions, and Dan Kogan, VP Product, FlashArray. Pure FlashBlade is positioned for the first time as a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems & Object Storage, and Pure FlashArray continues to be positioned highest for Ability to Execute and furthest for Completeness of Vision in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage. Amy and Dan provide input on how Pure has achieved these important positions and key solution use cases and product capabilities that are driving superior customer outcomes. To read the complimentary reports: Primary Storage - and Distributed File Systems and Object Storage -

Nov 2

30 min 52 sec

As modern applications running on Kubernetes move from stateless to stateful, developers need to maintain access to Azure Arc-enabled data services for SQL Server, Postgres, and more. The legacy approach to managing these databases is highly manual and prone to human error, excessive downtime, and can’t be easily automated with existing tools. Hear from Melody Zacharias, Microsoft Solution Manager, about ways that Pure is partnering with Microsoft around Azure Arc Data Services to make it easier to provide a compelling Azure data experience for mission-critical environments leveraging Pure FlashArray and Portworx. Melody provides a primer on the various layers of the Azure Arc Data Services offering, how and where Pure integrates to add value, and specific outcomes for users. For more information on Pure and Azure Arc Data Services, go to:

Oct 25

38 min 51 sec

IT teams remain challenged by time-consuming management & troubleshooting, complex capacity planning, and cumbersome purchasing processes. Get the latest from Pure1 Technical Marketeer Roger Weeks from the DX team, on all the latest innovations in Pure1 designed to provide automation, self-service, predictive planning, and clear SLAs to drive business outcomes. Roger details the latest Pure1 capabilities including fleet-wide Data Protection assessments, Portworx integrations, advancements in workload planning and the Digital Marketplace, and fleet-wide upgrade & array management. To learn more, go to: or

Oct 13

37 min 12 sec

Following the recent announcement of Portworx Data Services(PDS), meet up with the two Puritans behind the new Kubernetes Bytes podcast. Technical Marketers Bhavin Shah and Ryan Wallner are the talented hosts of the Kubernetes Bytes podcast, which features current cloud native news and industry experts that highlight the challenges managing the wealth of data in today's cloud-native ecosystems. In this episode, we look back at the origin of containers technologies and why Kubernetes has become the most popular. We also discuss the Portworx Data Services announcement, K8s storage challenges, and common questions that customers and users are asking about leveraging containers in production today. To check out the Kubernetes Bytes podcast, go to:

Oct 6

39 min 43 sec

It's that exciting time of year again when VMware guru and multiple hat-wearing Puritan Cody Hosterman returns to the Pure Report to preview what Pure is doing at VMworld 2021, VMware's flagship event. We start with a general overview of the Pure and VMware relationship and expectations for VMworld in general with a focus around containers/Tanzu, hybrid cloud, and ransomware(6:21). Then hear about session topics Pure will be delivering, including a take on ransomware mitigation for VM Admins, Code Storage best practices, PowerShell, Tanzu + Portworx and and joint integrations(22:48). For more information and to register to attend:

Oct 1

36 min 20 sec

Double-click into details of Pure's latest announcement on Pure Fusion with Technical expert Anthony Ferrario who drills into the specifics of Pure's new self-service, autonomous storage as code that's built for limitless scale. Anthony brings his experience from the DevOps side of the house to explain the positive impact for large fleets of storage via Fusion's self-provisioning, automated deployment, and intelligent workload management. Fusion frees storage admins from mundane tasks and unleashes the power and agility of developers and application owners with a cloud-like experience. For more information:

Sep 28

29 min 9 sec

The growing adoption of security operations and analytics is enabling organizations to detect and deliver proactive and real-time responses to security gaps and threats. But there are ongoing operational challenges with real-time threat detection, threat analysis, and automating responses. Hear from Seth Kindley, Principal Data Architect, about the latest threats (beyond Ransomware) and best practices for SecOps teams to ensure data access, leverage proper tools and processes, and the need for rapid and scalable data systems to keep up with threat detection and monitoring. For more information:

Sep 22

39 min 7 sec

Unplugged takes you behind the scenes with podcast favorites Andrew Miller and JD Wallace delivering a new recurring episode format with fun segments and deeper dives into the latest product and tech at Pure. On this one, we cover the latest exec movement at Pure, recap on Accelerate, and promote upcoming webinars and events. Then JD hits on his Tech Tip of the Week and Andrew delivers his love letter to storage for applications and databases. We close with a chat about our favorite legacy personal tech items we can't give up, and cover Beer of the Month to see what's in Rob and JD's fridge. More Unplugged episodes are on tap soon. To tell us what you want to hear in future Unplugged episodes, email us at

Sep 20

35 min 21 sec

It's the return of our Hacker turned cybersecurity expert. Hector Monsegur, former technical frontman of the infamous LulzSec hacking collective, returns to the Pure Report to share his personal story and his deep insights on the evolution of the latest Ransomware attacks that are plaguing businesses and the public sector. Hector describes how large-scale attacks and ransomware-as-a-service are creating new headaches for IT teams and how to prepare for them. If you want to learn what motivates hackers and how to improve your cybersecurity defenses, make plans on October 27th to attend Pure's upcoming Cybersecurity Month webinar featuring Hector and Pure's Shawn Rosemarin and Andy Stone - to register today, go to:

Sep 13

39 min 38 sec

Catch up on the latest technology and data news with frequent guests Kyle Keller and Andrew Millers from Pure's Principal Technology Specialist team. In this edition of a new recurring format, we look into the future feasibility of using DNA for data storage and how that relates to past storage advances. Next, we discuss the new double extortion and multi-vector approaches as ransomware attacks become more sophisticated. Finally, we muse about how eCommerce and retail companies have had to pivot hard to hybrid cloud data strategies in the wake of changing conditions in the past 18 months. The Pure Report team hopes you enjoy this new episode format that we'll be running on a monthly basis to keep you informed and entertained.

Aug 23

38 min 34 sec

Solving today’s data challenges means breaking the chain of legacy storage architectures. With a software approach, Pure delivers enterprise data storage features for all of your data, all of your workloads, and all for your applications regardless of the size of your storage budget or capacity. In this episode, hear from podcast regulars Sam Marraccini and Kevin Rickson as they discuss how to break free of legacy storage limitations with Pure to provide Enterprise For All! Learn how a software-centric approach combined with Evergreen means no longer worrying about tiers of storage or enterprise feature tradeoffs. For more information: and

Aug 16

35 min 56 sec

Legacy data infrastructure can't keep up with the new requirements and pace of change of modern applications. Hear from Justin Emerson, Pure Data Architect, about the changing conditions in modern application deployment and management where all-flash storage is helping customers accelerate time to market and time to value. Justin shares some of the key trends he sees in AI and Analytics, and where the combination of unified fast file and object (UFFO) in FlashBlade and FlashArray//C are solving the limitations of disk and hybrid systems and enabling orgs to scale and eliminate data silos. For more information: and

Aug 10

41 min 6 sec

The increasing complexity in the IT landscape is driving more and more organizations to look to managed services to accomplish their business objectives. Hear from Chris Fuller, Principal Architect for MSPs, Americas, and Shobhit Bhutani, Global Partner & Solutions Marketing Manager, MSPs, about how MSPs are expanding solution capabilities and how Pure enables MSPs to drive out risk and deliver breakthrough outcomes for end users. Chris explains the differentiated nature of Pure's MSP programs, the relationships with key service providers, and how Pure helps MSPs deliver value-added services for hybrid cloud, DBaaS, VMware, analytics, data protection and even Ransomware mitigation as a service. For more information:

Aug 3

38 min 6 sec

Demand for flexible, pay-as-you-go consumption has never been greater, as customers come to expect the same cloud consumption model and experience everywhere. Hear from Brian Ferrar, Sr. FlashStack Marketing Manager, about Pure's recent announcement extending Pure-as-a-Service to the modern FlashStack infrastructure, offered by Pure and Cisco. Brian talks about how delivering a modern operational model, new FlashStack flexible consumption helps customers stay ahead of business demand and always stay current on the latest technology, all while staying within budget. For more information:

Jul 30

27 min 15 sec

Check out insights from an original Puritan who departed the company in early 2020 and returned recently to keep the orange fire burning. In this episode, we catch up with Kyle Keller, Principal Technology Strategist, about his observations and excitement around advances in Pure technology and product offerings during his year away from Pure and why he came back to the Orange. Hint: it all starts with culture and continues with innovation around FlashArray and FlashBlade platforms, Purity software, disruptive as-a-Service offerings, the Portworx acquisition, cloud strategy and more. We cover it all so don't miss this chance to hear from a Pure veteran with deep knowledge and industry perspectives. For more information:

Jul 13

45 min 26 sec

Catch up on the latest database technologies and trends that are shaping the future of data management. Hear from Joe McKendrick, Analyst at Unisphere Research, and Pure Sr. Database Marketing Manager Nihal Mirashi about the latest in the database landscape. The duo discuss the impact of automation, challenges with cloud adoption and DevOps, and new opportunities for data professionals to capitalize on emerging big data and analytics workload expansion. We close the discussion with practical advice on career investment for data professionals and how Pure can help deliver database breakthroughs. For more information:

Jun 18

51 min 44 sec

Pure's flagship Accelerate customer event kicked off in May and this episode gets you up to speed on highlights of the first two weeks and what to expect going forward. Frequent friends of the program, Andrew Miller and JD Wallace return the Pure Report to chime in on their favorite don't-miss moments across keynotes, customer segments, sponsor content, and Pure OnDemand TechBytes. Hear key takeaways around Cloud and Data Protection and upcoming content for Analytics, Business Apps and Pure Basecamp that's available whenever you want to consume it. For more information on Pure Accelerate sessions and to register:

May 27

39 min 26 sec

The rising cost of downtime means that even short outages are completely unacceptable. And as ransomware continues to grow as a threat costing global organizations $Ms annually in fees and downtime, you need comprehensive protection and quick recovery. Hear from Veeam's Rickatron (Rick Vanover), and Pure's JD Wallace about how Veeam and Pure partner together to deliver the "triple play" of immutability and protection. This combination of File Immutability with Pure Safemode and Cloud protection means unmatched backup resiliency for all your data. Rick and JD go deep into the integrations between the two companies, including snapshot management, ransomware protection, rapid restore with FlashBlade and a new Cisco Validated Design. For more information on Veeam and Pure:

May 26

43 min 4 sec

Our digital-first world is taxing IT systems and IT operations teams. Keeping pace isn’t easy, but the right digital infrastructure can lighten the load. Hear from Lucas Sweany, one of Pure's IT Security Architects about best practices in dealing with the rising volume of security log data and why and how Pure uses Pure infrastructure to simplify security log data management and speed time to analysis. Lucas talks about his journey into Security operations and provides insight as an expert on techniques for ingest, real-time analysis, and triage. For more information:

May 13

25 min 37 sec

From paper to digital and analytics - learn from a three decade Healthcare veteran about data management trends that are shaping the future of patient care and hospitals today. Hear from Jon Kimerle, Pure's EPIC Solution Alliance Manager about key insights gained from recent Healthcare CIO focus groups and how new specialized leadership roles around analytics and digital transformation are emerging. Jon and I discuss the new and next frontiers of Healthcare IT - Cloud/As-a-Service, Hosted offerings, next-generation archiving and analytics, and the need for robust data protection. For more information on Pure for Healthcare:

Apr 27

37 min 53 sec

Hit the Wayback Machine in this episode as we welcome Pure1 Technical Marketing Director Ralph Ronzio to the program for a spirited discussion around 80s retro video games. From there, Ralph provides an update on the new Pure1 Digital Service Catalog, allowing Pure Storage customers to explore, discover, trial, and order Pure offerings including Cloud Block Store, Professional Services, and Portworx - all from within Pure1. Users can select and purchase any of these services directly from the catalog and keep track of the status of orders. And once a subscription is in place, Pure1 provides a wealth of usage data and renewals information - making it easier to run your digital business. For more information:

Apr 20

29 min 17 sec

What happens when industry leaders join forces to develop and deliver joint solutions to deliver robust data protection and rapid recovery performance to keep your critical applications available? Hear from Commvault Director of Product Management Shawn Smucker and Pure's Field Solution Architect Jason Walker about ways that Commvault and Pure are taking data protection to new heights. We look back at the origins of backup and recovery and how all-flash from Pure and Commvault's intelligent orchestration capabilities combine to make data protection easier and modern, even as your data is growing. Specific integrations discussed include Intellisnap, Rapid Restore to the Cloud, a Pure Validated Design, and ransomware protection. For more information on this partnership and solutions you can use today:

Apr 12

39 min 11 sec

2020 rapidly accelerated the shift from brick-and-mortar retail to e-commerce as record numbers of people sheltered at home and shopped online. Hear from Peter Eicher, Vertical Solution Specialist, about how retail businesses need to rapidly shift to the right IT infrastructure to support their online marketplaces and deliver shopping experiences customers expect. We discuss new and emerging retail trends, including improved self-service engagement, sustainability, and the impact of emerging tech like 5G, AI, and IoT. Pure helps retailers evolve digitally with simplicity, rapid and consistent transactions, and predictable uptime with reduced risk via Evergreen and Pure-as-a-Service. For more information:

Mar 29

38 min 57 sec

Many medical organizations rely on outdated technology to manage their critical imaging services, unaware that better solutions exist that can improve the time to determine patient outcomes. Hear from Mark Dobbs, Pure's Enterprise Imaging Specialist, about how imaging is better on Pure - providing medical imaging departments with advanced data-services and financial flexibility to transform their traditional PACS storage to new modern architectures - and bringing innovation and new real-time services to patients and clinicians. Learn about how Pure's recent Purity FB 3.2 release brings modern SMB capabilities in FlashBlade that can deliver faster imaging outcomes compared to hybrid and disk arrays. Mark also provides insight on the impact and resourcing challenges that new technologies like Artificial Intelligence are having - creating a "new user" for imaging services and forcing hospitals to free up limited budgets for adoption. For more information:

Mar 23

36 min 3 sec

As application and infrastructure strategy evolves to include the public cloud, moving data across on-premises and cloud environments with a consistent experience and no application re-writes will be a key to success. Hear from frequent friend of the program, Cody Hosterman, Pure Technical Solutions Director, about our recent GA announcement that extends Cloud Block Store to Microsoft Azure. Cloud Block Store for Azure delivers bi-directional data mobility and a consistent experience across private and public clouds by bringing FlashArray features and experiences directly to the Azure public cloud. Key use cases include: seamless application mobility, dev/test and DR, and massive efficiencies leveraging Pure's data reduction, thin provisioning, instant snapshots, and cloning. For more information:

Mar 18

28 min 37 sec

The impact of cybersecurity attacks is well-known and far-reaching. With millions of dollars spent annually to protect and defend against intrusions, new attacks and methods of breaching IT continue to make the headlines. Hear from a former "black hat" and now Ethical Hacker, Hector Montsegur, about the complex landscape of modern cybersecurity and how he works with IT teams to prevent intrusion and recover rapidly from breaches. Hector provides practical expertise gained over 3 decades and highlights the latest defense in depth techniques, the growing business behind cybercrime, and security risks he forecasts as employees start coming back to the office post-pandemic. For more information:

Mar 11

36 min 21 sec

Analysts are starting to recognize the value to enterprises for hosted bare metal environments to deliver a cloud-like experience and speed time to market. Hear from Jack Hogan, Pure VP of Technology Strategy, about a new partnership offering with Equinix that delivers bare metal as-a-service capabilities and solves challenges with cloud cost overruns, legacy technical debt, and skillset gaps. The new Pure Storage on Equinix Metal offering provides high-performance, on demand, single tenant environments with full control over provisioning and administration. Whether you have legacy on-prem applications, high volume data driven workloads, or are ramping cloud-native and next gen apps, the new BMaaS offering delivers a single platform for your cloud journey. For more information: and

Mar 8

36 min 52 sec

Real-time event streaming based on Apache Kafka is enabling digital transformation in nearly all industries globally. Hear from Marc Selwan, Confluent PM and Pure's Vaughn Stewart, VP Alliances, about how Pure and Confluent have partnered to offer offer an integrated real time event streaming solution that supports global scale and the most stringent regulatory requirements. With Confluent and Pure Storage FlashBlade, users can infinitely retain and elastically scale their Apache Kafka data simply, without compromising performance. For more information: and

Mar 2

35 min 18 sec

Downtime is undesirable in any industry, but downtime in healthcare environments poses an additional element of risk. Healthcare is dependent upon electronic data and computer systems. Downtime – whether planned or unplanned – can jeopardize patient care. Hear from Pure's Healthcare EHR and MEDITECH solution experts, Priscilla Sandberg and Chris Bokis, about a new solutions approach to reducing risk and maintaining operations during planned downtime. Built on top of Pure FlashArray and MEDITECH, iPeople Offline stores 100% of a hospital’s patient data on a separate server instance so during planned downtime, clinicians are able to find the information they need to continue performing their patient care responsibilities. Add Pure's always modern non-disruptive upgrades via Evergreen, and planned downtime no longer needs to be scary. For more information:

Feb 22

24 min 55 sec

The rapid shift to digital transformation is putting a spotlight on business requirements for enhanced data security and operational efficiency for modern applications. Hear from David Yu, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for FlashBlade, about new Purity FlashBlade 3.2 data services enhancements that were announced on 2/16 - native SMB to drive faster restores, sparse file support for improved application efficiency, better object security, and more granular user performance monitoring. FlashBlade continues to lead the unified file and object category delivering broad workload acceleration, improved security and better operational efficiency - all things that benefit the acceleration of digital business. For more information about FlashBlade and UFFO:

Feb 16

33 min 59 sec

Catch up with the latest announcements on Purity for FlashArray with new data services that extend the Modern Data Experience. Product Marketing Director and frequent friend of the program, James Gallegos, joins to talk about the latest Purity and FlashArray//C enhancements to help customers store, safeguard, manage, access, and mobilize data, eliminating the frustrations of legacy storage and making it easier for users to achieve digital transformation initiatives. We cover it all - new ActiveCluster replication capabilities, advances in NVMe over FIbre Channel, new FlashArray//C options, Safemode protection against ransomware, and a new Pure Validated Design for VMware vSphere Tanzu. Get all the news in one place with this episode of the Pure Report. For more information:

Feb 16

23 min 36 sec

Simple, fast and accessible are words that historically have not been associated with government technology systems. Ask any agency leader who balances the burden of legacy IT with demands to rapidly meet pressing mission needs. In this episode, Nick Psaki, Principal System Engineer for North American Federal at Pure Storage, discusses five priorities he has gleaned from agency customers as they focus on enterprise transformation in 2021 and beyond. Nick elaborates on his 5 S's that every government (and commercial business) need to be successful - security, sustainment, simplicity, scale, and speed - and how Pure's simple and intuitive, always modern, and flexible on-demand architecture is helping government users fast-track their modernization journey. For more information on Pure Storage in Public Sector:

Feb 9

31 min 24 sec

Get to know Pure's new Chief Marketing Officer Jason Rose and find out this avid skier's impressions during the journey thru his first 100 days at Pure and how he views storage strategy and market conditions going forward. Hear about how the shift to remote work has challenged businesses to pivot to increased digital interaction and how utility based consumption models are changing the narrative in the storage industry. He provides perspective on how company culture impacts brand and marketing and delivers some predictions for IT in 2021 and beyond. For more information about how to breakthrough with the Pure Modern Data Experience:

Jan 22

36 min 55 sec

Check in with two of Pure's Field Solution Architects with over 40 combined years of experience supporting customers solving VMware data management challenges. We catch up with Jase McCarty and David Stamen to chat about the latest technologies and innovative integrations Pure customers are leveraging to make it smarter to run VMware. The duo delivers their thoughts around the ease and growth of adoption of virtual volumes, data protection integration with SRM, and VMware's new hybrid cloud strategy, VMware Cloud Foundation, and where Pure adds value. For more information on VMware solutions from Pure:

Jan 12

33 min 27 sec

Achieving IT and business success in 2021 and beyond will be more challenging than ever but will be practically impossible without a complete understanding of the latest technology solutions available on the market. Take a glimpse into the future as WW Systems Engineering VP Shawn Rosemarin returns to the Pure Report to make predictions on what's next. How will hybrid and multicloud evolve to provide the most flexibility for app deployment? Where will AI/ML based automation deliver the most value? How will the shift to 'as-a-service' IT for everything impact application and service delivery models? Check out these topics and more to start off the 2021 IT prediction season. To discover more on the future of IT:

Jan 4

50 min 22 sec

Both traditional enterprises and cloud-native startups alike need the same base platform in Kubernetes to deliver applications that power their businesses. Hear from Jon Owings, Director of Cloud Solution Architects at Pure, about how the combined approach of Portworx and Pure Storage can guide these organizations toward a complete data-management solution. JO returns to the Pure Report to discuss the Portworx portfolio of offerings, what DevOps engineers are looking for in a cloud-native data management solution, and how you can get started today. For more info on Pure Storage + Portworx:

Dec 2020

25 min 1 sec

Remote working has moved from a “nice to have” to a “must-have,” and for the foreseeable future is the new normal. Business leaders in turn must now ask themselves – how can our organization stay productive, connected and happy? Hear from James Petter, GVP of International Sales about insights to successfully lead remote workers. It's not just about access to proper technology -- workers need trust, consistent communication, and individualized ways of interacting to stay productive and happy. For more info on Pure solutions for remote workforces:

Dec 2020

24 min

Data economics has reached a breaking point. Simply put, companies need to take a more deliberate approach to optimize data storage and related costs. Hear from pioneering technology economist Dr. Howard Rubin and Pure co-founder and CTO John Colgrove (Coz) about how to tackle these costs and master your organization's data storage economics. Together we address the common myths and misconceptions around storage costs, including acquisition cost, cloud-only approaches, and the true cost of downtime. For a report with more detailed information on how to improve your data economics with Pure:

Dec 2020

46 min 45 sec

Catch up with Jake Ringler, VP and Head of Pure's European R&D centre in Prague to hear about how Pure is fueling innovation and accelerating time-to-market for customers. Jake discusses the skills and background needed to manage a diverse environment of engineers and the evolution of the R&D center including why Prague was viewed as an optimal choice to expand Pure's European presence. We also chat Canadian hockey, Czech beer, and the best way to pass time on weekends in Prague. For more info on Pure's European R&D centre:

Dec 2020

39 min 53 sec

Every IT journey begins with the first step. But what if you don't have a clear vision of where to go or how to get there? Get tested and proven blueprints for your IT deployments with new Pure Validated Designs (PVDs). Hear from Brian Gold, Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering, and Beth Arnesen, Strategic Programs Manager, about how new PVDs help decrease deployment risk and ensure the greatest return on your investment in Pure’s products and solutions. PVDs include step-by-step design and implementation guides for proven success, and are built leveraging key Pure alliance partner technologies. For more info on Pure Validated Designs:

Nov 2020

25 min 17 sec

This is the best Pure Report episode ever...change my mind. But seriously, check out frequent Pure Report guests, PSEs Andrew Miller and JD Wallace, who join to debate everything from the best type of cake, to ranting about technical terminology, and discussion around technology deployment considerations and more. Cloud vs. on-prem. Trade-offs in data protection strategies. Off-the-shelf vs. customized. Simplicity and automation vs. a hands-on approach. This episode is chock full of great insights and occasional witty banter. Enjoy. For more on Pure Storage products and solutions:

Nov 2020

1 hr 4 min

By next year, up to 90% of enterprises worldwide will build their IT strategies around a mix of on-premises private clouds, public clouds, and existing platforms to handle a growing set of requirements for modern applications. Hear from AWS Outposts PM Rob Czarnecki, and Pure's AWS Alliance Manager Matt Blythe about the synergy of FlashBlade with AWS Outposts, enabling AWS customers to leverage a low-latency, high-performance unified fast file and object platform with native Amazon Amazon S3 capabilities in tandem with AWS hybrid-cloud services. FlashBlade recently achieved the AWS Outposts Ready designation, the latest step in extending how Pure and AWS work together to serve customers’ modern data needs. For more information on how to leverage the benefits of FlashBlade through the AWS Outposts Service Ready program, visit:

Oct 2020

28 min 33 sec

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and as ransomware attacks increase in scope and frequency, there has never been a better time to boost your data defenses and invest in increased cyber safety. Hear from frequent Pure Report guest and Principal SE Andrew Miller about what we've been learning about ransomware intrusions, the trifecta of defense principles, and how Pure can help. Andrew also covers the top 5 questions we're hearing from IT around implementing protection, and dives into 2 actual attack examples and the resulting recovery efforts. For more information on ransomware and Pure solutions: #BeCyberSmart

Oct 2020

38 min 42 sec

Data migration from legacy systems is complex. When it's done right, you shorten your time to benefit, save on renewal fees, and maximize ROI on new infrastructure. Hear from new Puritan Dmitri Filenko, Director, Professional Services about Pure's expanding set of migration services offerings to help you define your strategy and execute your plan. With Pure Migration Services you get proven storage migration from start to finish. And once you're on Pure, with Pure Evergreen, you'll get a subscription to innovation that keeps your storage modern and agile. Your data stays in place, eliminating the need for data migrations. For more information on Pure migration services, go to: and

Oct 2020

28 min 39 sec

Find out what's possible when industry leaders in backup and recovery join together to deliver rapid data availability, restore, and reuse at scale with a truly integrated experience. Tune in to hear all about Pure FlashRecover, powered by Cohesity, from Cohesity VP of Marketing Chris Wiborg, and Pure FlashBlade VP of Marketing Amy Fowler. This exciting offering is the industry’s first modern, jointly-engineered solution designed to meet the most demanding business continuity requirements and enable new opportunities for data-driven organizations. For more info on Pure FlashRecover:

Oct 2020

24 min 47 sec

Exponential data volumes are exposing the weaknesses and challenges with hybrid arrays relative to capacity, cost and enterprise features. Enter QLC and Pure's FlashArray //C which is optimized for cost and capacity while delivering the same enterprise experience for users based on Purity. Friend of the Pure Report, James Gallegos, Director of FlashArray Product Marketing, returns to share his thoughts on how Pure's custom approach to using QLC flash offers a better solution than hybrid for workload consolidation, test/dev, data protection, and more. For more info on FlashArray//C and QLC:

Oct 2020

19 min 51 sec

Explore the new world of unified file and object storage with ESG Senior Analyst Scott Sinclair. Scott discusses the challenges that are holding back enterprises from moving forward to take advantage of today's modern applications and analytics - mainly, legacy storage retrofits and data lakes that have become data swamps, resulting in silos that inhibit easy data access to those that need it most. Hear how he views FlashBlade as "ahead of its time," designed to provide multi-dimensional file and object performance via a highly parallelized architecture purpose-built for today’s workloads. For more on Unified File and Object, check out:

Sep 2020

37 min 18 sec

What are the key data management ingredients needed for SaaS companies to stay competitive? How will Microsoft's hybrid cloud technology strategy play out over time? Get the scoop from Pure's Principal Field Solution Architect Argenis Fernandez who joins the Pure Report to talk about his role working with SaaS companies, the promise of Azure Arc, and experience working at Microsoft on SQL Server in between roles at Pure (and why he came back to Pure!). Check out Argenis on Twitter (DBArgenis) and hit up the following links for more info on what Pure is up to in the SaaS space ( and around Microsoft solutions (

Sep 2020

31 min 37 sec