Free and Clear: Understanding, Healing, and Overcoming Religious Abuse

Naomi Wright, John Collins

The Free and Clear podcast is about healing and overcoming the effects of spiritual abuse. Naomi and John use their combined sixty years of cult experience to answer questions people have about their current or past religious experience and help listeners find peace with their most troubling questions. John asks the questions sent in by listeners of the show or that have been asked over the years in his network of support for victims of religious abuse. Some questions are lighthearted, including questions about family, lifestyle, and friendships, while others are more difficult and sometimes painful for those who ask.

Naomi brings her expertise in social work and Christian studies to the show to answer the questions from a biblically-based counseling perspective. John brings his expertise as a researcher of cults and religious abuse and administrator of support networks for those who have experienced all forms of abuse to the show, to answer the questions from a historical perspective. Together, Naomi and John help listeners find peace by overcoming their negative experience and becoming Free and Clear.

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