Topping the Curve

By Sephora Grey

Topping the Curve is a law school podcast that interviews black women, attorneys and law students, about their experience in and out of law school and their career paths; with the goal of providing current and prospective law students with knowledge, access, and advice. Each interviewee discusses their career path and shares valuable knowledge that listeners can apply to their own careers.

  1. 1.
    24: Victoria King, Why Mentorship is Important for Your Career
  2. 2.
    23: Shantia Coley, How as an In-house Counsel at a Fortune 500 Company She Continues to Build Her Brand
  3. 3.
    22: Kinika Young, How to Transition From Big Law Into the Public Interest
  4. 4.
    21: Kit Metoyer, The Transfer Process; and Law School—Generally; What it Requires
  5. 5.
    20: Denise Robinson, Prioritizing Health and Wellness in Your Career
  6. 6.
    19: Janae Staicer, The Clerkship Process: Applying, Securing, and Starting a Clerkship
  7. 7.
    18: Demetra Liggins, Preparing to Enter Corporate America and Developing Realistic Expectations
  8. 8.
    17: Tatiana Hyman, How Journal can Prepare you for Different Career Paths and Maximize Career Opportunities
  1. 9.
    16: Sabrina Pearce, Public Interest Career Paths
  2. 10.
    15: Odunayo Durojaye, How to Prepare for Legal Research and Writing and Why it’s Important
  3. 11.
    14: Clirae Bourke, How to Approach Law School as a K-JD (Going Straight from Undergrad to Law School)
  4. 12.
    13: Vanessa Omoroghomwan, What it’s Really Like to be a Big Law Associate
  5. 13.
    12: Tashay Campbell, How to Prepare for 1L Year and What to Expect
  6. 14.
    11: Kiara Rogers, OCI Bootcamp Series: How to Create a Bid List and Choose a Firm
  7. 15.
    10: Skylar Luke, OCI Bootcamp Series: How to Prep for Interviews
  8. 16.
    09: Sephora Grey, OCI Bootcamp Series: How to Secure Early Offers From Big Law Firms
  9. 17.
    08: Meaza Abraham, OCI Bootcamp Series: How to Secure a Job in an Outside or Niche Market
  10. 18.
    07: Sephora Grey, How to Secure a Big Law Job Your 1L Year
  11. 19.
    06: Cheyenne Freely, Externships in Law School, Political Career Aspirations, and "The Hill"
  12. 20.
    05: Jade Baker, How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome in Law School, and Using it as Motivation to Reach Career Goals
  13. 21.
    04: Jordan Metoyer, How to Network; Building Relationships in Law School, and Shaping Your Career Through Sponsorships
  14. 22.
    03: Nabintou Doumbia, Applying to Law School, Taking the LSAT, Choosing Schools, Financial Aid, and More
  15. 23.
    02: Christina Higgins, How to Beat Law School Exams, Case Briefing, Outlining, and Getting Good Grades
  16. 24.
    01: Topping the Curve, An Introduction to the Law School Podcast: How to Succeed in Law School

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