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Episode #4 of the Octanerdle Cast. In this session, Nostalgia Nerd and Octavius King are discussing Rectangular cows, minotaur dads & mermaid mums, songs by ghosts and people shoving things in places that are noteworthy. Thanks for tuning in!


May 25

32 min 28 sec

It's the third instalment of the Octanerdle podcast, with Octavius King and Nostalgia Nerd. Topics include Jeff Goldblum, diplodocus bowtie action, maggot cheese, umbrella ghosts and Nerd's mardy minute.


Apr 3

29 min 20 sec

Episode 2 of Octanerdle featuring banana seals, perpetual stew, a new car, crap kids jokes, tom Nook, and LOTR Fan Fiction.


Mar 12

35 min 6 sec

Welcome to the first episode of the Octanerdle Podcast featuring Octav1us King and Nostalgia Nerd.

Feb 13

31 min 8 sec