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Raised Rowdy Nicky T and Kurt Ozan give you perspectives from both sides of the front row. Hear them talk to the next crop and current stars in Country music to hear stories of their journey.

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You can hate her if you have to, but we love what we’re seeing from Ella Langley. Listen to this week’s episode to hear more about her recent pub deal to tour plans with Randy Houser in early 2022. Also keep an eye on Ella’s YouTube page for a round of 20 questions with Nicky T.

Dec 1

48 min 43 sec

While he’s still young (22) in the grand scheme of things Kolby has been in the game since he was a teenager playing shows across Texas. In that time he’s developed a sound that mixes a shot of sincerity and a little red dirt with a couple choice fingers (listen to Two Words if you don’t believe us). This cocktail is on full display on his upcoming project, Boy from Anderson County. Listen to this week’s episode for details on the project and a cut of the single Excuses.

Oct 20

58 min 36 sec

The guys from Muscadine Bloodline find a way to balance corporate focus with the itch for experimentation. This approach has made fans of rowdy party goers and committed couples alike. Their upcoming project, Dispatch to 16th Ave., relied heavily on their focus to develop what may finally be their signature sound. The first single, Dyin’ for a Livin’, a raucous boot stomper about life on the road that pairs well with Kurt’s dobro at the end of this episode.

Oct 5

1 hr 11 min

The couple that writes songs together, stays together…or something like that. We’ve been following Ben and Meg for a while now and while both have unique talents as individuals, it’s obvious they feed each other creatively.   This week we pick the couple’s minds about songwriting between chores, betting the over and the creative merch options to promote Ben’s single Hippie Speedball.   Stick around for an dowsing acoustic version of the track with Kurt on Dobro.  

Sep 22

1 hr 11 min

If you are in Nashville you know the buzz this week’s guest, After Midtown, have right now. After playing a few rounds of COD with country music royalty, the guys like to lock themselves in an apartment and write rock infused country anthems. The duo come from different, but all too similar, small towns and bring the fervor of basement hardcore shows to every performance. Get to know the guys before they become the next group to bring a dynamic new sound to country radio. Stay tuned for an acoustic version of “Ain’t Doing Something Right” with Kurt on Dobro.

Aug 29

1 hr 3 min

You know why you know Trey, but now you get to know why you should have known him all along. He has the viral hit, but did you he’s a master of the sad song? He returns to the to discuss his recent pub deal, new EP and taking his friends on tour. Stick around for an acoustic version of What Happened to That with Kurt on Dobro.  

Aug 9

41 min 50 sec

Ray's been on the podcast a few times, but things have changed since his last episode.  Nothing major, just a record deal, radio single in the works and playing the Opry. We're so excited for Ray's success and can't wait to see what's next. Hear more about his Opry performance and hear an acoustic rendition of Girl In It in this week's episode.  

Jul 21

57 min 46 sec

From the NFL elite at his sold out shows to Brad Paisley taking him on tour, Kameron has become one of the fastest rising stars of recent memory. His personal songwriting (Giving You Up), distinct voice and ear for cuts from other writers (Sober as a Drunk) makes him a force to be reckoned with. Hear about his recent EP, the Paisley tour and Patrick Mahomes on this week's episode. Stick around for a killer rendition of Giving You Up with Kurt on Dobro.

Jul 14

50 min 21 sec

This is one of our wildest and most off-the-wall podcasts we’ve ever done. Topics include anything from Kaitlyn’s potential Only Fans account to her Instagram famous dog. We also discuss her recent track “How Lucky Am I” and get a sneak peak at a new single.

Jun 30

1 hr 29 min

Fort Laramie, Ohio's Country Concert was the "festival before festivals". Over the past 40 years, it has evolved into a good spirited, family friendly (while amazingly still BYOB) checkpoint in the careers of many headliners. We're so thankful for the role Paul and his family have played in the roots of Raised Rowdy and country music as a whole.  So grab a cooler and get ready for some crazy stories about stacked lineups and tailgate heroics.   The 40th Anniversary Country Concert is July 8, 9 and 10. Check out countryconcert.com for details.

Jun 13

45 min 48 sec

From field parties to "shot and a chaser" releases, Noah Hicks knows how to put out a song with a bang. Not to mention, anyone who can get a cut and a video with Rhett Akins this early in their career has to have something going for them. Check out this week's episode where we get to know the stories behind Noah's epic releases and hear a version of his latest single, Miss You Back, with Kurt on Dobro.    

Jun 2

1 hr 10 min

Boy, was this a fun one. We generally have a few when recording, but it’s definitely a first that someone brings a new method of drinking beer to the table.   But that’s just Canaan. He’s done everything from writing his own album end to end to radio hits and major tours. Now he’s returning to his lyric driven style with his new album, High Country Sound.   Check out the episode to hear about the record, tour stories with Kurt, and a rendition of American Dream.

May 6

55 min 58 sec

Vinnie is another member of the emerging Nashville Americana crew who we’ve had the opportunity to interview (see Nate Fredrick, Gabe Lee, etc.). But Vinnie’s northern roots give his sound a bit more Springsteen and Henley. Check out this week's episode to hear more about Vinnie’s history playing Philly dive bars and how he got involved with Revival. Stick around for a rendition of his single, Gold Rush, of the upcoming album of the same name.

Apr 27

1 hr

Lainey Wilson has taken "bell bottom country" to new heights with her new record, Sayin' What I'm Thinkin'.  While we're excited about the success of Things a Man Oughta Know, the record opens with a banger in Neon Diamonds and doesn't quit. Check out this week's episode with an exclusive version of Things a Man Oughta Know and don't forget to check out the music video featuring our host Kurt Ozan.

Apr 20

56 min 15 sec

Jameson is a songwriting, beer drinking, finger pointing son of a gun.  Over the past two years he's toured with Luke Combs, wrote his first #1 and got his first #1 song to country radio with Some Girls. It turned out for the best that COVID cancelled our initial podcast with Jameson, as Kurt got to share some special (and hilarious) stories from the road.  And stick around to hear an exclusive rendition of Missing One with Kurt on dobro.

Apr 13

1 hr 6 min

This week welcome one of our first guests, Kenton Bryant, back to the podcast. A member of the 50 egg team and a disciple of Jonathan Singleton tree, Kenton's a working man's songwriter who can churn out well crafted songs just as well alone as he can working with the best in the world. And from what we've heard of his new project Covered in Dirt, he's just getting started. Stick around to the end of the episode for an acoustic rendition of the eponymous first single with our own Kurt Ozan on steel.

Apr 8

1 hr 9 min

Nate’s Different Shade of Blue is an exciting, complete album. Tracks like Paducah and Caroline will (and should) garner attention, but every track offers a different vibe while somehow providing cohesion to the greater work. We love Nate and this record. Hear more about it on this week's podcast with Nicky T and Kurt Ozan.

Apr 1

56 min 27 sec

What can you say about Kurt....well first and foremost he's our favorite former sushi delivery guy.  That and he's got a knack for picking up pretty much anything and figuring it out. This is one of the many reasons we bonded with Kurt and have chosen him to be the new co-host of the Raised Rowdy Podcast.  This week we'll get some insight into how he made it to Nashville and into our hearts.  All kidding aside Kurt, a touring musician with Luke Combs, will provide a perspective from the "other side of the front row" that we hope will compliment interviews and banter with Nicky T. We'll see you in (and in front of) the front row.  

Mar 24

53 min 35 sec

Most people know Trey by know, but what they likely know him for is only one dimension of his deep character.  Who would've thought the guy who cut the raunchiest country song of recent memory (albeit still a damn good song) also spends nights listening to inspirational podcasts and putting together vision boards. Don't get us wrong, he's still the guy that will find a way to rhyme "big green tractor" with well, you'll see, but the man has more depth than some might think if they only listened to DDID.  Not to mention patience.  After a failed attempt at a podcast right at song release, Nicky T got his gear together and got to hear about the road, upcoming songs, and how the live show has changed. Trey Lewis has made us Believers, let him make one out of you. 

Mar 15

1 hr 18 min

It's been a few since we last sat down with Sam, but damn if he hasn't stayed rowdy in our absence. After catching all the fish in his pond, lockdown got to Sam and he hit the road to meet the people. The Backyards and Bonfires tour was sent Sam into the homes of fans and friends for small, socially distanced shows.  He connected so much through his experience that he plans to continue the tradition in coming years. Hear about the tour and more on this week's first ever video episode of the Raised Rowdy Podcast.

Mar 11

58 min 37 sec

Nate loves beer.  We love beer. This week's podcast was easy. In all seriousness, Nate is an artist who pushes the boundaries of transparency. From songs about disaster in his home town to his departure and return to Nashville, Nate evokes emotions that you don't expect.  Then he buys you a beer. Check out Nate's new single Sleeve this Friday, February 19th, then hear his favorite beer on this week's episode.  

Feb 17

1 hr 2 min

Who would've thought a guy who spent most of his upbringing off the grid would become one of the best artist/entrepreneur combos in country music? Well, a couple people figured it out (including Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top).   Tim brings his "Guns & Roses and Marlboro Country" energy to this weeks podcast from his underground viral marketing compound (aka garage).

Feb 13

46 min 54 sec

In 2020, Jobe proved himself, but not in the way you might think.  We all know he had the vibe and the voice, but with the Rona Mixtape he had to do it all.   From setting up mics to learning the bass (not as simple a transition as it seems), Jobe worked his way through one of the more raw, heartfelt EPs of 2020. Hear more about the record and stories from the Raised Rowdy house on Jobe's second appearance on the podcast.

Feb 5

47 min 22 sec

One thing is apparent when you listen to Lily Rose.  She is a technician.  She burns to understand why and will do the work when she finds out. That's why her viral track "Villain" should not be a such a surprise.  Rose leveraged her pop sensibilities, "followed the blueprint" (her words, not ours) and drove home one of the more dynamic singles of 2020. This week's podcast gives you a sneak into Lily's operational approach, and a hint toward her recent signing with Big Loud and Republic.

Jan 28

43 min 3 sec

For a guy who didn't fancy himself a songwriter, Josh Kiser has developed a knack for putting out some of the most relatable tracks of recent memory. If the The F Word and Never Drinking Again are any indication, Josh will find a way to sing and write a soundtrack to your life.

Jan 20

1 hr 21 min

2020 wasn't so great. That is, unless you're Drew Parker. In this week's episode Drew humbly recognizes that a tough year for most brought him his first child,  his first #1 as a songwriter and a killer EP that will help cement his status as one of the brightest rising stars in the scene. Just imagine what he'll do in 2021.

Jan 6

43 min 4 sec

Sometimes it takes a downturn to take full advantage of your talents.  When his job in the oil fields went south he sold a rifle, bought a PA, and the rest is history. 2020 was supposed to be Heath's year (anyone else?), but he's not the type to complain.  It's in his nature to find a way. 2021 it is.

Dec 2020

31 min 57 sec

In music, Evolution is less a natural progression and more an earnest commitment to change.  Austin's self described "work in progress" sound (rock, country, Texas, who knows) feels like a window into an artist's narrative. His laser sharp focus on lyricism and evoking emotion leaves you wondering, "If this is now, what's next?". Earlier this year Austin began releasing tracks from his upcoming LP, Black Sheep. The first track released, Happier Alone, provided the perfect introspection for its Valentine's Day release. Deja Vu, the next track off the record, releases this week. Give this episode a listen then check out the new track.

Dec 2020

1 hr 3 min

Larry feels like an old friend.  A friendly face, a (super talented) helping hand.  His recent hit single, Where I Find God, spoke to everyone during this rough year.  His ability to provide personal detail while making a song immensely relatable gets us excited for his upcoming projects. 

Nov 2020

46 min 44 sec

From Texas to Nashville and back again, Corey has always had a unique sound.  He sounds a little like Texas, a little like Nashville, and A LOT like Corey Kent. He spent last year putting out his first album which is a must listen. His upcoming single, Gold, dropped Friday, November 13th. Hear how he mixed his red dirt roots with Nashville songwriting to create his own sound and brand of music. 

Nov 2020

31 min 30 sec

"No backup plan."  Let that sink in. Jacob Lutz is that committed to his craft. He's a young artist who left North Carolina for Nashville and quickly got recognized for his raw talent. On this week's episode, we discuss everything from his roots in choir to songwriting during a pandemic. All we know is we love his new single, Lonely Heart.  Check it out everywhere, but especially on Raised Rowdy Radio.

Nov 2020

28 min 45 sec

Tyler's demeanor in no way implies the list of hits he's got under his belt.  Hell, the budding star's Dad had to pass his songs to a professor to get ears on them. And we're sure glad he did.  This week Tyler gives his perspective on everything from TikTok to Brooks & Dunn. His future is bright, but we have a feeling Tyler won't change a bit.

Oct 2020

27 min 54 sec

Patience, Persistence, Positivity. Daniel Donato says he sees this in others. Well, we certainly see it in him. Daniel's had a busy 2020 (despite, you know, 2020) putting out his first full length album, A Young Man's Country, and starting his Lost Highway podcast. A Young Man's Country is a live show in a record and Lost Highway gives you unique (mushrooms?) access to your favorite artists and guitar legends. If you haven't heard either, well...we don't know what to tell you. Start here, then check out Daniel's projects ASAP.

Oct 2020

34 min 54 sec

When you talk about professionals, guys like Adam come to mind. The guy has been such a consistent hitmaker for so long that it's no surprise he's having such success as a standalone act.   He released 3 of our favorite songs in the last year, including a pretty great drinking song.  His new single, "Drink Drank Drunk" drops September 4th and has us craving even more new music.

Sep 2020

21 min 14 sec

Johno Clayton turned 21, told his boss to shove it (figuratively), and moved to Nashville.  Hell, we would too if we got that advice from Jonathan Singleton. Johno's songwriting has more depth than his age would lead you to believe, but that's just a product spending days grounded listening to country radio.  His new single, "Takes a Lotta Love" is out this Friday, August 28th.  Catch it on all platforms and bet on Johno to do big things as he develops his sound.

Aug 2020

23 min 33 sec

Jackson's back with to talk his record releasing June 24th, Wizard. He and Nicky T go track by track through the project with the banter you've come to expect from their previous episodes. Jackson is a talented guitarist with an unapologetic songwriting style, both of which are showcased on the record. Get yours today.

Jun 2020

1 hr 35 min

Rob Snyder does not pull punches, and neither does his recent project, "The Way That I Am". Ten artfully crafted songs which are better together than they are apart, we love everything about this album. Hear Rob describe the second half of the record in here and catch up with the first half in Episode 66. Then go BUY the record and make an evening of listening to it end to end. You won't be disappointed.

Jun 2020

12 min 49 sec

Who are we to give an introduction to a guy like Jonathan Singleton? Luckily we didn't have to. Jonathan took the reigns on this week's podcast, giving a detailed history (although we feel like he could tell stories about stories) of his growth into one of the premier songwriters on Music Row. Could you imagine writing an album that had multiple #1's and getting told it "didn't have a single"? This is a fun one folks, don't miss out.

Apr 2020

34 min 48 sec

Dan Smalley is earnest in demeanor but with a consciousness that keeps him from being too serious or overbearing.  You could say he's a straight shooter but we'll let his new EP, If I'm Being Honest, do the talking. We had a great time reviewing each track on the project with Dan.  Buy a copy 03/20 wherever you get your music.

Mar 2020

21 min 5 sec

What a weird, wild ride....Gabe Lee's simultaneous self awareness and focus lull you into introspection only to be shaken sober by quick, pointed wit. We generally try to summarize topics here but screw it, if you don't listen it's on you.  Buy Farmland and Honky Tonk Hell (out 03/13). That is all.

Mar 2020

43 min 3 sec

It's always the biggest guys who know how to play it cool.  "Big" Rob Snyder is a musician at heart who started his journey to Nashville later than many, but has made up for lost time. His Springsteen-esque crooning gives us southern charm by way of the Jersey Turnpike.  Check out his powerful new single, "The Way I Am", out now.

Mar 2020

19 min 7 sec

Ashland has a way of inspiring confidence.  From her run on The Voice to her quick ascension in Nashville, she can quickly capture your ear but has the smarts keep you listening.  So much so that she recently signed a pub deal and started her first tour with the likes of Morgan Wallen.   Despite her "kick rocks" attitude, Ashland has a warmth and sense of gratitude that makes her honest in the best way possible. The sky is the limit for Ashland and we can't wait to see her star rise.    

Feb 2020

28 min 50 sec

After we scooped him up in a parking lot, the talented Jason Nix kindly recorded this week's podcast in some off time from his duties on the Bootlegger Pre-Show. Jason's a seasoned tour veteran who's starting to get cuts by exciting rising stars (hear his version at the end of this episode) and has a few tracks of his own coming soon.  We're excited to see what awaits for one of the hardest working guys in the business.

Jan 2020

30 min 30 sec

From the classic Rinky Dinks in Washington, PA, Kyle Wilson of The WIlson Brothers' Band sits down with Nicky T to discuss making their first vinyl record, cross promotion of projects, and the importance supporting your peers in an ever evolving market. Don't forget to grab a steak dinner if you get the chance.

Dec 2019

23 min 48 sec

Sweet Home Sweden? The Devil Went Down to Stockholm? We kid, but Swedish transplants David Henriksson and Karl-Johan Wigander both took the path less traveled to Nashville (ever heard of an "Alien with Extraordinary Ability"?).   Regardless of background, both have the chops to play with some of the biggest acts in country music. Check them out on tour with Kyle Daniel and keep and eye out for David's upcoming project.

Sep 2019

26 min 23 sec

We saw Carly Rogers play twice in one weekend which was great by itself.  But having the opportunity to hear her perspective as an independent artist was truly inspirational. Carly books (and logs) her own shows, and still manages to keep writing great new songs.  Not many are built for the treacherous path of independence, but Carly's strength and independence shine in everything she does. We're excited to  where this road takes her.

Sep 2019

39 min 13 sec

Hannah Damn Dasher has been busy, and a recent Grand Ole Opry invitation is evidence her star is most certainly on the rise. Check out the episode for more on her shows with Hank Jr., playing a famous guitar, and a sneak peak at her new single!

Aug 2019

15 min 29 sec

This week's episode takes place in a place where Sean Stemaly feels most comfortable, the bank of a river. In all seriousness, Sean has been putting in some serious work with major hit makers and we're excited to see his star rise. We talk about singing songs in his tractor and signing his new record deal with Big Loud! Sean has been a huge supporter of the Rowdy family early and often so listen to this, then listen to his stuff on repeat.

Aug 2019

25 min 20 sec

Live from Country Concert '19, Nicky T and Raised Rowdy early adopter Noah Smith share stories about the grind of turning fans into family.  The "Long Cut" singer speaks on the passion he and his band leverage to continue develop new music and constantly tour new markets. Bonus Content: Find out Noah's Daddy's Dogs order.

Jul 2019

18 min 14 sec

The third member of the infamous 4 Wheel Drive to grace the podcast, Cole Taylor, has settled into his role as a father and an increasingly established hit maker. Trust us, you know his work. This week Cole discusses the struggle between slowing down to appreciate his accomplishments and pushing for longevity in a diverse, expanding pool of talent.  Despite his concerns, we're pretty sure we'll be seeing Cole's name in the credits for a long time to come.

Jul 2019

20 min 3 sec