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Sunil Agnihotri

A podcast series focusing on the Edmonton Oilers and the National Hockey League. Each episode will feature a guest to discuss current events, team performance, player evaluation and roster construction.

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A little deep-dive on the Calgary Flames with Mike Pfeil (@mikefail) from The ScorchStack. We talked about their great start, what the key factors have been and if their success at even-strength (5v5) and special teams is sustainable or not. Mike also shared his thoughts on the Flames roster construction, where they could make improvements, and what the club is doing well tactic-wise this season.

Nov 8

42 min 41 sec

Joined by Avry Lewis-McDougall (@avrysports) from Avry's Sports Show to talk all things Oilers, their recent success and how things might shake out in the Pacific division. We also talked about fan experience and how the Oilers and the NHL can do a better job growing and promoting their product. We also shared our thoughts on Kyle Beach’s bravery and what impact he’ll have on the game and society.

Nov 1

29 min 3 sec

Joined by Dennis King (@dkingbh) on the show to discuss the Oilers start to the 2021/22 regular season, what they've done well and where they need to improve. We focused on the players that have stood out, positively and negatively, and the impacts of Holland's approach when it comes to building and optimizing a roster.

Oct 27

39 min 28 sec

Joined by Jason Adams (@adamsonhockey) on the show to discuss the Oilers start to the 2021/22 regular season, what they've done well and where they need to improve. We talked about Holland's off-season moves on the blueline and some of the early struggles there. We also talked about Jesse Puljujärvi, how important he is today and going forward, plus lots more.

Oct 25

36 min 12 sec

Joined by Alex Thomas (@Alex_Thomas14) to discuss the Oilers off-season activities, the changes up front and the defence core and Holland's overall approach to constructing the roster.

Aug 9

36 min 45 sec

Joined by Dennis King to talk about the acquisition of Duncan Keith, Ken Holland's limitations as a general manager and what to expect this off-season from the Edmonton Oilers.

Jul 14

41 min 41 sec

Joined by Ganesh Murdeshwar (@oilersnerdalert) from Puck IQ to talk Oilers and how they can integrate and use analytics as part of their overall strategy and decision-making processes.

Jun 7

49 min 15 sec

Joined by Dennis King to talk Oilers, their playoff series against the Winnipeg Jets and where things might go this upcoming off-season. We discussed the roster construction that Holland has done, how the lines were developed and deployed by the coaching staff, and what areas they'll need to improve on for things to turn around.

May 28

48 min 37 sec

Daniel Wagner (@passittobulis) joined me to discuss the Vancouver Canucks season, what the warning signs were and where things have gone wrong. We discussed management's approach to building the Canucks roster, what they'll need to do differently to be competitive next season, and if Travis Green is the right coach for the team.

May 3

36 min 15 sec

Joined by Zach Laing, news director for OilersNation and the Nation Network. We talked about our experiences covering the Edmonton Oilers and how the league can reach more communities and improve the fan experience. We discussed the Oilers season, which players have been the key drivers and who we want to see more from. We also covered the upcoming off-season, how to approach Nugent-Hopkins contract and how the defence core could potentially look next year.

Apr 26

44 min 13 sec

Joined by Dennis King to talk Oilers, the trade deadline and the direction the club appears to be headed under this management group and with Ken Holland as general manager. We looked at the current roster construction, where the deficiencies have been, and what we're expecting to happen this coming off-season. We also looked at the North division, how the Oilers compare with the Leafs, Canadiens and Jets and how things could shake out in the playoffs. Pretty packed show with lots of great insight from Dennis who even took some listener questions.

Apr 14

1 hr 4 min

Ryan Batty (ryan_batty) joined me on the podcast to talk Oilers, the trade deadline and expectations for the Oilers in the North division as they head towards the playoffs. We discussed the acquisition of Kulikov, how it impacts the current roster and how he could help the club. We also shared our thoughts on the current management group and their short term and long approach to building the roster.

Apr 13

37 min 40 sec

Nate (@nkb121), managing editor of the Silver Seven Sens blog joined me this week to talk about the Ottawa Senators, their struggles out of the gate, and the key issues the club is dealing with. Nate shared his thoughts on the Senators roster construction, their play at even-strength and special teams, and some realistic goals for the club.

Feb 2

34 min 33 sec

Joined by Preston Hodgkinson from The Copper & Blue and the St. Albert Gazette to talk Oilers and their performance so far this season, We discussed which players have stood out, positively and negatively, and how things could shake out in the North division.

Jan 26

28 min 25 sec

Jason Paul, an analytics freelancer behind (@waveintel), joined me to share his insights on the Montreal Canadiens, their off-season changes and how they might fare in the North division. We talked about how their roster has been constructed this season, what improvements they’ll need to be competitive at even-strength and special teams, and which players could have the biggest impact.

Jan 18

30 min 6 sec

Omar Rawji (@omarcanuck) joins me to talk Vancouver Canucks, expectations for the upcoming regular season, how they compare against the Edmonton Oilers and how things might shake out in the North division.

Jan 12

35 min 27 sec

Joined by Kevin Papetti from Maple Leafs Hotstove to get some insight on the Toronto Maple Leafs, the changes they've made this off-season and what their strengths and weaknesses are. We talked about how the Leafs could deploy their forwards and defence pairings to handle the skilled players of the North division. Kevin also shared his thoughts on Tyson Barrie, what led to his departure from Toronto and where he could fit in on the Oilers blueline.

Jan 4

38 min 24 sec

My guess this episode: Ira Cooper (@coopsie39/OriginalPouzar)from The Copper & Blue. We discussed the Edmonton Oilers off-season activities, what our expectations were following their loss to Chicago in the play-in round and managements approach to re-tooling the roster. We gave our thoughts on which players will have the biggest impact the upcoming season, and how the roster might shake out including the reserve/taxi squad - check out Ira's recent article at The Copper & Blue. We also touched on the All-Canadian division and where we see the Oilers finishing.

Dec 2020

46 min 35 sec

My guest this week: Scott Powers, senior writer for The Athletic! Scott has been covering the Chicago's sports scene for a long time and joins me to preview the upcoming qualifier series between the Oilers and Blackhawks. We discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the Hawks, key drivers on their roster, how they can match up with the Oilers and what to expect from the series.

Jul 2020

24 min 1 sec

My guest this week: Cameron Thomson! We discussed the Oilers progress this season, how they did at the trade deadline and how we see the Pacific division and western conference shaking out. We also dug into the roster construction, areas that need to be addressed and how the Oilers should approach the off-season.

Mar 2020

47 min 33 sec

To dig into the Vancouver Canucks and the Pacific division, I was joined this week by Thomas Drance from The Athletic Vancouver! Thomas shared his thoughts on the Canucks' season, including how they stack up against the Pacific and what their short-term and long-term plans could potentially look like. We discussed the play of Elias Pettersson who has driven a lot of the Canucks success this season and what areas of the roster the Canucks might need to address to remain competitive.

Feb 2020

25 min 2 sec

Joined by my friend Rex Codex Libris (@CodexRex) to talk all things Oilers, their recent winning streak and what some of the key drivers have been. We touched on the current roster composition, the emergence of prospects this season and how best to approach the trade deadline and the upcoming off-season. Rex also shared his insights on the NHL's officiating standards and the issues the NHL faces due to their lack of rule enforcement.

Feb 2020

51 min 16 sec

Joined by Catherine Silverman of InGoal Magazine and The Athletic to talk about the Arizona Coyotes and how they've been doing in a tight Pacific division. We talked about the Coyotes young core, how the roster has been constructed and what their key drivers have been so far. We also chatted about the Oilers goaltending tandem of Mikko Koskinen and Mike Smith, and how we expect the Pacific division to shake out by season's end.

Jan 2020

34 min 27 sec

This week on the podcast, I was joined by Keith Anthony (@keyantonyo) to discuss the Bakersfield Condors and the Oilers prospect pool. Keith shared his thoughts on the Oilers approach to developing players, and his observations from watching and closely tracking the Condors. We also discussed specific players who'll be critical to the Oilers long-term success including Caleb Jones, Kailer Yamamoto, Tyler Benson and William Lagesson.

Dec 2019

40 min 45 sec

This week on the podcast, I was joined by Minnia Feng from The Athletic. We talked about the Oilers progress this season, and reasons for optimism and skepticism, We chatted about the NHL fan experience compared to other leagues, including Minnia's experiences writing about other sports. We also discussed player-coaching relationships and the abuse that's come to light in hockey.

Dec 2019

35 min 14 sec

Joining me on the podcast is Darcy McLeod (aka Woodguy) to talk about the Edmonton Oilers progress this season, the goaltending and prospect development and deployment. We also talked about some of the insightful work being done online by hockey fans, including the PuckIQ web site that Darcy and his team have developed.

Nov 2019

39 min 34 sec

This week I was joined by Murat Ates, Jets beat reporter for The Athletic Winnipeg. Murat shared his experiences getting into hockey and writing, and his approach to hockey analysis. We talked about the Jets current state and what area of the team's performance and roster construction are worth following this season.

Oct 2019

30 min 34 sec

This week, I was joined by Reid Wilkins, host of Inside Sports and Oilers hockey on 630 CHED. Reid shared his experiences covering the Oilers, his approach to social media and fan engagement. We talked about the early start to the 2019/20 season and some of the key storylines worth following, including prospect development, goaltending, coaching impact and more.

Oct 2019

39 min 50 sec

Joined by WheatNOil to discuss the Oilers pre-season, the roster as it stands today and what to expect this upcoming season. We also got to learn about Wheat's experiences as an Oilers fan, including how and why he began participating within the online fan community.

Sep 2019

42 min 30 sec

This week on the podcast, Dennis King joined me to talk Oilers and their off-season management and roster changes. We also discussed the blue line and the young players pushing for roster spots in Edmonton this upcoming year.

Sep 2019

38 min 59 sec

Joined by Bruce McCurdy, writer at The Cult of Hockey at the Edmonton Journal, to talk about the Oilers, off-season transactions and expectations for the upcoming season. We also discussed how and why we got into blogging and some of the methods behind hockey analysis.

Sep 2019

48 min 51 sec

I chatted with Jeff Chapman (@NewWaveOil) from the Copper & Blue about his experiences blogging, the growth of the online fan community, as well as his thoughts on the the Oilers off-season.

Aug 2019

35 min 50 sec

In this podcast, I'll be talking to Allan Mitchell (@Lowetide) to discuss the growth and development of the Oilers fan community, as well as the Oilers off-season.

Aug 2019

40 min 49 sec