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A show about relationships, the Fresh Start Family show is hosted by husband and wife team Terry and Wendy Snyder. Fresh Start Family is an online Positive Parenting company and community and this podcast tackles a range of topics and hosts that bring reality, hope, and a path to more peace in the home and world. Expand your heart, learn new tools, strengthen your family.

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In this week of Thanksgiving, what more appropriate to cover than gratitude.  Join Terry and Wendy, the Fresh Start Family Co-Hosts and positive parenting duo, as they express gratitude for their greatest teachers in this world -- Their children.  This episode is to help parents recognize their children as their greatest teachers and to walk through their parenting journey with a spirit of gratitude through all of the highs and lows. For more information on this episode go to:

Nov 23

48 min 7 sec

Join the incredible mommy daughter duo, Carmen & Olivia Isaacs, as they talk about how they incorporate charitable giving into their family holiday traditions. Carmen gives us the most beautiful example of modeling to our children and how as parents we can empower our kids to utilize their strong will and gifts to bring light to the world.  In this heartwarming episode you will learn: Ways to engage in charitable giving this Christmas as a family How to channel your child's strong willed spirit for good Simple ways to be a positive presence in the world For more information on this episode go to:

Nov 11

38 min 29 sec

On the Fresh Start Family Show this week Wendy has a conversation with Ralphie Jacobs who has transformed thousands of homes through her positive parenting centered organization, Simply on Purpose. Wendy and Ralphie share the transformative power of positive parenting they have witnessed in each of their lives and the families they work with.  Walk away from this episode learning: How we can show respect for our children  Recognizing the importance of body language in our parenting The MOST powerful non-verbal message we can give our children For more information on this episode go to:

Nov 3

39 min 51 sec

Join Wendy today as she shares the transformative shift she had in her parenting once she decided to take the courageous step into new and beautiful ways of parenting & living life.  Today she utilizes her own family stories and parenting journey to talk about stepping beyond the feelings of fear and utilizing courage as our greatest parenting superpower. For more information on this episode go to:

Oct 20

58 min 10 sec

To kick off Season 2 of the Fresh Start Family Show and throughout the month of October we are talking about all things discipline!  Mr. Chazz ... the incredible and vibrant parent & teacher coach, is helping us to kick off this new season with an incredibly empowering conversation about how focusing on connection + disciplining with compassion will help our kids to learn 3 of the most important life skills: Building and maintaining healthy and meaningful relationships Understanding your own needs and learning how to meet them Becoming creative thinkers through problem solving For more information on this episode go to:

Oct 14

1 hr 1 min

Join the entire Snyder Crew for a fun celebration of 100 episodes of the Fresh Start Family Show on today’s special episode. Meet Stella, Terrin and Herbie Snyder as the family discusses what it’s like to be a Snyder and growing up in a home with the strong influence of positive parenting.  Listen to today’s episode to meet the Snyders, laugh, and see inside the world of a real life “dedicated as heck” positive parenting home.  Find out more at:

Sep 29

54 min 3 sec

Let’s talk about triggers and what to do when our kids push our buttons!  Wendy sits down with her longtime mentor & friend Pam Dunn, coach, author, and creator of Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company, for a discussion on how to recognize triggers, accept responsibility for them, and how to heal from the root causes of them.  What to do when kids push our buttons… Having awareness around “our” buttons & triggers Finding acceptance of our own triggers Setting goals of healing & not just to get rid of triggers For more information go to:

Sep 22

45 min 16 sec

In Episode 98 of the Fresh Start Family Show, Wendy has a discussion with Laine Lipsky -- Elite athlete turned elite parenting coach.  Laine utilizes her passion to help parents attain excellence in their parenting - through: >> ending cycles of generational dysfunction >> and helping build UP their parenting toolkits Wendy and Laine both share stories, challenges and victories in their parenting journeys throughout today’s episode to remind parents that though they believe parenting is the hardest and most important job on the planet -- it doesn’t have to be so complicated!  This conversation is for any parents who want to feel calm, confident, and connected.  For more information on this episode go to:

Sep 9

53 min 14 sec

Today’s episode is for parents all across the spectrum looking to bring some peace to their home, but especially for anyone parenting sensitive kiddos.  Wendy has a candid conversation with Jen Harrison about the ways she has helped thousands of parents worldwide improve their lives at home within a matter of weeks. Jen has been named “The Child Whisperer” by Moms worldwide and has an incredible track record for showing Moms how to reduce their child’s anger and anxiety by 80% within 6 weeks or less. For more information on this episode go to:

Aug 25

53 min 57 sec

Wendy and Terry had the amazing opportunity to sit down with father of three and Child Play Advocate Drew Vernon, on Episode 96 on the Fresh Start Family Show to talk about how we can empower our kids to build critical thinking & creativity skills through play & literature!  Drew fell in love with encouraging play for children and talks to us about how creative play can be fundamental to our children’s critical thinking and problem solving and leaves us with three ways that we can enable our kids to become critical thinkers & great problem solvers through understanding:  Why screen-free time is so important How we can teach kids to learn the framework of good storytelling  How to help kids be the hero in their own story  For more information on this episode go to:

Aug 19

44 min 18 sec

Wendy sits down with registered dietitian and pediatric feeding expert, Rachel Rothman, MS, RD, CLEC to help families who struggle with mealtime to feel more empowered and less stressed, which is the primary focus of Rachel’s private practice, Nutrition in Bloom.  For more information on this episode go to:

Aug 11

59 min 21 sec

As parents one of the greatest ways to achieve the connection and understanding we strive for with our children is by becoming a safe place for them.  Conscious parenting coach, Vivek Patel speaks to this today on the Fresh Start Family Show.  answering the question, ‘how do we become a safe space for our children”.  Through stories of his own childhood experiences, his journey with his own children & reflections on his experiences working with many families to bring healing … Vivek inspires us deeply to focus on connections first & foremost in our homes.  Listen in as Wendy, Terry & Vivek speak to an important question all parents need to be asking themselves … "If we want kids to not lie to us, we have to make it safe for them to tell the truth," For more information on this episode go to:

Aug 4

1 hr 1 min

The damage from trauma in our lives can last generations. Sometimes we may not even recognize how it creeps in and takes over our families through our patterns and behaviors. The inspiring Roma Norris, mother of two, parenting activist, facilitator and Hand in Hand Parenting consultant, talks to us on the Show today all about the subtle forms of trauma-- known as ‘complex trauma’-- that creep into our lives.  Roma helps us to understand and recognize complex trauma in our lives, and gives us practical ways to prevent our trauma patterns from entering our homes, and how to truly recover from past traumas.  This episode is about healing, so that we don’t cause more hurt to our families. For more information on this episode go to:

Jul 28

58 min 28 sec

Episode 92 of the Fresh Start Family Show is all about understanding sensory processing and how it can be linked to misbehavior, emotions, and learning in our children.  Pediatric occupational therapist, Jamie Chaves, takes the complex topic of sensory processing and simplifies it to help us better understand our children and families.  Jamie recognizes sensory processing as the foundation for regulation and learning.  She helps us understand that sensory preferences impact everyone's regulatory responses and how these differences in our sensory preferences within our families can cause frustration and even disrupt relationships.  For more information on this episode go to:

Jul 21

49 min 39 sec

On the Fresh Start Family Show today, Ms. Ann Dillard -- family and teen mental health consultant and mother-daughter coach -- discusses with us how she helps women of all ages to navigate challenges in their own mother/daughter relationships.  She walks us through how to overcome challenges and triumphs of recognizing, repairing, and building healthy mother/daughter relationships. Discussed in this episode:  Navigating the Highs & Lows of the Mother / Daughter Relationship 1.) Why mother / daughter relationships are so important 2.) Ways to stay connected with your daughter through adolescence & into the teen years too 3.) Types of mother / daughter relationships & how to thrive For more information on this episode go to:

Jul 14

1 hr

It’s time to show up and speak out, families-- in today’s episode we are learning just how to do that from an expert in speaking truth, love and hope into the world-- Carlos Whittaker.  In a world where opinions and hot topics flood the internet, it’s easy to want to hide away from it all and not speak on anything.  Carlos powerfully reminds us we are called to speak up for what we believe in and to do it in a loving manner.  He calls us to lean into the discomfort and continue to educate ourselves, so that we can speak up on issues that are too important to stay silent on … AND teach our kids to do the same! This episode is a reminder to believe in the greatness of humanity, be the good in the world, and fight for what things worth fighting for!  Let’s go live with purpose, faith & hope! Find out more in the show notes:

Jun 30

48 min 58 sec

On the Fresh Start Family Show today, Terry and I had a candid conversation with one of our dearest friends & mentors, Dan Sivils, on humbling ourselves as parents and being ok with being a work in progress, because the truth is, we all are! As parents we ALL have a multitude of core fears.. Fears of not being good enough parents, not ever truly connecting with our children, or even the fear that we are completely ruining our kids..  In this episode, we walk through how to recognize our core fears, replace our negative self-talk with constructive awareness, and humble ourselves to step into learning & growing while honoring wherever we are in our parenting journeys. Find out more in the show notes:

Jun 23

1 hr 4 min

Today on the Fresh Start Family Show, Terry and I sit down to chat with Dr. Justin Coulson, author of 21 Days to a Happier Family and 9 Ways to a Resilient Child.  Justin is a father of SIX daughters (amazing … SIX daughters!) & an incredible parent coach who is talking with us how to foster a deep connection with our girls (and all of our children really).  Through Dr. Coulson’s own incredible story and parenting journey he gifts us with beautiful bits of wisdom on how to dive deeper into our relationships with our kids through understanding, effective discipline, and empowerment. Find out more in the show notes:

Jun 16

1 hr 1 min

Today I am talking to parents about the MOST important form of self-care that is often overlooked in our society … While hot baths, reading your Bible and going for a jog may all be essential forms of self-care for many (including myself!) ... today I am discussing how we can experience life changing results through community, support, and consistent mentorship throughout our parenting journey.  This episode will truly change your life! Find out more in the show notes:

Jun 10

51 min 21 sec

As the proverb goes...A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. In today’s episode, I am talking about having the courage to take that FIRST step wherever we find ourselves in our parenting journeys.  I was in a valley of deep overwhelm when someone introduced me to the work of positive parenting through a free parenting class... I’ve learned on this beautiful journey to take a deep breath and embrace it all ONE step at a time.  I am here to help you do the same and offer you the same resources and knowledge that have been gifted to me on my own journey. Find out more in the show notes:

Jun 2

49 min 4 sec

Have you heard loads of “back in my day,” stories where reactive, controlling, old ways of parenting with fear and force are justified & advocated for?  Today -- Terry and I are inviting you to join us to rise up and choose a better way of parenting our children.  We don’t think these old school hand me down parenting tools - fear, force, and pain filled tactics - are intertwined with God’s message and his calling on our life as parents.  We are here to help parents show up to raise their kids with patience, self-control and compassion & while building connection with their amazing children. This episode is all about how we can show up as humble servants in our parenting by asking the question of “what would Jesus do,” in every parenting situation.  Whether you are a family of faith or not, this episode is a great way to learn what a humble Christian perspective looks like and what WE believe parenting consistent to a Jesus centered faith looks like. Find out more in the show notes:

May 27

1 hr 6 min

It is no surprise that now more than ever families are starting to realize how addictive phones and devices can be and parents are now actively taking steps to limit screen time for their children.  Protecting our kids from all of the dangers that technology presents can fill our homes with power struggles, and leave our family feeling like the outcasts.  Well, families.. Sometimes to keep our kiddos safe, we have to be willing to be an outcast!  To help make the process easier when addressing technology use in our home Terry and I talked to Cyber & Parenting Expert, Lisa Honold, on steps to reduce screen time. Find out more in the show notes:

May 19

45 min 39 sec

As a country (and world), we often try to fit people into boxes regarding their race … Black.. White..  Asian..  Hispanic… But, we are missing a huge sector of the population (over 9 million people in the United States!!), that don’t just fit into one of those boxes.. They fit into two, maybe even three or four.  Many times, we are doing our world & our children a great disservice by forcing our kids to “check a box,” and to choose which race they identify as, and by not acknowledging that MANY of us have identities made up of multiple races.  Dr. Jenn Noble is a Psychologist, educator, & champion for all marginalized communities and the parents trying to raise their teens within them. She shares her wisdom with us today on helping mixed-race children with identity development. Find out more in the show notes:

May 12

52 min 4 sec

Our children are unique, differently wired little humans. No matter how much they may look like us, talk like us, act like us…. They all communicate in their own languages.  There is no handbook for this.  There is no parenting book or language crash course that teaches us the exact language of each of our kiddos.  But-- don’t let this discourage you, families, because there are still some BEAUTIFUL tools to help us learn our kiddos unique language & to become FLUENT in it.  I spent some time with Debbie Reber, parenting activist, speaker, and author of the book, Differently Wired, who has become an expert and educator in the arena of communicating with our unique kiddos. Find out more in the show notes:

May 5

58 min 28 sec

As our children move into their tween and teen years, this can be a feared & stressful time in our parenting journey..   Emotional outbursts, power struggles, complete withdrawal, hiding stuff, lying, engaging in sketchy activities … These reactions from our teens and tweens and how we respond to them can cause relationship damage and loss of connection, easily if we don’t use tons of care. The good news is, families, it’s NEVER too late to find that closeness and strengthen the parent-child bond with your kiddos even as they enter into these older phases of life. Find out more in the show notes:

Apr 28

1 hr

Families, are you overwhelmed with the challenges of raising a child with ADHD, autism, or learning disabilities? Or are you like so many families who are wondering if your child may be an alternative learner, but just aren’t sure? Even if you are just looking for some ways to connect with your child and restore some peace and balance to your home.. This episode is just what you need to hear.  Dr. Sharon Saline, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist and top expert on ADHD, anxiety, learning differences and mental health challenges and their impact on family dynamics.  In this episode, she brings her unique perspective as a sibling of a child who wrestled with untreated ADHD, combined with decades of academic excellence and clinical experience, and uses it to guide families as they navigate from the confusing maze of diagnoses and conflict to success and deepened family connections. Find out more in the show notes:

Apr 21

59 min 6 sec

One of the things that we as parents so commonly dread is “the talk..” You know the one.. And parents… I hear you… Just the thought of talking to our kids about sex is daunting.  Our culture has made this conversation out to be a terribly awkward, one-time conversation that we have to force out in an attempt to protect our kiddo s-- but it doesn’t have to be this way! Most of us recognize the importance of talking to our kids about sex (and everything in between!), but can’t seem to craft together the right words to say or the right time to say them.  It can feel like trying to teach your kiddos a foreign language that you haven’t learned yourself, you know?  So in order to help out our families, we brought in the experts -- Kristin Dickerson and Dr. Shannon Deer. A beautiful pair of sisters who have made it their mission to remove the stigmas surrounding “the talk,” and to help provide parents with everything they need to make these conversations surrounding sex comfortable and casual.  Find out more in the show notes:

Apr 14

1 hr 6 min

The month of April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month and because of that Terry and I felt very called to talk about the topic of abuse.  I know a lot of the content and information regarding abuse prevention, especially when it comes to prevention for our own families, is framed in really fear stricken ways and causes many of us to want to run from the topic altogether. But families, it is our passion to take these challenging topics head on and remove the fear from them so we can help you build safe & strong family legacies that you are proud of. Our goal is always to empower you to keep your kids safe, not to make you fearful.  That is why we sat down with child sexual abuse survivor, and abuse prevent educator, Rosalia Rivera, the founder of ‘Consent Parenting’ … to talk about how to approach the topic of abuse in our homes without instilling fear. Find out more in the show notes:

Apr 7

1 hr 7 min

Perfectionism.. Pride.. Denial.. Blame.. These are just a few of the habitual behaviors many of us have brought into our parenting journey that are bringing our families down. Whether these are habits we’ve learned or that have been passed down from our parents, I’m here to tell you, families, that you can treat these old ways of parenting as DEAD. Yes, you heard me -- you can treat the old ways as DEAD. Resentfulness, guilt, anger, shame ... Whatever it may be for you, this is your sign to leave them all behind! We have the power in all areas of life and especially parenting to treat all of these ineffective old ways as if they were dead and adopt new habits that will bring our family so much more peace and joy.  Find out more in the show notes:

Mar 24

44 min 47 sec

Seasons come and go just like strong emotions and challenging parenting stages. Some seasons of parenting can feel a lot like long, cold winters that leave you wondering if spring will ever arrive. Whether you are dealing with potty training, constant outbursts, separation anxiety (all things I’ve been through with my kiddos!), or one of the other gazillion parenting challenges we face as we raise little human souls, I promise you, this too shall pass! Spring is here, families, and it's time for a fresh start. The ice will melt and the flowers will bloom. Trust me … THEY WILL! Find out more in the show notes:

Mar 17

49 min 5 sec

Do you have an aggressive child that leaves you feeling defeated as a parent constantly? Or maybe you struggle with a kiddo that goes from super sweet to hulk - rage mode in 2.6 seconds when something triggers him (or her)?  Rather than adding to the emotions and stress and responding with aggressive outbursts and MORE aggression or force -- which is all too common in parenting -- today on the show, we’re discussing how to connect with your child and help them move past aggression.  Our guest on today’s episode is Tosha Schore, an incredibly wise hand-in-hand parenting trainer who is on a mission to create a more peaceful world, one sweet boy at a time, by supporting parents to care for themselves, connect with their boys deeply, set limits lovingly, and play wildly! I know firsthand that you can often be left with nasty feelings when dealing with an aggressive child, but hang in there families ... Today is all about finding the beautiful soul beneath the aggression of your child. Find out more in the show notes:

Mar 10

52 min 8 sec

You may be a brand new parent who just stumbled upon positive parenting & can’t get enough of this info …  … or a parent of several teenagers feeling like you are losing connection with your family. … or maybe you are more bought into the idea of positive parenting than your spouse and unsure what to do next.  … or perhaps you’ve been studying positive parenting for a while & seeing massive results in your home but still are yearning for more support.  No matter where you are in your parenting journey, there are some simple and life-changing practices you can bring into your home to help you and your spouse work as a team and thrive as a family!  Today Terry and I had the opportunity to sit down with “Positiva Disciplina” or positive discipline coaches and incredible parents of four, Tony and Liz Orozco.  You guys, I ADORE THIS COUPLE!!! Find out more in the show notes:

Mar 3

1 hr 1 min

Today Terry and I are going to discuss something that our world has certainly been facing: FEAR.  Of the 5 basic emotions: happy, mad, sad, hurt and scared, I think it’s safe to say that fear is one of the hardest for us all to process and deal with.  I know it certainly has been a tough emotion for me to navigate growing up in a home where fear was present, but never openly discussed. I was not given the tools to deal properly with fear and I’m sure many of you are in the same spot I was. I want to encourage you, families … that we have the opportunity to do it different with our kids as we raise the next generation of human souls.  Fear is not the enemy. Fear is our friend! Find out more in the show notes:

Feb 24

1 hr 1 min

It’s Black History Month, families, and we are so excited about our wonderful guest, Mijha Godfrey, who brings us beautiful insights about storytelling and books for kids with a focus on racial reconciliation and making a better world.  Mijha Godfrey has always had a heart for social justice, which led her to pursue a career as a lawyer and a former affordable housing developer, and she is now the founder of Jambo Books, which we talk about on today’s episode!  Find out more in the show notes:

Feb 22

40 min 3 sec

Today Terry and I had the absolute honor of sitting down with author & longtime bridge-builder, Dorena Williamson. Dorena and her husband have spent the last 25 years building God’s Kingdom at their multicultural church in Nashville, Strong Tower Bible Church. Dorena sits down with us today to talk about how we can unify God’s diverse kingdom and heal generations of racism.  It all starts in our homes.  Find out more in the show notes:

Feb 17

1 hr

Okay, families .. Are you frustrated or feeling overwhelmed dealing with tantrums, strong-willed kids and overall super erratic up & down emotions?  Trust me when I say, we’ve ALL been there!  If you are exhausted using the typical and ineffective reward and punishment systems of parenting and ready to positively and dramatically change your life, today’s episode is just for you! Today we are talking to Michelle Kenney Carlson, self-proclaimed “reformed yeller and control freak - turned parenting coach”, about how to deal with these Big Ugly Feelings that are tough to navigate as parents and families.  Find out more in the show notes:

Feb 15

49 min 1 sec

Organizing your home can be a daunting task during busy seasons. Many of us often take a step back and find ourselves asking, “Where do I even start?!”  We can relate, and want to provide you with some practical ways to tackle the chaos and bring a little more peace into your home.  On today’s episode we are diving into some of those practical and simple strategies to incorporate in your home with organization and efficiency expert, Kristi Clover.  FInd out more in the show notes:

Feb 10

48 min 5 sec

What is detachment? In today’s episode, we take a look at what detachment truly is and we debunk some of the misconceptions that surround detachment.  To give you a brief overview here, here at Fresh Start Family, we believe that true detachment is when nothing that someone else says or does disturbs your sense of value & worth. This is so important in parenting because as much as we want to control things like:  our children’s behavior the opinions of others and many other aspects of life that are out of our control Find out more in the show notes:

Feb 3

34 min 15 sec

Do you ever feel like you are on an island and trying your best, but doing this parenting thing all alone?! Or perhaps you’re one of the many many parents out there who has a spouse, in-laws or friends who are totally unsupportive of your efforts to learn & implement positive parenting strategies? To find out more go to

Jan 27

48 min 48 sec

Do you have a child who seems to react suuuuuuper irrationally when certain requests are made?  Maybe it seems that they lack the skills required to complete a task, so rather than working through it, they explode. If you have ever found yourself in this situation, first of all families, we want you to know that:  >> you’re not alone >> you’re not a bad parent >> and your kiddo is not a bad kiddo! (To find out more go to

Jan 20

51 min 44 sec

Are you struggling to find the light or the silver lining through these dark times? Gosh 2020 was an a%& kicker, and now 2021 is already a wee bit stressful. I’m with you, you’re not alone … we’re here to help you with a new Fresh Start Family Show Episode that is filled with hope & encouragement. Eileen Robertson Hamra lost her husband suddenly to a plane crash in 2011. As you can imagine, after the news, she began dealing with a grief that is hard for most of us to even fathom. Eileen was left to care for her three young kids alone, all while trying to pick up the pieces of her new life. While Eileen’s story starts out tragic and dark, it ends up triumphant & full of glory! To find out more go to

Jan 13

33 min 32 sec

Today Terry and I are talking all about the importance of having the “right shades on” in parenting. What does that mean exactly? Well we are talking all about that in this episode, but we will also give you a brief overview in today’s blog post. To find out more go to

Jan 6

33 min 19 sec

Join Terry and Wendy Snyder today as they share a real life experience about how they used connection and vulnerability to influence their kids to feel comfortable enough to open up. This episode covers why it's important to show our imperfections, how to encourage kids to talk to their parents, and so much more! Find out more in the show notes:

Nov 2020

43 min 35 sec

Join Wendy as she interview Hannah Olavarrio & Kelty Green from Upbringing, a movement that empowers parents to grow up alongside their kids for sanity and social change. You'll be encouraged to flip some limiting beliefs about sibling challenges (and the concepts of mistakes in general) as we discuss how choosing to approach conflict, our role and our goal with fresh eyes can help kids learn & grow adaptively. Show notes can be found at

Nov 2020

1 hr 5 min

Join Wendy Snyder (Positive Parenting Educator & Family Life Coach) & Marlene Spence (Children's Behavioral Specialist & Parenting Coach) as they chat about how routines can bring more peace, connection, cooperation, calm & empowerment into your home! Marlene also shares info about her new reusable sticker chart system that helps kids self-manage everything from chores, to school schedules, to cleaning routines ... and much more! Show notes:

Oct 2020

40 min 38 sec

Terry and parenting expert Jim Jackson of Connected Families talk about how to navigate doubts and triggers that commonly come up for dads. Wendy moderates the discussion & ask Jim & Terry some of the most common Q's she hears from parents about "Dad Doubts". Show notes:

Oct 2020

1 hr 1 min

Discipline is a part of every parents journey, but how can we be sure we’re disciplining our children effectively? How do we do it in a grace-based and God-centered way? Connected Families founders and parenting experts Jim and Lynne Jackson, join Terry and Wendy to talk about discipline that connects with your child’s heart, including steps and practical examples to help you think through a grace-filled Biblical parenting approach! Show notes:

Oct 2020

1 hr 1 min

In this episode, Terry & Wendy interview Dr. Dana Crawford (a pediatric and clinical psychologist) about what we can do to raise kids who actively are helping to end racism. This conversation will empower you with guidance on what you can do TODAY to actively contribute to raising the next generation of human souls who live, lead & advocate for an anti-racist world!

Sep 2020

55 min 3 sec

If you've ever struggled with regret after you've been "too hard" on your kids, or wondered why it's so hard for you to say no, or set limits with confidence (permissive), this episode is for you! Terry and Wendy discuss Firmness and Kindness in regards to parenting & give tangible tips on how to find the middle ground between the two. Listeners will feel encouraged, motivated & full of hope after listening to this episode! Show notes can be found at

Aug 2020

57 min 39 sec

In this episode, Terry and Wendy are discussing how important it is to have faith that you can do hard things - when situations get tough in our parenting walks. Through analogies to sports (surfing specifically), listeners will gain a renewed sense of hope, bravery, courage & tenacity to follow through with their stated goals in parenting & life. Believe in yourself, believe in your kids ... have the courage to follow through & watch how magic unfolds in your family! 

Aug 2020

49 min 38 sec