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The Life@Work Conference podcast is where real workers wrestle with real workplace issues. In it we relive conference highlights, consider timeless issues Christians wrestle with in the workplace, and hear interviews with workers just like you. Hosted by Life@Work National Manager Andrew Laird. Find us on Spotify, Apple podcasts, YouTube or RSS.

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An academic and mother reflects on the dangers of living according to “I am what I do”

Nov 22

16 min 16 sec

Author of 'Workship' explains why our work can be an act of worship, and practical tips for what that means for your 9 to 5.

Nov 8

32 min 16 sec

How COVID has made some of us more busy, and what one Christian boss is seeking to do about it for his staff.

Oct 25

18 min 36 sec

YouTube superstar Eddie Woo on “the call to pressure” all Christians face, and how one woman has handled this in her job.

Oct 11

20 min 40 sec

Christian in the workplace? Something special is about to land in your podcast menu.

Oct 4

2 min 16 sec