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Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Are you a woman who wants to know God and live life His way? If so, Revive Our Hearts can help you. The host, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, has an incredible passion and love for Jesus Christ and for women. Listen in to this nationally syndicated radio program heard each weekday on nearly 1,000 radio station outlets as Nancy interviews guests and teaches directly from God's Word. This is more than just a program--get ready for a personal, counter-cultural revolution in your heart and home!

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Chris and Carrie Thifault were with their newborn son in intensive care. They realized something important: “God doesn’t waste your pain.”

Dec 6

24 min 55 sec

The hardest moments in life are often the most rewarding. When we look back, we can see the faithfulness of God, and how He’s growing us.

Dec 3

26 min 51 sec

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth shares some of the ways she’s counseled her own heart over 20 years of ministry.

Dec 2

33 min 31 sec

How do you balance generosity with meeting your needs? If you have a hard time knowing the difference, hear from Randy Alcorn.

Dec 1

26 min 52 sec

Listen to a bestselling author who chooses to make minimum wage. He’ll help you think about some ways you can invest in eternity.

Nov 30

28 min 50 sec

Tough times help you figure out where your treasure is. As Randy Alcorn talks about treasure in heaven, learn how you can make an investment in eternity.

Nov 29

26 min 19 sec

Nancy helps counsel your heart with the truth about post-holiday letdown or any other time you feel down.

Nov 26

27 min 16 sec

In hard times, thankfulness can be especially meaningful. Hear stories from people who have discovered the power of thankfulness in troubling circumstances.

Nov 25

25 min 58 sec

If you don’t think you have musical talent, can you still worship? Nancy points out that our worship doesn’t depend on us. Who does it depend on?

Nov 24

25 min 32 sec

At church, you should expect 100 percent audience participation. Nancy will look to Psalm 100 as a model for how we can participate in praising God.

Nov 23

27 min 47 sec

When is the last time you shouted for joy? It’s probably been a long time for a lot of us. In Scripture, God deserves shouts of joyful praise.

Nov 22

26 min 47 sec

How do you help children focus on what they can give this Christmas rather than what they can get? Barbara Rainey helps you focus on giving.

Nov 19

24 min 55 sec

Barbara Rainey has noticed people are more receptive to hearing about Jesus during the holiday season. But it can be hard to follow up on that opportunity.

Nov 18

25 min 30 sec

Christmas is one month away. The time between now and then could either be a roller coaster of busyness, or a meaningful time of focusing on Jesus.

Nov 17

25 min 45 sec

The journey to Christ-likeness isn’t a passive drive through fields of sweet daisies. Sometimes there are bumps and hills.

Nov 16

24 min 55 sec

Many people take supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle. Did you know the Bible talks about spiritual supplements?

Nov 15

24 min 55 sec

Where do you turn when your world is shaking around you?

Nov 12

27 min 9 sec

How can you and I stay grounded in hope in the midst of terrible tragedy? Pastor Chris Brooks shares from his own life.

Nov 11

28 min 1 sec

Kim Cash Tate will tell us how we can stay grounded in the presence of God as we cling to Him.

Nov 10

24 min 55 sec

When we search for intimacy in the wrong places, it always leads to disappointment and pain. Kim Cash Tate helps us look to the only One who can satisfy.

Nov 9

24 min 57 sec

When she looks back on her 80-plus years of life, Susan Hunt says she has no regrets. Wow! Would you say that?

Nov 8

24 min 55 sec

What does it mean to flourish? Susan Hunt says it does not mean doing more. No, flourishing means becoming more like Jesus.

Nov 5

36 min 11 sec

Like a tree sinking its roots deep into rich soil, you and I need to sink our roots so deeply into Jesus that no amount of shaking will uproot us.

Nov 4

24 min 55 sec

Is there anything you can’t live without? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth gives the answer to that question, based on her study in Colossians.

Nov 3

26 min 35 sec

Practicing thankfulness is one of those things that sounds easy but actually takes some work.

Nov 2

30 min 35 sec

If you could do something to help ease relational tension in your life, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

Nov 1

27 min 17 sec

Fear is a normal part of life. We’re all afraid of something. Mary Kassian shows us how fear can be an invitation to something better.

Oct 29

28 min 9 sec

Here’s a question for you: Is fear a good thing or a bad thing? It's kind of a trick question.

Oct 28

26 min 56 sec

We all need to be confident people, don’t we? Well, the answer to that depends on some things. Today, we’ll hear what true confidence is.

Oct 27

25 min 36 sec

Imagine a child’s small hand lost inside her father’s strong hand. Nancy says that’s a picture of our security in Jesus. Find out why you don’t have to fear.

Oct 26

26 min 6 sec

Will you ever be so mature that you don’t need to pray, “Lead me not into temptation"? Will you ever get to the point where sin offers no enticement?

Oct 25

27 min 24 sec

Nancy mentions Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy to show you who the true Guardian really is.

Oct 22

27 min 34 sec

Where do you first turn when you need help? Friends or family? Food or drinks? The Internet? Ultimately, none of those things will provide the help you need.

Oct 21

29 min 24 sec

Author and mom Laura Booz speaks with Dannah Gresh about one of God’s good gifts in motherhood: that of kindness.

Oct 20

27 min 49 sec

It’s easy for moms to get bogged down in the daily chores of motherhood. It’s easy for them to miss out on the joy of motherhood.

Oct 19

26 min 40 sec

How can a busy mom spend one-on-one time with the Lord when her attention is dominated by the needs of her family? That’s something Laura Booz tackles.

Oct 18

28 min 22 sec

Next time you see a crisis unfold, realize it could be a chance for God to show His glory.

Oct 15

30 min

In difficult times of history, wise people are needed. Daniel was one of those wise people, living as a counselor to several kings.

Oct 14

26 min 40 sec

Nancy will show you how the truth of Daniel 11 will give you perspective when life doesn’t make sense.

Oct 13

29 min 6 sec

If you ever think evil is winning, you need to be encouraged by the reminder that Heaven rules. Nancy points us to that reminder in the book of Daniel.

Oct 12

31 min 3 sec

Nancy shows us how the prophet Daniel prayed, and there are some things we can learn from the way he prayed!

Oct 11

30 min 31 sec

If it ever seems like the events going on in this world are just too much for you to handle, you’re in good company. Daniel felt that way, too.

Oct 8

29 min 28 sec

Let’s not forget Who ultimately determines the outcomes of elections and changes in government. It’s God.

Oct 7

30 min 49 sec

Hear how Daniel trusted that “Heaven rules,” even when he was surrounded by hungry lions.

Oct 6

29 min 52 sec

It’s vital that we ask ourselves, “Where am I taking my cues from? Am I paying more attention to the wisdom of this world, or of God?"

Oct 5

32 min 40 sec

All of us need to adjust our perspective and realize what a great and awesome God we serve.

Oct 4

29 min 56 sec

If your life were on the line, would you worship a false god rather than the true God? That’s a choice three brave Hebrew young men faced.

Oct 1

31 min 28 sec

Thankfully, we serve a King with a kingdom that is not like the kingdoms of this world.

Sep 30

29 min 30 sec

No matter what you’re facing today, you can look at your circumstances from one of two viewpoints.

Sep 29

31 min 33 sec

Here’s a trick question for you. Who is the main character of the Old Testament book of Daniel? Nancy shows us that the Hero is God.

Sep 28

30 min 52 sec