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We’re on the cusp of a revolution that’s going to change the world, and there’s nothing fictional about it. Join Lydion Research, premiere technologists in the science of data economics, as we present Brave New Data, a podcast dedicated to bringing data economics to the forefront of everyday conversations. Hosted by Lydion’s Rob Maigret, each episode combines addictive storytelling with incisive, relatable Q&A, providing listeners with the real world context of data economics, and helping them to better understand the critical role this new science plays today, and will play tomorrow. The revolution is coming. Are you ready?

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Rob Maigret sits down with Tyler Bushnell, CEO and founder of Polycade, to talk about the roots of video games, arcades, and online communities, how the feedback loop of the internet has changed the way in which these experiences are created, and how data is powering new levels of game discovery like we’ve never seen before. About PolycadePolycade is on a mission to make gaming social: getting people out of their houses, making new friends, and building community. - Rob MaigretGuest - Tyler BushnellShot + Edited - Toughtown Graphic Design - Michele SvengsoukAdditional Sound - Alfred MontejanoPresented by Lydion Research

Feb 2020

52 min 6 sec

Rob Maigret sits down with Victoria Fine, who has held senior positions at news sites including Slate and Upworthy, to discuss journalism’s evolution throughout the digital age. Specifically calling out the role that data has played in how information is crafted, packaged, pruned, and delivered, Rob and Victoria discuss what the future of journalism looks like when it taps into the power of data. About Finally (Victoria Fine)Finally helps socially conscious leaders craft businesses that thrive in the digital world. They’ve got your back with cutting-edge content, growth and management techniques. - Rob MaigretGuest - Victoria Fine Shot + Edited - Toughtown Graphic Design - Michele SvengsoukAdditional Sound - Alfred MontejanoPresented by Lydion Research

Feb 2020

53 min 18 sec

Rob Maigret sits down with Alice Crisci, CEO and co-founder of MedAnswers, to discuss the important role that empathy plays in data analysis and how the once taboo subject of fertility is rapidly becoming a mainstream topic that impacts everyone.About MedAnswers MedAnswers created FertilityAnswers iOS App as the first digital marketplace for fertility. They connect those seeking answers with experts who have them, for free. Their mission is to ensure that anyone who wants to have a child, can have a healthy one affordably. Host - Rob MaigretGuest - Alice Crisci Shot + Edited - Toughtown Graphic Design - Michele SvengsoukAdditional Sound - Alfred MontejanoPresented by Lydion Research 

Jan 2020

1 hr 14 min

What if individuals and businesses treated data as an asset? Rob Maigret and Arka Ray of Lydion Research discuss the revolutionary idea of data assetization and how it underlies Aetium (codenamed Auctum), a Lydion product that is both an investment platform and a tool that enables companies to leverage their data as a new asset class that is visible on the balance sheet. Then they look ahead to the future- what does it mean when data is assetized on a global scale? How does that change our perception of value? What does a data asset really signify, and how does this tie to our current understanding of proof of work and ledgers in blockchain technology?To learn more about Lydion Research, visit: by: Lydion ResearchHost: Rob MaigretGuest: Arka Ray of Lydion ResearchSound Engineering: Alfred Montejano Video Production: Toughtown Brave New Data Theme Composition:  Alfred Montejano Graphic Design: Michele Svengsouk

Sep 2019

45 min 58 sec