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From Beacon Pointe Advisors comes Dollars & Sense, a really great podcast about money! Join co-hosts and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™, Coby Cress and Karen Reifel, who help listeners navigate various life moments and major life events... through the lens of personal finance.

Content is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as investment, legal or tax advice.

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In a special Veterans Day tribute, co-host Coby Cress sits down with Beacon Pointe co-Founder and Vietnam Veteran Garth Flint. Garth flew F-4 fighter jets for the U.S. Navy while assigned to several carriers, including the U.S.S. Coral Sea. In 1967, right after Christmas, his recon plane was shot down over Haiphong in the Gulf of Tonkin by a North Vietnamese AAA anti-aircraft gun. In this episode, Garth shares his story, providing insight into what life as a civilian and investment consultant has looked like since that fateful day, and more.

Nov 11

34 min

The story of a child cancer survivor, the birth of a 501(c)(3), charitable gifting strategies, and the tax benefits of doing some good. Show Notes: When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee Children's Cancer Network

Aug 25

47 min 24 sec

Get the scoop on credit card rewards- what they are, how they work, and how to win! Show Notes:  Thinking Fast & Slow When Breath Becomes Air

Jun 29

52 min 20 sec

Introducing bonus episodes where co-hosts Coby Cress and Karen Reifel decode commonly used and often misunderstood terms. Short, sweet and sense-ible.

Jun 29

10 min

In this special episode, Coby sits down with health insurance consultant Matthew Gardener to discuss the ins and outs of health insurance and Medicare.  Show Notes: 'Bridging the Gap' to Medicare & Medicare Basics (Live Video) Matthew Gardener

Jun 29

38 min 8 sec

Which is better - trading or investing?  Co-hosts Coby Cress and Karen Reifel discuss the different approaches and why the discussion is trending today. Show Notes: The Upstarts by Brad Stone

May 24

41 min 30 sec

How and why interest rates matter to stock and bond investors.  A Q&A style format with Beacon Pointe’s Chief Investment Officer, Michael Dow. Show Notes: Glossary of Terms Markets in Motion

Apr 23

1 hr 4 min

What should you ask when vetting a potential financial advisor? Co-hosts Karen Reifel and Coby Cress discuss which 10 questions will give you the insight you need before hiring an advisor to find your perfect fit. Show Notes:  10 Questions You Should Ask Your Financial Advisor The Top Ten Financial Certifications

Mar 15

1 hr 3 min

What is inflation and why does it matter? How does it affect your finances? How do you protect yourself against it? This episode covers anything and everything to do with inflation – a topic most people don’t normally care to dive into but should (hint: it impacts you more than you realize). Join co-hosts Coby Cress and Karen Reifel as they tackle this timely topic. The Economic Machine (Ray Dalio) Nick Murray

Feb 18

52 min 38 sec

2020 felt like the longest and shortest year ever. There was much hardship but also a lot to learn from as we begin 2021. Co-hosts Coby Cress and Karen Reifel spend this episode reflecting on the financial rollercoaster of 2020 and how you can transform lessons-learned to be financially savvy as we step into a new year. Show Notes:  Beacon Pointe Advisors YouTube Channel

Jan 7

51 min 11 sec

Road trip! In tune with the many, many Americans taking to the open road for stateside exploration due to pandemic travel restrictions, this episode covers the latest trend, buying an RV. Co-hosts Coby Cress and Karen Reifel share their best practices for large purchases as it relates to your current and future financial situation. Show Notes:  Deep Work by Cal Newport Outdoorsy

Dec 2020

38 min 44 sec

Co-hosts Coby Cress and Karen Reifel discuss everyone’s favorite topic… taxes. What are they, why do we pay them, how can we decrease our taxes? Believe it or not, this episode is not boring. Tune in for easy ways to give you peace of mind next time tax season rolls around. Show Notes: Honey

Dec 2020

40 min 40 sec

Welcome to Dollars and Sense! With interest rates as low as they are, Beacon Pointe wealth advisors Coby Cress and Karen Reifel discuss elements of consideration when contemplating a mortgage refinance. They also share what is on their money mind, some lessons learned and have several laughs as they kick off the first episode of Dollars and Sense!

Dec 2020

31 min 21 sec