Scales of Change

By Future Ecologies

The climate crisis is the defining challenge of our lifetimes. Its scale defies comprehension, and conceals its true nature – not as one gigantic issue, but as many. Even those of us who accept the science and urgency of the climate crisis can struggle to act on our own knowledge and values. No matter who we are, our minds are subject to the Dragons of Climate Inaction: 36 different species of rationalizations – stories we tell ourselves consciously and subconsciously, shaping all of our decisions.In this series we explore the psychology of climate inaction, and prove that another story is possible. In each chapter of this 8-part series, we’ll uncover a different genus of dragon. Along the way, we’ll explore the art of turning carbon into rock, face mortality in the heart of the Amazon, and rekindle our connection with the Earth. With the help of each of our guests, we’ll challenge the different types of climate inaction, and discuss how we can scale up to meet this moment, together. Scales of Change was produced by Future Ecologies, with support from the University of Victoria. Scales of Change is proud to be a 2021 Webby Honoree in Science & Education

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