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George and Eric hit the NFL from a betting and analytics perspective twice each week; starting with the lookahead podcast right after Sunday Night Football and then the Wednesday evening podcast with guests and the lock of the week. This is a Trend-Free Podcast. Lock It Up.

  1. 1.
    NFL Schedule Winners/Losers, Week 1 Lines Bets
  2. 2.
    AFC Win Totals extravaganza
  3. 3.
    NFC Win Totals extravaganza
  4. 4.
    NFL Draft Winners/Losers, the case for Lance over Fields, ROY bets, and Division Futures bets
  5. 5.
    NFL Draft recap, Lance, Fields, Rodgers, Steelers/Jags, best/worst picks, ANYONE BUT MAC SYNDICATE
  6. 6.
    2021 NFL Draft Props, 49ers decision at 3, & MORE
  7. 7.
    Evan Silva joins to talk 49ers decision at 3, Draft props, Ravens getting the best of Orlando Brown trade to KC, MVP sleepers, and of course his Bills
  8. 8.
    The Syndicoaster update, Top-10 props, RB props, more props, top-10 mock draft + trades
  1. 9.
    Draft Props (yes more), Predicting the NFL Draft top-12 picks, status of the Justin Fields syndicate, and Stories from the Cincy Y
  2. 10.
    Thomas Dimitroff on making big draft trades, draft strategy, what the 49ers will do at 3, the Falcons options, keeping the hair on point, and much more
  3. 11.
    NFC Win Totals, Justin Fields draft prop update, Masters bet update, plus the worst sports tweet of the year
  4. 12.
    J.T. O’Sullivan does a top-5 mock draft, Justin Fields vs Mac Jones is the wrong ?, should Lawrence be QB1, Brett Favre stories, Draft props and more
  5. 13.
    Should the Bengals take Sewell or Chase? + AFC Win Totals bonanza: Pats too high? Broncos over, no way?!
  6. 14.
    Sage Rosenfels on what 49ers & Kyle Shanahan will do at 3, Justin Fields ability and work ethic, plus NFC South win totals
  7. 15.
    Fields vs Lance for 49ers, Dolphins 2 trades or 1, Eagles next move, Top-10 market mock, 17th game implications and guess the lines
  8. 16.
    EMERGENCY Draft Trade pod: 49ers Trade UP but for who? Dolphins turn Tunsil into gold! Eagles sticking with Hurts?
  9. 17.
    Goff vs McVay is either to blame, middle class QBs, NFL Draft trades that should happen, Pitts or WR, NFL playoff odds
  10. 18.
    Golladay's impact on NFC E odds, best/worst FA moves, more division bets, smartest NFL teams, NFC S win totals, more NFL Draft Props to bet now
  11. 19.
    Free Agency Reaction
  12. 20.
    Cam Newton is back, Aaron Jones reax, free agency predictions, AFC West division odds and guess the win totals
  13. 21.
    Chris Simms on NFL Draft QB rankings, why Wilson over Trevor, the good of Kellen Mond, what Fields needs to be great, plus bringing Texas back, and Matthew McConaughey stories
  14. 22.
    Draft Props to bet now, Mac Jones hype, do the Bears have a shot at Russ, NFC N division bets and win totals, Vikings QB questions, will Packers regress
  15. 23.
    Bears next QB predictions, Dak destinations, JJ Watt and NFC W divisions odds and win total guesses, plus mock draft mean tweets
  16. 24.
    Full Mock Draft, 4 draft trades for QBs, Panthers and Patriots get their guys, plus AFC North division bets and guess the win totals
  17. 25.
    Dueling Mock Drafts, the toughest picks to make, how the QBs fall, guessing the win totals for AFC East/South and who we’d bet to win them
  18. 26.
    Gardner Minshew on how he’s improving, the QBs he watches, Mike Leech, Trevor Lawrence and more, plus what to make of Carson Wentz and Philly’s future
  19. 27.
    Darius Butler: where Deshaun Watson will go, ranking FA WRs, DB's Draft eval, the best b-ballers in football, 1-1 with Tyreek
  20. 28.
    FA WR landing spots, how much do WR2/3 matter, MVP and SB futures bets, guessing the NFCE win totals
  21. 29.
    Peter King on biggest Super Bowl surprise, Chiefs missteps, what Reid said about Brady, Arians pregame text to Peter, Wentz, Watson, and WIlson and more
  22. 30.
    Brady regains the throw, who’s to blame for the Chiefs loss, Wentz trades, Should Cowboys and Ravens look at Watson and more
  23. 31.
    Derek Carr and Deshaun Watson trades, SB LV most important non-QBs, all the bets, how to hedge, more props (even some weird ones)
  24. 32.
    All things Matthew Stafford trade and Super Bowl Props galore
  25. 33.
    Mike Renner on NFL Draft, Lawrence vs Fields vs Wilson, Is Chase WR1 last year, Waddle over Smith, Trade up teams, Mike’s guys, plus Bachelor talk
  26. 34.
    Preview of SB LV Bucs v Chiefs w/ Trevor Sikkema and Soren Petro, SB bets to make now, plus what happened to the Packers
  27. 35.
    Aaron Nagler on Packers, Rodgers resurgence, rematch vs Bucs, and much more, plus the Bills/Chiefs and Lock of the Week
  28. 36.
    Bye bye Brees. What the Bucs, Chiefs magic, Baker, Watson, and Championship game lines and bets
  29. 37.
    Evan Silva, Kevin Cole, and Timo Riske discuss Eagles, Bears, Seahawks, Watson trade, Josh Allen and every divisional game
  30. 38.
    Steelers are dead, fixing the Seahawks, who needs Deshaun Watson most, Divisional round guess the lines
  31. 39.
    Wild Card weekend best bets, Super Bowl sleepers and a playoff bet between friends
  32. 40.
    Doug Pederson did nothing wrong and the Wild Card lines and early bets to make
  33. 41.
    Week 17 bets, fixing the Falcons and Texans, what happens to the Eagles, and laser tag
  34. 42.
    MVP Rodgers to Adams vs Mahomes to Kelce, SB futures to bet now, Steelers win or Colts loss, wk 17 guess the lines
  35. 43.
    Steve Kornacki fixes the Patriots, takes us thru election week, Football/Politician comps, why the khakis, and more, plus the wk 16 slate and lock
  36. 44.
    The Jets disaster, Kyler is back, Jalen is good, Wentz is gone, week 16 guess the lines
  37. 45.
    Drew Dinsick and Andy Molitor join to talk teams they are buying/selling, Chiefs vs Saints, Rams as a SB team, plus the rest of the week 15 slate and lock of the week
  38. 46.
    A toast to the Bills and Steelers, AFC power ranking, is Hurts for real, week 15 guess the lines
  39. 47.
    Soren Petro on all things Chiefs, Mahomes, and a great Andy Reid story, plus the full week 14 slate and lock(s) of the week
  40. 48.
    Jalen Hurts, Chiefs level of concern, Browns for real? MNF, TuNF and week 14 guess the lines
  41. 49.
    Darius Butler on the Steelers and if they are overrated, his favorite DBs, the best DC and WR, plus the wk 13 slate and lock of the week
  42. 50.
    Biggest surprises, rest of season predictions, 3 teams to back and 3 to fade, week 13 guess the lines

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