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We All Have An X-Chromosome

By Noelle and Bill

About Noelle:Noelle is a Professional Librarian with a background in the classics who takes great pains to beat about the head and shoulders those unwilling to use the miraculous tools of the modern age (like the intarwebz) to inform their damn selves on important issues. She is the Red Lantern Sith Lord She Hulk of the Podcast and the reason it's explicit.About Bill:Bill is a Hufflepuff. What?Contact us at writeus@xchromosomepodcast.comWe are constantly bombarding our facebook page at'll branch out to other forms of social media if Noelle or Bill decide to actually do that thing or we get a social media person which unfortunately we can't pay.If you want to buy us coffee you can and receive a shoutout on the podcast.Podcast Music provided by with permission by Alpha Riff Name suggested by Emma TaylorPodcast graphics done by Ilea Hamrick

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